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For the past 20 years, I have staked out a place on the Internet in order to draw attention to Bible prophecy as it relates to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the falsehood of the Watchtower's 1914 doctrine.

2024 – Jehovah is mustering the army for war!

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 most people imagined that there would finally be peace on earth, or at least the looming threat of nuclear war would be resolved. Now, 30 years after the Cold War ended the nuclear menace is back with a vengeance—except now the majority of the population seems oblivious to it. In the [...]

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False Christs will arise and perform great signs and wonders

This slightly edited article was originally posted on the e-jehovahs-witnesses discussion forum, which is where my daily text commentaries appear now. Below is the Watchtower's daily text for December 13th.  The person faithful in what is least is faithful also in much, and the person unrighteous in what is least is unrighteous also in much.—Luke 16:10. As the end of this system of things draws near, [...]

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Jehovah is righteous in her midst

QUESTION: I know you have said that the WT has been used by Jehovah to further His will, but is God still using the organization? I feel that, that time is over now because I can't see how God will work with an organization that has got their hands in blood and in saying that I mean by the thousands upon thousands of child abuse [...]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses and their graven image

Thursday, November 21 You must not make for yourself a carved image or a form like anything that is in the heavens above or on the earth below . . . You must not bow down to them. —Ex. 20:4, 5. Moved by his deep love for God, Jesus worshipped Jehovah exclusively, both when he was in heaven and when he was on earth. (Luke 4:8) He taught his [...]

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They have set a ruinous trap

Are these the last days? This is an old topic that I have considered many times over the past 20 years. This article, though, is not simply a rehash for the sake of producing blog fodder. The repetition is because the Watchtower repeats the same line over and over and millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses unquestioningly accept it as the truth. I feel duty-bound to at least [...]

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Blast rips through convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in India

It has only been eight months since the Hamburg mass killing of Jehovah’s Witnesses in a Kingdom Hall, and now another attack has occurred, this time in Kerala India. According to the Watchtower’s news release, two sisters were killed outright and 55 were injured when two small bombs exploded right after the opening prayer convened the Watchtower-sponsored convention. The inevitable question, whether voiced or unspoken is: [...]

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Kingdom Bulletin #25 – By the Numbers

Having watched the Governing Body’s Update #7, it is most impressive that the complete NWT is now available in 158 languages and Watchtower literature has been translated into over 1,000 languages and dialects. There is no question that the good news is being preached in all the world as Jesus Christ foretold. However, it should be pointed out that Jesus said the good news must be [...]

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World War Update #2

Since the last world war update a few weeks ago the longstanding geo-political hotspot in the Middle East has violently erupted in flames. The border with Israel and the Palestinian concentration camp known as Gaza is the most heavily guarded border in the world, yet somehow hundreds of Hamas terrorists easily crossed it and massacred over a thousand Israelis. While partygoers at an outdoor rave [...]

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World War Three Update

As Nebuchadnezzar’s war machine began to lay siege to Jerusalem Jeremiah found himself in detention in the doomed city. It was at the order of King Zedekiah that Jeremiah was under guard. The king did not like the prophet’s message. This is proof that Zedekiah had gotten the message.  Although I have never had any official response to my many open letters sent directly to [...]

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Watchtower connivance with the United Nations

Last week’s attention-grabbing clickbait on JW.org had to do with this summer’s heatwave being the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. I wish I were kidding, but it is no joke. They have sunken that far. And, as to be expected, they cited the UN's World Meteorological Organization as the supreme authority and font of truth. This week they are running a variation of the heatwave theme [...]

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