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The Eyes of the Blind Will Be Opened

This article has been revised from it originally posting in 2014 When Jesus walked through the land of Palestine he healed the sick and the lame. He opened the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf and expelled the demons from their victims with just a word. He even raised the dead. Yet, although God enabled him to perform all manner of jaw-dropping [...]

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The Destroyer Will Be Destroyed

This article has been updated from its original publication in 2014 "Woe to you, you destroyer who has not been destroyed; You betrayer who has not been betrayed! When you finish destroying, you will be destroyed. When you finish betraying, you will be betrayed."  The 33rd chapter of Isaiah opens with the last of what is a series of woes that began with the 28th chapter announcing [...]

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The noisy city has been abandoned

Egypt had been the major power in the region prior to the ascendancy of Assyria. And long before the children of Abraham had settled in the promised land they had relied on the Egyptians for support during a time of famine. It was God’s provision for them. But this time was different. Looking to the Egyptians for help during the calamity would indicate that the Israelites lacked faith in Jehovah. So, God determined to allow the calamity to come upon them in order to purge evildoers from among his people.

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The Name of Jehovah is Coming from Far Away

This article is reposted from 2013 Throughout the book of Isaiah Jehovah depicts the leaders of his people as blind, spiritual drunkards and illiterates, who are incapable of coherently comprehending the judgments contained in the prophecy ---the very prophecies they pretend to understand.  As this commentary on Isaiah has demonstrated the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses fit the profile. That will be their condition up until the [...]

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After the Watchtower

This article has been slightly edited, originally posted in 2013 Jehovah’s Witnesses are resolutely under the authority of the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society. No one aware of the facts can deny the truth of that statement. Jehovah’s Witnesses themselves would readily agree that their standing and qualifications among their fellow Christians is weighed and judged foremost as to their loyalty and submission to the [...]

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Jehovah is a God of Judgment

Jehovah first demonstrated that he was a God of judgment back in the Garden of Eden, not only when he sentenced the trespassing Adam and Eve to death, but he also foretold the long-running enmity that would develop between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, culminating with the crushing of the serpent and its brood.

Although Almighty God is fully capable and determined to ultimately accomplish his originally stated purpose to have mankind dwell in peace and perfection on this beautiful planet, since our fruit-pilfering parents were ousted from Eden God has had to patiently deal with a degenerating race of sinners. And fortunately for us the Grand Instructor is up to the task.

It was an entirely different world on the outside of Eden. By disobeying Jehovah humanity unwittingly subjected itself to the rebel angel who cunningly used a lowly reptile to deceive Eve and who has subsequently become known as Satan, the Devil.


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Go into your inner rooms until the wrath has passed by

If you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses you are well aware of the importance the Watchtower has placed upon meeting together and publicly preaching. As recently as 2016 the Watchtower published an article entitled: “Why Should We Meet Together for Worship?” The article gives the experience of two young sisters in the former Soviet Union who were sentenced to a labor camp in Siberia. In order [...]

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The Perversity of You Men!

Slightly edited repost from 2012 Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities on earth. The first mention of it in the Holy Bible is in the book of Genesis, in connection with Melchizedek – a type of Christ, a priest, who was also the king of Salem. The 76th Psalm, which states: “God is known in Judah; in Israel his name is great. And his [...]

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The Coming of Christ & the Flash Flood

The 28th chapter of Isaiah begins with Jehovah’s denunciation of the leaders of the nation of Israel and a declaration of the means by which God would deal with them: “Woe to the eminent crown of the drunkards of Ephraim, and the fading blossom of its decoration of beauty that is upon the head of the fertile valley of those overpowered by wine! Look! Jehovah has someone strong and vigorous. Like a thunderous storm of hail, a destructive storm, like a thunderous storm of powerful, flooding waters, he will certainly do a casting down to the earth with force. With the feet the eminent crowns of the drunkards of Ephraim will be trampled down. And the fading flower of its decoration of beauty that is upon the head of the fertile valley must become like the early fig before summer, that, when the seer sees it, while it is yet in his palm, he swallows it down.”

When Joshua brought the Israelites into the so-called promised land it was described as a place just flowing with milk and honey. But after the Hebrews had lived in the land of Canaan for several centuries it was as if the beautifully decorated land had faded from its former glory, like a wilting bouquet of flowers. This was because the leaders of the people became corrupt. They stopped worshiping Jehovah in the way he had prescribed in the covenant, and so they lost their spiritual beauty. Eventually, God was obligated to take drastic measures – completely destroying the nation, as a means of effecting needed discipline in order that some might be restored.

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Will Christianity Survive the End of the World?

A consideration of the 27th chapter of Isaiah and related prophecies, originally published in 2010.   The question of which shall end first—Christianity or the world—may seem like a strange topic to even consider. No doubt Jehovah's Witnesses naturally assume that true Christianity will without question outlive, not only the present evil world, but especially that brand of counterfeit Christianity known as Christendom. Jehovah's Witnesses likely consider [...]

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