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Jehovah’s Witnesses have accomplished an extraordinary work of preaching the Kingdom and making disciples, as Jesus commanded. However, the world is at the precipice of an unprecedented catastrophe; namely, financial collapse, world war, food shortages and pandemics; in short, all of the things the Watchtower insists have already been fulfilled and cannot be repeated. Since 2002 The Watchman’s Post has been dedicated to announcing Jehovah’s judgments to commence with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which is the next phase of God’s work. While the Watchtower claims Christ returned in 1914 and the judgment upon the house of God began shortly thereafter, that is simply not true. There are over 1,000 articles on this site, as well as dozens of podcasts and videos, which present the scriptural proof of the falsity of the Watchtower’s entire prophetic exegesis, as well as the implications of the deluding influence  the leadership of the organization has exerted over Jehovah’s Witnesses up until this very moment. In spite of that, God’s promises are true. The future is nearly upon us! As Habakkuk said to Jehovah, so I: At my guardpost I will keep standing, and I will station myself on the rampart. I will keep watch to see what he will speak by means of me And what I will reply when I am reproved.”


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Jehovah’s Witnesses church elders in New Zealand have been told to destroy documents, and child sex abuse survivors fear that will lead to the cover up of cases.

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“The glory of Jehovah will be revealed,

and all flesh will see it together,

for the mouth of Jehovah has spoken.”

Isaiah 40:5


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