This is Part Three of the series of commentaries on the July 2022 Watchtower.

Under the subheading How the Enemies of God Will Come to Their End, paragraph nine states: 

9. Read Daniel 2:28, 31-35. We see this prophecy being fulfilled today. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream pointed to what would happen “in the final part of the days,” after the start of Christ’s rule. Jesus’ earthly enemies would include the final world power foretold in the Bible, the one represented by the “feet of iron and of clay.” This world power has already appeared. It came into existence during World War I when Britain and the United States forged a special partnership, the Anglo-American alliance. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream image also foretold at least two things about this world power that would distinguish it from the previous kingdoms. 

There are a few errors in the above statements. One statement in need of correction is that the special Anglo-American alliance was not formed during World War One. Presumably, Bethel’s writers were referring to the Special Relationship—expressed above as the “special partnership,” which was not forged during WW1, but after the Second World War. 

It may seem trivial, and perhaps it is, but such misinformation is odd because it requires no interpretation or special insight. Making such glaringly inaccurate statements certainly does not enhance the Watchtower’s credibility. Maybe that is the intention? Bethel boasts of doing meticulous research and only publishing verifiable facts and yet it is common knowledge that the Anglo-American Special Relationship was formed as a result of the cooperation to defeat Nazi Germany.

For the inside story, the Special Relationship, so-named by Winston Churchill, was the culmination of the scheme set into motion by the British Fabian Society in the late 1890s to gain influence over the policies of its former colony. Anyone with an Internet connection can research this topic. 

It is true, that the British and Americans were briefly allied during the First World War, but it was not any special partnership. In fact, when the war began in 1914 the USA was neutral. That is because during the late 19th and early 20th centuries many Germans immigrated to America. One of my grandmothers was one such child immigrant. Because there were so many Germans and English in America sympathies were divided between the British/French alliance and Kaisers’ Germany. It was not until the British passenger ship, the Lusitania, was sunk by a German torpedo in May 1915 that the tide of public opinion began to turn. Other American merchant ships would also be sunk by German U-boats. 

Still, it was not until April of 1917 that the United States officially declared war on Germany. The entry of America into the war swiftly tipped the balance of power in favor of the French and British and the war ended the next year. Afterward, America reverted to its policy of isolation from foreign entanglements, which was demonstrated by the U.S. Senate’s refusal to ratify America’s membership in the newly formed League of Nations. 

10. First, unlike the previous world powers mentioned in the vision, the Anglo-American alliance is symbolized, not by a solid metal like gold or silver, but by a mixture of iron and clay. The clay represents “the offspring of mankind,” or the common people. (Dan. 2:43, ftn.) As is plainly evident today, their influence in elections, civil rights campaigns, mass protests, and labor unions weakens the ability of this world power to implement its policies. 

And there you have it. In a nice tidy paragraph, the Watchtower betrays its loyalty to the Empire. According to the Governing Body, the problem with government is not the satanic oligarchy, it is the unwashed masses who desire a decent standard of living, which trade unions and guilds used to work to provide. The untidy masses vote in elections in the vain hope of being represented by someone who is not a criminal or owned by special interests, someone who will not ship their jobs to China and Pakistan and flood the country with immigrants who will work for meager wages. Sometimes the soiled offspring of mankind might even elect a president who will try to put America first. Such plebeians can present a vexing problem to the aristocracy and their many drones and dupes who rule with an iron fist in a velvet glove. 

It gets worse…Beware of the Clay! 

In Daniel’s prophecy, the clay in the feet of the immense image symbolizes the common people. They have the power to influence political leaders and their policies. (Dan. 2:41-43) Could a danger lie there for us? Yes! If we do not safeguard our heart, we might compromise our neutrality. For example, we could be tempted to embrace the views of those who advocate change by means of protests or political endeavors. (Prov. 4:23; 24:21, ftn.) How can we avoid that danger? We must remember that Satan is the world’s ruler. (1 John 5:19) And God’s Kingdom is our only hope. —Ps. 146:3-5.

The common people would never instigate war or intentionally provoke a nuclear power like Russia or China. The Empire always leads the masses to the slaughter. The Empire controls the value of money. It controls business. It controls the media. The Empire thrives on war and eats the hapless peasants like a devouring beast. The Empire even controls the opposition. For example, the Black Lives Matter riots were not spontaneous uprisings of oppressed people. BLM was funded by private monied interests and used by the intelligence agencies to undermine the presidency of someone who was considered to be a threat to London’s imperium. As another example, the so-called Capitol rioters were totally manipulated by the FBI. It was not an insurrection, but a well-organized scheme to discredit patriots and make populism illegal and prevent another Trump presidency. 

So, in reality, it is not the common people who weaken the government. The people are merely pawns on a grand chessboard of rooks, bishops, knights, queens, and kings. It is the stated intent of the Empire to destroy republicanism and the nation-state system and impose a world government.

To be sure, God’s Kingdom is our only hope for salvation from this ugly, evil system. But must we take a vow of ignorance to be loyal subjects of Christ? 

11. Second, as represented by the feet of the immense image, Anglo-America is the last world power foretold in the Bible. It will not be succeeded by another political power. Rather, it will come to a swift end at Armageddon when God’s Kingdom crushes it and all other human governments.

For the past two decades, I have offered a different interpretation of prophecy. Call me a lone voice in the wilderness. Although my influence to date has been negligible, still, several hundred thousand Internet browsers, many of them Jehovah’s Witnesses, have at least some awareness of my unique, Bible-based message.

The Watchtower’s Governing Body has staked its reputation on the line as well as the spirituality of the flock. They are cocksure that the Anglo-American kingdoms will fall at Armageddon—not before. I have produced a body of work that points to the sudden, globe-rocking crash of the Anglo-American system and a post-tribulation interval of 42 months during which the eighth king will arise like a beast from the abyss and make war upon the chosen. 

The stakes could not be greater. Either the Watchtower is right and I am wrong or I am right and the prophets and seers of Jehovah’s organization are wrong. While I do not claim to have all the answers, I am certain of one thing: The future will tell the tale. 

End of Part Three

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