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A critical examination of Watchtower articles bearing upon prophecy

end of the world, presence of Jehovah

The desolation of Jerusalem by the Northerner

As Jehovah’s Witnesses consider the Bible book of Joel this week in the Life and Ministry meeting, hopefully, some at least, will give the prophecy more than a cursory reading. It is, after all, a prophecy concerning the events leading up to the great and very awe-inspiring day of Jehovah. We should all give
voracious locust of Joel darken the sky

An introduction to Joel, indeed!

From the time of J.F. Rutherford the Watchtower has explained the book of Joel in the most absurd way imaginable. The locusts and creeping caterpillars supposedly represent Jehovah’s Witnesses who devour the harvest of Christendom’s fertile fields of operation, forcing the terrified clergy to beseech Jehovah for relief from the hordes of unstoppable ministers
meeting of Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses

“Those who say they are apostles”

The February, 2017, Study Edition of the Watchtower carries an article entitled: “Who Is Leading God’s People Today?” The publishers seem intent to equate themselves with the apostles, cleverly doing so by repeatedly referring to the apostles as “the governing body.” (Note small case “g” and “b”) Below is a compilation of 10 references to
Christ's face emits rays of glory

Seeing Christ, Face-to-Face

This is a review of the congregation Bible Study material for the week of November 7-13. There is a stark contrast between the Watchtower’s insight into Jehovah’s past dealings —his purpose and covenants and history of the ancients, and their interpretation of prophecies tied to the modern world. It is as dissimilar as day
Satan produces a fake parousia

The Operation of Satan with Every Powerful Work

This is the fourth installment of the consideration of the Bible study material for the week of October 17-23. This series of articles are archived under the WT Review category.  There is no question that the sudden appearance of a group of anointed Christians in the late 1800’s, who were fired with the desire to
Maintaining the Devil's Invisible Parousia Hoax

Maintaining the Devil’s Invisible Parousia Hoax

This is a continuation of commentary on the God’s Kingdom Rules! Bible study material for the week of October 10th, 2016. Jehovah’s Witnesses well know the power that lies can have over people. Anyone who has ever taken up the Bible and gone out to try to engage householders, or who has simply had
revelation of Jesus Christ in a flame of fire

Who will be able to stand when he appears?

This is a consideration of the study material for the congregation Bible study covering chapter two of God's Kingdom Rules! DO YOU ever wonder what it might have been like to live during some great turning point in history? Many do. But consider: If you had lived in such a momentous time, would you
God's Kingdom Rules! - or does it?

God’s Kingdom Rules! – or does it?

This week the midweek book study begins in the new book entitled God’s Kingdom Rules! At the request of a few readers The Watchman’s Post will feature a weekly commentary based upon each lesson. This article actually considers the information presented in the first two lessons. Subsequent articles will appear under the WT Review
When Will Jehovah's Witnesses Go into Captivity to Babylon the Great?

When Will Jehovah’s Witnesses Go into Captivity to Babylon the Great?

This article appears in WT Review category At the October, 2015, Annual Meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Governing Body put forward yet another revision, in what has become an annual, piecemeal revision of prophetic interpretation. All of which is attached to 1914 in one way or another. The most recent “adjustment” has to do
Learning from the Illustration of the Talents

Learning from the Illustration of the Talents

Back in 2013 I posted an article in the Watchtower Review entitled The Evil Slave, in which I speculated that the Governing Body was preparing Jehovah’s Witnesses for the eventual repudiation of 1914. I could not have been more wrong. It seems that the leadership of the organization have actually doubled-down, as the saying
un-expected change

Keep in Expectation – But in Expectation of What?

The August, 2015, Watchtower, published an article entitled Keep in Expectation. This post is a brief criticism of it. There is no disputing the fact that the prophets, apostles and Jesus Christ himself, exhorted us to stay awake and in expectation of the execution of God’s judgment. But the question that I urge all
watchtower headquarters

The Watchtower’s False Stylus

Wt False Stylus download right click save as "The wise have been put to shame. They have become terrified and will be caught. Look! They have rejected the word of Jehovah, and what wisdom do they have?" - Jeremiah 8:9 (This article appears in the WT Review section.) In late Summer of 2015 millions of
Facing the End of the Watchtower

Facing the End of the Watchtower

(Download, right click and save as Facing the end of the WT) This essay is a brief review of the Watchtower article entitled: “Facing the End of This Old World Together.” On what basis do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that we are facing the end of this old world? According to the Watchtower the great tribulation
shepherd allows the sheep through the gate

Supporting Christ’s Brothers During Their Humiliation

This article appears under WT Review The concluding study article of the March 2015, Watchtower, entitled Loyally Supporting Christ’s  Brothers discusses Jesus’ illustration of the sheep and the goats. Basically, the article reiterates that the sheep and the goats are not separated until some point in the future; specifically, after the great tribulation. This
bride of Christ

Is the Bridegroom Here?

This article is categorized under Watchtower Review "Right in the middle of the night there was a shout: ‘Here is the bridegroom! Go out to meet him.’ Then all those virgins got up and put their lamps in order." __________ The leading study article of the March 2015, Watchtower relates the instance when Jesus