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For the past 20 years, I have staked out a place on the Internet in order to draw attention to Bible prophecy as it relates to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the falsehood of the Watchtower's 1914 doctrine.

Jehovah has named you: Terror All Around

A continuance of the discussion of Jeremiah.  In the 19th chapter of Jeremiah the prophet was ordered to go buy an earthenware flask from a potter. God then ordered him to take a few elders out to the edge of the city, specifically to the Valley of the Son of Hinnom and there inform the elders that Jehovah was going to destroy the city.  The Valley [...]

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What is the Battle of Armageddon?

JW.org has a front-page linked caption that poses the question: What Is the Battle of Armageddon?  In the brief article, the writers debunk a few common misconceptions, such as the location and scope of the war. Unfortunately, though, the Governing Body reiterates its own misconceptions. The last paragraph in particular is wrought with error and ignorance. When will Armageddon take place? When discussing the “great tribulation” [...]

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Response to 2021 Annual Meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses

KINGDOM BULLETIN #20 Having recently watched the 2021 Annual Meeting on JW Broadcast, what follows is my rebuttal.  I do not know why the lot has fallen to me to correct the Governing Body, but it is apparent that it has. I suppose someone has to do it. As we all know, millions of JW’s are required to accept the Governing Body’s every utterance as if [...]

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The presence of the Lord has drawn close

It is humanly impossible to accurately foresee the future. Nevertheless, as the calendar is about to roll over to 2022 it is customary to cast a glance forward to the possibilities and trends that may shape the world in the days ahead.  Naturally, most people cannot imagine anything other than more of what has occurred in the past. In that respect, their attitude echoes the [...]

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So that they may come to believe the lie

Part three of Watchtower Review Under the subheading, WE LOVE THE TRUTH: 12) God’s people today do not claim to have perfect or complete knowledge of the truth. At times, they have made mistakes in doctrinal matters and in organizational direction. That should not surprise us. The Scriptures make it clear that accurate knowledge increases with time. (Col. 1:9, 10) Jehovah reveals the truth gradually, and we [...]

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What Does the Bible Say about Pandemics?

JW.org has a fresh banner article entitled What Does the Bible Say About Pandemics? They pose the question: Has God Ever Punished People with Sickness? They then proceed to supply the answer:  The Bible reports a few occasions when God used sickness to punish people. For example, he caused some individuals to have leprosy. (Numbers 12:1-16; 2 Kings 5:20-27; 2 Chronicles 26:16-21) However, these isolated incidents were not indiscriminate pandemics [...]

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The booth of David that is fallen

Continuation of Watchtower Review - Part Two 8) On one occasion, Jesus prayed: “Father, glorify your name.” Jehovah himself answered that prayer with a thunderous voice from heaven, promising that he would glorify his name. (John 12:28) Throughout his ministry, Jesus glorified his Father’s name. (John 17:26) So it is reasonable to expect that true Christians would be proud to use God’s name and to make [...]

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Watchtower Review – Part One

This Christmas week the Watchtower study article for the week is entitled Hold Fast to the Truth With Strong Conviction. What follows are my comments on select paragraphs.  1) THERE may be tens of thousands of so-called Christian denominations that claim to worship God acceptably. No wonder many people are confused! They ask, “Is there one true religion, or do all religions please God?” Are we [...]

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Governing Body Update #10

It seems the Watchtower is grooming JW’s to accept the mark of the beast when the time comes. Although I have no proof, it seems fairly certain that the Watchtower has accepted money from the dark powers that have been pushing the pandemic and universal vaccination as part of the Great Reset, a euphemism for the intentional collapse of civilization and the implementation of global [...]

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Will there be a world government?

JW.org has a new banner article that appears in Awake! magazine on the topic of world government.  The Watchtower derived its name and corporate logo from the scriptures; most prominently from Isaiah 21:8, which says: “Upon the watchtower, O Jehovah, I am standing constantly by day, and I am stationed at my guardpost every night.”  The question is, is there actually someone stationed upon the [...]

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