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Collection of essays examining Watchtower Magazine articles.

Let Your Name Be Sanctified

The Watchtower study article entitled Let Your Name Be Sanctified gives a brief overview of how Jehovah was slandered and how He has and will sanctify His name. Actually, what is most telling in the Watchtower’s coverage of the topic is what they omit. While it is true that Satan uses evolution and false religion to mislead the world and misrepresent God, they do not [...]

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The King of the North Will Come All the Way to His End

Part three of the second study article I realize it may be discouraging for Jehovah’s Witnesses to consider the information presented on this site. It is hard for many to comprehend or accept that the Governing Body could be so far off the mark. The Watchtower is always tinkering and making adjustments, like these two articles on the topic of the king of the north, [...]

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The King of the North Will Do as He Pleases

This is part three of the review of the second study article on the king of the north  Builders know that having a proper foundation is essential in any sort of construction project. If the foundation is faulty the structure will not last. Jesus used this concept in an illustration to conclude his Sermon on the Mount, saying: “Therefore, everyone who hears these sayings of [...]

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Who is the King of the North Today? (part 1)

A continuation of the review of the Watchtower articles on the topic of the king of the north. Paragraph 1 states: WE HAVE more evidence than ever before that we are living at the end of the last days of this system of things. Soon, Jehovah and Jesus Christ will destroy all governments that oppose the Kingdom. Before that event occurs, the king of the [...]

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Watchtower Review – King of the North

This week and next Jehovah’s Witnesses will be considering articles on the kings of the north and south via Zoom. Bible prophecy is something the Watchtower just can’t seem to get right. After 140 years of Bible research, they still do not understand the prophecy of Daniel as it relates to our time. The reason for their unenlightened condition is simple. The book of Daniel [...]

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Yes, they will sanctify the Holy One

Watchtower review of the June 2020 article: Let Your Name Be Sanctified. Jehovah’s Witnesses have been the most controversial sect of Christianity since J.F. Rutherford adopted the name of “Jehovah’s Witnesses.” Even before that, the Bible Students promoted God’s name and rejected the well-worn lie that Jesus is God. Back before the Watchtower produced the New World Translation the American Standard Bible, which was published around [...]

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Are we living in the last days?

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, JW.org has featured a few articles asserting that we are in the last days, with emphasis on “pestilences.” Although the information provided by the WT is as brief as can be I will consider each of the bullet points in more detail. (Here is article) War on a large scale. —Matthew 24:7; Revelation 6:4. Indeed, Revelation states that when the fiery-colored [...]

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Watchtower Review – Who is the King of the North?

At the Watchtower’s 2018 Annual Meeting the Governing Body announced that Russia is the king of the north. It wasn’t, however, really much of an adjustment or flash of new light, as Jehovah’s Witnesses are fond of saying. In the aftermath of the collapse of the sprawling Soviet Union, the seers of Bethel admitted that they did not know who the king of the north was. [...]

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Taking hold of the robe of a Jew

This article appears in the WatchTower Review section I have said it before. It bears repeating. Most everything the Watchtower teaches as regards doctrine is true. Conversely, most everything the Watchtower teaches as the modern fulfillment of prophecy is false. The reason for the disconnect is itself foretold in prophecy. The simple truth is, Jehovah’s Witnesses are under a powerful deluding influence. As the apostle revealed [...]

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