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“Jehovah will reveal what we need to know”

This is the concluding part three of the consideration of the Learn from Bible Prophecy article. Paragraph 16 states: God’s people who live under the rule of “the king of the north” are enduring direct persecution by this king. Some Witnesses have been beaten and thrown into prison for their faith. Rather than intimidate our brothers, the actions of “the king of the north” build [...]

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The king of the north will prove successful

Part two Under the subheading How the kings of the North and South affect you, paragraph 15 states: Read Daniel 11:40. Daniel chapter 11 speaks of two kings, or political powers, who struggle with each other for world domination. By comparing this prophecy with others in the Bible, we can identify “the king of the north” as Russia and its allies and “the king of the south” as the Anglo-American [...]

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Learn from Bible prophecy

This article is in response to the August 2023 Watchtower article entitled Learn From Bible Prophecy. Paragraph three advises us to get a guide to help us understand Bible prophecy, saying: In a similar way, Jehovah knows where we are in the stream of time and what is on the road ahead of us. So to understand Bible prophecy, we must humbly ask for Jehovah’s help. [...]

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Keep Ready for Jehovah’s Day – Watchtower review.

The June 2023 Watchtower has an article entitled Keep Ready For Jehovah’s Day. The opening paragraph states an oft-repeated error: WHEN the Bible speaks of “Jehovah’s day,” it refers to the time when Jehovah judges his enemies and brings salvation to his people. In the past, Jehovah at times carried out judgments. (Isa. 13:1, 6; Ezek. 13:5; Zeph. 1:8) In our time, “Jehovah’s day” begins with the attack on [...]

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Everyone to whom much was given, much will be demanded

This is a Watchtower Review post considering the article entitled: Keep Your Senses When Your Loyalty Is Tested. The scripture theme is “Keep your senses in all things.” 3) Have you ever felt mistreated by a fellow Christian, perhaps someone in a position of responsibility? Likely, the brother did not intend to hurt you. Still, his actions may have upset you. You may have lost [...]

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The end of Jehovah’s organization

The Watchtower study article for the third week of January 2023, is entitled: Let Nothing Separate You from Jehovah. The scriptural theme is Psalms 31:14, “I trust in you, O Jehovah.” This is perhaps one of the most insidious articles ever appearing in the Watchtower. The third paragraph states: 3) The Devil, however, tries to separate us from Jehovah, especially when we are facing challenges. What is [...]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy

This is a review of the Watchtower article entitled How Jehovah Helps Us to Endure With Joy. The biblical theme is “Jehovah is waiting patiently to show you favor, and he will rise up to show you mercy.” —ISA. 30:18. 4) In the opening words of Isaiah chapter 30, Jehovah describes the Jews as “stubborn sons,” who “add sin to sin.” He continues, saying: “They are a rebellious [...]

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They will certainly know that a prophet was among them

A November 2022 Watchtower study article is entitled: How Jehovah Helps Us to Carry Out Our Ministry. The scriptural theme is “They will certainly know that a prophet was among them.” — Ezek 2.5 There is no doubt that Jehovah—or more correctly, Jesus—helps Christians to fully accomplish their ministry. It is, after all, a divinely ordained work destined to be carried out to completion before [...]

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Trust Jehovah or trust the brothers – which will you choose?

This is a review of Watchtower study article #37 2022, entitled: You Can Trust Your Brothers  1. PEOPLE in Satan’s world do not know whom they can trust. They are constantly disappointed by the conduct of commercial, political, and religious leaders. That feeling extends to friends, neighbors, and even family members. This should not surprise us. The Bible foretold: “In the last days . . [...]

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And my own people have loved it that way

This is the final segment in the July 2022 Watchtower Review series. During the pandemic, we also received clear direction about how to hold congregation meetings and engage in the preaching work. Almost overnight, we began attending Christian meetings, assemblies, and conventions by means of videoconferencing tools. We also began witnessing almost entirely by letter and telephone. Jehovah blessed our efforts. Many branches have reported [...]

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