Be obedient to those who are taking the lead among you and be submissive, for they are keeping watch over you.—Heb. 13:17.

What should we do if a contagious disease is spreading where we live? We should obey emergency regulations, such as those regarding washing our hands, social distancing, wearing a mask, and quarantining. Our diligence in these areas shows how deeply we appreciate God’s gift of life. During emergencies, inaccurate information may circulate among friends, among neighbors, and in the media. Rather than believe “every word” we hear, we do well to listen to the most reliable governmental and medical sources available. (Prov. 14:15) The Governing Body and the branch offices make every effort to obtain accurate information before giving direction regarding congregation meetings and the preaching work. By being cooperative, we protect ourselves and others from harm. We may also enhance the congregation’s reputation in the community.—1 Pet. 2:12w23.02 23 ¶11-12

When I first began reading the Bible, before I had ever had any contact with Jehovah’s Witnesses, I was stunned when I read the 12th chapter of Revelation about a war erupting in heaven and Satan and all of his angels being hurled to the earth. I did not know if the event had occurred, but it seemed possible that it had. The world certainly seemed to be in the grip of an invisible, evil force, and ever so much so now.

Later, of course, I came into association with Jehovah’s Witnesses and I appreciated the Watchtower’s plausible explanation that the epic war had already occurred and the Devil and his demons were ousted from heaven and confined to the earth since 1914. The governments of the world and the religions were undoubtedly driven by these demonic forces. But….

Now, though, 50 years later, I am absolutely certain that the war in heaven has not taken place. In fact, there is convincing evidence that there is an operation of Satan in play designed to convince even the heirs of the Kingdom that Christ has begun ruling and that peace has already been taken from the earth. All the while the Devil has been maneuvering his earthly minions into place for the day and hour when the Kingdom actually does begin ruling and the time of the end begins. But something must take place before the war in heaven. What is that?

In his second letter to the Thessalonians the prophet Paul wrote concerning the parousia, saying of it: “At the time when he comes to be glorified in connection with his holy ones and to be regarded in that day with wonder among all those who exercised faith.” Elsewhere, namely in his letter to the Romans, the apostle referred to the revealing of the sons of God. Needless to say, the revealing of the sons of God will come about as a result of the revelation of Jesus to them.

John, who was on the mountain when Christ was transfigured before them, wrote in his first epistle: “Beloved ones, we are now children of God, but it has not yet been made manifest what we will be. We do know that when he is made manifest we will be like him, because we will see him just as he is.” – 1 John 3 verse 2

Considering the context of Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians concerning the parousia, Paul issued a warning regarding the operation of Satan as the source of authoritative pronouncements and apostolic-like letters declaring that the presence has begun and the Lord’s day is here. Then, the apostle prophesied and gave us a vital bit of information regarding a crucial development that must take place first before Christ appears. Again, what is that? Read it: “Let no one lead you astray in any way, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction.”

The pronoun “it” is in reference to the parousia. And the apostasy must take place immediately before the presence and manifestation of Christ. Jesus referred to Judas as the son of destruction. It is the same designation given to the man of lawlessness. This means that the man of lawlessness is a chosen one, as was Judas, in that, Judas was selected by Jesus as one of the 12 apostles. Christendom has been marinating in apostasy for centuries, to say that the clergy must apostatize first before the presence of Christ is meaningless. The apostasy that must come first must come from within Christ’s congregation of anointed persons; yes, from the leadership; in other words, from among those taking the lead. Obviously, we can not expect the Governing Body to announce this kind of new light.

Now, as regards the daily text, how clever of Satan to use the Scriptures against us. Judas, if you recall, conspired with the Jews and the Roman occupiers, otherwise known as Ceasear, to betray Jesus. The leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses has similarly conspired with the globalist promoters of an Illuminati-run world government whose stated goal is to eliminate a rather large percentage of mankind, a process that the Malthusians consider to be nothing more than culling the herd. Are we to submit to the schemes of an avowed eugenicist billionaire computer nerd who pretends to be a virologist and King Charles, who has spent his entire adult life working on a scheme to get the nations to destroy themselves? And why should nations abdicate their authority to the Gates Foundation-funded World Health Organization? Who gave the UN authority over people living in sovereign nations anyway? Why is the Watchtower going along with this pretense that the WHO has any authority? By the way, the British Monarchy adopted Malthusianism back during the Victorian Age and has already killed tens of millions of Indians, Irish, and Africans by various means and the Empire intends to bring the population down to a manageable billion or so. This is no conspiracy theory, but it is a conspiracy among the pedophile Satanists running the world.

My question is: Where is the Watchtower? Where are its vaunted watchmen on the wall keeping watch? Why are they not sounding the battle trumpet? Indeed, where are those who are taking the lead and watching over Jehovah’s flock? There is only one reasonable explanation for their deafening silence in the face of this evil that is engulfing the world.

Before the Second World War, the Consolation Magazine warned of the evils associated with all vaccines. The Watchtower claimed it was a scheme of the Devil. That seemed a bit extreme considering that vaccinations have eradicated certain diseases that used to be common. It is true, that no medicine comes without side effects. Vaccinations are not risk-free. But now the Governing Body is happy to be praised by the world for its unabashed endorsement of the new mRNA injections and lauded for its zealous cooperation with the very institutions that it has previously exposed as instruments of Satan. What happened to neutrality? What happened to personal choices in private health matters? (Just to be sure, what they call a “vaccine” now is nothing like the vaccines that have been in use for decades. It is a wholly new gene-editing technology that has the potential to be very deadly.)

I pose the question again: Can anyone explain to me why it is the business of the government or the Watchtower if you or I choose not to be vaccinated? The “experts” originally claimed that vaccinated persons could not spread the contagion. That would certainly be a legitimate reason to compel everyone to be injected. But it is simply not true. Time has proven that every claim made by the “experts” has been a lie. What reliable sources of information is the Watchtower referring to, because everything coming from the mainstream, official channels, has been a lie. Vaccinated persons are not even immune to the infection they were supposed to be immunized against. So, again, why would the Governing Body use its authority as the faithful and discreet slave of Christ to compel Jehovah’s Witnesses to submit to injections of a dangerous substance that neither provides immunity nor prevents contagion and has caused millions of adverse reactions and deaths worldwide? Again, there is only one reasonable explanation.

Now the Watchtower is in all the way. Even if the World Health Organization or the Center for Disease Control were to issue decrees stating that the vaccines are not safe nor are they effective, the Governing Body would not retract their endorsement. How could they? They claimed that Jehovah God provided the vaccines especially for his people so that they could remain in the land of the living. No, the apostasy cannot be reversed. Judas has been handed the morsel and he has greedily gobbled it down and gone off into the night.

And are we now to be submissive to those taking the lead? The lead to where?

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