Over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, I posted a number of articles and videos on the situation, particularly as it relates to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Because various articles were posted randomly in different categories in order to make this information more readily available to searchers this post is intended as an index of relevant links and videos. 

When the pandemic first began early in 2020 everyone was willing to shut things down for a couple of weeks to “slow the spread.” It seemed reasonable. The Watchtower was quick to curtail the public ministry and shutter every meeting place. Again, it seemed like the sensible thing to do. But as the year wore on the lockdowns remained in place. The two weeks turned into a year. Meanwhile, all of the big pharmaceutical companies were racing to roll out their untested vaccines which were all touted to be safe and effective. It turns out, they were neither. 

At first, the Watchtower assured Jehovah’s Witnesses that vaccinations were a personal choice. Then, gradually over the Summer of 2021 through their monthly JW Broadcast Updates, the Governing Body began to strongly advocate the injections and even threaten elders with judicial action if they expressed objections to the UN’s mass inoculation program the Watchtower had endorsed. More than merely endorsing the jabs, evidently the Watchtower became a supplier of vaccines to branch offices in some third-world countries.

The Governing Body even rebuked Jehovah’s Witnesses for being headstrong and fiercely opinionated, accusing them of indulging in illicit conspiracy theories for daring to question the Governing Body’s divinely-sourced direction, which mirrored the policy emanating from the United Nations World Health Organization. It was the most heavy-handed and divisive policy ever—all in the name of Christian unity. In Update #9 Governing Body member David Splane went so far as to claim that Jehovah was fully behind the vaccine scheme. As Jehovah’s watchman, I have endeavored to bring God’s word to bear on this shocking development. 

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