Monthly programs entertain questions from listeners regarding basic Bible questions, focusing on specific issues concerning the Watchtower organization and the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you have questions you can email them or leave a voicemail.  (Feed from latest programs on jw-radio) e-Watchman podcasts are also available on i-Tunes. 

Podcast, Episode #75

Questions regarding the seven empires and the eighth king. Will the great crowd really come out of the great tribulation? What is the meaning of the various time periods in Daniel, 2,300, 1290, 1335 days etc? Also, are Jehovah's Witnesses the only ones who will be saved?  (Click here to view as vodcast on [...]

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Episode #74

This episode considers listener’s questions, is the “organization” a legitimate, scriptural arrangement? Why did angels develop sexual passion for women? Could the Watchtower’s NGO status in Russia be the reason they are coming under ban now? And more. Plus a special musical bonus track!

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Episode #73

  Question 1: Were/Are the 144,000 Virgins? Question 2: Who were those in “prison” who Jesus preached to during the three days of his death? What about the Gap Theory and dinosaurs? What about the 2013 New World Translation? What is the difference between everlasting life and immortality? And more!    Thank [...]

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Episode #72

If Jesus is not my mediator, how are my sins forgiven? -   Why is Watchtower toning down Numbers 31:18?  Or is their version the only one that is correct? Is it possible that man could someday day manipulate human DNA in such a way as to achieve everlasting life? Are not the "other sheep" [...]

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Episode #71

(April 30th 2016) Questions for this episode: Did World War One have any biblical significance? I know I cannot preach the Watchtower's message as before, so where are Jehovah's Witnesses who love the truth supposed to go now? What if the mark of the beast is a microchip? And more! 

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Podcast #70

(March 26, 2016) Questions considered on this program: Will the refuge crises in Europe bring about the fall of Christendom? Are the demons dying of old age? What is going on with the Trump phenomenon in America? And who are the princes whom Jesus will appoint in all the earth? GOT QUESTIONS? Do [...]

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Podcast #69

(Feb 17, 2016) What about the sin of Gibeah? Are Jehovah's Witnesses the only ones who are going to be saved? Will persons who are killed in the war at Armageddon be resurrected? Do all anointed brothers have to die a Martyr's death? Are you sure that there will not be a big influx of people who [...]

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Podcast #68

  (Jan. 31, 2016) This program entertains questions regarding Noah's Flood and how fresh water and salt water fish could have both survived the catastrophe. Also, how could the animals have migrated to various isolated islands? And, why does God allow the WT to stumble so many of Jehovah's Witnesses and interested persons? Also, [...]

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Podcast #67

Last program of the year sets the pace for semi-monthly programs for the new year. This episode considers three questions related to the relationship between Jehovah and Jesus and the thrones each may occupy. And an unusual question from one of Jehovah's Witnesses asking me to reassure readers of my genuineness, in view of the [...]

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Podcast #66

This episode considers a varity of questions. What is the significance of the "justaposition" between resurrection of life and resurrection of judgment? Also, questions based upon August 15, 2015, Watchtower article entitled: Keep in Expectation. Paragraph seven states:  But how bad do you expect conditions to become [...]

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Podcast #65

Although the whole notion of soliciting donations is distasteful to me and I have avoided it for a long time, this program marks the start of a so-called crowd-funding campaign that allows listeners to become "patrons" by pledging $1 per month, or more, in order to promote The Watchman's Post on Google pay-per-click. It is distressing to [...]

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Podcast #64

This episode considers questions about  the man of lawlessness, and whether the baptism of Jehovah's Witnesses is valid. Also, what does it mean that the elements will melt? And more.

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Podcast #63

The September episode of the e-Watchman podcast considers questions such as: Why hasn't God ended this wicked world already? 2) What does it mean that the olive oil and the wine will not be harmed? 3) Caller asks: Why doesn't Jehovah speak to people any more? And where did Jehovah come from? New programs are [...]

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Podcast #62

Questions considered in August podcast: 1) If it is impossible for god to lie, why did God sanction lying to king Ahab? 2) Since there is no historical proof that Egypt was literally desolate for 40 years, is it possible that the judgment applies to the greater "Egypt" - America, only for 40 days instead?  [...]

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Podcast #61

  This episode considers questions, such as: Has the first resurrection begun yet? What will happen to people who are on vital prescription drugs if these become unavailable during the time of chaos? Also, doctrinal question on Michael being Jesus in view of Hebrews 1:5. (See video below) Question as to when they will be [...]

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Podcast #60

DOWNLOAD LINK Subject matter of this podcast: Why were all first century Christians anointed? Also, what did Jesus mean when he said that the kingdom had been prepared from the founding of the world?  Other questions: If we were to succumb to fear and deny Christ during the time of the end, would that be it? How [...]

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Podcast #59

This program considers a variety of questions regarding how to reconcile the view of e-Watchman regarding the conclusion being of relatively brief duration and the first century pattern that seems to indicate that the conclusion of the Jewish system was some 40 years duration. Call in question on the tribulation. Is Jesus the mediator of [...]

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Podcast #58

Below are links to supportive material ISIS: Saudi-Qatari-Funded Wahhabi Terrorists Worldwide America's Allies Are Funding ISIS ISIS, the Saudis and those that fight

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Podcast #57

This episode considers a variety of questions. First question: Did Samson commit suicide? 2nd question regarding the WT's 1914 doctrine and the evidence that peace has been taken from the earth since 1914. Also, is the Kingdom going to rule from the earth? And where shall we flee when the time comes?  Download this episode [...]

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Podcast #56

This episode considers questions regarding if God is the Tempter and whether the solar system will be sustained.  Also, why does the Watchtower insist that anyone who reads the Bible alone will leave the truth? And, is the expression "conclusion of the system of things" accurate, or is "end of the world" more correct? (I [...]

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Podcast, #55

tThis program considers numerous questions related to the future unveiling of Christ and the judgments of jehovah

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Podcast #54

  Has the 7th trumpet been blown? What about the 3 and one half year period, when does it begin? Will the earth be overpopulated if everyone is resurrected and no one dies? What can persons already out of the organization do now? Who will be the "false prophet" of Revelation? What does [...]

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Podcast #53

  Questions covering a wide variety of topics.  Download Podcast#53 (Right click SAVE LINK AS)

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Podcast #52

  This month's program considers questions from someone studying with Jehovah's Witnesses regarding why Satan rebelled, why is a blood sacrifice necessary and why Adam was guilty and Eve was not. Other topics include: Is it appropriate for Christians to prepare materially for the tribulation, like the Preppers, or is that a sign [...]

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Podcast #51

  Many non-JW Christians are persecuted in various lands and refuse to recant their faith. Should we consider them as spiritual brothers? Considering the false prophesying of the WT, what proof is there that they are God's channel? When is the mountain of the house of Jehovah lifted up, and is the period [...]

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Podcast #50

  Why didn't Jesus use the word "Armageddon" when discussing the conclusion? Also, Question from unbaptized person considering baptism on how to go forward in the faith even though not in agreement with the Watchtower. Concluding with questions from a sceptic on what convincing proof is there that Jehovah's Witnesses are the true [...]

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Podcast #49

  Question from readers regarding what should an unbaptized person do who does not believe in the Watchtower's 1914 dogma but who wishes to become an unbaptized publisher. Also, what hope is there for the disfellowshipped, disassociated and the spiritually weak Jehovah's Witnesses? And is it realistic to expect the Watchtower to engage [...]

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Podcast #48

  Questions covering the treatment of Christ's brothers now; and if the Watchtower's "shunning" policy is scriptural. Also, a series of questions about the disgusting thing that causes desolation  Download MP3 - Podcast#48 (Right click and "save link as")

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Podcast #47

This program entertains 'what if?' questions in connection with Adam and Eve, and questions pertaining to my personal calling.  Download MP3 - Podcast, episode #47 (Right-click to save link as)            

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Podcast #46

  This episode considers a series of questions regarding the trueness of the suggestion that Ezekiel's "chariot" symbolizes Christ, rather than Jehovah- based upon this article. Also, what is the difference between the original anointing or sealing and the final sealing, as mentioned in the 7th chapter of Revelation? And, what is the [...]

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Podcast #45

  Program considers backlog of questions  Download podcast-episode#45 (Right click SAVE LINK AS)

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Podcast #44

No summary  Download #44 reduced (Right click SAVE LINK AS)

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Podcast #43

  After a year's hiatus this two part program covers a variety of questions Program is one hour and 15 minutes in length.  Download #43 reduced (Right click SAVE LINK AS)

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Podcast #42

  More "what if?" questions regarding the Nephilim. Also, how could they be saying "peace and security" if we are on the verge of world war? How can the American king of the south and the British king of the north become enemies if they're allies?  Download Podcast#42 (Right click SAVE LINK AS)

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Podcast #41

  Program considers questions regarding whether the Nephilim will be resurrected. Question on "peace and security." How can the UK and the USA be the kings of the north and south when they are inseparable allies? And who is the 3rd "Elijah"? Download podcast#41

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Podcast #40

No summary   Download podcast#40

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Podcast #39

  Program considers a variety of questions, such as “replacement theology.” Why doesn’t e-Watchman provide any guidance for Jehovah's Witnesses?  Will the demons materialize after they are thrown down? And more! Download podcast#39 (Right click SAVE LINK AS)

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