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For the past 20 years, I have staked out a place on the Internet in order to draw attention to Bible prophecy as it relates to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the falsehood of the Watchtower's 1914 doctrine.

The LGBTQ agenda – Satan’s war against the God of gods

The featured image of this article above is taken from the United Nations website promoting the LGBTQ agenda. Sex is apparently unique to earth. Everything God created was originally designed to perpetuate each kind through procreation. Obviously, every person alive came into existence as a result of men and women having sex, whether in marriage or illegitimately. What is stated in the book of Beginnings, [...]

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The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

God has a purpose and Jehovah’s Witnesses are privileged to know it—at least the general outline of it; albeit, the immediate future is another matter, which is the subject of this article. Jehovah’s eternal purpose is as simple as it is profound. The divine purpose centers around Jesus. This is no revelation. Except, it goes beyond Christ. Jehovah has purposed to adopt 144,000 sons from among [...]

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Keep Ready for Jehovah’s Day – Watchtower review.

The June 2023 Watchtower has an article entitled Keep Ready For Jehovah’s Day. The opening paragraph states an oft-repeated error: WHEN the Bible speaks of “Jehovah’s day,” it refers to the time when Jehovah judges his enemies and brings salvation to his people. In the past, Jehovah at times carried out judgments. (Isa. 13:1, 6; Ezek. 13:5; Zeph. 1:8) In our time, “Jehovah’s day” begins with the attack on [...]

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Massacre of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Why did it happen?

KINGDOM BULLETIN #24 As everyone surely knows by now, on Thursday evening, March the 9th, a congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses was meeting together in a Kingdom Hall in Hamburg, Germany. Toward the conclusion of the program, perhaps during prayer when the congregation stood with eyes closed and heads bowed, evidently a deranged man first opened fire with an automatic gun in the parking lot. Then he [...]

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Anthony Morris no longer on the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Anthony Morris is no longer a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Okay, admittedly, this article has been posted in a shameless effort to take advantage of a surge in Internet searches for information about Anthony Morris and his departure from the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I will leave it to others to speculate on the reasons for his departure. No doubt Jehovah’s [...]

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If 1914 is wrong how can Jehovah’s Witnesses be right?

If 1914 is not the year that Jesus’ Kingdom came to power how can it possibly be true that Jehovah’s Witnesses are accomplishing what Jesus said; namely, that the good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the earth before the end? This is a very complex issue---a paradox---and it requires a bit of knowledge and thinking ability to resolve. On the one [...]

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They are prophesying lies in my name

A continuation of the Jeremiah series. God spoke to Jeremiah and commanded him to go stand in a prominent place in the courtyard of the temple and speak to the people: “This is what Jehovah says, ‘Stand in the courtyard of the house of Jehovah and speak concerning all the people of the cities of Judah who are coming in to worship at the house of [...]

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I am bringing calamity first on the city that bears my name

For 23 years Jeremiah spoke the word of Jehovah to the leaders of the Jewish nation. Over and over again, Jeremiah as well as other prophets such as Zephaniah and Habakkuk spoke God’s words of warning. The Jews refused to listen. Consequently, Jehovah’s patience came to an end. Here it is in God’s own words: “‘But you would not listen to me,’ declares Jehovah. ‘Instead you [...]

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More Jehovah’s Witnesses sex crimes

Pennsylvania men allegedly used Jehovah's Witness hall to 'gain access' to sex abuse victims Five members of Jehovah's Witness congregations in Pennsylvania were indicted by a grand jury on various child sex abuse charges Monday, officials announced. Pennsylvania Acting Attorney General Michelle Henry said that the five men preyed on young members of their own families and congregations.  "The details of these crimes are sad and disturbing, facts [...]

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“After the tribulation in those days” – Then What?

In the previous article in this series on Micah, the concluding comments made the case that divine intervention will be necessary to save mankind from extinction. What else could Jesus have been referring to except nuclear war when he warned that the great tribulation would be so severe that no flesh would be saved unless God cut it short? Jesus also spoke of a post-tribulation [...]

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