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For the past 20 years, I have staked out a place on the Internet in order to draw attention to Bible prophecy as it relates to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the falsehood of the Watchtower's 1914 doctrine.

What Do We Know About Jehovah’s Future Judgments?

What do we know about Jehovah’s future judgments? That is the question posed in the May 2024, Watchtower Magazine, which is an edited version of what was presented at last year’s Annual Meeting. And this is my response to it. The first paragraph jumps right in, so let’s consider it and do some unpacking, as it were. WE ARE living in exciting times! Each day, Bible [...]

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The Apostasy Must Come First

Be obedient to those who are taking the lead among you and be submissive, for they are keeping watch over you.—Heb. 13:17. What should we do if a contagious disease is spreading where we live? We should obey emergency regulations, such as those regarding washing our hands, social distancing, wearing a mask, and quarantining. Our diligence in these areas shows how deeply we appreciate God’s gift [...]

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The fraud of the Watchtower’s spiritual paradise

Continuing with the review of the article appearing in the April 2024 Watchtower entitled Never Leave Spiritual Paradise. 7 Happy and content. God’s people can “shout joyfully” because their heart overflows with appreciation. (Read Isaiah 65:14.) The upbuilding truths and comforting promises in God’s Word and our solid hope based on Christ’s ransom sacrifice give us a “good condition of the heart.” Talking about these things [...]

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Spiritual paradise or famine?

This post is part three of a review of the Watchtower’s article on spiritual paradise. (Click here for part one. And here for part two) The article lists five bullet points as proof that Jehovah’s Witnesses are in spiritual paradise. Let us consider the first one. Paragraph five states: 5 Healthy and refreshed. Isaiah’s prophecy draws a vivid contrast between what life is like for those inside [...]

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Animalistic men in spiritual paradise?

This post is part two of a review of the Watchtower’s article on spiritual paradise. (Click here for part one) Spiritual paradise once really existed, at least for a short while. It existed in the literal paradise called the Garden of Eden. There were only two people who lived in the paradise park. It was a spiritual paradise because the two humans who lived there had [...]

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Seven women will grab hold of one man in that day

The April 2024 Watchtower Magazine carries an article entitled: “Never Leave Spiritual Paradise.” It is a topic I have discussed before. There is a chapter in the book Jehovah Himself Has Become King entitled: Spiritual Paradise, as well as related articles on e-watchman. So, rather than covering the same ground again, as does the Watchtower, let us more closely examine and reason upon the Scriptures offered [...]

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They have built a flimsy wall

Your deliverance is getting near. —Luke 21:28. The end of false religion will come suddenly, catching the world by surprise. (Rev. 18:8-10) The destruction of Babylon the Great will be world-shaking and may cause hardships, but God’s people will have at least two reasons to rejoice. This long-standing enemy of Jehovah God will be gone forever, and our deliverance from this wicked system of things will [...]

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Will the Watchtower be your guide during the conclusion?

This post is a consideration of Watchtower Study article #8 for 2024, entitled: Keep Following Jehovah’s Guidance. In recent years the Watchtower has been subtly conditioning Jehovah’s Witnesses to expect to receive “life-saving instructions” when once the globe-rocking tribulation begins. This is not to imply that the Watchtower has not been used to accomplish the preaching and disciple-making work Christ mandated to be accomplished before [...]

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2024 – Jehovah is mustering the army for war!

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 most people imagined that there would finally be peace on earth, or at least the looming threat of nuclear war would be resolved. Now, 30 years after the Cold War ended the nuclear menace is back with a vengeance—except now the majority of the population seems oblivious to it. In the [...]

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False Christs will arise and perform great signs and wonders

This slightly edited article was originally posted on the e-jehovahs-witnesses discussion forum, which is where my daily text commentaries appear now. Below is the Watchtower's daily text for December 13th.  The person faithful in what is least is faithful also in much, and the person unrighteous in what is least is unrighteous also in much.—Luke 16:10. As the end of this system of things draws near, [...]

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