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Articles stressing the urgency or our times and the Second Coming of Christ.

The ends of the systems of things have come

The apostle Paul used an expression that the New World Translation renders as “the ends of the systems of things.” One place where that expression appears in scripture is 1 Corinthians 10:11, which states: “Now these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for a warning to us upon whom the ends of the systems of things have come.” Whereas most translations render [...]

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Regarding Ruth Underwood

There are now some eight billion human souls on this planet. Jehovah God knows each and every one. He also knows those who are spiritually inclined and groping for the truth. They are most precious to him. Jesus said the Kingdom of God belongs to them.  Over the years, the Watchtower has related many experiences where householders had been praying for answers, and in a short [...]

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2024 – Jehovah is mustering the army for war!

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 most people imagined that there would finally be peace on earth, or at least the looming threat of nuclear war would be resolved. Now, 30 years after the Cold War ended the nuclear menace is back with a vengeance—except now the majority of the population seems oblivious to it. In the [...]

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Blast rips through convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in India

It has only been eight months since the Hamburg mass killing of Jehovah’s Witnesses in a Kingdom Hall, and now another attack has occurred, this time in Kerala India. According to the Watchtower’s news release, two sisters were killed outright and 55 were injured when two small bombs exploded right after the opening prayer convened the Watchtower-sponsored convention. The inevitable question, whether voiced or unspoken is: [...]

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World War Update #2

Since the last world war update a few weeks ago the longstanding geo-political hotspot in the Middle East has violently erupted in flames. The border with Israel and the Palestinian concentration camp known as Gaza is the most heavily guarded border in the world, yet somehow hundreds of Hamas terrorists easily crossed it and massacred over a thousand Israelis. While partygoers at an outdoor rave [...]

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The Scene of this World Is Changing

Writing to the Corinthians Paul advised believers to get their priorities straight. The reason being “the time left is reduced.” Thus, those doing business and making use of the world were advised to not make use of the world to the full. Why? Because “the scene of this world is changing.” (1 Cor. 7:31) It is unclear how the system was changing in Paul’s day [...]

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The LGBTQ agenda – Satan’s war against the God of gods

The featured image of this article above is taken from the United Nations website promoting the LGBTQ agenda. Sex is apparently unique to earth. Everything God created was originally designed to perpetuate each kind through procreation. Obviously, every person alive came into existence as a result of men and women having sex, whether in marriage or illegitimately. What is stated in the book of Beginnings, [...]

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If 1914 is wrong how can Jehovah’s Witnesses be right?

If 1914 is not the year that Jesus’ Kingdom came to power how can it possibly be true that Jehovah’s Witnesses are accomplishing what Jesus said; namely, that the good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the earth before the end? This is a very complex issue---a paradox---and it requires a bit of knowledge and thinking ability to resolve. On the one [...]

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They will exploit you with counterfeit words

In his second letter, Peter exhorts anointed Christians to make every effort to secure their hope of sharing in divine nature—essentially, the incredible prospect of becoming gods. The apostle, however, forcefully forewarned that there will be challenges. Foremost, he alerted us to the presence of false teachers who will exploit us with counterfeit words. Please take note: The apostle did not say you might be subjected [...]

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What Will the Next Year Bring? has posted a year-end banner article proclaiming 2022 to have been the year of turmoil. And, of course, the subheading poses the gripping question: What Does the Bible Say?  Apparently, there is a category of articles that is called “keep on the watch.” Oddly though, everything the brief article mentions has supposedly already fulfilled Bible prophecy. So, what are we to expect to see by [...]

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