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Articles stressing the urgency or our times and the Second Coming of Christ.

Bethel’s princes become partners with thieves

As everyone is aware, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been outlawed in Russia. Some witnesses have been arrested and imprisoned as dangerous extremists. The Watchtower branch office outside of Saint Petersburg was seized by the government in December 2017.  Back in 2018, the Watchtower produced a public relations video featuring Russian attorneys and JW’s who worked on the project explaining the history of the construction of the [...]

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The apostasy of the Governing Body

The truth is a precious thing. Jehovah is the God of truth. In fact, it is impossible for God to lie. On the other hand, the god of this world is a liar. Jesus said of him: “When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie.” Satan’s influence permeates the world. That [...]

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The Second Coming of Christ – What Will It Mean for You?

This post is a reproduction of what was previously published as a brochure. in 2019. You may purchase copies of the brochure for distribution or download as a PDF. Unfortunately, I corrected about a half dozen typos that appear in the hard copy and PDF. (Too much work to fix them) THE APPROACHING HOUR OF TESTING Jehovah has always used [...]

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The New Green Deal and London’s Global Genocide

Human progress has been the normal trend for a long time. Over the past 250 years, the world has been transformed by countless inventions and especially advances in energy production. For thousands of years burning wood was the sole method used to stay warm and cook food. An oil lamp or candle was the only way to produce light. Food production was limited to the [...]

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Prove yourself faithful even to death

The world has suffered from the ravages of demonic tyrants and ruthless rulers since Nimrod stood up as a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah a long time ago. In more recent times peoples have been killed in mass by the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others besides. The real tyrant, though, is, of course, Satan the Devil. Jesus said he is the [...]

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You will be hated on account of my name

Jehovah’s Witnesses are all about the future. Surviving the violent end of this wicked world and living forever in paradise on earth is a compelling vision —a valid hope, solidly based upon the Sacred Scriptures. Indeed, let your Kingdom come! When Jesus walked the earth he was keenly interested in the future. He was aware of what was written in the Hebrew prophets and Psalms. He [...]

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Is this what apostasy looks like?

As the First World War was winding down the Spanish Flu emerged and swiftly swept the earth in successive waves killing more people than were butchered during the bloody Great War. It is no wonder that even years later millions of Jehovah's Witnesses became convinced that this series of dreadful calamities is evidence that the symbolic horsemen of the Apocalypse [...]

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Be dressed and ready and have your lamps burning

The Governing Body presented their update, #8 on JW Broadcast —the theme being "Keep on the watch." Since the outbreak of the pandemic at the first of the year the Watchtower has been keen to point to it as evidence of the fulfillment of prophecy; namely, what Jesus said regarding food shortages and pestilences in one place after the other. Since the epic Spanish Flu pandemic [...]

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News Blackout

Twitter is at it again. I had not planned on writing anything today. I just wanted to tweet a link to an article on Natural News regarding the activation of an elite contingent of the military made up of army rangers and navy seals, etc. I thought it was a newsworthy item. But I got this little pop-up denying permission to share, notifying me that Twitter [...]

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Is the Watchtower Gaslighting Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Sunday, September 6 The Law has a shadow of the good things to come. —Heb. 10:1. The Law specifically protected those who could not protect themselves, such as orphans, widows, and foreign residents. The judges in Israel were told: “You must not pervert the judgment of the foreign resident or of the fatherless child, and you must not seize the garment of a widow as security [...]

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