Oh you who dwell nestled among the cedars

A continuation of the Jeremiah series.  In the 21st chapter of Jeremiah, the last king of Judah summoned Jeremiah to request that the prophet inquire of Jehovah. No doubt aware of the salvation God had performed in the days of Hezekiah when the Assyrians invaded Judah only to have an angel slaughter Sennacherib’s entire army, now with Nebuchadnezzar laying siege to Jerusalem, the “deadly wounded wicked [...]

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Jehovah has named you: Terror All Around

A continuance of the discussion of Jeremiah.  In the 19th chapter of Jeremiah the prophet was ordered to go buy an earthenware flask from a potter. God then ordered him to take a few elders out to the edge of the city, specifically to the Valley of the Son of Hinnom and there inform the elders that Jehovah was going to destroy the city.  The Valley [...]

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I am devising a scheme against you

A continuation of the Jeremiah series. In the 18th chapter of Jeremiah Jehovah commanded his prophet to go to the workshop of a certain potter as he was working with a lump of clay on the potter’s wheel. The piece the potter was shaping became ruined and so he reworked it into a different shaped vessel. Jehovah then made a comparison, saying to Jeremiah: “‘Can I [...]

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You have caused this people to trust a lie

Monday, November 15 Sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, . . . and they will by no means escape. —1 Thess. 5:3. Imagine that the nations have just made their long-awaited proclamation of “peace and security.” They may boast that the world has never been so safe. The nations will want us to think that they have the world situation under control. But they have absolutely no [...]

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Calamity looms from the north, a great disaster

A continuation of the exploration of Jeremiah  An invasion from the north may be considered to be an important sub-theme of Hebrew prophecy, particularly the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. And, of course, the prophecy of Daniel, which designates the invader as the king of the north.  Here is a sampling from the book of Jeremiah beginning with the first chapter: “Out of the north the [...]

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I am bringing calamity first on the city that bears my name

A continuation of the consideration of Jeremiah. In the 13th chapter of Jeremiah God instructed his prophet to tie a linen belt around his waist. Then he was to trek north to the Euphrates River and bury the belt in a cleft along the banks of the river. Sometime later Jeremiah was ordered to go retrieve the linen belt he had buried and it was ruined. [...]

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So many have carried out evil schemes

A continuation of the examination of Jeremiah The Jews were in a binding covenant with Jehovah God, which they repeatedly broke. After nearly 1,000 years Jehovah became determined to bring calamity on the covenant breakers. God even ordered Jeremiah not to pray on behalf of the Jews. God would not be listening to their pleas for help. Going on, Jehovah said: “What right does my beloved [...]

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The Watchtower conspiracy against Jehovah

There is an international conspiracy. It is not a wild theory. With Satan the Devil ruling the world how could there not be an anti-Christ conspiracy? Here is what the Watchtower had to say about it back in 1987 (Paragraph 13) :  As God views it, the United Nations is a colossal world conspiracy. Why? Because it declares itself set to gain the objectives that [...]

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From the Watchtower apostasy has spread

Friday, September 3 The existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God. —Rom. 13:1. Do elders comply with secular laws about reporting an allegation of child abuse to the secular authorities? Yes. In places where such laws exist, elders endeavor to comply with secular laws about reporting allegations of abuse. Such laws do not conflict with God’s law. (Acts 5:28, 29) So when they learn of [...]

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The gods that did not make the heavens and earth will perish

Remaining in the 10th chapter of Jeremiah, Jehovah instructs his prophet to say to them: “The gods that did not make the heavens and the earth will perish from the earth and from under these heavens.” Not all those regarded as gods are lifeless idols made of wood and covered with gold. Some gods are spirit creatures, far more powerful and intelligent than humans, but still, [...]

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