Articles of commentary on the prophetic book of Daniel.

King of the North – The Beginning

Three years ago the Watchtower revised their interpretation of the fascinating prophecy of Daniel regarding the kings of the north and south. While providing considerable insight into the historical developments from Alexander the Great to Jesus Christ, incredibly, the Watchtower now claims that there was no king of the north or south for nearly 2,000 years! The prophetic kings supposedly only reappeared when [...]

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It kept throwing truth to the earth

America has always been touted as the land of the free. The Statue of Liberty is an icon recognized around the world. America smashed the yoke of slavery it inherited from the British colonial masters in a brutal Civil War. America and its allies defeated the Nazis and Fascism during the Second World War and outlasted the tyrannical Soviet Union. Now, though, all of that is [...]

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Questions concerning the king of the north

A reader has emailed me a series of questions concerning specific verses in the 11th chapter of Daniel. Dan. 11:21   Who is the “despised one”? The Watchtower explains that it was Tiberius Caesar. He was ruling during Jesus’ ministry. I think that is about the point where they lost the plot, as the saying goes. Dan. 11:23  Who / what is this “little nation”? In the [...]

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In the time of the end…a pushing

Part four In the aftermath of the Second World War the British Empire immediately went to work to destroy the alliance between the United States and Russia that had formed as a result of the Nazi invasion of the USSR; hence, Winston Churchill, the former British prime minister, came to Fulton Missouri in 1946 and proclaimed the Iron Curtain had fallen on half of Europe. No [...]

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A Fierce-looking King Will Stand Up

This is a revised update of the previous article posted in 2008, originally entitled A King Fierce in Countenance In connection with the book of Daniel, the prophet was told by Jehovah's enlightening angel: "And as for you, O Daniel, make secret the words and seal up the book, until the time of the end. Many will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant."  Contrary to [...]

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The King of the North Will Do as He Pleases

This is part three of the review of the second study article on the king of the north  Builders know that having a proper foundation is essential in any sort of construction project. If the foundation is faulty the structure will not last. Jesus used this concept in an illustration to conclude his Sermon on the Mount, saying: “Therefore, everyone who hears these sayings of [...]

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King of the North from the time of Christ

How did we arrive at this point in history? What past events have brought the world to the present state at this moment in time? God has allowed for the temporary provision of human governments in various forms even though these have been dominated by greedy, short-sighted, and oftentimes tyrannical men. The alternative is tribalism and anarchy and a much lower population. Although allowing for the [...]

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The Invisible War

Part 3 During the darkest days of WW2 the Watchtower’s president, Nathan Knorr, gave a public address oddly entitled: Peace— Can it Last? The Watchtower expected the war to end and a period of peace to follow. And they were right. Following through on that expectation Knorr established The Watchtower Bible College of Gilead (now just known as Gilead) in order to train missionaries, who [...]

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The King Made an Image of Gold

A continuation of the Daniel series Although Nebuchadnezzar praised Daniel’s God as the Revealer of secrets and the “God of gods” he was not moved to forsake Babylon’s idolatry and exclusively worship the Supreme One. On the contrary. He nationalized idolatry. The next chapter of Daniel (3) reveals that the king of Babylon erected an enormous golden image towering nearly 100 feet high. The account [...]

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The Revealer of Secrets

“Truly your God is a God of gods and a Lord of kings and a Revealer of secrets, because you were able to reveal this secret.” - King Nebuchadnezzar We are living at the most perilous time ever in all human history. A beastly empire that has existed in various forms since before the birth of Jesus Christ is now facing a formidable challenge— even an [...]

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