Questions from readers concerning Bible doctrines and issues confronting Jehovah’s Witnesses

Addressing Accusations of Apostasy

This is a response to an email I recently received from one of Jehovah's Witnesses.  Satan has long used apostates in his efforts to seduce God's servants (Matt.13:36-39) Apostates may claim to worship Jehovah and to believe the Bible, but they reject the visible part of his organization. This is not true. The real apostates [...]

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Trump, Fake News, the Deep State and Bible Prophecy

Question: I noticed you tweet a lot of political news. Can you possibly explain what the correlation is between prophecy and the current political scene? I find this president extremely repulsive, immature, and full of drama. I can't tell what news is fake or real. I thought we should be expecting a financial collapse soon, [...]

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In the time of the end – a pushing

QUESTION: Do you see the Trump vs The Globalist "pushing" as truly the "pushing" as prophecy states or is it just a distraction? It certainly seems to be a conflict between the Iron and Clay. “In the time of the end the king of the south will engage with him in a pushing, and against him the [...]

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If Jehovah knows all, why did he bother?

Question: If Jehovah is all-knowing, then he had to have known that Satan would rebel and that Adam and Eve would follow. Since God had to have known beforehand, why did he go through with it and allow all the misery and mayhem? Doesn’t that make him responsible for all of the evil in the [...]

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Until the Son of man arrives

QUESTION: Given the current and developing situation for the brothers and sisters in Russia, when can we expect the Watchtower organization's leadership to admonish and encourage the friends in Russia to follow Jesus' advice at Matthew 10:23? “When they persecute you in one city, flee to another; for truly I say to you, you will [...]

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If Russia Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses…

QUESTION: I've been watching the development of the story out of Russia where Jehovah's Witnesses are evidently being accused of extremism by the Russian government, which is surprising since I thought Jehovah's Witnesses hold to neutrality and have since their beginning, not even taking up arms against others. How is it, then, that they [...]

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What is the constant feature and when is it removed?

QUESTION: What is the "constant feature" mentioned in Daniel chaps. 8, 11, 12? The “constant feature” is what the Watchtower has explained it to be. Most translations either use the phrase “daily sacrifice” or “continual burnt offering.” The most literal rendering is “continual sacrifice” —alluding to the sacrifices associated with the physical tabernacle and temple attended [...]

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What will you do when the end comes?

QUESTION: Jehovah's Witnesses expect there to be opposition from Satan and his agents, but given that the Watchtower's leadership is making decisions contrary to God's just and loving principles and likely to result in harassment from the authorities Jehovah has in place to punish wrongdoers, and given that the typical brother and sister has no [...]

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Who Should Partake of the Memorial Emblems?

I am not claiming that all partakers are chosen to go to heaven. But not partaking isn't scriptural, for a couple reasons. 1 Timothy 4:1-5. But if all food can be consumed, so can the emblems. And this scripture may be referring to the WT, as they are the only group of people who believe [...]

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Has the first resurrection begun?

QUESTION: I have a question for you. What is your understanding of Revelation 6:10,11? The Watchtower interprets it in a way so that they may support their 1918 resurrection dogma. In their Revelation Climax book and in W07 01/01 they say that the Christian martyrs' receiving white robes represents their being resurrected in 1918 while [...]

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Are Jehovah’s Witnesses preaching a false message?

Apologies: For some unknown reason messages sent to me from the contact form were either not being delivered or were sent to my spam folder. This question from a JW reader was recovered. QUESTION: You say in some of your videos that despite some flaws, Jehovah's Witnesses are doing God's will on earth, namely [...]

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Will the people of Sodom be resurrected?

QUESTION: The Watchtower has changed their position on this several times. I would like to know your opinion. Will the people of Sodom be resurrected or not?  Pondering the question of whether or not the people of Sodom and Gomorrah will be resurrected is really peculiar to Jehovah’s Witnesses, since the mainstream churches do not [...]

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How will we know when Satan is cast down?

As regards your video The Beginning and the End, how do you know that Satan and his angels were not thrown out of heaven in 1914? And if it happens in the future, how will we know it? As Jehovah’s Witnesses well know the Watchtower’s “evidence” for 1914 is primarily based upon chronology —the so-called [...]

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Why do you attack the Governing Body?

QUESTION: Before I ask this question I just wish to make it clear that this is not a personal attack on you, so please do not take offense.  Okay, so I acknowledge that you have often clearly stated that you are not anti-JW, or bitter about having been disfellowshipped, and that you actively encourage those [...]

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What about the 144,000 and 12 tribes?

QUESTION: The seventh chapter of Revelation tells us that the 144,000 are taken from the 12 tribes of Israel —12,000 from each tribe. What do you believe these 12 tribes represent and what does the selection of 144k from these tribes indicate? What of those who are not taken and when does this selection take [...]

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Why did the WT build a new headquarters?

Why would the Watchtower organization invest the tremendous amount of money required to build their new facilities if they believed the end is as near as they proclaim it to be? And is this a parallel to the Jews continued pouring of money into Herod’s second Temple building project, even though it was all destroyed [...]

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Is the preaching work a sign of his presence?

If Jesus’ presence did not occur in 1914 how is it that one of the most prominent signs of his presence —the world wide preaching of God’s Kingdom —is being fulfilled? The last thing Jesus said before he ascended to heaven was: “All authority has been given me in heaven and on the earth. Go, [...]

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The Lord’s Day is Coming Exactly as a Thief in the Night

QUESTION: I was reading one of the study articles called "Why Keep on the Watch,” and in paragraph 12, I found this interesting statement about what's to come in the future. 12 Do not let the apathy of others discourage or dissuade you from keeping on the watch. You know better. Paul wrote to fellow [...]

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Downfall of America and Rise of the Beast

QUESTION: Robert, when do you see the coming fatal blow to the 7th head, and is there a name attached to the deliverer of it? The short answer is, no one knows the day or hour. And the name attached to the “deliverer” of the mortal blow is “the tyrant and tyrants of the nations.” [...]

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The Secretary’s Inkhorn

QUESTION: Whats your take on the new June 2016 WT, page 16, Question from Readers: "Whom do the man with the secretary's inkhorn and the six men with smashing weapons described in Ezekiel’s vision symbolize?" ANSWER: The Watchtower’s recent “adjustment” is correct. The man with the inkhorn and the six men with smashing weapons symbolize [...]

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Brexit and the Beast

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the “Brexit”? Does this have anything to do with Bible prophecy? ANSWER: Britain’s exit from the European Union seems to have taken everyone by surprise. Except it should be pointed out that it is not a done deal yet. The referendum may be nullified or overturned. That said, whether [...]

2017-03-18T10:34:23-04:00June 28th, 2016|Daniel, Mailbag|34 Comments

Before the Day of Jehovah’s Anger

QUESTION: We have been taught that only those baptized will be saved, using the example of the Jews all being "baptized through the Red Sea" (1 Cor 10:2). And the example of Noah, at 1 Pet 3:21 "Baptism, which corresponds to this, is also now saving you (not by the removing of the filth of [...]

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Got Questions?

Do you have questions related to the material presented on e-Watchman, or general Bible questions? Or perhaps questions regarding doctrinal matters and beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses or issues about the Watchtower that cannot be discussed in the congregation? Then feel free to submit them to me at or via the form below. If you [...]

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Who Will Be the Next President of America?

QUESTION: Since, the citizens of the United States (not me) will be electing a new president this year and in view of the coming World War III, whom do you believe will be the next President correlating with Bible prophecy to bring about World War III? I know the Father puts it into the [...]

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Why Does the New World Translation Omit Verses in John?

QUESTION: Can you please provide any information as to why John chapter 8, verses 1 through to 11 have been omitted from the New World Translation? It is my understanding that scholars believe that the earliest  manuscripts we have of the gospel of John did not include those words from Jesus. Could it be that [...]

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Jesus, Mary and Joesph

QUESTION: Since Jehovah God is the father of Jesus, how is it that on Matthew 1:16 listing the genealogy of Jesus says that he is related to Joseph? Joseph never had relations to Mary until after Jesus' birth, so his genetic material was never part of Jesus' conception.  Thus, how is it that Jesus is [...]

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The Presence of the Son of Man

QUESTION: Why do you teach that the 'authentic' parousia will involve greater wars, when the Bible says that everything will be just normal? Matthew 24:36-39 tells us of a completely different situation concerning Christ’s presence. “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the [...]

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What about the 7,000 who are killed?

QUESTION: An article in the January, 2016, Watchtower, on paragraph 14, states that the Bible does not say how many of the anointed will be left at the time that the tribulation begins. However, I have understood from previous podcasts and articles of yours that there will be 7000. I take it this means that [...]

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Is God’s Will Being Done in Heaven and Earth?

QUESTION: Concerning the model prayer, where Jesus said “Let your Kingdom come, let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth.” So my question is, if Jehovah’s will is taking place in heaven would that not mean that Satan was cast down 2000 years ago? (Slightly edited)  Keep in mind that our lifespan [...]

2016-12-08T15:10:38-04:00February 24th, 2016|Mailbag|31 Comments

When was Jesus given the Kingdom?

QUESTION: If the times of the gentiles is in future, as e-watchman claims, how are we to understand the scripture at Ezekiel 21:25-27, used as a principle proof text of the Appointed Times of the Nations (Insight volume), that the Gentile Times started when Jerusalem was destroyed sometime between 607-587 B.C.E.? (Question slightly edited) ANSWER: The [...]

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How Will Zechariah 8:23 Be Fulfilled?

QUESTION: The January, 2016, WT study article stated that anointed persons are not necessarily more spiritual than non-anointed Christians. I understand the importance of humility and of never feeling superior to others, regardless of your privileges in God's service.  But how can it be said the anointed do not have any more holy spirit or [...]

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What about the “false prophet” of Revelation?

QUESTION: How are we to understand the identity of the false prophet, recorded at Rev 16:13? ANSWER: The Watchtower identifies the false prophet as the same entity as represented in the 13th chapter of Revelation as the two-horned beast that rises up from the earth and begins speaking as a dragon. This seems to [...]

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No one knows the day or hour – but of what?

QUESTION: At Mark 13:32 Jesus said: "Concerning that day or hour nobody knows, neither the angels nor the Son…” Is Jesus talking about his presence, which Jehovah’s Witnesses believe began in 1914, or is he talking about Armageddon? ANSWER: The simple answer is, Jesus was referring to the day and hour for the beginning [...]

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What about the eighth king of Revelation and the feet of iron and clay?

QUESTION: If the stone strikes the image upon its feet and toes during the time of the end, where in the stream of time does that leave the eighth king of Rev. 17:11? Is it possible that these two events mentioning differing numbers of kings/rulers could years or even centuries apart? I do not [...]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses & World War III

QUESTION: I am a bit confused. Can you help? Dangerous world situation followed by solution. Result: Peace and security declared. Then, instant disaster —great tribulation. Ok so far. Jehovah intervenes to prevent total annihilation. Rev. 16:12-15. Armageddon! With the Syrian war pulling in more hardware and more countries with vastly differing agendas. The situation seems [...]

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How are Jehovah’s Witnesses persecuted for the name of Jesus?

QUESTION: Jesus said at Matthew chapter 24 verse 9, ‘on account of my name you will be hated’, etc. Do you feel that we downplay the name of Jesus or the role of Jesus in relation to the name of Jehovah in the time of the end or during the Great Tribulation? As Jehovah's Witnesses, [...]

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Is it true the Watchtower orders elders to destroy evidence?

QUESTION: I am not sure if you have heard of this or even care to give it consideration, but I discovered this info about an alleged "checklist" from the Watchtower to congregational elders, directing them to destroy “evidence.” I know you were an elder and have dealt with many organizational duties. I find this to [...]

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