Questions from readers concerning Bible doctrines and issues confronting Jehovah’s Witnesses.

How does Satan influence us?

QUESTION: I’ve been trying to figure out how Satan is pulling the strings behind the scenes and I can’t come up with an answer. How does he influence humans to do his will? Does the Bible have any answers on this subject? It seems to me that humans are evil themselves and don’t need Satan’s influence. He would have to possess someone in order to [...]

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Is Covid vaccination the 666 mark of the beast?

Question: Do you think that the Covid 19 vaccination jab has anything to do with receiving the mark of the beast? There is already talk in the media about a future vaccination passport, to prove you have had the jab, without which you will not be allowed to travel, attend sporting events or public houses etc.  This could easily develop into being barred from any [...]

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Questions concerning the king of the north

A reader has emailed me a series of questions concerning specific verses in the 11th chapter of Daniel. Dan. 11:21   Who is the “despised one”? The Watchtower explains that it was Tiberius Caesar. He was ruling during Jesus’ ministry. I think that is about the point where they lost the plot, as the saying goes. Dan. 11:23  Who / what is this “little nation”? In the [...]

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What do the seven bowls of wrath symbolize?

QUESTION: What is the meaning of each of the 7 bowls of wrath, I mean how will they be manifested on earth, how will we see them? What do they symbolize? Are they literal? I know you have explained the final 2, but what about the others like the drinking of blood, the ulcers, the dying of fish in the sea, the burning from the sun [...]

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The Mortal Wound and the Parousia

How can I use scripture and supporting argument to explain that the parousia of Christ does not begin until the death-stroke of the 7th king occurs. Is there anything in the Scriptures to support the chronological order, first the death-stroke of the 7th king, then the parousia begins? I appreciate your question. Unfortunately, Jehovah’s Witnesses have no appreciation of the implications and ramifications of your [...]

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The Now-Emerging Eighth King

Robert, would you explain please your statement “the now-emergent eighth king.” How can this be prior to the destruction of the seventh king? Thanks. Just to clarify, I think “emergent” was a typo. The spell checker is usually a writer’s best friend. Sometimes, though, it can be very treacherous. I intended to say “now-emerging” —as in the process of coming forth, not intending to imply [...]

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What about the little flock and the other sheep?

Someone posted a comment on your website the other day stating that the little flock was Jewish Christians and the other sheep is gentile believers. You didn’t respond to the comment, but would you explain why that is not true? I am always happy to answer questions. First, it is recommended that we consider the context of any verse in question. By doing so we [...]

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The Coming Storm

Do you think now Satan has been hurled down and confined to the earth or may be coming this fall? I do not think Satan and his angels have already been hurled down from heaven— certainly not in 1914, nor at any time since then. As for this coming autumn, Jesus said: “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens [...]

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Covid 19 and the Machinations of Satan

Do you see CV19 as a machination of Satan to slow the preaching work, or, as Jehovah causing what the Watchtower deserves? The lockdown has impacted Jehovah’s Witnesses, that is for sure. A couple of months ago who would have imagined that the Watchtower would shutter every kingdom hall, cancel assemblies and the summer conventions and cease the public ministry? But unless something unexpected happens in [...]

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Why does God allow his name to be hidden?

At John 17:26 Jesus said: "I have made your name known to them.” And at Matthew 6:9-10 Jesus says to pray for God's name to be sanctified and John 12:28 Jesus says "God glorify your name.” Despite the overwhelming scripture that illustrates the Almighty has His own unique name... what reason do you think the Tetragrammaton wasn't riddled throughout the new testament and used by the [...]

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