QUESTION: If the anointed are going to give a final witness (putting themselves out there to be seen by all) why would Satan’s agents need a 5g vaccine to find them?

I believe the graphene injections are intended to do more than merely track and monitor. 

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been blessed to know that God has a purpose. Jehovah intends to rid the earth of the evil system that has prevailed for the past few thousand years. If we believe the Bible, there is going to be a new world, a new system. I believe it. At Matthew 12:32 Jesus referred to it as the system to come, or as it is worded in the King James Version: “it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.”

The world to come will be ruled by the Kingdom of God, composed of Jesus Christ and 144,000 chosen ones whom Jehovah has bought from the earth as the first fruits. I believe the evidence shows that the final members of the Kingdom class who will become the remaining ones during the conclusion have come from among Jehovah’s Witnesses. There are, however, many other aspects of prophecy that Jehovah’s Witnesses do not understand. That is because God has closely guarded secrets that He has not revealed. 

The present world and the world to come are going to meet up. That is to say, the world to come is going to be established while the present evil world still exists. There must inevitably be a climactic confrontation between Christ’s incoming Kingdom and Satan centered upon the few remaining ones. The Watchtower has deluded Jehovah’s Witnesses into believing that the Kingdom began ruling in 1914 and that the presence of Christ is an ongoing reality. Paul foretold that the apostasy must come first—first before the return of Christ. 

In ancient times Satan promoted Baal worship. It was a snare for the Israelites. In fact, the Hebrews were ensnared in Baalism before they even entered into the Promised Land when the greedy prophet, Balaam, advised Balak how to seduce them into idolatry. 

In Hebrew ba-al simply meant owner or master. And that really gets to the heart of the issue. Who owns us? Israel belonged to Jehovah, so God had a vested interest. Jehovah used various individuals to re-establish His ownership over the nation. Elijah was the foremost prophet who annihilated the cult of Baal during the days of King Ahab and his demon-worshipping Sidonian wife—Jezebel. 

In Revelation Jesus warned his congregations of the evil influence of both a symbolic Balaam and a Jezebel. So, the same issue of ownership exists now. 

As stated, God has purchased a small number of persons to rule in the Kingdom along with Christ. The Watchtower has served as a tutor and guide for them, but now it is becoming evident that the foretold apostasy has begun. Not only has the Watchtower shut down the preaching work worldwide—but it has shuttered every meeting place as well. Under the guise of giving life-saving direction, the Governing Body has mandated vaccines for all, regardless of age or health conditions. It is even threatening elders with disfellowshipping if they dare question the wisdom of the Governing Body’s vaccine mandate.

The Watchtower has stipulated that those who are vaccinated will have greater opportunities to serve God. But why should that be the case? It is now known that vaccinated persons are more prone to contract and spread Covid. Furthermore, whatever immunity is imparted to those receiving the injections quickly diminishes. Yet, the Watchtower has made vaccination a requirement for full-time service. 

In this, the Watchtower is imposing itself as the master and owner of those whom Jehovah entrusted to it. Baal worship anew. And as stated elsewhere, the Governing Body is showing itself to be the worthless shepherds who sell the sheep to the buyers for slaughter. That is why Isaiah speaks for the remnant in the future: “O Jehovah our God, other masters (owners) besides you have ruled over us, but we make mention of your name alone.” — Isaiah 26:13

As regards a final witness, perhaps that is not the proper term. The two witnesses of Revelation do not give a final witness. They will give witness that they have seen Christ. It will be the first and last witness. 

The two witnesses are depicted in a way that connects them with Moses and Elijah. And they are called the anointed who stand next to the Lord of the earth. Conversely, the Lord stands next to them, which is what parousia means. 

Revelation 11:5-6 says of them: “If anyone wants to harm them, fire comes out of their mouths and consumes their enemies. If anyone should want to harm them, this is how he must be killed. These have the authority to shut up the sky so that no rain may fall during the days of their prophesying, and they have authority over the waters to turn them into blood and to strike the earth with every sort of plague as often as they wish.” 

Elijah called fire from heaven on the occasion when he demonstrated that the prophets of Baal were false. Baal was believed to bring seasonal rains; hence, Elijah commanded the weather and brought about a 42-month drought—coinciding with the duration of the ministry of the two witnesses. Keep in mind that Elijah and Moses showed up in the vision of the transfiguration, which Peter later said was a foregleam of the parousia. 

After Elijah ordered the drought, he went into hiding in the wilderness and Jehovah fed him by means of ravens. Imagine, that was before Uber eats and drone deliveries. Ahab searched all over for him. Then after Elijah had Jezebel’s prophets and priests of Baal slaughtered Elijah fled into the wilderness again and hid in a cave, where Jehovah appeared to him. That is where Jehovah informed Elijah that there were 7,000 who had not bent their knee to Baal. The 7,000 also show up in connection with the two witnesses. Interestingly, after the Devil is thrown down Revelation describes the woman who gives birth to the sons of the Kingdom as fleeing into the wilderness, just like Elijah. So, finding the two witnesses may not be so straightforward. 

But, as stated at the onset, the injections may not be merely GPS locators. Jehovah is supremely confident that after the final sealing His adopted sons will be loyal to Him no matter what the Devil throws at them. If it is true that the mRNA injections are laden with miniature graphene microchips and are intended to install remote control over humans, it would seem to be the perfect ending to Satan’s challenge. If Satan cannot break the loyalty of the sons of the Kingdom even by hijacking their DNA and synaptic neurotransmitters, it will be case closed and lights out for the Accuser of our brothers. 

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