Your hands are filled with blood

Monday, September 13 Everyone proud in heart is detestable to Jehovah. —Prov. 16:5. Elders work hard for the benefit of their brothers and sisters. And they do not let their authority make them unduly proud. Instead, they treat the congregation tenderly. (1 Thess. 2:7, 8) Their deep love and humble attitude affect how they speak to others. Andrew, an experienced elder, says: “I have found that the brothers [...]

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You are living in the midst of deception

A continuation of the Jeremiah series. Unlike his prophet-contemporaries Daniel and Ezekiel who were in Babylon, Jeremiah was in Jerusalem when the siege began. You might say he was at ground zero. Although Jeremiah also penned an entire Bible book called Lamentations lamenting the fall of Jerusalem, he also expressed his grief in the book bearing his name. In the eighth chapter, the prophet wrote: [...]

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The Coming Rise & Fall of Babylon

. This article was originally published July 11, 2011. The sudden overthrow of Babylon stunned the ancient world. The event is one of the centerpieces of Bible prophecy, having been foretold by Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel - the reason being, Babylon had been an unwitting instrument in the hand of Jehovah to smash all the nations surrounding, including the kingdom of Judah and [...]

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Is the United Nations an 8th King?

All of Jehovah’s Witnesses hope for the Kingdom to come knowing that it will bring peace, health, happiness and prosperity, not to mention everlasting life. Those who long for the promises of God are eager to see Satan’s wicked world swept away— even though its passing will mean great hardships and a staggering loss of life. Since its very beginning, the Watchtower has proclaimed that we [...]

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False Christs will arise

Fraud, forgery, and fakery are very common. Fake news, lying politicians and scheming Wall Street moneymen are the order of the day. Commercial interests routinely misrepresent their products or in some other way intentionally deceive the public. Wars are typically started by so-called false flags attacks and a barrage of propaganda. On an individual level, it is rare to find a truly honest person. It is [...]

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