Answers to questions posed by critics of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Jesus Christ – the only-begotten god

"No man has seen God at any time; the only-begotten god who is at the Father’s side is the one who has explained Him." Question #4 - According to the Bible, Jesus is 'God' with a big 'G' (Isaiah 9:6, John 20:28, etc). The Watchtower teaches that Jesus is 'a God' or 'a separate God', but not God himself. Doesn't this directly contradict multiple scriptures such [...]

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Jehovah makes Jesus a Mighty God

QUESTION #3 - According to Isaiah 9:6, Jesus is called 'Mighty God'. The Watchtower teaches that Jesus is rightly called 'Mighty God', but this doesn't mean he is 'Almighty God'. Since this is the case, how do you explain Jehovah being called 'Mighty God' just a single chapter later in Isaiah 10:21? Using consistent logic, wouldn't this mean that Jehovah is not Almighty God then? [...]

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Did the Jews think Jesus claimed to be God?

This question is found at QUESTION #2 - In your Bible, you have a section of John 8:58 translated as "I have been" when it should have been translated "I am". Why would the Jews have tried stoning him after he simply said "I have been"? Jesus had just got done saying that they were not from God and were also liars, but yet [...]

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Jesus created all things

This is the first of a series of 60 answers to 60 questions for Jehovah's Witnesses found at the website JW Lies. QUESTION #1 - How do you explain the direct correlation between Hebrews 1:10-12 and Psalms 102:25-27? They both say the same thing almost word-for-word and there are even cross references in your Bible linking them together. In Hebrews, it is about Jesus, but in [...]

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The Second Time Christ Appears

Hebrews 9:28, speaking of Christ, says "... and the second time he appears..." How can Christ APPEAR a second time if he will not have a visible return to earth? Stumper Question #43 Of all the so-called “stumper questions” this one actually is a stumper for Jehovah’s Witnesses and the leadership of the Watchtower. That is because from the very beginning the Watchtower has proclaimed that [...]

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Is Jesus Superior to Jehovah?

Stumper question #42 In Phil 2:9, the NWT inserts the word "other", even though it doesn't appear in the original Greek (see Gr-Engl Interlinear). What is the reason for inserting this word? Is the word "Jehovah" a name? See Ex 6:3, Ps 83:18, and Isa 42:8. How would the verse read if the word "other" had not been inserted? What does scripture say about adding words [...]

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Who were the spirits in prison to whom Jesus “preached”?

QUESTION: If there is no conscious awareness after death, how could the "spirits in prison" be preached to by Christ after his death (1Pet 3:18-20) and how could the good news be "declared also to the dead" (1Pet 4:6)? - Stumper questions for Jehovah's Witnesses, #41 Perhaps a better question to consider is this: If there is some sort of conscious existence after death, why does [...]

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How many “hopes” are there?

Stumper Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses - #40 QUESTION: If there are 144,000 spirit anointed people who have a heavenly hope, and a great crowd of people who have another hope of everlasting life on paradise earth, why does Paul say that there is only ONE hope (Eph 4:4), instead of two? There is only one hope for those who are called. Here is what Ephesian 4:4-6 [...]

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Stumper Question for Jehovah’s Witnesses #39

Stumper questions for Jehovah's Witnesses QUESTION: If the great crowd is to have everlasting life on paradise EARTH, why does 1Thess 4:17 say, "...we the living who are surviving will, together with them, be caught away in clouds to MEET THE LORD IN THE AIR; and thus we shall always be with the Lord"? The key word in the text is a tiny little pronoun —“we.” [...]

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Lord Jesus, Receive my Spirit

Stumper Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses #38 QUESTION: If the spirit of a man has no existence apart from the body, why does Stephen just before his death in Acts 7:59, pray to Jesus to "receive my spirit"? How could Jesus receive Stephen's spirit if a man's spirit ceases to exist when the body dies? If you read the surrounding context it plainly says that Stephen fell [...]

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