Stumper Question for Jehovah’s Witnesses #39

//Stumper Question for Jehovah’s Witnesses #39

Stumper questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses

QUESTION: If the great crowd is to have everlasting life on paradise EARTH, why does 1Thess 4:17 say, “…we the living who are surviving will, together with them, be caught away in clouds to MEET THE LORD IN THE AIR; and thus we shall always be with the Lord”?

The key word in the text is a tiny little pronoun —“we.” The question is, who is Paul referring to as “we”? The answer is found in the preceding verse. It states: “…because the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a commanding call, with an archangel’s voice and with God’s trumpet, and those who are dead in union with Christ will rise first.”

“We” is in reference to those who are in union with Christ, both those who died and those who will be alive when Christ returns.

But a person may ask: Are not all believers “in union with Christ”? The answer is no. Being in union has to do with being anointed to be part of the heavenly Kingdom. But are not all Christians called to heaven? Again, no. That simple truth is even hinted upon in the verse cited above where Paul stated that those who die in union with Jesus “will rise first.”

In the 3rd chapter of Philippians Paul also spoke of being in union with him and hoping for the earlier resurrection. Here is what he said: “On account of him I have taken the loss of all things and I consider them as a lot of refuse, that I may gain Christ and be found in union with him, having, not my own righteousness, which results from law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness that issues from God on the basis of faith, so as to know him and the power of his resurrection and a sharing in his sufferings, submitting myself to a death like his, to see if I may by any means attain to the earlier resurrection from the dead.”

In the 20th chapter of Revelation it explains that the first resurrection is exclusive to those who will rule with Christ as kings and priests. The first resurrection is of the 144,000, over whom the second death has no power. Being immune to the second death is another way of saying they are immortal, indestructible.

But, logically, if there is a first resurrection then there is a second resurrection that follows. What is the difference? As stated, the first resurrection is of those in union with Christ. And it occurs before the end of the world, as Paul explained to the Corinthians it takes place during the presence of Christ. The later resurrection begins after Armageddon and will be carried out by Christ and his 144,000 associate kings and priests.

As for the stumper question, apparently the questioner has not thought this through very far. The great crowd do not receive a resurrection at all, neither the first or the second. The reason being, they will never die. They will have the glorious privilege of surviving the great tribulation and being the first generation to live in a world without the malevolent influence of Satan and his demons.

Jesus spoke of those who will be resurrected and those who will never die. In a conversation with the grieving sister of Lazarus concerning the resurrection and the last day, Jesus said the following? “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life; and everyone who is living and exercises faith in me will never die at all. Do you believe this?”

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  • Christian Obadiah

    Mind blown! I finally understand fully what Jesus said to Martha.

  • Brian

    I am still of the belief that all who put faith in Jesus should be aspiring to be “chosen” for the heavenly calling, “For there are many invited, but few chosen.” Matthew 24:14. There is obviously many that are called so that there can actually be the sheep and goats/wheat and the weeds that will be separated on Jesus arrival in the Kingdom.
    I have yet to find a scripture that separates followers before Jesus arrival.

    • ewatchman

      That is a common belief among the masses of churchgoers. But is has no biblical basis. Paul explained it this way: “So, then, it depends, not on a person’s desire or on his effort, but on God, who has mercy.”

      • Brian

        I am not suggesting that it is out ones personal desire, of course we cannot know whether it is or not. What draws people to the knowledge and ultimate desire to believe in and follow, or at least attempt to follow Jesus, I would be thinking that this is being called. The calling of many I should imagine at this time would act as a hedge for those that will be ultimately chosen, or a protection for those until the hour of test, many numbers of those that profess to be called should or would have the affect of hiding the wheat amongst all of the weeds that outwardly look similar, this would/will put Satan into the great rage to find and try and dissuade the to be chosen ones before they are gathered to Jesus.

        • Darren Wilks

          As we imitate Jesus..the invite may come. But strive to perfect faith like Jesus had..our relationship with Jehovah will strengthen us. Also prepare now, to be killed for your love of the truth. Calamity is coming.

          • Brian

            So how did you you know the invite came or not?

  • Brian

    Robert, just a question on this; with regard to the great crowd, if Adam was not to live in his imperfect state for longer than one day (a 1000 years), how is it scripturally that the survivors of this system that enter into the day of judgement will be older than 1000 years old by the end of the judgement day?

    • ewatchman

      Once the kings and priests begin their work the curse of death is lifted. The survivors and the resurrected are no longer subject to Adamic death, but are given access to the trees of live, which Revelation says is for the healing of the nations. The only persons who will die in the new world are those who willfully sin. And their deaths will be the second death.

      • Brian

        Thanks Robert, that sort of does explain it, I just could never find anything scripturally that answered it.

  • Jonah Peter Paul

    Crystal clear explanations on all the stumper questions. There is not doubt that you know the Bible cover to cover and most especially what the verses mean like the back of your hand. No wonder I could not understand nor get any point in reading the more recent WT publications. They probably have no idea too what they are teaching anymore. We are really enjoying the stumper questions feature.

  • Ill Will

    After the 100 years are ended and Satan is done away with, does not the second resurrection occur? If those who are not of the 144,000 are considered the great crowd, how is it that you say “the great crowd” is not to be resurrected during the second resurrection??

    • Bklyn Kevin

      The book of Revelation draws from that drama in Exodus. The series of plagues are to be poured out on this world and the great crowd of persons who have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb will survive the end of the world and enter the new world God has promised. The very fact that there are now millions of people all over the earth who have not only embraced the hope of surviving the great tribulation, but who, in obedience to Christ, are actively proclaiming that profound message to their neighbors, is evidence that God is actively gathering a people in preparation for them to inherit the earth when the present global civilization is destroyed.

      Jesus referred to a little flock of disciples as those who will be given the kingdom. This is in contrast to another group, variously called the other sheep and the great crowd. The little flock will ultimately be composed of 144,000. These are called the chosen ones. They are spoken of as receiving the first resurrection. Revelation explains that those who receive the first resurrection are not vulnerable to the second death. That is because those brought to life in the first resurrection are resurrected as spirits – immortal spirits. Obviously, though, if there is a first resurrection there is also a second resurrection. The second resurrection is the earthly resurrection. The billions of mankind who have lived and died will be brought back to earth as humans. They will benefit from the rule of God’s heavenly kingdom. They will have the opportunity of being rehabilitated from the ravages of sin and living forever on the earth in paradise. This is why Jesus promised the evildoer who was executed next to him that he would be with him in paradise.
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    • Bklyn Kevin

      Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Two Resurrections, Paradise, the Never Dying & More! , Video.

    • Bklyn Kevin
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