Jehovah makes Jesus a Mighty God

//Jehovah makes Jesus a Mighty God

QUESTION #3 – According to Isaiah 9:6, Jesus is called ‘Mighty God’. The Watchtower teaches that Jesus is rightly called ‘Mighty God’, but this doesn’t mean he is ‘Almighty God’. Since this is the case, how do you explain Jehovah being called ‘Mighty God’ just a single chapter later in Isaiah 10:21? Using consistent logic, wouldn’t this mean that Jehovah is not Almighty God then?

ANSWER – I have used the analogy before. Trinitarian “theology” is like a magician’s card trick. In this instance the trickster pulls two kings from the deck, both of the same suit. While some might be awed, it is a simpleton’s trick.

What the trinitarian refuses to accept is that Jehovah has temporarily appointed his Son to sit upon his throne. That is what the Kingdom of God is all about.

To blur the distinction between Jehovah God and his son, Jesus Christ, virtually all trinitarian-approved Bibles have erased the distinctive name of God and replaced it with LORD. In other words, the tricksters have stacked the deck so that any card (scripture) they pull from it comes up “Jesus.” Even the revised King James Version has been sanitized from displaying the name of Jehovah, where it appeared in the original 1611 version in four places. (YHWH appears in the Hebrew text in almost 7,000 places!)

But consider how the removal of the sacred name of God colors the passage in question. Here is the full text as it appears in the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures:  “For a child has been born to us, a son has been given to us; and the rulership will rest on his shoulder. His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. To the increase of his rulership and to peace, there will be no end, on the throne of David and on his kingdom in order to establish it firmly and to sustain it through justice and righteousness, from now on and forever. The zeal of Jehovah of armies will do this.”

The passage in Isaiah is what is called a messianic prophecy. Scriptures such as found above are the reason the Jews —the faithful ones at least —were in expectation of the coming of the Messiah. But there is not a shred of evidence to suggest that the Jews imaged the Messiah was Jehovah God. Why would they? The verse above plainly states that the child, the son, is “given.” Given by whom? The last verse provides the answer: Jehovah is the One who gives his son. Jesus confirmed this when he spoke to a Jewish Pharisee, telling him: “God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son.”

Consider another aspect of the prophecy. The given-one will be called “Wonderful Counselor.” A few chapters further on in Isaiah another aspect of the coming Messiah is revealed. Isaiah 11:1-2 states: “A twig will grow out of the stump of Jesse, and a sprout from his roots will bear fruit. And the spirit of Jehovah will settle upon him, the spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the spirit of counsel and of mightiness, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of Jehovah. And he will find delight in the fear of Jehovah.”

The grandson of Jesse was king Solomon, who was reputedly the wisest man who ever lived. Where and how did he acquire such wisdom so that the queen of the south traveled from the ends of the earth to test is great knowledge? Jehovah gave it to him because Solomon asked for wisdom to judge God’s people.

However, when Jesus walked the earth he said that something more than Solomon was here. Indeed, Jesus was greater than Solomon. Although Jesus amazed the elders with his knowledge when he was but a boy, it was not until the spirit of Jehovah settled down upon him that he was filled with superlative wisdom and discernment. That occasion was when Jesus was baptized, when the holy spirit in the form of a dove settled down upon him. That was when Jehovah anointed his Son with his holy spirit. That is when the Son was given to become the King and Messiah of Israel.

Most noteworthy, unlike Solomon who eventually apostatized, the Messiah feared Jehovah. But ought we imagine that Jehovah fears displeasing himself? This is the sort of nonsense trinitarians are required to believe. In fact, anyone who does not suspend their reasoning faculties and embrace such absurdities is considered non-Christian. That’s right, Matt Slick said it. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not Christians because we do not accept the Catholic trinity. 

But the point is, the titles given to the Messiah are conferred upon him by Jehovah. Jesus does not take such honors to himself.

As regards the princely rule coming to be upon his shoulders the prophecy of Daniel allows us to peer into Heaven and witness the coronation of the son of man. Daniel relates his enraptured vision: “I kept watching in the visions of the night, and look! with the clouds of the heavens, someone like a son of man was coming; and he gained access to the Ancient of Days, and they brought him up close before that One. And to him there were given rulership, honor, and a kingdom, that the peoples, nations, and language groups should all serve him. His rulership is an everlasting rulership that will not pass away, and his kingdom will not be destroyed.”

This is obviously one key passage that is not in the tricksters’ card deck. You will never hear a trinitarian cite this passage for the reason that it shows the clear distinction between God —the Ancient of Days —and the Son of man, a title Jesus applied to himself. But, undeniably, Jehovah confers rulership, honor and kingdom upon the one who is brought before him. Again, only a fool would suppose that God gains access to himself and bestows honor and authority upon himself. Sadly, though, there are multitudes of fools in the world.

Now, as regards Jesus being a Mighty God, how better could he described that would convey the extent of the power he has been given? Since Satan the Devil is called the god of this world and the enthroned Son of man is ultimately going to overpower and utterly annihilate him, would not Jesus have to possess greater power to destroy legions of demon gods? Surely he would. Thank Jehovah that he has made Christ a Mighty God who now possesses incontestable power, which he will use in behalf of Jehovah’s people in the near future.

But since it is already irrefutably, scripturally established that Jehovah confers wisdom and rulership to the Son, so that he will be called Wonderful Counselor and Prince of peace, it is self-evident that Jehovah also imparts power and mightiness as well, so that during his reign he will also be called Mighty God, just as Jehovah himself is the Mighty God who granted him to sit down on his throne.

And, it should be noted that the prophecy in the ninth chapter of Isaiah is so-far unfulfilled. True, the son and child has been given. And God’s spirit settled down upon him when he was anointed to become Jehovah’s Christ, and by virtue of his being a descendent of David, the son of Jesse, he is entitled to the throne of Israel; still, the Messiah has not begun ruling to the ends of the earth. That is why the verse states “he will be called…” So, his being called by the titles Mighty God, Prince of peace, etc., is a future event. Whereas, Jehovah has always been called Mighty God the Son will become such when he comes in the name of Jehovah to slay all of God’s enemies and usher in a new world of peace and righteousness.

And if you want to believe it, Jesus himself will be almighty too. But just as he does not take the title of Creator, neither does he take Jehovah’s unique title of Almighty, since it is only by Jehovah’s unsurpassed generosity that the Son possesses the fullness of the Father. 

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  • Sandy

    So clear yet so undeniably hard to understand to the one who is not willing to hear ALL of the scriptures. Jehovah has given us all the tools necessary to grasp the reality of his plan and his personality. A brain , the Bible and reasoning ability. And his holy spirit to get it !! It is clear that your wonderful and clear explanation of Jesus present and future title encompasses all the tools. Thank you for this and all your posts. Truly wonderful to wake up on a beautiful Sunday morning and read words that bring insight and discernment.

  • J.M.J.

    If there is anything that I will always be very grateful to JEHOVAH`S witnesses for ,it is a solid foundation of the truth . From an early age I was indoctrinated with catholic teachings ,but thankfully I shook off both these and through bitter experience the deletions of the operation of error . I am however in strong belief that JEHOVAH`S witnesses are JEHOVAH¬S people a mirror of the old Jewish system of Jesus`s time .

    • Christian Obadiah

      I feel the same. Although, as a Catholic I always felt the Trinity was nonsense. Yet, I feared to question God, so to speak, and so I accepted it. How relieved I was when Jehovah’s Witnesses taught me the truth. Since then, God no longer seems like a distant exacting person, who has no personal interest and love for his worshippers.

    • J.M.J.

      I went through the nightmares of hell fire and had it replaced by the picture of Armageddon from the from paradise lost book .The one with the child going down into a hole that has opened up . I now try to keep on the positive side and stay positive .

  • Bklyn Kevin
  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    Slick is a fake Christian. I have mailed some emails to him but not response. The one who believes in Trinity is an Hindu not Christian. Vishnu= Father, Brahma= Son and Maheswar= Holy spirit. In Hinduism all these 3 Vishnu, Brahma and Maheswar are all and one and the same.
    So even Matt
    Slick also believes Father, Son and Holy spirit all three are one.

    So Matt
    Slick is an Hindu.
    I better invite Matt slick to come to India and teach Hinduism in terms of Christian so that many Hindus will hear a message of Hindu Jesus.

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    Brother well said very clear better than WTS. You said You will never hear a trinitarian cite this passage for the reason that it shows the clear distinction between God —the Ancient of Days —and the Son of man, a title Jesus applied to himself.That is exactly correct nice point for me to use in the field.

    Again you made it clear, that only a fool would suppose that God gains access to himself and bestows honor and authority upon himself. That is a point to be noted

    Finally you hammered them down: Sadly, though, there are multitudes of fools in the world.

    Well I openly say that trinitarians are bunch of fools.

    Good job ewatchman!!!

  • Burt Reynolds

    Can someone give clarity please…is the memorial participation solely for the annointed? I have been looking at the scriptures about this and I wonder if it is not meant for a memorial for all, as Christ’s sacrifice was likewise for all. Should we not all be remembering?

    • Bklyn Kevin
    • Bklyn Kevin
      • Burt Reynolds

        Thanks fr this Kevin. I suppose that my question should have been, can we have confidence that this interpretation of meaning is correct and that we are not going to suddenly have ‘new light’ on this matter!

        • Bklyn Kevin

          I have been studying the scriptures for more than half my life and I can assure you that based on the scriptures that there is only 144,000 who are definitely going to haven and should partake and then there’s the great crowd who have the hope of everlasting life on earth.

          The 144,000 sealed (4-8)
          A great crowd in white robes (9-17). Read more>

          • Burt Reynolds

            Thanks for these Kevin. I don’t doubt the issue in the least, it is simply that for so many years I have taken the watchtower at face value and it suddenly occurred to me if there was a discrepancy in this teaching also . The same as the blood issue. You think you have it sorted and suddenly the watchtower says it’s okay to have bits of it! ….like saying you can have a little covetous adultery, but not the whole lot. I’m just checking I’m still in the truth. Got to make sure I have the basis correct. ?

            • Bklyn Kevin

              No problem burt and I’m glad you asked as I am always happy to help in any way possible.
              A special thanks should go to brother Robert King for all his hard work in creating these wonderful video based on the bible not to mention the more than 1000 articles he has written in order to educate not only the jehovah’s witness family but also for all those who are genuinely seeking truth, yes indeed a special thanks to brother King, so let all of us make mention in our prayers to Jehovah how grateful we are that he has made spiritual provisions through such a loving brother as Robert King.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Hello Kevin, you are absolutely right. I could not agree more. The truth has now become part of my life, rather than an extension of it, due to these pages. I spend far more hours a week reading this site than I ever did ‘learning’ at the Kingdom Hall. It’s the first thing I turn to in the morning and the last thing at night and do often during the day. It is such a joy to find truth and brings with it, such meaning. In fact, It has brought both meaning and a tangible belonging to the word and the Word and Jehovah…something that I never once did experience at the hall. And all my friends on this site are genuine. It is the essence of what paradise will be like in association and peace. And it brings hope along with that peace, and an understanding, no matter how immature at this time, of what love will mean. The difference between this site and the hall, is so great, it is like a crevasse riven to the very core of the earth, bubbling up with lava, separating the truth from the lie. And for once, like others here, it is plain which side we are on. As Christ said, he comes to cause a division, and what a division it is! I hope those that left us come to realise this before the devision becomes so great, jumping back will not be possible. I guess we will find out after the memorial.

    • Anderiega

      Welcome to my world

  • Tabitha

    Really enjoying these in depth articles answering questions regarding Jesus. Haven’t seen this kind of meat of the word in the WT for a while now. Thank you!

    • Anderiega


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