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The Scene of this World Is Changing

The words of the wise apostle have suddenly become more relevant than ever. The ‚Äútime left is reduced‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúthe scene of this world is changing.‚ÄĚ Indeed, it is changing quickly. (1 Corinthians 7:29-32) Jehovah‚Äôs Witnesses could not imagine the worldwide preaching work suddenly coming to a halt‚ÄĒ but for the most part, it has, at least for now. The other pillar of the organization‚ÄĒ meeting [...]

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2020 – The year ahead

It is a bit redundant seeing that e-watchman is all about looking ahead into the future regardless of the calendar, but in keeping with the world’s year-end tradition, here is my 2020 look ahead. Most people assume that the world is going to continue as it has for all these many thousands of years. It is sort of builtin to everyone’s thinking. Even the doomsayers, [...]

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An artfully contrived false story

From the very beginning, the tiny Bible study group that formed around C.T. Russell believed that Jesus had already returned. When they were sorting out the elementary biblical doctrines from all the rubbish taught by the churches, they were also captivated by the notion of an invisible parousia, which was an idea promoted by George Storrs who was many years Russell’s senior. Russell realized that the [...]

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What about the rapture?

The rapture is a so-called eschatological concept peculiar to American evangelicalism consisting of an end-times event when all believers in Christ, both the dead and the living, will be bodily resurrected. (Wikipedia) The notion of the rapture has been around since the Bible was made available to the English. In the 1800’s, though, it was promoted by one of the forerunners of modern evangelicalism, the [...]

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Blessed is he who comes in Jehovah’s name

Quite a bit is made of the fact that the Greek Scriptures, the so-called New Testament, does not  use God’s personal name, such as it appears in the Hebrew Scriptures thousands of times, most commonly translated as Jehovah. However, even the most ancient Greek texts are copies, perhaps even copies of copies. The oldest fragments date from the early second century and most are much more [...]

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The Flying Scroll of Zechariah

Lea este art√≠culo en espa√Īol The book of Zechariah might be called the Revelation of the Hebrew Scriptures. There are many similarities between the two prophetic books. For one, both were written after Jerusalem was destroyed; yet, they point forward to God renewing "Jerusalem" and to another judgment of God‚Äôs house concurrent with the coming of Christ. In the second chapter Zechariah sees a man [...]

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Has anything like this happened in your days?

This is the third installment of a series on Joel. The world has been in a near-constant state of war for thousands of years ‚ÄĒreally, since Satan became the god of this world. Europe, especially, has experienced one war after the other, going back to the Hundred Years War between England and France. And as the heart of the realm of Christendom, Europe hosted two world [...]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses – In the Eye of Horus

It may sound odd, but if there is anything that proves Jehovah’s Witnesses are the true faith it is the presence of an evil within. Ironically, an expression of that evil is the belief imposed upon Jehovah’s Witnesses by the leadership of the Watchtower that there is no evil presence. Jehovah’s Witnesses are supposed to be in spiritual paradise --insulated from the Devil's influence. To [...]

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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The ‚Äúsecond coming‚ÄĚ of Jesus Christ is a commonly used expression, especially among various Adventists groups, LDS and the many evangelical sects. Catholics, Orthodox, Methodist, etc, not so much. Oddly, though, the phrase ‚Äúsecond coming of Christ‚ÄĚ does not resonant with Jehovah‚Äôs Witnesses at all. And there is a very good reason why that is so. It is because Jehovah‚Äôs Witnesses believe the second coming has [...]

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Jehovah Has Become King – Introduction

This article was originally published as the introduction to the Final Edition of Jehovah Himself Has Become King. The Bible is unique in many ways. It provides a succinct account of the beginning of creation ‚ÄĒeven the existence of a world that preceded ours in the spirit dimension. From the happy start of Adam and Eve in the garden of pleasure and their tragic expulsion from [...]

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