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The Great Reset

Nearly a quarter of a century has passed since I first delved into the books of the prophets and discerned that the overthrow of Tyre and Egypt foreshadows the sudden downfall of the present Anglo-American dyad. This is what is also portrayed in the 13th chapter of Revelation as the mortal wound upon one of the heads of the beast. Basically, I know the end [...]

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Why the reelection of Trump will destroy America

America has fought numerous wars against the British Empire, including the original Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War —the Confederacy being backed by the British. The republic has also been victimized by numerous British plots and assassinations. The First World War was largely orchestrated by King Edward VII and was intended to prevent Germany from adopting the American model of economy. Although the [...]

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In response to Rolf Furuli Ph.D

Someone sent me a PDF of your new book the other day— My Beloved Religion and the Governing Body. I am taking this opportunity to respond to one portion of it regarding the appointed times of the nations. Since you are basically expanding upon the Watchtower’s long-held explanation of the so-called Gentile times it is also a response to the Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses in general. [...]

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He learned obedience from the things he suffered

God can be anything or anyone he chooses. Although, apparently, Almighty God has a few limitations. Foremost, it is impossible for God to lie. Think of that. God cannot act unjustly. He simply cannot be untrue or hypocritical. By nature, God is loving and kind. So are people, for the most part. At least we are inclined that way. That is because in the beginning God [...]

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Is the United Nations an 8th King?

All of Jehovah’s Witnesses hope for the Kingdom to come knowing that it will bring peace, health, happiness and prosperity, not to mention everlasting life. Those who long for the promises of God are eager to see Satan’s wicked world swept away— even though its passing will mean great hardships and a staggering loss of life. Since its very beginning, the Watchtower has proclaimed that we [...]

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It is all about genocide

I have received a few inquires from readers who are wondering if this is the end of the worldwide preaching work of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The answer is no. There are places that are untouched by the infection. Besides, the pandemic will die out— probably sooner rather than later. They always do. That is how nature works. That is not to say the virus may not return. [...]

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The Scene of this World Is Changing

The words of the wise apostle have suddenly become more relevant than ever. The “time left is reduced” and “the scene of this world is changing.” Indeed, it is changing quickly. (1 Corinthians 7:29-32) Jehovah’s Witnesses could not imagine the worldwide preaching work suddenly coming to a halt— but for the most part, it has, at least for now. The other pillar of the organization— meeting [...]

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2020 – The year ahead

It is a bit redundant seeing that e-watchman is all about looking ahead into the future regardless of the calendar, but in keeping with the world’s year-end tradition, here is my 2020 look ahead. Most people assume that the world is going to continue as it has for all these many thousands of years. It is sort of builtin to everyone’s thinking. Even the doomsayers, [...]

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An artfully contrived false story

From the very beginning, the tiny Bible study group that formed around C.T. Russell believed that Jesus had already returned. When they were sorting out the elementary biblical doctrines from all the rubbish taught by the churches, they were also captivated by the notion of an invisible parousia, which was an idea promoted by George Storrs who was many years Russell’s senior. Russell realized that the [...]

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What about the rapture?

The rapture is a so-called eschatological concept peculiar to American evangelicalism consisting of an end-times event when all believers in Christ, both the dead and the living, will be bodily resurrected. (Wikipedia) The notion of the rapture has been around since the Bible was made available to the English. In the 1800’s, though, it was promoted by one of the forerunners of modern evangelicalism, the [...]

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