I have received a few inquires from readers who are wondering if this is the end of the worldwide preaching work of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The answer is no. There are places that are untouched by the infection. Besides, the pandemic will die out— probably sooner rather than later. They always do. That is how nature works. That is not to say the virus may not return. Sometimes pandemics come and go in waves. And that is assuming there will not be a deliberate release of a bio-weapon. 

The reason anyone would even ask me such questions is that I have pointed out that at some point the work will cease. Christianity itself will end. That is what the prophecy of Joel is all about. Here are a few articles I have published based on Joel: The Day of Jehovah Is Near! and Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Onrushing Onslaught and Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Locusts of Joel

Obviously, the disaster portrayed in the book of Joel is far, far worse than anything anyone has experienced— ever! For example, consider the imagery expressed at Joel: “There is a people numerous and mighty; one like it has not been made to exist from the indefinite past, and after it there will be none again to the years of generation after generation. Ahead of it a fire has devoured, and behind it a flame consumes. Like the garden of Eden the land is ahead of it; but behind it is a desolate wilderness, and there has also proved to be nothing thereof escaping.” Joel 2:2-3

Joel is foretelling nothing less than the complete overthrow of civilization.

To that end, it seems to me that the present pandemic is a lead up to that. It is well known that the British Empire has always embraced genocide as an official policy. After all, Malthusianism comes straight from London. Even when the world had less than a billion people the British aristocracy insisted that the planet was overpopulated. Prince Phillip, the queen’s consort, once stated publicly that when he died he hopes to be reincarnated as a deadly virus in order to do his part in reducing the population. With the present pandemic killing thousands the prince’s remark is being cast as an unfortunate “gaff.” In reality, it is the intention of the British oligarchy to reduce the world’s population by about 80%.

In the heyday of the colonial empire, the British deliberately exploited natural disasters to cull the herd, so-to-speak. London used the potato blight to starve millions of Irish. In India, the Empire’s crown jewel, abnormal monsoons were seen as an opportunity to turn a food shortage into what has been called the Late Victorian Holocaust. Climate change is the siren’s call for nations to adopt the Empire’s genocidal policy now. The new green deal is, in fact, a deliberate effort to induce nations to adopt policies on the pretext of saving the environment that are intended to destroy their capacity to support the present population. 

Given the stark reality that London’s financial system is coming unraveled and has had to be put on a money ventilator, as it were, requiring the fresh creation of several trillion dollars of life-support for a dying, hopelessly bankrupt system, it would be astonishing if London has not deliberately released the deadly virus to create panic in order to get the money moving and buy some time in order to prepare for the next phase of total collapse.

The present coronavirus plague can teach us a valuable lesson though— how quickly things can change. And now that large numbers of JW’s are shut up like a few hundred million other people, maybe, just maybe, they might have time to meditate on a few things.

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