America has fought numerous wars against the British Empire, including the original Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War —the Confederacy being backed by the British. The republic has also been victimized by numerous British plots and assassinations. The First World War was largely orchestrated by King Edward VII and was intended to prevent Germany from adopting the American model of economy. Although the king did not live to see it the alliances he set up succeeded in plunging Europe into senseless slaughter. 

Immediately after WWI, the British set up the League of Nations with the intention of using it as a world government. That scheme failed largely because independent-minded Americans refused to join. That prompted the British to set about on a long-term scheme to re-educate Americans. To that end, the Council on Foreign Relations was set up as the American counterpart to the Royal Institute of International Affairs as a conduit to inject British imperialism into the American political system. That scheme has been successful, especially since 2001. For example, the CFR is one of the foremost promoters of the genocidal lunacy to shut down America’s industry to save-the-planet from CO2.

The intention has always been to use America’s military might as London’s dumb giant. The British/Saudi attack on New York and the Pentagon was the pretext for launching the perpetual war on terror. Since then London’s dumb giant has crushed numerous nations that had nothing to do with promoting Islamic terror. Hundreds of military bases have been set up throughout the Middle East, South Asia, and Europe, in order to ring-fence Russia and China.

The project hit a barrier when Russia intervened in Syria and destroyed the terrorist networks being employed by the Anglo-American war machine. And then Donald Trump was elected as president. The brash president vowed to end the endless wars and as a result, has incurred the enmity of the industrial-military complex. In his first term, Trump is the only American president in recent history who has not murdered masses of people. That is why over the course of the past four years there has been an ongoing coup run by the CIA and FBI in alliance with British intelligence. In the process, the mainstream media have revealed themselves to be mouthpieces for British propaganda and the Silicon Valley tech titans have likewise dutifully followed orders to suppress the truth.

Whether or not the Covid crisis was an act of biological warfare, it is obvious that the pandemic is being used to destroy nations by choking small businesses with needless lockdowns. But even that may not destroy the resilient president. Fearing the re-election of Trump the globalist cabal has already put into motion a scheme to nullify the election and create as much chaos as possible. Meanwhile, record numbers of citizens are buying guns and stocking up on ammo and food supplies. Regardless of the election outcome tumult seems unavoidable —even civil war.

The only thing that may derail the plot to refuse to recognize the election results is if Trump wins by an overwhelming landslide. And if that is the case, then we may expect a much stronger response —perhaps a false flag nuclear attack or an orchestrated financial collapse. There is a lot at stake. If Trump wins outright he will have the political support to begin indicting and sending coup-plotters to prison and they know it.  The former president and vice president may even face criminal charges. Not only that, but the lords of London fear an unleashed Trump will proceed with dismantling their global system. We can be certain of one thing —the beast will blow the world up before it allows that to happen.

We shall soon see.

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