Nearly a quarter of a century has passed since I first delved into the books of the prophets and discerned that the overthrow of Tyre and Egypt foreshadows the sudden downfall of the present Anglo-American dyad. This is what is also portrayed in the 13th chapter of Revelation as the mortal wound upon one of the heads of the beast. Basically, I know the end but not how it begins. 

When the British-bought, Saudi terrorists kamikazed into the World Trade towers and the Pentagon and provided the pretext for the ongoing war in the Middle East and South Asia, I expected it to lead directly to world war. Obviously, that didn’t happen. However, that event was what prompted me to begin thinking about setting up a website.

Then when several Wall Street players blew up back in 2008 it appeared as if the gargantuan, speculative derivatives bubble was about to implode. I expected the global dominoes to fall then. But US taxpayers saved the day with something like a 23 trillion dollar bailout. And it was back to business as normal. In fact, the bubble has doubled in size since then.

Then in September 2019, another big bank blew out. No one would say who it was. It doesn’t matter. The Federal Reserve stepped in with their overnight repo operation and began pumping what started out as a few billion per-day and by year’s end was hundreds of billions. Then the virus was unleashed and the billions turned into trillions.

As a result of the lockdowns, small businesses and wage earners are being crushed and as of the first of 2021 the eviction moratorium will be lifted and millions more are going to be homeless. Meanwhile, the gusher of money going into the financial system has pushed the stock markets to all-time highs. The mere billionaires are becoming multi-billionaires.

Basically, what is happening, the central banks are buying the world at the same time they are choking off credit to otherwise viable companies. Their stated intent is to bring about a great “reset.” Ultimately, the British Empire (aka globalists) intends to scuttle the nation-state system altogether by transferring economic policy-making and credit issuance from sovereign nations to private enterprise. Blackrock is to be the administrator. We should not expect their so-called reset to be anything but a controlled collapse of the global financial system. The London-based empire knows its financial system is far-beyond bankrupt and is doomed to extinction. They are desperate to ensure that when it crashes there will be no Roosevelt-like president with the power to place the banks into bankruptcy. Just the opposite. The banks intend to place the governments —especially America —into receivership. 

The financiers made it clear that Donald Trump was not to be allowed a second term as president. He is simply too dangerous. He had already pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord, which, for the uninitiated, mandates that nations drastically cut greenhouse emissions —basically, committing genocide against their own populations to save the planet.

In order to ensure that a malleable president was installed the globalists took no chances. They rigged the election through voting machines and old-fashioned outright ballot fraud. Through their CIA-MI6-aligned media mouthpieces, the election was immediately declared to be the most honest ever in history. (Provide your own background laughter)

As the new year approaches it remains to be seen how the election will turn out. Trump’s director of intelligence has recently stated there may not be a Biden administration. There are some legal proceedings in the works still, even though the Supreme Court has so far refused to get involved. However, as long as Trump remains in office he wields tremendous, untapped power.

Ironically, because the globalists ran the Russia-collusion hoax to undermine Trump’s entire presidency, Trump has signed several executive orders that allow the president to take specific action against any foreign election interference. Because the Dominion servers and Smartmatic software are owned by foreigners, and in violation of federal law the Dominion voting machines were wired to the Internet and votes were even routed overseas to a Dominion server in Germany, Trump has the legal right to overturn the election and arrest any Americans who are deemed to be part of the international conspiracy to commit election fraud. Wouldn’t that be something?

By evoking the Insurrection Act and/or declaring martial law, the president could suspend the legal rights of treasonous plotters and treat them as enemy combatants and detain them indefinitely in so-called black sites, such as exists in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. If Trump takes such action the nation would explode into civil war. If Trump takes no action patriots are probably going to take matters into their own hands anyway. And be assured, the vast majority of the 50 million gun owners in America, who are normally law-abiding citizens, are not going to allow the election to be stolen. Either way, there does not appear to be a peaceful outcome.

So, this is what it has come down to.

Patriotic Americans may have a temporary victory; I do not know, however, they do not understand the judgments of Jehovah. (Sadly, neither do Jehovah’s Witnesses.) Jehovah has decreed that the greater Egypt shall be delivered up to a hard master. The tyrants of the nations are going to have their day. Yes, God blessed America and now it is near the time for the next phase of Jehovah’s grand purpose to commence —judgment day, also known as the time of the end or the conclusion of the system of things and the great day of Jehovah.

If Trump remains in office it will force the globalists to do something really nasty, perhaps a nuclear 9-11? Again, I do not know. What I do know, though, is that the forces arrayed against America and the continuation of the nation-state system globally are committed to genocide and destruction on a scale that defies imagination. They are the commanders of Jehovah’s military force. 

And just think, when Jehovah sanctioned Babylon as His punishing agent Nebuchadnezzar overthrew many nations —including Tyre and Egypt, but also Judah. And the reason God took such extreme measures was because His people had rebelled against him. The ruthless Babylonian juggernaut casts a long and sweeping shadow.

As it stands presently, the Governing Body has refused to be corrected. In fact, now they are in open defiance of Christ Jesus by their shutting down the global ministry and shuttering every congregation. Sure, there is a pandemic. But as I have pointed out already, in the run-up to the election last November Republican volunteers were knocking on about a half-million doors every week to drum up support for their candidate. There are no reports of mass extinction because of their campaign. Meanwhile, though, Jehovah’s army of intrepid ministers is sheltering in place. That is why Jehovah is going to unleash the flood.

Interestingly, the book of Ezekiel devotes seven chapters to the judgment of Tyre and Egypt. The very next chapter returns to Ezekiel in the capacity of a watchman. Jehovah concludes, saying to Ezekiel: “They will hear your words, but no one will act on them. And when it comes true—and it will come true—they will have to know that a prophet has been among them.” — Ezekiel 33:33

Although no one knows the day or hour when it will finally blow, when it does crash even the sightless seers of Bethel will know that I was right.