This is a response to an email I recently received from one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

Satan has long used apostates in his efforts to seduce God’s servants (Matt.13:36-39) Apostates may claim to worship Jehovah and to believe the Bible, but they reject the visible part of his organization.

This is not true. The real apostates are very much apart of God’s organization. They praise the organization and exalt the Governing Body as the already approved  faithful slave, exploiting you with counterfeit words that sound like truth, but are not. In the 2nd chapter of 2 Peter the apostle warned us that just as there were false prophets among the Israelites in olden times, there will be false teachers among Christians. The objective of their deceit is to convince you that God’s people are luxuriating in spiritual paradise and all evil and untruth lie on the outside. It is a very clever tactic.

The verse you cited regarding the parable of the wheat and the weeds demonstrates this very thing. Regarding the interpretation of the illustration, the Watchtower teaches that the weeds the Devil sowed among God’s wheat were uprooted back about 100 years ago and that the wheat were then gathered into the storehouse. This is an absurdity considering that generations of new weeds and wheat have come and gone since then.

Even more preposterous is the notion that the weeds have been thrown into the fiery furnace and are weeping and gnashing their teeth in the realization that they have been excluded from Jehovah’s Kingdom. Let a Governing Body member explain how it is that Christ’s angels have already removed all persons practicing lawlessness and all things that cause stumbling out from his Kingdom. They could not possibly hope to do so coherently. Yet, several million of Jehovah’s Witnesses accept such nonsense without questioning it. For the time being the senseless one is praised, but the 32nd chapter of Isaiah indicates that that will not always be the case: The senseless one will no longer be called generous, and the unprincipled man will not be called noble; for the senseless one will speak nonsense, and his heart will devise harmful things, to promote apostasy and to speak what is wayward against Jehovah, to cause the hungry one to go unfed and to deprive the thirsty one of something to drink.”

The truth is, the harvest has not begun yet. And the weeds and stumbling blocks that are due to be removed by Christ’s powerful angels are presently among Jehovah’s Witnesses. Am I your enemy because I tell you the truth? (Galatians 4:16)

Take another example, in the 5th chapter of the prophecy of Jeremiah Jehovah states: “For among my people there are wicked men. They keep peering, as when birdcatchers crouch down. They set a deadly trap. It is men whom they catch. Like a cage full of birds, so their houses are full of deception. That is why they have become powerful and rich. They have grown fat and smooth; they overflow with evil. They do not plead the legal case of the fatherless, that they may gain success; and they deny justice to the poor.”

According to the prophecy wicked men lurk among God’s people; not on the periphery mind you, but as men in positions of influence, having grown rich and powerful —meaning, influential. That they are in positions of responsibility is evident from the fact that they are obligated before God to use their power as judges in behalf of the fatherless and disadvantaged, which they fail to do.

Ought we suppose that the leading men of Bethel have pleaded the legal case of the thousands of child abuse victims? Anyone who asserts that to be true is a liar. They have done the exact opposite. The leading men of Bethel are the legal adversaries of children who have been preyed upon sexually by wicked men. Just as the sun rises every day, there is a future day of reckoning for the Watchtower and its lawyers.

Some even return to God-dishonoring doctrines of Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion. (2 Peter 2:19-22, Revelation 17:5) under divine inspiration, the Bible writers used strong words to expose the motives and the methods of apostates. What do people like you or apostates want? Most are not content to leave the faith that they once perhaps viewed as true. Often, they want to take others with them, much like what you have done. Rather than going out and making their own disciples, many apostates much like you, seek to draw away the disciples (that is,Christ’s disciples) after themselves.

You probably have not taken the time to familiarize yourself with my work, but I oppose the deceivers who try to prey upon truth-seekers. I have written dozens of articles and videos answering trick questions and controversial doctrinal issues. Furthermore, I have received many messages from readers and viewers thanking me for helping them understand things better and in strengthening their faith.

Primarily, though, my intention is to preach the truth and prepare as many as possible for the future unveiling of Christ. Anyone who takes the time to honestly examine the Watchtower’s teaching in light of the Bible and the facts at hand cannot avoid coming to the conclusion that the entire 1914 doctrine is false. According to the Watchtower’s own teaching when persons are unsuspectingly under an evil influence it is the moral responsibility of those who know the truth to alert them. That is my motive.

By the way, according to the Watchtower’s own criteria, I am not an apostate. Check it out.

(Acts 20:29,30) regarding this the apostle Paul warned against false teachers like you, and many like you, you wouldn’t be the first saying: Look out: perhaps, there may be someone who will carry you off as his prey, something that Satan does, (Col.2:8;1Peter 5:8),.that description is very apt. because that is what apostates, and many like you do. They are much like kidnappers who carry an unsuspecting victim away from his family, apostates prey upon trusting members of the congregation seeking to carry them away from the flock, so basically all your doing in actual fact is your doing exactly what the apostle Paul said you would do, nothing to be proud about, and what are the methods they use, apostates like you often resort to distortions, half-truths, and outright falsehoods.

As long as I have been online no one has ever been able to prove that what I present is distorted half-truths, much less outright lies. On the contrary, many JW’s recognize that what I present is true. For example, about six years ago I published an article entitled 30 Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses based upon other articles I have written. In over half a decade not a single JW has been able to answer even one question.

As far as carrying someone off, that is an outright falsehood. I exhort JW’s and interested persons to carry on in the faith —looking beyond the stumbling blocks presently before us. And the truth is, I am the enemy of the militant ex JW faction.

Jesus knew that his followers would be victimized by those who would tell all kinds of evil lies against them (Matt.5:11) Such malicious opposers would tell what is not true with the intent to deceive others. The apostle Peter warned against Apostates like you when he quoted such things as”counterfeit words”, “deceptive teaching’s”, and “twist the scriptures” to their own ends.(2 Peter 2:3, 13; 3:16) Sadly, people like you succeed in subverting the faith if some. 2 Tim.2:18.

You are the one speaking against the truth, not me. Classing me as a “malicious opposer” and a deceiver is simply slanderous. If you can cite one thing that I have published that is an outright lie or deceptive in anyway, I am sure you would do it. But you can’t. On the other hand, as stated already, I have written literally hundreds of articles that lay bare how the Watchtower has twisted the Scriptures to support their 1914 parousia phantasm. No JW has or can refute me. 

The thing is Jehovah warns us in advance against Apostates, he doesn’t leave us in the dark, Romans 16:17 tells us keep your eye on those who cause divisions and occasions for stumbling contrary to the teaching that you have learned, and avoid them. Why do we follow such wise advice from Jehovah, because his word tells us to do so, and we trust that Jehovah always has our best interests at heart.

As long as God’s word is filtered through the Watchtower you will never fully appreciate the truth. The truth is, God has allowed for a man of lawlessness to exist in the period immediately prior to the manifestation of Christ and he exerts a “deluding influence.” (Formerly referred to as an “operation of error.) Jehovah allows him to work a masterful deception —backed by Satan with every unrighteous deception and lying sign and powerful works.

For instance, as an example of Satan’s magic, the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in June of 1914, which was the trigger that started World War One, came precisely at the time the Bible Students had been anticipating, leading the Watchtower to accept 1914 as the year of Christ’s return. The arrest and release of Rutherford a few years later has been accepted as the fulfillment of numerous prophecies –powerful lying signs, indeed!

Although the Watchtower has convinced JW’s that the man of lawlessness is the clergy, and hence has no influence over true Christians, the context of Paul’s letter indicates that the intent of the man of lawlessness  is to convince God’s people that the presence of Christ has already begun and the day of Jehovah is here. There is only one organization that has proclaimed that the parousia has already begun. It is the Watchtower. Obviously, the man of lawlessness has been wildly successful.

Ultimately, the man of lawlessness will lead Jehovah’s Witnesses into apostasy by opposing the authentic parousia of Christ when it begins. That is what Paul warned us about by prophesying that the apostasy must come first. 

Isaiah 48:17,18. Also for those that stay loyal to Christ’s leadership of his Christian congregation today, and love Jehovah’s organization that has taught us the precious truth’s that so plainly separate from Babylon the Great, of which sadly you’re apart of her.

The real test of loyalty will come in the future, when the Watchtower’s fraud becomes unavoidably apparent. Part of the deception that you are laboring under is the lie that Jehovah’s Witnesses have gotten out of Babylon the Great. As a demonstration of the falsehood, the Watchtower claims that since 1919 Babylon the Great has no power to restrain Jehovah’s Witnesses. Yet, just recently Russia banned the work and has moved to liquidate the Watchtower throughout the vast Russian Federation. While it may not be apparent, it ought to be obvious that the Russian Orthodox Church, of which Putin is a staunch supporter, is behind the ban. The truth is, Jehovah’s Witnesses have not gone into captivity yet. The Russian ban is merely a portent of things to come for the entire organization.

At the same time though, we recognize that our knowledge of Jehovah’s purpose is not perfect, our understanding has undergone adjustments over the year’s. Loyal Christians are content to wait on Jehovah for all such refinements.  (Prov.4:18) Meanwhile, those loyal to Jesus Christ & Jehovah will not abandon the organization that he is pleased to use, those who are loyal and working along side Jesus leadership and Jehovah’s  Holy Spirit see clear evidence of his Blessing upon it.

I whole-heartedly believe that Christ has used the Watchtower and that Jehovah’s Witnesses are accomplishing a vital phase of God’s unfolding purpose. However, the same could be said about the nation of Israel in times past. But once the Messiah arrived then the entire Jewish system was rendered obsolete and ultimately Jehovah discarded it in a horrific destruction. Because Jerusalem has also the birthplace of Christianity, the original 120 being anointed in an upper room in the holy city, and the apostles were unofficially headquartered in Jerusalem as well, the city of Jerusalem symbolizes Christ’s congregation in prophecy. And as Jehovah’s Witnesses well know, the desolation of “Jerusalem” and the holy place by a disgusting thing is the focus of Christ’s prophecy concerning his second coming.

Jesus sternly warned his followers that they would need to take decisive action to abandon “Jerusalem” when the disgusting thing began to stand where it ought not. Presently, Jehovah’s Witnesses are laboring under the delusion that “Jerusalem” symbolizes Babylon the Great. But if that were true, why would it be necessary for true Christians to flee from it if they have already gotten out of Babylon the Great? Obviously, there is a major adjustment in order and it is doubtful that the Governing Body will ever make it.

Acts 6:7;1 Cor.3:6. During these last days, it’s to be expected that Satan will continue to launch an avalanche of lies and deceptions. Thankfully those diligent in following Jehovah’s wise advise has not left us in the dark regarding Satan’s deceptive tactics. The Bible and the Bible based publications of the faithful and discreet slave clearly expose the Devil’s method’s. Being forewarned, those loyal to Jehovah’s Organization are forearmed. 2Cor.2:11-By keeping on guard against Apostates reasonings we avoid the subtle snare of self-deception, and Satan’s lies that we are worthless and unlovable another deception Satan uses against those that are loyal to Jehovah’s Organization here on Earth.

The Watchtower does indeed alert us to some of Satan’s tactics, but the Governing Body is also instrumental in exerting a deluding influence. Take for example the fact that Paul referred to certain men whom he dubbed as the “superfine apostles.” Paul exposed them as deceitful workers who had merely transformed themselves into ministers of righteousness. The fact that they passed themselves off as apostles indicates that they were the leading men in the Corinthian congregation. And to make the ruse effective they disguised themselves as ministers, meaning they actually pretended to preach and teach just like the genuine Christians. In fact, the Corinthians were unaware of the deception. That is why Paul voiced his concern that just as Eve was seduced by the serpent, the Corinthians were liable to have their minds corrupted by the superfine apostles, who were simply following the lead of Satan who disguises himself as an angel of light.

Ought we to suppose that Satan’s agents cannot similarly pass themselves off as zealous pioneers and anointed ministers within the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses? After all, even the Watchtower has recently admitted that the evil slave was not manifested as the Bible Students who refused to follow the Watchtower after Russell’s death. The truth is, the evil slave has not been revealed or dismissed yet. Like the superfine apostles in Paul’s day, the evil slave still resides in the master’s house at this very moment. And keep in mind that in his letter to the Ephesian congregation in Revelation Jesus spoke of those who lyingly claim to be apostles. The Governing Body slyly equate themselves with the apostles. 

Just a few last words if I may, You may have at one time been an  elder and a pioneer but that in it self is no guarantee you won’t be deceived by Satan’s subtle tactics, Satan once used that with  (self-deception) with Paul before he became a Christian, he persecuted Christ’s followers, his conscience may not have bothered him at the time, obviously his  conscience was misdirected much like yours is at present, though the difference with you and Paul is he admitted his ignorance and lacked faith(1 Tim.1:13) and turned around, and as they say the rest is in God’s word for you to read,..the message I’m trying to tell you is.. could it be you allowed your heart to deceive you, much like Satan did, there are many examples in scripture that you can learn from and apply from, analyze yourself prayerfully.(psalm 26:2; 2 Cor. 13:5) And honest self analysis may open your eyes much like the apostle Pauls. to the need to  make some changes in your view point or ways, it still not to late to make an about face in your life if I may say so, Your heavenly father cares about all mankind here on the earth he cares about you the person, however he loathes the deceptive heart, and the haughty ones.. he casts aside remember that, The most important work that can be done now on the face of this is being done, with Jesus as our leader you did do that, and now you are no part of it, you aloud your treacherous heart to dominate, time to come back before it’s too late,.. anyway time to sign off.. and please DO NOT REPLY. I sent you this mail for your life, because I don’t want you to lose your life. Right now my family and I are enjoying  a bountiful harvest in the ministry Jehovah gave us to do and my family and I receiving many blessings, with Jehovah’s blessing my family and I will see Jehovah’s name finally vindicated beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I am happy that you are enjoying the ministry. I wish you much success. But I have a perfectly clear conscience before God and have acted in accord with the truth.

You are right too, in the future Jehovah will certainly be vindicated. However, the Watchtower will not be vindicated. Instead, it will be exposed and judged in accord with the truth. Only individuals with strong faith will prevail. The followers of men will not.

Eventually, JW’s like yourself will be forced to acknowledge that I was right and the Watchtower was wrong. Surely, that will be a bitter pill for many to swallow. We may expect that it will be accompanied with much weeping and gnashing of teeth emanating from certain quarters. 

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