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Over the course of the past 15 years the Watchtower has come under increasing scrutiny regarding child sexual abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses. There have been numerous high profile lawsuits brought against elders and the Watchtower corporation, multi-million dollar judgments, capped in 2015 with the Royal Australian Commission holding a public inquiry and the subsequent bombshell revelation that of over 1,000 known cases of child abuse in Australia not a single crime was reported to the police.

As the heat has gotten hotter the Watchtower’s spokesmen have been adamant in claiming that Jehovah’s Witnesses abhor child abuse and the organization’s policies are effective —that is, until now. As of September 2016 the Watchtower’s Legal Department has quietly begun to institute a new policy.

Prior to this time the Watchtower has been resolute in concealing the identities of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have been accused of, or even admitted to, committing crimes against children. Even in the instance when a person was disfellowshipped for sexually abusing a child, often the congregation members had no idea why the person was expelled.

The Watchtower even reserved to itself the right to appoint men to positions of oversight, men whom it knew to have have committed crimes against children, and so long as the appointee was not notorious it was considered none of the congregation’s business what the Service Committee did. (See the article: Is Your Elder a Known Child Molester?)

Apparently, though, the lawyers have determined that a new policy will better protect the organization from legal liability. Because Bethel maintains a database of over 20,000 known pedophiles, the new policy decrees that upon notification by headquarters congregation elders are to approach so-named individuals to inform them, among other things, that they are being restricted from holding any position or performing any service in the congregation and that parents are going to be notified that Brother XXXXX poses a potential danger to their children. Here is an excerpt of a letter that was sent to one congregation informing them of the restrictions they should place upon Brother XXXXX:

He should not be used to assist with accounts, literature, magazines, or territories. He should not be used to serve as an attendant, to carry or adjust microphones, or to operate audio/video equipment. He should not represent the congregation in prayer, nor should he be used as the reader at the Congregation Bible Study or Watchtower Study or to conduct a meeting for field service. He does not qualify to auxiliary pioneer or regular pioneer. His home should not be used for congregation meetings or meetings for field service. Although he could assist with the cleaning and general care of the Kingdom Hall where he attends, he is not approved to work on other Kingdom Halls or Assembly Halls. He cannot use the Kingdom Hall for his wedding.

As for his participation in field service here is another excerpt:

Brother XXXXX should be informed that he is not allowed to work in the ministry with congregations other than his own and that each time he shares in the ministry he is required to be in the company of an elder. Brother XXXXX is never to share in the ministry alone, nor is he to work alone with his own minor children. He should never be left alone with a child. He should let the elders know ahead of time of his desire to share in the ministry so that arrangements can be coordinated. He should be willing to adjust his schedule in order to comply with this requirement, since the elders may not always be able to accommodate his request. He should also be informed that he should not use the telephone, Internet, or any other electronic media to share in the ministry. Neither should he share in letter writing. An elder should conduct the meeting for service where he attends. He should not be included in a group with minor children other than his own. The conductor should keep in mind that Brother XXXXX is always required to be in the company of an elder.

The most radical change in policy is in regards to parents of minor children.

Whereas, over recent years the Watchtower’s lawyers have claimed in court that elders have no fiduciary responsibility to protect children from the crimes of a congregant, now elders are being instructed to approach parents of minor children to notify them that Brother XXXXX is a child predator. Here is what the Watchtower wrote to one body of elders with instructions to adhere closely to the following:

The brothers should begin the discussion by letting the family head know that we deeply appreciate all that they are doing in caring for their family’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. Jehovah will undoubtedly reward them for their faithful service. Of course, as this system’s end draws near, dangers are ever present. We know that God’s Kingdom will soon remove the stain of sin from mankind, but until that time, some even within the congregation will struggle with human imperfection in a way that poses a danger to children. Though a person may have repented and has been forgiven, we recognize that he may still have a battle with this weakness. Therefore the body of elders wants to provide each family head of minor children with important information that will assist in protecting their children.

Next, the elders are instructed to convey to parents, verbatim, the following:

“The elders want to assist you to care for your Scriptural responsibility to protect your children. (Read Deut. 6:6, 7; Eph. 6:4) Thus, please review with your children the information found on pages 170-171 in the book Learn From the Great Teacher. With that counsel in mind, we encourage you to ensure that your child is never alone with Brother XXXXX (Read Prov. 22:3) Other parents of minor children who are in the congregation are receiving this same information by means of a visit from the elders. Thus, there should be no need for you to discuss this matter outside of your immediate family. Please remember that Brother XXXXX is a member of the congregation and should be treated in a Christian manner.”

After meeting with each parent(s) of minors in the congregation the elders are to follow these instructions:

After each visit to parents, the two elders should prepare and sign a brief statement that includes the name of the individual, the names of the parents who were informed, and the date they were informed. The elders should be alert to inform the parents of any new family with minor children. Each statement should be placed in the envelope labeled with the individual’s name and marked “Do Not Destroy.” This envelope should be kept indefinitely in the congregation’s confidential file.

It is good that the Watchtower has finally taken the crime of child sexual abuse seriously. But after decades of denial, of persecuting victims and their advocates, of providing cover for men who were accused of doing horrible things to children, ought the Watchtower be commended for taken preemptive action to protect children from known pedophiles?

And it is not as though the Governing Body are unaware of the nature of pedophiles. Here is an excerpt from the January 1, 1997, Watchtower article entitled Let Us Abhor What is Wicked:

But a dedicated adult Christian who falls into the sin of child sexual abuse reveals an unnatural fleshly weakness. Experience has shown that such an adult may well molest other children. True, not every child molester repeats the sin, but many do. And the congregation cannot read hearts to tell who is and who is not liable to molest children again.

As indicated by the quote above, Bethel was well aware 20 years ago that child molesters are notorious recidivists. That being undeniable, why did it take so long for “the faithful and discreet slave” to implement a policy that can actually protect innocent children from being preyed upon by cunning predators?

In all of their carefully-crafted, lawyerly jargon the Legal Department fails to mention that pedophilia is a crime against children. Nor do they refer to pedophiles as criminals. By labeling it a “sin” and “human imperfection” the intent is to imply that it is solely a congregation matter. That is because Bethel’s lawyers still have in place a policy of non-cooperation with police and legal authorities who investigate and prosecute crimes committed against children.

But “repentant” Jehovah’s Witness pedophiles do not merely pose a potential danger to the children of Jehovah’s Witnesses. No doubt such men also interact in the community too and come into contact with children whose parents are not connected to a congregation. By letting a person who has committed a crime against a child go un-prosecuted due to their refusal to cooperate with the relative authorities, are not the elders making themselves complicit in the event that a known pedophile abuses a child outside the congregation? Would not their cooperation help to place known sexual predators on a public watch list and thus contribute to the public good? Where is the love of neighbor?

It should be apparent that the Watchtower’s new child abuse policy was not motivated by any genuine regard for the welfare of children. It has taken massive judgments against the organization, and no doubt the threat of more lawsuits in the future and potentially more losses, to move Bethel to draft a new decree that is obviously primary crafted to legally protect the Watchtower. That is why elders are instructed to sign a legal document that verifies that parents have been warned that a pedophile is in their midst. The intent is not to protect children. It is to insulate the Watchtower from being sued in the future if Brother XXXXX molests another child! It is a policy intended to deny the legal claim of the poor!

Long ago Jehovah foresaw this very situation, which is why Isaiah 10:1-2 states: “Woe to those who enact harmful regulations, who constantly draft oppressive decrees, to deny the legal claim of the poor, to deprive the lowly among my people of justice, making widows their spoil and fatherless children their plunder!”

Now that the world situation has developed to the crisis point, brought to a head by the nuclear powers being brought into direct conflict, the rhetorical question Jehovah next poses is most relevant: “What will you do on the day of reckoning, when destruction comes from afar? To whom will you flee for assistance, and where will you leave your wealth?”

Jehovah is the God of justice. He is well aware that not only have thousands of children been robbed of their innocence by animalistic men, the Watchtower’s harmful regulations have contributed to the evil. Although the letter of James makes clear that a fundamental requirement of true worship is looking after orphans and widows in their time of trouble,  the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses have proven time and again that they are primarily motivated by the desire to protect the Society’s coffers. For that reason Jehovah is determined that their wealth be plundered, as the passage in Isaiah goes on to say:  “I will send him against an apostate nation, against the people who infuriated me; I will command him to take much spoil and much plunder and to trample them like mud in the streets.”

Just as the Assyrian served as Jehovah’s executioner in times past, Jehovah is fully capable of now commissioning the same imperial beast to serve as his punishing agent. Because Bethel has unequivocally demonstrated that it has no regard for God, what is left? Again, Jehovah answers: “Nothing remains except to crouch among the prisoners or to fall among the slain.”

This article is being mailed to hundreds of congregations in the United States

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  • Kind of sad that these changes come on the heels of a cash windfall of one billion dollars, 1,000,000,000.00 and a cosy blush retirement headquarters in the woods by a lake. Are they protecting children or their financial interest?

    • ewatchman

      Bad timing for them. Instead of having valuable brick and mortar facilities, now they have a bunch of zeros and ones on a computer that can vanish in the twinkling of an eye.

      • So true, the writing is definitely on the wall

        • Burt Reynolds

          Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the Kings horse and all the Kings men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.

          • Joel

            For a certainty, the Watchtower Society has gotten as ‘fat” as Humpty Dumpty! The only result of such arrogant overindulgence . . .everybody put your hands to your ears . . . do ya hear it? CRASH!!!!

            • Burt Reynolds

              True, he is fat, but my pun was on the fact that all the ‘Kings’ men (Christ) could not put him (the organisation) together again….because it is past the point of redemption. But getting fat on pride is good enough.

      • Patrick Langat

        The big cats of the financial system seem to have mastered the art of propping up and rigging their financial system by adding zeroes to their figures and printing money and it appears it may not collapse in the short term but when they are tired of doing this or they are ready to reset it, they will let it to collapse in the long term.

        • ewatchman

          You are right, Patrick. However, Jehovah controls the timing. When the day and hour arrive, then the reset will occur. That is because the coming collapse will coincide with the coming of Christ.

          • Patrick Langat

            @ewatchman, thanks for bringing the point out clearly that “Jehovah controls the timing”, I occasionally forget that it’s not the financial oligarchs who are entirely in control of the collapse. Keep up your good work, I hear you here in Kenya.

            • Joel

              That was a very warm and heartfelt reply to our Brother King. Very nice Patrick.

            • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

              To Dear Brother Patrick Langat

              I am happy you understood that. Here is the warm christian wishes to you brother from brother Basavaraj of North Karnataka in India. How did you come to know about this site I am very happy that you are here. Are there many people in Kenya who know this site. I am very happy to see people in African continent worshiping Jehovah.May Jehovah and Jesus bless you and all our brothers ans sisters in Kenya and else where in African continent.

            • Patrick Langat

              My brother Basavaraj, I am very happy to hear from you, I have been reading your comments. I came upon this site in the year 2006, I was just doing a random search about JWs, I found the @ewatchman site and began devouring his commentaries and essays, the ewatchman’s articles were so compelling and convincing, I have been a lurker until this year when I started feeling competent to participate in the discussions. I could be the only [brave] JW here in Kenya to comment on this site, perhaps there could be 7000 others, time will tell. By the way not a single soul do I know of Kenyans of Indian origin are JWs despite them numbering over 250000.

            • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

              Thanks for your reply love and affection of me will always flow to the people of African continent especially those who are related in faith like you.

        • DA
      • Joel

        So true.

    • sally

      When I give donations I just give to the local congregation box now. With the things I have learnt here in the past couple of months I cannot bring myself to support the global organisation. Maybe I am wrong to do that but I just cannot justify in my heart financing 1st class GB plane tickets, fines for not handing information over to relevant authorities and legal cases (unless its supporting JW’s right to worship, practice their faith in oppressive countries).

      • Joel

        . . . and you have that right Sis. At least you KNOW where your LOCAL donations are going!

    • Joel

      Makes you kinda wonder . . . is the Watchtower Society REALLY that much different from the money-grubbing Churches of Christendom?

      Ummm . . . I don’t know . . .

      • Anderiega

        I think it used to be….but the bigger it’s gotten the worse (and weirder!) things seem to get. I feel such deep compassion for the students on this forum…I commend you for the willingness to enter our dysfunctional worldwide family with our seemingly drunk mother. Please don’t misinterpret my words as disrespectful. I’m “in” the congregation because this is my family and Jehovah is my Father, and I still love “my mother,” (even though I don’t fully trust her anymore) but I can’t wait for the day when all of this is a thing of the past and we are finally growing to perfection under Christ’s kingship.

        • Joel

          Hahaha! I like your analogy Little Fish; likening our international brotherhood—which, by the way, no other religion can boast—to a “dysfunctional worldwide family.” That is spot on!

          Most Jehovah’s Witnesses the world over, whether they admit it or not, are totally dysfunctional. Note just a few of our “mental head screw-ups:

          . . . we have cult-like tendencies . . . but we ARE NOT a cult! . . .

          . . . we don’t take blood . . . but we DO take blood fragments . . .

          . . . we are told that salvation is only through Jesus Christ . . . yet that salvation ONLY comes through staying loyal to the Organization! . . .

          . . .enough already!!!

          I am with you Anderiega. I cannot wait until all this ” circular reasoning ” and ‘mess’in with my mind’ non-sense is OVER!!! Hopefully that day is not far off.

  • Thatsmy Business

    Nevertheless, at least there is a modicum of protection coming to the children from the wolves.

  • Patrick Langat

    The Watchtower has killed two birds with one stone – they have protected children and also their finances which are largely our contributions, I am happy I feel safer for my children and happy that my monetary contributions may be used for the intended purpose. The loser here is the repentant “sinner” or former pedophile whose sin will have to follow him up to the end of the system.

    • ewatchman

      Too bad the WT disfellowshipped decent brothers and sisters who were outspoken advocates of the very policy the WT has now implemented. There will have to be a day of reckoning for such evils perpetrated in the name of Jehovah.

      • Joel

        So true Brother King. Tell that to Sister Barbara Anderson; who loyally served at Bethel for many years until she could not take the cover-up any longer.

        As I am sure you are aware Brother King of her story; but for those on this site who may not . . . Sister Anderson was a dedicated and studious JW for close to 45 years—with 10 of them served at Brooklyn Bethel in the prestigious writing department. Upon one day coming across some secret papers documenting case after case of child abuse in the Congregations nationwide, she was disturbed and took her concerns to the ‘higher ups’ at headquarters, thinking they would jump on it in a heartbeat and do something. To her surprise and dismay however, the top brothers—including certain members of the then Governing Body—decided to do NOTHING! What is more, they told Sister Anderson in no unspecific terms, to “keep this quiet,” and to not speak of it to anyone! In effect, “keep your mouth shut!!!”

        Well, to make a long and intense story short, she DID NOT and COULD NOT keep quiet about such horrid abuses. So after repeated attempts to stay within the Organization, she decided to go PUBLIC with what she knew.

        The TV Investigation show, “NBC Dateline” got wind of the now growing scandal among the always ‘secretive’ Watchtower Society. They wanted to interview Sister Anderson. By that time, Sister Anderson and her husband left Bethel; thinking that they could no longer be a part of such a sickening cover-up by the mighty Watchtower Organization. Well, before she could give Dateline an answer, the Society abruptly disfellowshipped her! No doubt to protect themselves for whatever she may have said to the TV program. Now as a “disfellowshipped sister,” any and everything she could now say publically would be viewed by the public AND the friends in the Congregations with suspicion.

        The Watchtower Society thought they had avoided a bullet! But no. They just opened the door to thousands of lawsuits brought against them by disenfranchised sisters and brothers; many of them themselves being disfellowshipped to quiet their cases from the Congregations.

        So Brother King is so correct . . .”there will have to be a day of reckoning for such evils perpetrated in the name of Jehovah. ”

        . . . and there will be.

        • sally

          Oh my goodness, this just makes me feel sick. DO THEY NOT FEAR JEHOVAH?

          • Joel

            To a point they do. The problem is that the Watchtower Society has gotten ‘too big for their britches,’ so to speak.

            They have a false security and in believing that Jesus has ALREADY appointed them, at the least, APPROVED them over all his belongs (Matt. 24:43-47). The problem is that HE HASN’T!!! The official approval and appointment won’t come until AFTER the Great Tribulation! So they are deluding themselves.

            And that smug delusion will be their undoing.

          • Burt Reynolds

            I don’t think they do Sally. Their lack of insight leads them to believe that ‘protecting’ (their idea of protection) the name of Jehovah is paramount and above the welfare of the children. This attitude filters through the congregation even to the point whereby one family I knew would not leave their house because their child had head lice, and they feared they would bring reproach on Jehovah’s name. What they fail to recognise is that by covering up the abuse, they smear Jehovah’s name all the more because all sin will be revealed…as it has been… And the reproach on the organisation is now world wide, and Jehovah’s name along with it. Had the abuse been rooted out straight away on discovery and the appropriate action taken, the sin would have been born by the perpetrator, not the organisation, or to the detriment of Jehovah’s holy name. Thus their lack of insight, thier failure to know Jehovah has put them in the position of Jesus saying to them ‘I never knew you.’ That they do not understand the consequences of their actions, is evidence not just of ignorance, but a lack of informed fear, for they think they serve Jehovah by following the rancid thinking of men in protecting Jehovah’s name, than through proper delivery of biblical thinking; and which is more than adequately evidenced by Christ when he threw out the money changers from the temple, and did not seek the legal means by which they may stay without reflecting on the name of Jehovah. Is this a display of fear, or connivance?

            • sally

              That is very thoroughly explained Burt, in a nutshell it comes down to a lack of basic principles regarding what is right and what is wrong. Very misguided.

            • Noe Namely

              Wonderful Comment Burt! I agree with you completely! I used to get so caught up in the “What If” and “They Should Do This or That.” I quickly became very critical and eventually began seeing that I was out of line. It was very hard for me to let go of! I fell away again but keep fighting my way back to the table. After years of reading in the publications and in more recent years, the Elders literally driving it home from the platform, that the GB was the first & last word in all matters & demanded my full, complete trust & loyalty….which was a far cry form how I understood the arrangement as a kid, teen, young adult and man. Jackson admitting under sworn oath that the GB “Is Not God’s Chosen Channel on Earth.” That one thing did more to stumble me as anything I had ever heard in my 58 years of off & on association. I’ve always taken issue with the Man Made part of religion & now my own had become exactly or worse than all those False Religions the Society was condemning my whole life! This Man Jackson swore, ruthfully for a change, that this was not the way it really was. He said that God was not speaking through them. I had already felt & known for years that this was not true but obediently held my tongue the best I could, until recent times. After much reflection and prayer, I began to realize that Jehovah is a big boy as the saying goes. He can take care of it himself & he surly will. I’ve come to see it as just another part of his plan and am now better able to let the dust settle where it will. At the end of the day, it’s not my battle to fight & I am unable to change any part of it. I now feel in less danger of committing the sin of Judging these Men…yet feel lost as to which way to go from here? I am resentful, but working very hard on it! But, that’s just me thinking louder than I probably should….Yes, this whole mess is most tragic! For me at least, spiritually, it’s a very slippery slope to tread. I must work very hard to be ever mindful of that side of it. Thanks Burt, I enjoyed your comment very much!

            • Burt Reynolds

              I think that there is only one way to go from here No Namely, and that is to stay here where the truth of the bible is discussed and examined for meaning and content and there is nothing added and nothing taken away. If after 58 years of looking, you must be aware of the missing piece of the jigsaw. I believe that there is not one person attached to this site that does not believe in its truthful content from a biblical point of view. It’s not the writer, it’s the author; it’s not the word of man, it’s the word of the bible. Is Jehovah the God of the bible? Check the authenticity of what is said with the bible and talk with Jehovah.

          • Yuri Fisher

            They do not fear Jehovah because they do not KNOW Jehovah. They are so blinded by organization. They commit many bad things in the name of Jehovah without thinking about how Jehovah feels. They are too arrogant.


        • Joel

          . . . there certainly will be. Real soon.

        • muldoon55 .

          Thanks for sharing that account Joel,what a shock this is to all honest hearted servants of God. What a betrayal by the very shepherds who are supposed to safeguard the flock

          • Joel

            I agree Muldoon. The big-wigs at Bethel have a lot to answer to Jehovah about. All the deceit, dishonesty, non-care for “orphan and widows” and shady child-abuse policies, all of it will not be just swept under the rug—HEADS WILL ROLL, and possibly literally, when Jehovah’s wrath is revealed!

            • LW

              “For it is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God. Now if it starts first with us, what will the outcome be for those who are not obedient to the good news of God? And if the righteous man is being saved with difficulty, what will happen to the ungodly man and the sinner?”

            • Joel

              Here here!

        • Noe Namely

          Thanks for sharing this story with me/us…. I knew the story was out there somehow but never knew how it was made public. In my way of seeing it, the “Higher Ups” & GB are responsible for their Black Sheep jumping the fence…..had they acted in an appropriate manner and done the right thing in the beginning, they would have still have had to pay out to some of the Victims… But the reputation of the Organization would not be nearly as damaged and I don’t think they would have become so paranoid and ramped up the Disfellowshipping of anyone asking the wrong….ugh, right questions. Thanks again for sharing this!

    • Burt Reynolds

      They appear to have protected children in the congregation, but I have not read here that they have protected the children not affiliated to the congregation. This was one of the startling exposures in the Australian debacle, where the brother said they could not protect all the children in Australia, completely missing the point that were they to report it to the police, then the police could and would. Also of course, missing the point that everyone is a potential witness, everyone is loved and valued by Jehovah if only they will come to him. What sort of attitude is it that serves to protect only those within the congregation? Where then is the charity? Maybe this is why it is missing. ‘The poor are always with you,’ and thus become commonplace and overlooked.

      • Anderiega

        Is this new policy retroactive? Will elders be meeting with parents regarding known (only to the elders) pedophiles from cases of years ago? Or this only regarding new cases that happen from now onwards?

        • Apple Pi

          If they want the legal protection that this new scheme will apparently provide, then they would have to warn parents if there are any sexual predators (old or new) in the congregation.

        • Burt Reynolds

          Have a guess!

    • Joel

      That’s a good point Patrick. But the so-called “repentant” Brother brought this lifetime rebuke upon himself. Only in the New World Paradise will he (or she, for that matter) be rid of his foul stigma—and that ONLY by Jesus Christ!

      • sally

        Exactly Joel, the victims of this vile abuse have to live with what happened after all, so why are some people overly concerned about the repentant perpetrator? Why should someone who carried out acts of child sexual abuse be able to wash their hands of it when the victims can’t?

        • Joel

          Excellent point Sister Sally!

  • Burt Reynolds

    Hello Robert, I note at the end of your article you are posting it to congregations in the USA. Can you do the same for England? If not, the congregations in Gloucester and Cheltenham will be fine! I spoke about this to my sister, wife of an elder, and her reply was ‘oh that’s alright the governing body have dealt with that now…’ Absolutely no comment on the carnage left by the perpetrators of these crimes, and even less insight into the facts you relate above. Yet what is even more remarkable still, is that few in the congregations grasp these facts, know about them, or care due to the isolation clamped on them by the watchtower. One wonders what crime the watchtower need to commit for the congregants to wake up to their machinations. Clearly child abuse and debauchery do not reckon as such. I don’t think I can ever forget brother Lett and his ‘apostate lies’ speech.

    • ewatchman

      I will be happy to send letters to congregations in Gloucester and Cheltenham. However, I am not sure if the WT’s policy is global. An elder in the USA just made me aware if this development this week. I suspect that it is probably confined to the USA right now.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Thanks. That would be wonderful. For me, I’m not really worried if the policy is global; it is your article on their attitude that is global….and from Jehovah, universal, the laying bare of the true state of the heart. It’s judgement, and as such, may shake some to wakefulness.

      • I am sure that this policy will eventually go global after all the watchtower must to protect there financial interests right? I mean that’s all these changes are about because if they really wanted to not only protect there congregations but also there fellow man correct?

  • T L C

    Very interesting changes indeed…

  • Christian Obadiah

    Another scathing denunciation by Jehovah’s Watchman.

    Man, at first I thought this was something good until I read the part of the excerpt about how elders should get parents to sign a statement that they were informed. That is why the opening picture is fitting. If the organization truly relied on Jehovah and sought to do his will, there would be none of this sort. But as it is, it is clear Jehovah is not with them in these legal battles for the reason that they are actually in opposition to Jehovah, denying justice to the “widow and fatherless child”. This has them resorting to these methods. For what reason is the organization so obstinate in cooperating with the “relative authorities”?

    I must send this to my elders…

    • ewatchman

      Just to be clear, the parents are not made to sign a waiver. The elders who inform the parents are required to sign a form indicating that they notified the parents.

      • Christian Obadiah

        Thank you for clarifying that, brother. This will certainly fool the common JW into thinking the organization has their best interests in mind, but far from it!

        • this new policy just proves that much more of how the organization is growing into this wordl’y idolization of them selves. just another policy / have truth / down right lie that brings them ever so closer to Jehovah’s judgment.

      • Joel

        One quick question Brother King . . . do the parent(s) of the minor children who have been informed by the elders, do they know that these same elders afterwards are signing a “legally binding” document stating that they did indeed inform the parent(s) of the resident Congregation paedophile?

        • ewatchman

          Good question, Joel. I doubt if the elders are going to make it a point to tell them.

          • Joel

            . . . and the signed documents are kept in the Congregation files ineptitude!

    • Burt Reynolds

      They have changed their policy, not their attitude or heart. That much is clear, otherwise they would have apologised, made reparation and sought forgiveness from Jehovah and the victim. That is what repentance is about, not covering ones shame and coveting assets.

    • Anderiega

      Wouldn’t it be so nice if we truly could talk openly with our elders about this? (Sigh, groan) I can’t. Been there, done that….but I hope you can! On the bright side (for me)…at least I know who I can and can’t talk TRUTH with in my congregation. I can count on ONE hand the number….but at least it’s more than zero!! I pray you are able to make a human connection with your elders regarding this very very serious matter. I NEVER underestimate what happens to the beautiful innocence of a child (witness or otherwise…that’s the point!…we should be good neighbors to ALL people and ALL families!) who is victimized by this demonic CRIME. May Jehovah continue to support those suffering in silence and supply wisdom and patience to the rest of us who are waiting to see true justice served.

    • ist it clear? they are not interested in protecting the congregations they are interested in protecting and shielding them selves from law suits. they speak with a tricky tounge but not for much longer.

      “The harvest is a conclusion of a system of things, and the reapers are angels.”

  • Bklyn Kevin

    By the watchtower changing their policies and giving instructions to the Elders to educate the parents concerning these sexual predators on how and why they should protect their children is inadvertently admitting that there is no paradise / spiritual paradise, I’m just wondering how the watchtower will plaster this crack up in the their wall, because you can rest assured that there is going to be tens of thousands of parents who will not only be shocked but they will want answers.


      All the while the crack in the wall expands, many will continue to “trade the truth for the lie”, even as the watchtower implodes they will deny, “and many will be stumbled” as the wall crumbles….

    • I can only imagine the shock and awe of those families whom did not even know and had put all there trust in the G/B. I suppose many may even separate them selves and there families from the congregation all together thus becoming very bitter and very confused. no I don’t think there is any plaster for this crack for it is a rock solid dam of lies that just formed cracks and the waters of truth are about to break through and overflow and sweep away many.

  • finally! a step in the right direction BUT no where in these changes have I seen or read the notification of such a crime to the authorities.

    • DA

      except the couple crucial parts of notifing parents and always being in company of an elder, etc… the pollicy is stupid to me. good thing they put a stop to them operating the Kingdom Halls audio/video equipment and passing the mic around and wouldnt want to put anyone in danger allowing them to get married in a Hall and no letter writing for service. they should have also put in that pollicy that they have to sit at the back of the bus and wear a scarlet patch to meeting.

      Galatians 2:11-21
      Luke 14:7-11

      • well this new policy is not what it should be but at least if anything the parents will be made aware of the offender.

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    You are doing the work of Watchman that’s great!! But in India only few individuals like me knows about the Child abuse with in the congregation, specifically bothers in Bangalore (capital city of the State of Karnataka) but many are blind in India especially in North Karnataka as well as in Tamil Nadu, becasue no child abuse case has been reported in India and I doubt that are they keeping it secretly. I don’t know how to convey this to others as my father-in-law himself is an elder and he knows that I know about this and he don’t want me expose, because if I get fellowshiped, many will talk about me and it becomes a shame for him to hear that his son-in-law is being dis-fellowshiped, I talked with him he said that I am correct but requested don’t let this to others. I feel shame if this is not made to know to others. Please pray for us that everybody’s eyes will be opened in North Karnataka and Tamilnadu towards the truth. Nice work brother I appreciate you. You are like prophet Jeremiah. From today I will call you as modern day Prophet Jeremiah.

  • 0

  • Heath

    Not only does the watchtower have to deal with legitimate cases of abuse they also have to deal with anyone else that see this as an opportunity to file a lawsuit to get rich and false file false claims of abuse. Which is probably why the watchtower has drafted a new policy to protect itself against false testimonies who see this as an opportunity to get rich.

  • muldoon55 .

    I’d like to know where the millions of dollars paid out to the victims comes from.
    Wouldn’t it be getting siphoned off from the generous donations of brothers and sisters , monies intended for the work of kingdom expansion ?
    If this were the case and they knew it, I’m sure the friends would think twice about what they put in the donation box.

  • JLeviticus 18:6
    6 “‘No man among you should approach any of his close relatives to have sexual relations. I am Jehovah.

    1 Corinthians 6:9, 10
    9 Or do you not know that unrighteous people will not inherit God’s Kingdom? Do not be misled. Those who are sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, men who submit to homosexual acts, men who practice homosexuality, 10 thieves, greedy people, drunkards, revilers, and extortioners will not inherit God’s Kingdom.

    Proverbs 23:29-33

    29 Who has woe? Who has uneasiness?

    Who has quarrels? Who has complaints?

    Who has wounds for no reason? Who has bleary eyes?

    30 Those lingering long over wine;
    Those searching out mixed wine.

    31 Do not look at the wine’s red color
    As it sparkles in the cup and goes down smoothly,
    32 For in the end it bites like a serpent,
    And it secretes poison like a viper.

    33 Your eyes will see strange things,
    And your heart will speak perverse things

    jeremiah 23:26
    26 How long will this continue in the heart of the prophets, to prophesy lies? They are prophets of the deceit of their own heart.

    Daniel 4:16
    16 Let its heart be changed from that of a human, and let it be given the heart of a beast, and let seven times pass over it.

    Deuteronomy 29:19
    19 “But if someone hears the words of this oath and boasts in his heart, saying, ‘I will have peace, though I insist on walking in the ways of my own heart,’ to the ruin of everything in his path,

  • Noe Namely

    Even with their free Lawyers, wouldn’t it have been a lot easier to Disfellowship the Pedieolesters? No one can talk to them and they wouldn’t necessarily be running to the Press or going on Oprah….. What I really mean is….How odd is it that these molesters can get away with all of this business while anyone else only has to disagree with the GB and they are out on their ear spinning like a Topp in the middle of the Kingdom Hall Parking Lot…immediately following a Judge Roy Bean style Judicial Hearing…

  • We received a letter from the branch in Spain saying that even though obtaining a certificate from the government to prove that a person has no background of abuse is available (and free), they said it was not obligatory (hence implying it is not needed). What bizarre reasoning. Why on earth wouldn’t a decent elder want to get this certificate if they’ve got nothing to hide? Of course I got mine the day after receiving the letter and the showed it to the body to show them how easy it was to get one and how it would benefit us from each having one to prove we were never child molesters etc. Two of them basically told me off for doing so saying that the WTS said it wasn’t necessary to get one and I’d gone against their instructions. I responded that if they were giving me a choice between that and proving that I was above reproach to the authorities then I’d go with the latter every time and that only someone with something to hide would shy away from getting such a certificate. The WTS is truly rotting from the inside unfortunately.

    • DA

      you cant even get an appartment or a job at Bethel without a background check. Luke 8:17

  • Titus Citrus

    Bad writting in spanish, it is unreadable and hard to understand

  • DA – “Yet, Bethel’s primary concern is not the sheep nor that Jehovah might be blessed. The overriding consideration is the continued existence and financial welfare of the Organization (“while I shall gain riches”).”

  • Cocheta

    has anyone seen this?

    What have they done to Jehovah, to His Name, to His Glory? ….no wonder the general public hates JWs, I am ashamed & so very saddened as to the result of this next Commission.

    • DA

      hard to believe that out of all the thousands known by the WT, onging for decades, that not a single One has been made regusterd for their behavior after the fact

    • Beverly kenyon

      Went on ‘Bozo’s’ (how can you become Atheist having known God, that’s a mystery to me), site Cocheta, to read that. Angus Stewart is not letting it go and is bringing Case 54 up…I think he wants people charged and the Witnesses to lose their Charity Status. Hopefully, Geoffrey Jackson won’t be called again and stays all nice and cosy in his luxury apartment by the lake after that embarrassing performance the last time. Cringeworthy! He needs to read that article in the WT study mag September 2016 (Defending the Good News before high Officials), and follow the Apostle Paul’s lead in seizing the opportunity to give a good witness about the Kingdom while he was under the public microscope…instead he was ducking and diving, being dodgy, lacking in bible knowledge and shifty! Witnesses need to extract their heads out of the sand and stop being in denial about the Horrific Child sex abuse crimes and the Shameful Cover Up. Denial is more than a river in Egypt you know!

      • Kevin b

        Do as I say not as I do. We have a real great example there with the Watchtower.

        • Beverly kenyon

          So true Kevin b. It’s taking the Superior Authorities to plead the case of the ‘widow and fatherless’. Don’t they feel shame knowing that. All eyes and ears will be on the second round…Case 54.

          • Cocheta

            funnily enough, this article has been shared by one of my FB Witness friends from my page (surprised me really) & the comments he got are pathetic really in their ‘innocence’

            e.g. “Brother XXXXX, is this a bogus article? I cannot imagine any of the governing
            body lying under oath or lying by omission of facts”. (WHAAAAAT???)

            “Is this source real or is it an apostate site?” (DUH; it is a legal case – Case Study 54, March 20th 2017!)

            This picture was also posted as a comment;

            There were 6 Witnesses who shared it on their own walls, I really don’t think people are understanding what they read (if at all they do!)

            Sadly, it IS taking worldly people to shed light on what is happening inside the hallowed walls of the Org & I am worried that this could just prove to be a catalyst to a complete show of hatred for the Society, but it is the poor Witnesses who will bear the brunt of the hatred, whilst the GB are safely in WaaaarWick gazing down at the lake!

            I am disgusted at the WTS now, totally & utterly disgusted. They have knowingly lied & twisted things around so much that the poor witnesses don’t have a clue. Do the rank & file Witnesses understand that there WAS a Commission last year in Australia? I am under the impression that the elders in my cong don’t realise that there was, despite the fact that every session is recorded on YouTube for all to see!

            Oh & yes, Bozo IS a complete numpty! He must not have loved Jehovah very much at all, but he is making a decent living out of his atheism now – he wrote a book!

            • DA

              at the same time from my experince the ‘poor witnesses’ are a bunch of jerks not caring for knowing the truth and not very innocent

            • Cocheta

              you are right DA, it gave me an attitude too – not a very good one! Latest comments on the article on my friends wall;

              “I’m so very disappointed that this was posted”

              “Pls delete. We don’t need to share these types of post. It only fumes more
              negativity for those that don’t understand. Pls remove brother”

              & then the Brother posted “.Soak it up….it’s happening !!!”………..fair play to him!

              The rest of the Zec verse goes on to say “And half of the city will go into exile, but the remaining ones of the people will not be cut off from the city”…..getting pretty obvious now who will go off into exile & be ruined!
              Zec 14:9; “And Jehovah will be King over all the earth. In that day Jehovah will be one, and his name one” Amen, Jehovah, we long for that day

            • Burt Reynolds

              I can understand your feelings about poor witnesses DA. I have to try hard at times to remember I was one of them, blindly spouting the fodder I had been fed, not open to any disagreement….we were always right and anyone who disagreed was a heretic. But I was wrong then, stupid and ignorant. I think brother Franz had it right when he termed the great crowd, indeed everyone in the organisation, governing body included, as victims of victims. Yes, it seems that there are some who would use their prominence as a means to decieve, just as there are those that must enjoy lauding it over the congregation as elders, supposedly wise, but in fact, ignorant of their ignorance and thus all the more liable to be unwittingly puffed up with pride. I was eager to ‘get ahead’ in the congregation. I used to dream of speaking some great truth from the scriptures and of giving public talks. Nothing would have dissuaded me from thinking I had the truth and by God I was going to show it. Had you come along to me then and told me what you know now, I would have been one of those rotten jerks. I don’t know what it is that makes those who remain so blind to the facts, stubborn, with loss of insight, dumb, without thought to question, happy and content to have their tummys tickled like a dog and to rub on the salve of a clear conscience for no work whatsoever.

              Looking back now over the years, though it was as being sent into Gehenna at the time, ousted from the congregation by self righteous people, bullied into giving up, stumbled if you like, I would not be where I am today, learning to pray again, finding the truth of the bible, daring to hope again. I would be a rotten jerk. When I found this site, a brother spoke truth to me and in an instant, I understood. What ever it was that concealed my thinking, that clouded my vision, fell away in an instant. Sadly, that brother is no longer with us in life, but the few words he wrote to me were laden with Jehovah’s true love, not the facsimile we see from the watchtower. Thus it was that he reached out and we must carry on doing the same for our poor brothers that Cocheta speaks of.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Ahhh, DA, I love it when you go off on one, ( as we say it here in Manchester), straight for the jugular and so right! Love your attitude!

            • Bklyn Kevin


              John 7: 7-B “Let the one of YOU that is sinless be the first to throw a stone at her.

              1 Corinthians 6:11-A And yet that is what some of YOU were. But YOU have been washed clean.

              Colossians 3:
              7 In those very things YOU, too, once walked when YOU used to live in them.

              Titus 3:
              3 For even we were once [naïve] / senseless, disobedient, being misled, being slaves to various desires and pleasures, carrying on in badness and envy, abhorrent,
              (hating one another.)

              1 Peter 4:
              7 But the end of all things has drawn close. Be sound in mind, therefore, and be vigilant with a view to prayers.
              8 Above all things, have intense love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.
              9 ( Be hospitable to one another without grumbling).

              John 13:
              33-A (I say also to YOU at present.)
              34 I am giving YOU a new commandment, that YOU love one another; just as I have loved YOU, that YOU also love one another.

            • DA

              if youre implying that im simply throwing stones Kevin then youve mistaken my comment.
              my comment was obviously not random bias because of a stone heart. i self reflect as much as only Jehovah knows. (Proverbs 8:13 Rom 12:9 Psalms 97:10) but there wasnt one stone left upon a stone that foreshadowes the future day of Jehovah’s anger. their going to have more then just a stone thrown at them durung the palisade and even the faithful few strokes. you should send that reply to those in the local Kingdom Hall’s because they desperately need to imply your comment in their lives for the sake of others; those seeking and searving Jehovah. when the Watchtower’s whitewash wall of bat guano comes crashing down i’ll be whistling and clapping my hands.
              i’ll be the first to admit im a constant mistake daily, thats all i think about constantly. if some of us had a real Hall to go to, instead of a den of wolves who gnaw bones, then that tool would be a better place to work on ourselvs because of those sins we struggel with.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Cocheta, just quote Galations 4:16 to the lot of them! There’s thick and stupid and I really can’t deal with Stupid! I’m done with making excuses for witnesses who refuse to question and follow their conscience, preferring instead to be force fed like the foie gras goose (an illustration Anderiega aptly used). If ones on here had suspicions that things weren’t right in Jehovah’s Household and a lot of things being said from the platform and the literature wasn’t adding up or ringing true and then took it upon themselves to go looking for truth, then the fois gras fed ones can do it too…sorry if that sounds harsh but it’s hard dealing with lazy complacent ones. I’m glad they moved into Warwick because when they’re evicted and have to leave the sinking ship, it will be the proof beyond all reasonable doubt of their Judgement by Jesus Christ, King of Kings. Concheta, they won’t be safe at Warwick gazing at the lake (love that, it’s funny), that massive complex will stick out like a sore thumb and probably be the first to be plundered. Don’t know who they think they’re kidding about escaping their judgement..didn’t Brother King bring that out in Isaiah, using the imagery of water sweeping through continuously bringing complete destruction. It was Joseph that called him Bozo which I found really funny and very fitting so I though, Bozo it is then!

            • Burt Reynolds

              Who is Bozo?

            • Beverly kenyon

              Bozo is him on jwsurvey…you know, he was brought up as a witness but left and is now an activist and atheist and has just written a book….I can think of a lot of ways to spend 30 quid instead of buying his book!!! Joseph called him Bozo which I thought was fitting for someone who can go from knowing God to then denying him…proper Bozo.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Oh HIM! Yes I know him. Obtusely, he was one of the ex-JWs that started me thinking there must be something else besides this empty activism and I was amazed at him denying God. I don’t know if you have noticed but the activism against JWs and the watchtower is slackening off at a rate of knots. Two of the ones I used to watch have folded completely and others just seem to publish the same old gripe over and over. The reinvestigation by the Australian commission will cause a flurry of gloating but it will die away again I’m sure. Yes. I can think of a better use of thirty pounds for his book as well……I will just skip straight to the empty vessel instead. I need a new waste bin.

        • Joseph Stephan

          “T H E – F O G”
          Fear – Obligation – Guilt

          • Burt Reynolds

            THE – B A D
            Beards – Are – Denounced

      • Burt Reynolds

        I thought that Beverly, how little Jackson knew of the scriptures. The persons they aught to call should be Robert AND Jackson so that the relevant scriptures could be scrutinised against watchtower policy and a witness given and the lies of the watchtower and their bible ignorance can be exposed. But what I thought more significant was the point you made about his demeanour; evasive, unsure, embarrassed about the bible, twisting and turning, smarmy and self righteous, self appointed even. To me, it actually provided an answer to the question asked of Christ, ‘where would we go?’ Well, there is an answer now for witnesses to that question. Return to Jehovah. ( love the ‘denial’ river in Egypt! I usually go shopping on the Amazon, usually when I Thames to be in Denile about my income. That’s Somme thing to think about).

        • Beverly kenyon

          Now, wouldn’t that be something Burt, if they called Brother King..I would stay up late for that one! Brother King would definitely follow the lead of the Apostle Paul instead of that embarrassment for a witness, Geoffrey Jackson! On the bright side…we got to see behind the mask..very revealing. Huh! As DA would say. Well, Burt, I asked an elder if a bearded lady in the congregation would have to shave it off and he said, yes, she would have to. Also, the Gauls aren’t special pioneers as specials pioneers were retired and fired a while ago..they’re at our congregation because there was a need, because our territory is very big and very multicultural. You do know that Amazon isn’t as cheap as they make out Burt…so don’t be in Denile!

          • Burt Reynolds

            Beverly are you serious about the bearded lady? Did you actually ask the elder and he said she would have to shave it? I nearly died laughing. Joking about it is one thing but to find out they actually would, well, there is nothing left to say. So now we have it, even those with physical afflictions are not allowed respite in the congregations. So everyone can come to Jehovah except those bearded ladies and I presume, anyone with Tourettes syndrome. I can just imagine one of the poor Tourettes afflicted I used to work with giving an elder a piece of their mind. Now that really would be stunning, especially if he had a beard as well.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Yeah, Burt, I’m deadly serious! I asked him and that’s what he said! He also said, how it wouldn’t matter much if it was an old lady with a bit of facial hair. But please bear in mind this particular elder is very old school and a huge Society man, even in one of his answers he couldn’t stress enough about paragraph 5 of the study article they study at the Thursday meeting. If it’s not para 5…I was half asleep…so could be wrong but he did mention something along those lines about the Thursday meeting and the FDS. Apart from the Gaul who comes across as a bit jumped up and an elder who looks like he’s about to axe murder someone because he looks really menacing and I’ve been told at social gatherings he’s very miserable sitting in the corner by himself, (sharpening his axe, lol), not literally, the other Elders come across as lovely and down to earth….so far. I haven’t got a beard Burt, but I could seriously develop a case of hard core Tourette’s when I hear the sickly fawning mention of the FDS…it really does knock me sick!

            • Joseph Stephan
    • Yes Cocheta it is very sad. I watched the whole proceedings live last year whilst on holiday. The ARC have made the elders book, branch manual and many elders letters available as public exhibits so you can read for yourself about these ridiculous policies. Going through all the transcripts can be tedious but fortunately the ARC have produced a new report taking into account the headings and Watchtower’s subsequent response and it makes fascinating reading.
      You can download the actual report here:

      Angus Stewart used the Bible in a marvellous way to point out Watchtower’s unreasonable policies. I’m looking forward to the new hearing in March that will put the whole organisation under the spotlight.

      • Burt Reynolds

        Hello Joe. Do you know if they will be calling watchtower personnel to the stand?

        • I’m not 100% sure but I imagine that they will as they did last time.

  • Hi all. Here’s what the head of the Spanish branch said to the press (Spain’s respectable EL PAÍS newspaper so not gutter press) in an article entitled, ‘The Parallel Justice of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’:

    We already know what the WT say to the public is one thing but in practice is another but I thought it was interesting to see an office response written down for all to see and maybe use if individual JWs get any fallout for reporting child abuse to the police.

    Here’s my translation of the pertinent section for you:

    “The organisation denies having hidden cases of child abuse. Hannibal Matos is the spokesman for the office of public relations for the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Spain. He cordially welcomes us in the branch office of the organisation, that comprises a group of buildings in Ajalvir on the outskirts of Madrid. With a paused but firm voice, Mr. Matos assures us that they only judge “what they consider to be a sin, never a crime” and he adds: “If a brother becomes involved in a child abuse case, the first thing we do is urge the victim and their relatives to go to the police. If they refuse to do so, due to embarrassment, as this happens at times, we have the moral and even legal obligation to seek help from the authorities.””

    As an elder, I can tell you that our latest instructions are to call the branch office as first port of call and NOT the police, so brother Matos is telling porkies!

    • Burt Reynolds

      Still covering up. Still deceiving. Can they never tell the truth?

  • Francis Bencharles

    I work as a Psychiatric RN and have had dealings with a number of pedophiles in my job. They vary in their personalities as most people do. Not all pedophiles are predatory monsters, but in my experience most are. The one thing that they have in common is they are more sexually aroused by minor children of various age groups than they are with people of their own age groups. But know this, their sexual attraction to children is as strong or stronger than your sexual attraction to the people you find especially attractive. If they get an opportunity to satisfy their arousal, they will take it, if they don’t think they will be caught and that they can intimidate the minor to silence. Also, but locking up the hen house and making it secure, the farmer is simply pushing the fox or the weasel to another hen house, he will not stop in his quest. So the Societies failure to notify the authorities is showing a great lack of love for their neighbors children, but then again, at least up until now the Society can’t be held responsible for those acts and that is primarily what they are worried about.

    I was a Elder in a congregation of JW’s in the 1990’s, baptized in ’77, and brought up the point about child abuse many times with our body but the feeling was always to just follow the guidelines of the Society. I remember reading a letter from the Society in the late 90’s that instructed us that if we were to disclose to parents in the congregation that there was one or more child abusers in the congregation that we would be removed from being an Elder, no questions asked. I later approached the body of Elders and informed them that I would not be able to uphold this instruction from the Society and that my wife and I would be moving to serve in the local Spanish language hall (the two were unrelated, just timed about the same time). Needless to say I was not recommended as an Elder upon moving. At the time I was the Watchtower Conductor, Book Study Overseer and had been the Ministry School Overseer in very good standing. So, my not being re-appointed was all about my decision not to serve as a shield for child abuse in the congregation. It was actually a blessing in disguise as it gave me time to learn Spanish more fluently and after only a short time I was giving simple talks in Spanish at the hall.

    I later found out about the Societies spiritual fornication with the U.N. and that was the last straw for me. If the Society had publicly repented of their grievous sin against God I may still be a witness, but as it is i dis-associated myself in July of 2006 (I learned about the U.N. in 2003 and struggled as to what to do for about 3 years, it was not an easy decision although it should have been). This cost me my marriage as well as my wife now viewed me as an apostate against God and it was too much for her to be married to some one she saw as being opposed to God, when in fact I was standing up for Jehovah and his standards. She couldn’t see that and neither could any of my brothers, to date they have all shunned me. They have not changed, they have simply covered their proverbial asses! They knew that the two main reasons I left was the U.N. issue and the pedophile issue, neither of which are defensible. Frank

  • Anderiega

    Another settlement
    This is why the public (and especially Jehovah’s Witnesses) don’t know about these cases…. Because when there’s a settlement neither part is allowed to talk about any of it. Rotten Bethel lawyers … Shame.

    • Joseph Stephan

      Unfortunately those lawyers are baptised jw’s.

    • KB

      Good to know. There will be a day when all will know the truth about this religion.

  • Francis Bencharles

    It’s also interesting that the Watchtower has apparently taken no steps to apologize to the targets of the child abuse. In many situations these abused ones were placed into the position of “the enemy” when they attempted to get justice for their suffering, both through the congregations or the legal authorities. The Watchtower owes a sincere and honest and humble apology to all those that have been abused in their midst. They must take responsibility for the wrong policies of the past and the damage it has done.

    Of course, it will only be in the Kingdom that the damage from this abuse will be totally erased, but knowing that the people who claim to be God’s servant have at least taken responsibility for their past actions by changing their policies to put the children first will go a long way in at least being a start toward healing. I don’t expect that action though as it is clear that it is only what is “legal” and can be proven in court that they really care about. Individuals at the top may feel differently, but those making the final decisions are only looking out for their own derier’s.

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