Child Abuse

Articles focusing on the child abuse scandal among Jehovah’s Witnesses.

More Jehovah’s Witnesses sex crimes

Pennsylvania men allegedly used Jehovah's Witness hall to 'gain access' to sex abuse victims Five members of Jehovah's Witness congregations in Pennsylvania were indicted by a grand jury on various child sex abuse charges Monday, officials announced. Pennsylvania Acting Attorney General Michelle Henry said that the five men preyed on young members of their own families and congregations.  "The details of these crimes are sad and disturbing, facts [...]

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There is nothing hidden that will not be exposed

Sunday, July¬†25 Children are an inheritance from Jehovah. ‚ÄĒPs. 127:3, ftn. Parents may at times feel overwhelmed by the challenges they face, but children are a gift from Jehovah. He is always available to help. He willingly listens to the prayers of parents. And he answers those prayers by means of the Bible, our publications, and the example and advice of other mature parents in [...]

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Watch out for the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy

Wednesday, February¬†3 On the testimony of two or three witnesses every matter may be established. ‚ÄĒMatt. 18:16. Before the elders take judicial action, why are at least two witnesses required? This requirement is part of the Bible‚Äôs high standard of justice. When there is no confession of wrongdoing, two witnesses are required to establish the accusation and authorize the elders to take judicial action. (Deut. 19:15;¬†1¬†Tim. [...]

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Apostasy comes from the Governing Body

Someone emailed me this brief clip of Governing Body member, Stephen Lett, (below) lecturing the Bethel family about apostates and their lies. First, I do not know why anyone would take exception to the word ‚Äúpermissive.‚ÄĚ Has the Watchtower been permissive with pedophiles? Well, when elders are forbidden by the Watchtower from contacting the police or cooperating with them if a crime against a child [...]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses Child Abuse Documentary

Pedophiles are despicable. Anyone who preys on a trusting child is evil. Those who choose to close their eyes to evil are equally reprehensible. The Watchtower claims to abhor pedophilia, but as official policy it protects abusers from exposure and punishment. The rationale has always been that Jehovah's Witnesses had to keep such wickedness secret in order to protect Jehovah from reproach. What [...]

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JW rapist gets sentenced to 5 years

A man who pleaded guilty to raping two underage girls he met through the Jehovah's Witness congregation they all belonged to has been sentenced to five years in prison ‚ÄĒ a "relief" to his victims. Elihu Rodriguez, 32, of Yakima, Washington, was given five years, the maximum sentence prosecutors had asked for, after Rodriguez pleaded guilty to three felony counts of child rape in the third [...]

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The Watchtower’s dirty little secrets

The leadership of the Jehovah‚Äôs Witnesses has boldly defied court orders to turn over the names and whereabouts of alleged child sexual abusers across the United States. Since 2014, courts have slapped the Jehovah‚Äôs Witnesses‚Äô parent corporation ‚Äď the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York ‚Äď with multimillion-dollar judgments and sanctions for violating orders to hand over secret documents. The documents could serve as [...]

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Watchtower Changes Its Pedophile Policy

KINGDOM BULLETIN #12 Over the course of the past 15 years the Watchtower has come under increasing scrutiny regarding child sexual abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses. There have been numerous high profile lawsuits brought against elders and the Watchtower corporation, multi-million dollar judgments, capped in 2015 with the Royal Australian Commission holding a public inquiry and the subsequent bombshell revelation that of over 1,000 known cases of [...]

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