Monday, August 31

Love, not in word or with the tongue, but in deed and truth.1 John 3:18.

It can be heart-wrenching to realize that your parents, once strong and self-sufficient, are no longer able to look after themselves. Perhaps Mom or Dad has fallen and broken a hip, has become disoriented and wandered off, or has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition. Then there is the other side of the coin. The elderly may find it hard to accept that physical changes or other circumstances now limit their independence. What can be done? How can they be looked after? One article on care for the elderly states: “While it is difficult to discuss the issues of aging, the family who has discussed the options and agreed on plans will be better able to handle whatever happens.” The value of such a discussion is best appreciated when we acknowledge that trials that come with age cannot be avoided. Still, we can make certain preparations and advance decisions.


When the Watchtower repeatedly claims to ” abhor child-abuse,” and yet enforces policies that have harmed thousands of children, is that not an example of the hypocrisy of merely expressing loving concern in word, but not “in deed and truth”?

When the Watchtower boasts of having provided parents with timely information to help them protect their children from predatory daycare people or clergy and yet refuses to reveal to them when there are accused child molesters sitting right next to them at their Christian meetings, or that there are servants within the congregation that Bethel has appointed knowing full well that they are pedophiles, is this not bordering on criminal negligence and a failure to express love by action and truth? It most surely is.

And there are consequences for their negligence and rank hypocrisy. 


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