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Over the past 10 years the Watch Tower Society has been rocked by allegations of covering up child sexual abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses. After paying out millions in low-profile out-of-court settlements, in 2012 the Watchtower lost a widely publicized lawsuit in what has amounted to the largest dollar judgment in any case of this kind – being socked for a staggering $28 million. A jury found that the leadership of the organization instituted policies that provided cover for a known sex offender.

In the aftermath of that massive judgment against them one would imagine that Bethel would change their policies and try to be more proactive in preventing these horrific crimes from being committed against the children of Jehovah’s Witnesses under their watch. But according to the latest communiqué with the elders in the United States, not much has changed. Here is an excerpt from the attached PDF:

Who is considered a known child molester? The January 1, 1997, Watchtower article “Let Us Abhor What Is Wicked” mentions on page 29 that a man “known to have been a child molester” does not qualify for privileges in the congregation. The expression “known to have been a child molester” has reference to how such a man is considered in the community and in the Christian congregation. In the eyes of the congregation, an adult “known” to be a former child molester is not “free from accusation” or “irreprehensible,” nor does he have “a fine testimony from people on the outside.” (1 Tim. 3:1-7, 10; 5:22; Titus 1:7) In view of his past, those in the community would not respect him and congregation members might be stumbled over his appointment. Keep in mind that the branch office, not the local body of elders, determines whether one who has sexually abused a child is considered a known child molester.

What the Watchtower appears to be saying here, is that a man may actually be known by them to have sexually abused a child; but if he is not notorious in the community, and if the congregation is unaware of his crimes, then he may actually qualify to serve as an elder or ministerial servant. So, Bethel reserves to itself the right to appoint some man to a “privilege” of office in the full knowledge that he may have sexually abused children in the past – as long as the parents in the congregation are unaware. 

The Governing Body claims to be concerned about stumbling members of the congregation if a known sexual predator were appointed. However, where is their concern for the welfare of children who are the potential victims of someone who is known to have already victimized a child? And where is the concern for stumbling members of the congregation if their appointee commits another crime against a child and the victim and parents and other members of the congregation find out that Bethel knowingly appointed a child molester? 

The princes of Bethel have even stated in the Watchtower Magazine that pedophiles are known to be recidivists (repeat offenders) ; and yet they are willing to put the children of Jehovah’s Witnesses at unnecessary risk by appointing a known abuser to a position of trust and authority. How absolutely treacherous! They are knowing no shame. How fittingly the words of Zephaniah apply to the leadership of the mother organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses today:

“To her God she did not draw near. Her princes in the midst of her were roaring lions. Her judges were evening wolves that did not gnaw bones till the morning. Her prophets were insolent, were men of treachery. Her priests themselves profaned what was holy; they did violence to the law. Jehovah was righteous in the midst of her; he would do no unrighteousness. Morning by morning he kept giving his own judicial decision. At daylight it did not prove lacking. But the unrighteous one was knowing no shame.”

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    Hi, What would you do if you were molested; ALVINA SAMSONIUK is a child molester the elders from the RIVERVIEW congregation protect.


    In other words, ALVINA SAMSONIUK molested me for years and the ELders are protecting her; this should be made public….Daryl Kalyniuk, David Ellery, and David Huff. They even told this monster on how to manipulate the way to get out of it. I would appreciated comments

    • Bklyn Kevin

      Yes you’re right it should be made public in order to protect others and yourself from further abuse, so I recommend you go to the police and make a full report and for sure it will be investigate and become a public record if warranted.

      • Cleopatra

        Alvina Samsoniuk has lots of money and pays everyone to lie ; do you really think those horrific Elders would do this if they weren’t compensated….Daryl Kalyniuk, the most horrific Monster, Norman Horne…another horrific baster
        d Elder who abused me and my children, David Ellery, who slammed me so badly because as he but it…his own two sons didn’t listen and ran away…Micheal Sekrijer who tried to abuse my son when he was younger and of course, Barry Martens, but Barry’s Vengence from Jehovah is the best, Jehovah according to Scripture in our beliefs killed his Wife…How does that feel Barry, knowing the love of your life was killed by Jehovah personally because you protected sexual abuse wrongdoings in the Kingdom Hall? Did that Monster, Alvina Samsoniuk pay you too?

  • Jackie

    Barry Martens, a Jehovah Witness Religious Leader of the Fort Saskatchewan, Riverview Congregation paid the biggest price of them all. Because he supported these evil Elders, Jehovah took the life of his wife, yes his High School Sweetheart. In our Religion, when a Presiding Overseer allows wrongdoing and covers up wrongdoing especially of other Elders, according to scripture Jehovah says “Vengence is mine, sayeth Jehovah I shall repay”. It is a very serious wrongdoing actually considered a crime in Jehovah’s eyes. Barry’s wife died of a heart attack following two years of the incident, plenty of time for Barry to correct the wrongdoing that was going on in this Congregation. Many examples are also in the Bible of how Jehovah does not tolerate Elders covering up serious sins of wrong doers.

  • Jackie

    I also need to mention when my son was younger, Michael Sekrijer tried to sexually molest him; you guessed it the Elders from the Riverview Congregation covered it up and protected him, mostly NORMAN HORNE, NORMAN is an evil ELDER, abusive towards single mothers and fatherless children; he is very angry, please protect yourself from Norman Horne, he lives in Gibbons, AB, he is a very very angry ELDER.

    • Cleopatra

      Micheal Sekrijer, Jehovah Witness Elder is also a molester.

  • Jackie

    Jonah, Jonah, Jonah, why do you fret so, you are safe, the Elders can’t hurt you anymore, Jehovah will protect you! I am enjoying watching the Elders, mostly Norman Horne, Dave Ellery, Darrel Kalyniuk, Micheal Sekrijer and of Course Barry Martens who betrayed Jehovah, they are now trying to get back into Jehovah’s favor. What a Joke. Please laugh with me as the Bible clearly states Jehovah does not accept
    a BRIBE, and YES they are continuously trying to BRIBE Jehovah, what a Joke, they actually think by their unGODLY actions they can Bribe Jehovah, so please relax and watch the show, no need to be so angry, they are hateful Jonah, just relax, Jehovah takes care of it all. God Bless Jonah, and I hope what I said helps to alleviate the pain, take your suffering to Jehovah he will make you feel wonderful again. Remember, Jehovah does not accept their BRIBES.

  • Cleopatra

    Hello, you need to know, the Jehovah Witness Elder, Daryl Kalyniuk of the Riverview Congregation in Fort Saskatchewan, AB told me to beware of this Elder Micheal Sekrijer, as he could be a sexual child molester. Thank you Daryl.

  • XENA Warrior Princess

    ALVINA SAMSONIUK molested me as a Child and the other ELDERS from the Riverview Congregation, namely, Daryl Kalyniuk, Dave Ellery, Norman Horne, David Huff and Micheal Sekrijer, protected and coached this molester on how to get away with it.

    • ewatchman

      “The sins of some men are publicly known, leading directly to judgment, but those of other men become evident later.” – 1 Timothy 5:24

      You can add a bunch of Bethel lawyers and Governing Body members to the list of those who let him get away with it too.

      Be patient sister. Jehovah has a day of reckoning. And it’s coming.

      • Joseph Stephan

        “A fiery day of reckoning”

        • Joel


          • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

            Oh that means you have awakened and you know the truth!

            • Joel


    • L.H.

      I wish you all the strength, courage and comfort from Jehovahs holy spirit and pray for all the victims. Much sisterly love.

      • XENA Warrior Princess

        Thank you for your comforting words.

    • Old lady brady

      Romans 12:12 , I hope you find comfort in this scripture and judgement day is coming for such wicked individuals.

      • XENA Warrior Princess

        Thank you for the reminder on how Jehovah will act upon such ones. It helps with the pain.

        • Burt Reynolds

          Who is helping you with your pain Xena? It sounds as though you have just broken through the pressure valve that precedes the breaking of the dam. It sounds also as though your soul has been murdered a long time ago and that you are crying out the pain and anger. Well, take heart that the soul can be renewed and control over your destiny can be regained. It is not about the perpetrator though and justice, it is about you and your survival, and that is a hard issue to deal with when all you want to do is crush your enemy. But now is a time to relearn the warmth of loving yourself and allowing Jehovah to mete out justice for you. It is okay to be you now. You no longer need to feel the way that you do. You can start to learn how to turn the switch off and rebuild the person you want to be from the ashes. Jehovah as given you the greatest gift of giving you the insight to be found here. Take it, and let it start to heal. ‘ come to me all you who are loaded down, and I will refresh you…’ Best wishes to you…

    • Anderiega

      We are only as sick as our secrets. I cannot understand your pain because I have not survived such horror, but my heart goes out to you and anyone else who has been abused in this most demonic fashion. Welcome to our family, where we comfort and upbuild each other. We can be honest, authentic, and real here. May Jehovah sustain you on your journey of healing. Jehovah will certainly execute justice and his love can heal even this most painful wound. Hugs Xena.

    • Peaceful Waters

      It’s all so heart breaking :'( I’m so sorry for your all of your pain and suffering. Jehovah’s justice will be swift and righteous. I just found out that one of my Bible teacher’s and dear friends was molested and nothing was ever said or done. Eventually, years later he got caught (as Brother Robert pointed out they are known to be repeat offenders) and was convicted and sent to prison. He later died in prison. It’s so disgusting. Vipers and hypocrites! My heart goes out to you dear Sister <3 May Jehovah comfort you.

    • Cocheta

      my poor darling sister, I have been reading your words for the past day & wondering what to say to you for comfort. If you were my daughter I would be holding you so tight that no-one would ever get near you to hurt you again & the evil perpetrator would be *·”&#** …. let’s just say his eyes would be crossed for a very long time!

      Be comforted that Jehovah really does bind up the heartbroken & He guides you to healing waters. He took hold of your hand & brought you here where you can be spiritually shielded & protected. Never forget that, sweetheart. You were so brave to join here & tell us what happened, that took some inner strength & I applaud you!

      Take the advice of Burt here, he is very experienced in these matters. Have you reported it to the authorities or have the elders convinced you that you were in the wrong? You really do need to make it public if you can bear to.

      Regardless of anything, always remember that Jehovah is guiding you & He DOES care what has happened & His will WILL prevail in the end, that hurt & sad child in you will be comforted & soothed.

      You are a very unfortunate victim of the war between satan & Jehovah & sadly Jehovah cannot do anything to rectify things yet whilst satan is in control – Jehovah is essentially a victim in all these wrongdoings too in that He cannot change any of His righteous rules & personal integrity because that would make satan the winner, so we must bear the pain alongside Him & know that the future is very bright.

      Be strong, my darling & as Bro Robert said “be patient”
      Know that we all here love you xoxoxoxoxo

  • XENA Warrior Princess


  • XENA Warrior Princess

    Comments to follow

  • XENA Warrior Princess

    Please give me your advice, this Monster Elder, Dary Kalyniuk, protects child abusers, and slanders me by saying I am making my abuse up. He is a very dangerous man,,,,all I can say is protect you children from this Monster.

    • Bklyn Kevin

      I recommend you go to the police and make a full report and for sure it will be investigate and become a public record if warranted.

    • Joseph Stephan
    • 1914for100Alex

      I know you’re hurting right now, and you want to warn people, but please be careful regarding what you say if you’re going to put people’s names on a public forum. I realize this may be the least of your concerns right now, but it could potentially come back to haunt you. I would do what Kevin suggested and inform the police. That way it’s documented. I wish I could help more than that. So sorry you’re going through this.

    • Joseph Stephan
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