Watchtower’s PR Dept Brushes Over Child Abuse by Jehovah’s Witnesses

//Watchtower’s PR Dept Brushes Over Child Abuse by Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Watchtower has produced a brief melodramatic video of a child abuse victim telling her story. It is a slickly produced public relations movie. It even has some drone footage shot over the beach as happy families frolic.

At first glance one might assume that the Society is trying to help the many victims of sexual abuse who have suffered at the hands of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Not so. This sister, Crystal, was abused before she became acquainted with Jehovah’s Witnesses. And obviously her abuser was not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The intent of the video is to present the kingdom hall as a safe haven and a place of healing. And no doubt the Christian hope Crystal has embraced and the love of the friends has been a healing for her personally. We are all happy for her. But Crystal is merely being exploited by the Watchtower for its own agenda.

The irony is, had Crystal been raised among Jehovah’s Witnesses she may well have been abused by someone in her local congregation. Literally thousands have been. More and more of the ugliness the Watchtower has long-fought to suppress is coming to light. That being undeniably true, why doesn’t the Watchtower put a few of the real victims in front of a camera and let them tell their story?

Instead of acknowledging their part in covering over the crimes committed against children in the congregations and offering true healing words to the victims, many of whom have been completely crushed spiritually and want nothing to do with Jehovah, the Watchtower presents itself as the great healer of the abused, without actually addressing any of the grievances brought against the organization and her appointed elders. The message from Bethel to the abused is: Get over it, like Crystal did!


The reason the Watchtower sank so deeply into this morass in the first place is because they wanted to protect the public image of the organization. So, abuse victims were brushed off. They were told to ‘wait on Jehovah.’ They were told not to report the crimes committed against them because it would bring reproach on Jehovah. In other words, the Watchtower was not the least bit concerned about the children. It was all about the image of the organization. And as this callous video presentation demonstrates – nothing has changed. The Governing Body has no interest in setting matters straight, or even trying. They are still airbrushing the Society’s image as the city of holiness and peace.

Long ago Jehovah foresaw this development. Speaking to his earthly organization immediately prior to his acting against it, Jehovah said through Zephaniah: “Woe to the rebellious, the polluted, the oppressive city!  She has obeyed no voice; she has accepted no discipline. In Jehovah she has not trusted; she has not drawn near to her God.  Her princes within her are roaring lions. Her judges are wolves in the night; they do not leave even a bone to gnaw until morning. Her prophets are insolent, treacherous men. Her priests defile what is holy; they do violence to the law.  Jehovah is righteous in her midst; he does no wrong. Morning by morning he makes known his judgments, as unfailing as the daylight. But the unrighteous one knows no shame.”

As a demonstration of the treacherous nature of her prophets, or those who claim to be the interpreters of prophecy, here is what the Watchtower published in commentary on the passage above:

How well those words fit the situation of Christendom’s prophets and priests today! Insolently, they have removed the divine name from their Bible translations and have taught doctrines that misrepresent the One they claim to worship. 2-15, 2001 WT, para 16

If that is true, if Jehovah’s denunciation in Zephaniah is directed to Christendom, then that means Jehovah’s Witnesses are in the wrong religion. The reason being, the passage clearly states that the offenders are God’s people and that Jehovah is in their midst trying to steer them aright. But they would not listen. 

No, Zephaniah applies to the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses at this moment in time. Besides, which is worse, removing God’s name from the Bible or bringing reproach upon it because of bearing it before the world?

It is the Society’s judges who have crushed the downtrodden. It is her Governing Body who have not listened. It is they who boast of abhorring child abuse, but who despise the victims of their child abuse policies. Her anointed priests have violated their holy trust and done violence to the law, the law that stipulates that judges must support oppressed children above all else.  The Watchtower has refused to accept discipline. They have not sought Jehovah nor feared to offend him.

What else can Jehovah do? What can we do? Verse eight supplies the answer:

“So keep yourselves in expectation of me,’ declares Jehovah, ‘Until the day when I rise up to take plunder, for my judicial decision is to gather nations, to assemble kingdoms, to pour out on them my indignation, all my burning anger; for by the fire of my zeal the whole earth will be consumed.”

Zephaniah relates the aftermath of the expression of Jehovah’s rage: On that day you will not be put to shame because of all your deeds with which you rebelled against me, for then I will remove the haughty boasters from among you; and you will never again be haughty in my holy mountain. I will allow a humble and lowly people to remain in your midst, and they will take refuge in the name of Jehovah. Those remaining of Israel will practice no unrighteousness; they will not speak a lie, nor will a deceitful tongue be found in their mouths; they will feed and lie down, and no one will make them afraid.”


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  • Please8834

    Its pretty clear the Jehovah is speaking to his people “Jehovah witnesses” So if Christendom is the really the people Jehovah is speaking then we’re all gonna die! We’d all better grab a couple of rosary beads and beg for forgiveness.

  • 我又来了,您高兴吗?!

  • one of the best videos ive seen

  • Sam

    Thanks for covering this, Robert

  • e.v.g

    At an appropriate time is coming God’s word concerning his judgments, for some not stumble when these are accomplished

  • while I surely agree that we must wait on Jehovah and the harvest i do not agree with the way the watchtower handles these cases. cover ups lies and no protection for the abused victims certainly sends chills down my back. some of these abusers can get right back into service and it should not be this way because they just do it again.

  • Bklyn Kevin

    This video is nothing more than heartless ruse intended to deceive the unsuspecting public as well as others because if there was any truth in this video at all then there would have been a “public apology” as well as a change of the “watchtowers policies” which greatly contributed to these child sex abuse cases.

    The truth is to date there has been no public “apology” or change of “policy” which means the abuse of these children can still continue and will continue until the watchtower tract society takes the necessary steps and accepts their guilt and changes
    their policies.

    You know the old saying actions speak louder than words.
    Read more> Has the Watchtower demonstrated it has changed?.

  • noname

    Its good to see that someone is being helped by Jehovah after being traumatized by child abuse. However if it was someone in the congregation and she was faced with the ordeals that many others have gone through, she may have lost her faith all together. I believe the story, but it must not be coincidence that led the WT to post this video at this time. I’m sure all the other abused would have loved to have been helped and comforted and not stumbled from the truth. Watching this must really hurt them.

    • Jonah Peter Paul

      Yes indeed. It was an insult, a propaganda to discredit the claims of those who like me were abused by men in authority, elders in the congregation. The elders damaged me beyond repair but what they did after I tried to seek justice was worse. My whole JW life was over the moment I decided to speak out.

  • Jonah Peter Paul

    The first time I set foot in your website was because I was researching for cases like mine. There are hundreds of cases, news articles, and stories that tackle the brutal way in which child abuse cases are handled within the organization. But no one was able to explain exactly what is going on except for the articles found on this website. I still have the articles that I printed out from this website almost 3 years ago. I had to bring it to the court during hearings and read them over and over again to help me endure every time I had to see those wicked, hypocritical evil men in court and hear the lies that they had to say against me.

    It is heart warming that you make sure that your articles include some comforting and reassuring verses from the Bible, as opposed to the Watchtower Society which continuously boasts that they have been just with dealing with child abuse cases while in reality, they are crushing the victims. I found comfort in this website. I found relief in knowing that Jehovah will be the one who will ultimately deal with these matters, whether one loses or wins in court.

    And by explaining Jehovah’s say on these matters, you are glorifying God’s name by showing that Jehovah is in no way in favor of what these corrupt Governing Body and what their follower elders are doing and that Jehovah will not tolerate these kinds of things, unlike the reputation that the Governing Body has given God in front of the world. That is why the organization is referred to by some as “pedophile paradise.”

    At first it was quite confusing for me, on one side I knew that what I was doing by reporting to the police was right but it made my heart heavy that all men in authority within the org refused to help me and even blames me and dozens and dozens of my fellow congregation members have cursed and condemned me for simply trying to protect myself from future abuse by the elders. It was a confusing position to be and everything just made perfect sense when I read your articles and explanations from the Bible.

    What a relief it is to know that Jehovah will never be in support of the wicked child abusers and their supporters in crushing and discrediting the abuse victims. And it has given me comfort and peace of mind that no matter what happens, Jehovah will avenge the abused and he himself will give them JUSTICE.

    • My heart bleeds for all you victim’s of these wicked child abusers, ”No words could heal”. My wife is also a victim of these sick men, She was taken in by her aunt & uncle (devout JWs) as a young child after her father was murdered and her mother committed suicide. When growing up she was repeatedly abused sexually by her uncle ( who was a elder in the congregation). She reported it but nothing was ever done , and she ran away at sixteen. Fast forward 20 years and the same uncle is now accused of the same things with his grand children. Committees were formed, people were dragged in, old wounds were reopened. Guess what, NOTHING was done. Bunch of “Explicit words” . My poor wife suffers in silence…………..

      • ewatchman

        Jehovah has kept silent for a long time too, except his silence should not be misunderstood to be indifference. When he breaks his silence heads are going to roll. You have his word on it.

        “I have kept quiet for a long time. I remained silent and restrained myself. Like a woman giving birth, I will groan, pant, and gasp all at once….” – Isaiah 42

        • Thanks Robert for being a big part of restoring my faith some 10 years ago.
          I look forward to seeing Jehovah mend all of these broken souls !

          • Song of Hannah

            I feel so honored to be able to associate to all of you beautiful brothers and sisters of such outstanding faith in Jehovah despite all Satan has done to try to destroy it.

            • Hi Hannah, it is quite the honor to be in fellowship with this top notch group of hidden treasures seekers, that Jehovah has called out to train up for the future day of Reckoning. We have all come though some Heavy Artillery , thrown at us by Satan and his minions over the years. Hang in there everyone were almost Home!

            • Jonah Peter Paul

              We are very grateful to have met you, our brothers and sisters in faith and hear your encouraging comments. We have been out of the congregation for years now but we never seem to miss the comments because we are able to hear yours here, in this website. It is like we have an online kingdomhall here where we could exchange experiences and strengthen one another (without the tyranny of the elders) – another provision from Jehovah God to help us all endure our present circumstances.

            • Song of Hannah

              “Without the tyranny of the Elders” – boy is that ever a true statement. Our Elders are so cruel that shepherding calls are causes for wailing afterwards, according to friends who have confided in us and as we ourselves have experienced. In Isaiah 28:10 & 13, I understood what Jehovah said about “command after command” but it just dawned on me the other morning while studying what “measuring line upon measuring line” meant. No one ever measures up! It’s like they pull out a ruler and measure you with it, shaking their head, “Tisk, tisk, you’re just not good enough” or “Sorry, but you just don’t qualify”.

              And this measuring line is constantly pulled out and held up, not only against the weak, but also against zealous friends who have served Jehovah faithfully for many years. In vs 12 Jehovah said “This is the resting-place. Let the weary one rest; this is the place of refreshment,” but they refused to listen.” Yes, no-one is allowed to appear more righteous than they do, and if they do, they will pay. Out will come the measuring line!

              Come Lord Jesus! Your sheep are being torn apart by the very ones sent to shepherd them! Come quickly! Make justice the measuring line and righteousness the leveling tool!

            • Jonah Peter Paul

              Totally agree with you. Love what you said. The elders are great fault finders. They seem to enjoy pointing out the weaknesses of others, whether their observations or judgements about one are valid or not, it seems like the elders feel obliged to find fault in people. That is why my grandfather used to refer to them as Gestapo. Sometimes we forget they are Christian elders cause their behaviors tell us otherwise. They would definitely do better at being terrorist interrogators than shepherds of Jehovah’s sheep.

              I remember this seriously ill sister who asked the elders if they could help her by sharing her fundraiser with the congregation (to help her with her medicines) and they said NO she shouldn’t involve members of the congregation.
              She asked them to pray for her but they told her she needs to be corrected. They even counseled her to give more time in preaching and accused her of not giving her best inspite of her doing her very best already regardless of how ill she is.

              Where is the LOVE? Who are these elders imitating, Jesus or Hitler?

            • Song of Hannah

              Thank you for your comment, JPP. I did just wanted to make clear, I know that there are good, hard working, loyal Elders out there. But there are less and less of them, as they are being systematically eliminated by the ruthless ones, who scheme against them by “laying traps for the defenders of the city gate” (Is 29:21)

            • Jonah Peter Paul

              What you said is very true. Before I was abused, there were several good, caring and considerate elders around, the ones who knew me every since I was a child BUT they were all removed unjustly and swiftly by the one of the elders who abused me. They ended up transferring to different congregations. So when the time came that I needed help, i couldnt approach any of them. Most of the time, the only elders that last in the board are those who are like them, those who just follows the crowd and does not argue or say no to their plans.

            • There is no question that many of Jehovah’s Witnesses are heavily burdened with life’s anxieties. Clinical depression is affecting more and more people in general in our modern world and Jehovah’s Witnesses are not immune. There is a great need for encouragement. Elders should absolutely know the appearance of their flock and take into consideration such things as depression and other mental illnesses.

              Unfortunately, my sister-in-law experienced firsthand how an elder can speak thoughtlessly as with the stabs of the sword. For years she has struggled with bipolar and depression. She works full time and is the mother of a handicapped son and the wife of an emotionally crippled alcoholic. She has struggled to keep up with meeting attendance and field service carrying such a burden. One day an elder approached her after having reviewed her publisher card and told her that apparently she didn’t love Jehovah very much because she didn’t put very much time into her ministry. The elder may have thought he was encouraging her. The result, though, was my sister-in-law left the kingdom hall and never returned. ‘What’s the point?’ she reasoned.

              These are the things for which Jehovah will ultimately require an accounting.

            • e.v.g

              Some Elders have depression and other mental illnesses, imagine that!!!

        • Jonah Peter Paul

          I love that answer!!! Even my little girl is excitedly anticipating that day that justice will be served. You know she was affected too. Before we left the elders told their children to no longer come close to my small daughter and then on that fateful night when the elders blackmailed us and betrayed us she saw everything and she was just crying and crying and wanted to avenge me. She was so small then but she could remember what happened.

      • Jonah Peter Paul

        So sorry to hear about what happened to your wife. Being abused and going through what she did at such a young age could do a lot of damage and could take a long long time to heal. Sending your wife hugs and my christian love. I hope that she is doing better now. I could relate to her story. When everything happened I was a total orphan who lived with my aunt and her kids. They all sold me out to the elders. There are many things that the elders could have done, so many ways to deal with this problem better but any other options are off the table. The Watchtower deals with any allegation of any sort of child abuse by silencing the victim- always silencing the victim instead of disciplining the abuser.

        Just the other day there was a middle aged JW regular pioneer and a mother to a young child who replied on my review of our local Bethel on facebook. I gave a very short summary of my story and how was able to help me in hopes that others who may have been abused or may have been stumbled could be lead here but I was painfully attacked with so many accusations, so many painful words that in the end when I told the sister that her comments are for the better since they only prove that the organization silences victims of abuse and it reflects her attitude, she suddenly became conscious and deleted all of her comments against me. One of the things she told me is that I was dragging God’s Holy name and reproaching it. But then I replied to her saying: “The perpetrators are the ones causing reproach to God’s name and not the victims.”

        I wonder why it is so hard for them to comprehend that very simple fact. The JWs seem to have donated everything to the Watchtower, even their own minds. If they firmly dealt with those who cause any sort of abuse against children and even adults, there will be no victims to silence in the first place.

        • Thanks for your thoughts, she’s hanging in there by staying busy. When she is NOT busy the skeletons fall out the closet. Sounds like you two have very similar stories. One day soon Jehovah and Jesus Love will whirlwind you so tight, it will heal up all your broken wounds -guaranteed ! And I don’t know what’s with people if it didn’t happen to them it’s just not true they’re so,what’s the word “brainwashed”.

          • Jonah Peter Paul

            That is true. We have to keep busy or else.. In my case there are just days that I function well and then all of a sudden… I feel lost and have no direction. Im dysfunctional some of the time which is why I remember what happened to me quite often. I was so overwhelmed with fear that it literally damaged me for good. Everyday is a struggle for those with traumatic childhood experiences. Its a battle everyday whether we are going to be able to be productive or if the past is going to consume us. Glad that your wife found a great husband who would be supportive and understanding with her situation, that is exactly what she needs. And true too that those who did not experience what we’ve been through seem to find it so hard to understand. The end is the challenge though. I wonder how those like us could endure what is to come when some of us struggle here, while living in a relative time of peace. Anyway just as you said, Jehovah should be able to take care of those things.

            • Rather than melt in fear as those without faith are certain to do when the angels unleash the four winds of annihilation upon the earth, let us seize the opportunity then to take a stand for the truth—come what may! Let us remember the men and women recorded in the Scriptures who accomplished extraordinary things by means of their faith.

              Foremost, may we always look to the example that Jesus Christ set. And have faith that the one who once calmed the tempestuous Sea of Gallilee with a mere word and who gave the command for Peter to step out of the little boat and into the surging waters, will also carry us through the coming tempest of Jehovah. ( last page in Robert’s book )

            • I wonder how those like us could endure what is to come when some of us struggle here now ? Funny you should ask because I posed this question to my elderly mother a month ago. ” so Mom are you ready to endure what’s coming ,not being able to buy or sell or able to get your medicines. We’re going to have to make it through three and a half years of tribulation-are you ready for that “? ” Feels like the last 60 year’s has been a tribulation, besides Jehovah’s going to be in control then- remember Satan is in control now, stop worrying son. He will Especially look out for the hurt, broken, weak, downtrodden & abused, sons and daughters .

            • Kevin b

              They don’t get it. Satans been on earth since 1914, cast out of heaven, yea right. Things are horrible everywhere, not really. I’ve enjoyed almost 50 years of peaceful living here in the States. Things have been great. When it does come, they won’t be ready.

    • noname

      My heart goes out to you for what you’ve had to experience I can only imagine how painful it is and was when you were a defenseless child with no way to escape. I am certain that Jehovah is boiling with anger at those who serve injustice to the disadvantaged.
      I cannot help but think that victims are originally just trying to obtain justice against their abuser, and seek refuge and comfort. However it is like the organization takes offense like the victim is attacking them personally when originally they probably are not. But because the Org. Comes down on them with so much animosity, what choice does the victim have and where does that leave their faith?

      Ecc. 7:9 Do not be quick to take offense, for the taking of offense lodges in the bosom of fools.-

  • They don’t want the world to know what they’ve known about child sex abuse within their organization for decades and they’ve been trying desperately to keep that covered up. Fortunately their time is about to run out !

    • Bklyn Kevin

      Revelation 21: 7 Anyone conquering will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be my son.

      • i really like that scripture Kevin. ty

  • For these and other reasons, God is now determined to set fire to his vineyard.

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