Who Will Be the Next President of America?

//Who Will Be the Next President of America?

QUESTION: Since, the citizens of the United States (not me) will be electing a new president this year and in view of the coming World War III, whom do you believe will be the next President correlating with Bible prophecy to bring about World War III? I know the Father puts it into the minds of the Wild Beast to bring about his day, but just wondering who do you think the next president will be, possibly this will be last president during the coming great tribulation and Armageddon.

There is no way of knowing these kinds of details. I certainly do not use a crystal ball or Tarot cards, not that they would be of any use anyway.

We naturally assume that things will go forward in an orderly manner. That is because that is all we have known. In America there is a presidential election every four years and it seems like the whole time in between that cycle is one very long political campaign. But I am not assuming that there will be another election, even though it is only eight months away.

This certainly is an unusual campaign though. And obviously people who do not live in America and even the non-voting Jehovah’s Witnesses, can’t help but notice the craziness, particularly with the Trump campaign. The so-called establishment are reportedly determined to prevent Trump from even gaining the nomination, even though he is looking like the presumptive nominee. Trump has warned that if the will of the people is thwarted by some convention shenanigans then there might be riots in the street. On the other hand, given his racist rhetoric people-of-color, so-called, have threatened to revolt if he is elected. So, there is a lot of controversy. The political extremes are causing a polarization of the population. It seems that people are being incited to a great outrage, maybe even civil war under certain conditions.

But besides that, the front-runner in the Democratic party has a huge legal cloud hanging over her due to her illegal transmission of classified information during her time as the Secretary of State.  Although her party controls the Justice Department and it has, not surprisingly, shelved any further investigation of the matter until after the election, the FBI is not so easily controlled. There are dozens of agents working on the case and they could drop an indictment on the leading candidate for presidency right at a crucial moment in the run-up to the election. That could also outrage a lot of her supporters and throw the whole presidential race into chaos. 

There is another factor to consider. At some point in the not too distant future either the politicians will have to find the will to do the unthinkable, and that is shut down Wall Street and wipe out the two quadrillions of unpayable derivatives that have been placed as side bets on a collapsing underlying economy, or they will themselves be swept away in the Tsunami when the damn inevitably breaks.

As I have pointed out in various articles —most recently on the rejuvenated Updates page in an entry entitled “London’s Empire Is a Bit Wobbly —the certain knowledge that the Empire’s monetary and financial system is in a terminal phase is pushing them headlong to foment global war. In the event the inevitable crash occurs before the November election the incumbent president could conceivably cancel the election, which would make the sitting president America’s first dictator. So, there is a powerful dynamic at work, an undercurrent steering current events.

But like I said, I have no way of knowing the details. No one does. These are just possible scenarios. With the system becoming more and more unstable anything can happen. A assassination of one of the candidates is possible or a terrorist event – anything.


However, I can speak with some certainly as regards the ultimate fate of the United States. Of course, Jehovah’s Witnesses are focused on the tribulation and Armageddon as the next big things on God’s calendar. And certainly that will be the ultimate end of all nations. But I have an entirely different perspective based upon my understanding of certain prophecies.

Just as a point of reference, consider what the 13th chapter of Revelation states: “Now the wild beast that I saw was like a leopard, but its feet were like those of a bear, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. And the dragon gave to the beast its power and its throne and great authority. I saw that one of its heads seemed to have been fatally wounded, but its mortal wound had been healed, and all the earth followed the wild beast with admiration.”

The Watchtower’s interpretation of the symbolism involved is very credible. The seven-headed beast symbolizes the succession of empires that have oppressed God’s people since the time of Pharaohs’ Egypt. The reasonableness of that explanation is why Jehovah’s Witnesses do not question any of it, which is unfortunate because we should question the timing attached to it. Specifically, was the head of the symbolic beast really afflicted with a mortal wound back during the First World War a century ago? Is there any way to determine if the Watchtower’s interpretation is correct? Yes, there is. But you have to use your powers of reason in an honest way.

First, as most readers know the Watchtower teaches that the seventh head of the beast is the Anglo-American duo, which I do not question. Even allowing for the fact that the alliance did not really form until WWII, let’s assume the British Empire was ruling as the neo-Roman Empire as the sixth head of the beast in 1914. Is there anything we can point to in history that would validate the Watchtower’s point of view? A fatal wound surely signifies the utter collapse of a particular political entity. That being true, what evidence is there that either the British Empire or America suffered anything that could be described as a collapse during the war? Surely even elementary school students know that Britain, America and their allies were victorious.

Second, the 13th chapter goes on to reveal that the death and revival of the head of the beast initiates a judgment period, whereby those who wonder admiringly over the death-defying prowess of the beast do not have their names written in Jehovah’s book of life. They are marked with 666, signifying their everlasting doom. Now, I have presented this question to Jehovah’s Witnesses before and no one has an answer. But, here it is again: If people have already been consigned to everlasting death due to their political allegiance to the beast, why do Jehovah’s Witnesses bother preaching a message of hope and salvation to the masses of the doomed?

To be sure, the reason Bethel is compelled to concoct such an untenable interpretation is because the fatal wound comes about as an immediate chain-reaction event to the ouster of Satan and the demons from heaven. And the Governing Body are well aware of that connection too. And, just to emphasize the point: The demons are cast down when the Kingdom comes to power.

Because the Watchtower is committed to clinging to 1914 until the bitter end they are also forced to place the mortal wounding of the beast in that same time frame too, even though it is demonstrably untrue. Conversely, because there is no evidence that the leading nations of the world suffered anything analogous to a mortal wound and recovery in 1914 or any time since then, neither are there grounds for believing that the Kingdom has come to power or that the great dragon has been hurled down. 

Now, once we are convinced that the beast has not been struck down yet, and assuming we actually believe the Scriptures, that opens up our minds to understanding a whole range of prophecy in a new light —and by that light, a glimpse ahead of the things that must shortly take place.

What the deathblow actually signifies is the collapse of the Anglo-American world power —not the imaginary one in the past, but a future crash of the most powerful nation on earth.


This event is portrayed in Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel as the downfall of “Egypt.” Having been the first great nation and the first head of the symbolic beast, as well as the original king of the south, Egypt represents America at the time the Kingdom comes to power. 

Of interest in the opening words Isaiah’s prophecy of the fall of “Egypt” it foretells civil war, saying: “Look! Jehovah is riding on a swift cloud and is coming into Egypt. The worthless gods of Egypt will tremble before him, and the heart of Egypt will melt within it. I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians, and they will fight one another, each against his brother and his neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.”

In actuality, Babylon conquered ancient Egypt, but because it was a judgment from God, Jehovah is spoken of as if riding on a cloud like a war chariot and coming into Egypt.

RIOT POLICE IN ACTIONBecause the prophecy really speaks to the fall of “Egypt” at the coming of Christ, which is apparent by what is stated in the 20th verse regarding Jehovah sending a grand savior to his people in “Egypt,” which had no apparent application to the Assyrian invasion or the Chaldean conquest, it is noteworthy that God foretells that he will incite “Egyptians against Egyptians” —civil war. Not only that, but Jehovah chides the “Egyptians” for their foolishness, their political paralysis and ineptitude that is the underlying cause for their nation being delivered up to a “hard master.”

Verses 12-15 could easily apply to America at this point in time as no politician seems to have any idea how to lead the nation out of the enveloping crisis: “Where, then, are your wise men? Let them tell you if they know what Jehovah of armies has decided concerning Egypt. The princes of Zoan have acted foolishly; the princes of Noph have been deceived; the chiefs of her tribes have led Egypt astray. Jehovah has poured out on her a spirit of confusion; and they have led Egypt astray in whatever she does, like a drunk staggering in his vomit. And Egypt will not have any work to do, whether for the head or the tail, the shoot or the rush.”

While politicians make endless speeches about how they are going to make America great, as stated already, what politician would dare call for shutting down Wall Street and the Federal Reserve bank? ‘That’s our money machine! Don’t touch Wall Street.’

They have been deceived into supposing that money has some value. They have fallen for the trap of selling the nation into indebtedness and eventual servitude. They have rolled the bankers’ Trojan horse into their gates. Placing the fate of the nation with the managers of the global casino, fighting the Empire’s senseless wars, making enemies around the world, funding the very terrorists they pretend to be fighting —Jehovah has indeed “poured out on her a spirit of confusion.”

The impending downfall of America will shock the world. Likening Egypt to the grandest tree in his garden of treelike nations, Jehovah states in Ezekiel: “At the sound of its downfall, I will cause nations to shudder when I bring it down to the Grave along with all those going down into the pit, and all the trees of Eden, the choicest and the best of Lebanon, all that are well-watered, will be comforted in the land down below. They have gone down to the Grave with him, to those slain by the sword, together with his supporters who lived in his shadow among the nations.”

Egypt going down into the pit, the Grave, coincides with the fatal wound upon the head of the beast, which causes it to go into the abyss —only to emerge as a beast that then will begin speaking as a dragon.

The end of America will spell the end of democracy. That will begin the new world order, during when all of Jehovah’s judgments will be carried to completion.

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  • Robert, there is no way for you or I to know these things on our own, certainly, but if you listen, Jehovah is speaking. Of course, Jehovah’s speaking is only useful to those who take heed…the democrats are going to win, Trump will cause uprisings and feed into the king of the north’s agenda, and the democrats will be the king of the north’s scapegoat…it has been determined already.

    • ewatchman

      Jehovah is not speaking, not to me, not to you or anyone else. Jehovah has spoken, long ago foretelling that the greatest nation in the world is going to be felled like a giant cedar tree. It will not matter one wit which political party is in control when the axe falls.

      • Jonah Peter Paul

        at last, praise God! And can I say boom!!!? lol apparently some have been using tarot cards and perhaps a crystal ball? Apparently too it doesn’t work well!

        • ewatchman

          You are sooooo bad, but in a good way ;~)#

          • Jonah Peter Paul

            thanks brother. Really am just for the TRUTH.

    • Beverly kenyon

      Hi Tara, I say this with love 1Cor13. Nearly every time you appear on Brother King’s site its to try and pick holes in him and you’re coming across as a bit of “Single White Femaleish”. Brother King is fulfilling his role as one of Jehovah’s anointed to feed Jehovah’s flock. That man has worked tirelessly to do just that and has restored a lot of people’s faith and has literally saved lives…he saved mine so I’m proof of that! He’s also had to contended with being ridiculed, called names, they’ve tried to discredit him and ignored. Thank Goodness Jehovah has made him more stubborn than them because most of us here on Ewatchman has benefitted from him standing his ground and feeding spiritually the lost sheep. You have your own gifts so wouldn’t it be better for you to concentrate your energies on preaching about the Kingdom and trying to save lives. I don’t know if you see Brother King as some sort of spiritual father figure and that’s lovely but it’s appearing as bit “Bunny Boilerish” and that’s a bit degrading and sad. I’m not trying to bring you down as like the rest of us, you have your own struggles but seriously think about the things that ones here have tried to reason with you. Brother Basavaraj has brought out some amazingly fantastic points for you to really think about if you would only try.

      • Beverly, I actually agree with you…i was there when RK was viciously attacked, and I was one of his biggest defenders…back them I posted as “anon” I dont harbor resentment…if I did I wouldn’t care enough to come back to his site. RK has done a great service to Jehovah and to us. It’s funny, but I actually agree with you concerning my posts…what I say on this site usually goes against my nature…i will read a comment and say I’m just going to ignore it, but ultimately I’m pushed to comment anyway…and EVERY time that happens, the point becomes apparent later on. As I mentioned, I never intended to do any further posts on this site, and when that article was posted, I was moved to comment…and sure enough, the meaning became apparent…that bit about Moses, I may have been the one to put the pieces together with the gifts God has given me, but ultimately, that comment did nit originate with me…it was Jehovah calling RK to repentance. …and to answer Burt’s question about why I’m convinced I’m on the right path is because that sort of thing is happening mire and more frequently in my life…each passing day, something happens, or I am moved to do something that is against my own nature, only to have the reason for it be revealed down the road…its happened WAY too many times to be coincidence…and it only started happening AFTER I left the witnesses.

        • Beverly kenyon

          Tara, Thanks for your reply and sorry about my late reply to you. I know you don’t harbour resentment as you keep bouncing back and that’s a good thing as it shows what a strong resilient person you are and you need to be like that Tara as it will always be an uphill battle for you and a lot of negativity surrounding your situation. I think you need all the support you can get and I also feel you look up to Brother King as a kind of father figure that you look up to but Brother King is doing serious work in providing proper spiritual food for Jehovah’s flock that have found their way here and ones who visit this site but keep silent. Try not read to read too much into things and try to reach out to ones who know nothing about God’s Kingdom and the wondrous benefits that it will be bringing to mankind when the dust has settled and the Kingdom rule begins. Now for me that’s exciting but scary! In the new world that God has promised that he will bring about everything will be new because nothing is impossible with Jehovah…he’s going to make everything right again so you’ve got to keep going!!

          • Outstanding post, sweet sis!

          • Yeah…i mean I can’t say I look at him as a father figure…there’s only one person that fits that role for me, but I would be happy to consider him my spiritual brother, but I fear the feeling is not mutual…thank you for your encouraging words, it really means a lot.

  • What is the worst possible outcome for the presidential election of 2016? Assuming that an election will actually take place, that is an easy question to answer – Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next president of the United States. She is truly evil in every sense of the word, and the implications of what four (or eight) years of Hillary would mean for the nation are almost too terrible to imagine. But then again it really does not matter, just wish it all would hurry up and end. Sick and tired of this evil system.

    • Beverly kenyon

      In total agreement with you Joseph. Living in this system is soul destroying. Can’t wait for it all to kick off even though it’s gonna horrific. Just hope and pray I don’t go out in the first wave because I want to see jehovah,s awesome power.

      • Definitely, it’s scary but exciting at the same time ! Think about it none of our stories have really been written yet. Stories of compassion and survival , love and faithfulness. We are the generation that will see Jehovah’s Fury and live to tell about it ! We will become like the Bible characters of old that we all want to meet and greet ,love ,hug and share stories with in the future kingdom of God here on Earth. We will forever be known as the survivors of the greatest tribulation mankind has ever seen !
        Past and future Generations will seek us out and want to share our stories with them and their family.
        What a blessing it is to be a part of this Grand Story !!!

        • god dewd, u make me cry. finish reading that later

          • e.v.g

            Joseph is very emotive, also it makes me cry.

        • The Bible informs us that the end will involve destruction: “There will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now . . . In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved.” (Matthew 24:21, 22) But God promises us that many humans will survive: “The world is passing away . . . , but the one who does the will of God remains forever.”—1 John 2:17.

        • Thinking

          Yes this is how ,I have always thought of it too….Patriarchs of the old world.
          …..now…to survive it!!,

        • Volcanic

          you forgot to mention that some of us will be able to relate what it felt & looked like to be old, JS

      • Beverly kenyon

        If Hillary Clinton is as evil as you say Joseph then she’s the right “man” for the job of next president and I’m sure the ruler of this world will install her into that position. Some of the points you brought out about being a survivor into Jehovah’s New World had me tearing up! It’s a good thing there will be a thousand years because there will a lot of stories to be told! And yes, I do want to there but I don’t take Jehovah’s undeserved kindness for granted.

      • Rose Castro

        I agree. I am so sick and tired of it too. Even if it means dying, I want it to happen so I can be finally free…

  • Bklyn Kevin

    Robert I really appreciated what you said about the supposed new world order in your video.
    You said In so many words “it’s not really a new world order because Satan has always been the ruler of this world, so how can it be a new world order?. Excellent point.
    It just goes to show you , if we hear something often enough we start to assume it’s the truth.

    • yeah, ive thought of the same thing Robert said. same ruler even if the world governments make ajustments. also, he had mentioned times such as during the Tower of Babel, they didint get their unified order but this time they will. its perspective on how you look at it. however, whats coming will certainly be new compaired to times past as Jesus said “for then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now,”. this time Satan will be cast out of heaven and confined to the earthly vicinity but also guess what, Jesus will be ruling at the same time, hehe, even though all is in a great tribulation, HURRAY! our master returns.

      (side thoughts. – im loooking forward to getting those few strokes cause i deserve every single one)

      • Beverly kenyon

        That’s is such a good point about receiving those few strokes because you deserve every single one. I’m of the same opinion because I too deserve every single one. It did make me laugh though!

        • well, few strokes or thousand year parole or poth, hoever that works with his flock. i need a overhaul and help by Jehovah’s divine intervention to remove sin from my life cause doing it on my own is impossible. eveyday is wretched by my own actions cause of a relentless wicked system. its not fair.

          im glad i made somebody laugh. i hope i can live to hear one of Jehovah’s jokes that will make your rips hurt.

          • Beverly kenyon

            Yes, it’s not fair and it is wretched, critical times coupled with our imperfect sinful tendencies makes every day a massive struggle. Thumbs up to Adam and Eve! They stitched us up Royal! Just being a bit sarcastic. We’re all battle fatigued. But we’re in good company because the apostle Paul struggled also and he wrote about his problem in the book of Romans chapter 7 verse 19. Keep going and keep that sense of humour. We love and serve the Happy God and I’m sure he wants us to have a good sense of humour.

  • Revv_zone@gmail.com Please8834

    We’ve all been told over again and again thst the United Nations will fill the roll of the aka eighth King.. Its becoming clearer that the UN is only vassal king it simply has no power nor does anything about it prove it is for certaintanty a kingdom by any sorts. It is ONLY a place in which leaders make speaches.Another thing is it hasn’t and has never unanimously agreed on anything .at least I myself cannot find a shred online where they have.. The book of revelation depicts a scarlet colored wild beast and only communistic country’s weld this color,.for a certaintanty it befits one communal relationship with an all dictatorial power .. it wouldn’t surprise me when the Anglo duo go’s down financially that the US goes rogue militarily on the major power’s of the world and declares its ruler by rule or ruin..

    • ewatchman

      Think of the UN in its present form as a placeholder. It has very little power now, but it has potential to function as a world government if the nations agree to empower it.

      Of course, that will never happen, as it would require nations to forfeit their own sovereignty. However, in the event of global financial collapse, when the money nations issue as sovereign currency becomes worthless, non-negotiable, then it is not unrealistic to expect the bankers who currently operate in the IMF/World Bank system to issue a global currency under the auspices of the United Nations. Like the old saying goes: ‘Follow the money.’

      • Revv_zone@gmail.com Please8834

        I happened to catch a glimpse on one of the major news outlets, Where Obama , with a very matter of fact expression saying “Donald Trump will NOT be the next president of the United States” My thoughts where, since when has a sitting president made such a statement? And just why would he care who the next president will be? Another thing I watched in a interview with Obama where he stated that he “can’t say whatever wants that everything he says must be approved or feed to him via teleprompter or a written speech. my guess is he must know something we don’t know?

      • well when the atom bombs start going off then i guess the “city of tearing down” mite be an ideal place to be for a short time if the U.N. is a place holder. i know its relatively global with Jehovah’s people but as Isaiah 19:19 says will be the case with the south typifying the U.S., it looks like there’ll be life around the headquarters of New York durning war

      • Brian

        They have that power now under the SDR’s to make a world currency.

  • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

    I am young man of 39 years but still I like these things mentioned in this article to happen in my lifetime because I want to witness at least one Biblical prophecy in my lifetime. Anyway thanks to Br. Robert King and may Jehovah give him a long life as he has done a lot of work on bible that benefited many people like me to once again put faith in Jehovah and Jesus.

    • Rose Castro


  • 不错,不错,看看了!

  • Merton

    What about Britain potentially coming out of the EU. Thoughts Robert?

    • ewatchman

      On face value I don’t think it would be that big of a deal, since the UK never gave up the Pound for the Euro. However, I think it might embolden other nations to bolt, which would cause the whole “union” to unravel and the Euro would collapse. That would be catastrophic. Interesting times, these

  • as I learn the truth I come up with many answers and some times just as many questions about all this. I will say I can see the writing on the wall and only a fool would ignore the truth and as a father I am very concerned about the things to come for I surely know they are coming and so instead of trying to figure out details that only Jehovah him self knows I will just keep a truth driven perspective on all this and instead of asking who how why and when I will just put all of my faith and worries with Jehovah. lets face it every the truth tells some very frightening prophecy’s to come and so we are all very worried but we must not be weighed down with the troubles of the world but keep a clear perspective on Jehovah and his will.

  • Many American patriots have voiced their concern that their once-prosperous nation is being run into the ground, but in spite of all the talk by well-meaning political leaders and businessmen, the downward spiral relentlessly continues. How true, the prophet’s following words: “Jehovah himself has mingled in her the spirit of disconcertedness; and they have caused Egypt to wander about in all its work, just as someone drunk is made to wander about in his vomit. And Egypt will not come to have any work that the head or tail, the shoot or the rush, can do.” It matters little which political party is in control, no modern-day Egyptian leader can lead their doomed nation back from the precipice of catastrophe. Jehovah has, in effect, weighed the nation in the balance and found it wanting.
    ( chapter 14 – Downfall of America )

    • been reason why i dont put anyone down who cant find employment

  • John Roberts

    You certainly have a fascinating way of looking at things, Watchman. One must ask, of course, why if Jehovah’s people are on the earth, are they guided by blind guides? Who speaks for God today if it’s not the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. You’re correct that they have had no revelations, no visions and I add that they have not been called, chosen or ordained to speak for God. So who does? Are we not in need of prophets today even more than ever before? You speak of Armageddon, but you don’t seem to understand that it will happen in the Middle East. You speak of the two prophets of Revelation 11 as though they are mere symbols, not literal prophets; that they will die, not in Jerusalem as the prophets have said, but symbolically. How would anyone know that without revelation. What if the Jews of Jesus’ time had said, “Oh, the suffering servant of Isaiah 53 is clearly symbolic! We shouldn’t take it literally.” And what would have become of Noah had he said, “Oh, the floods aren’t literal. They’re symbolic of the word of God being poured out on you now, and if you don’t accept it you will drown symbolically.”

    It rests on every would-be prophet to account for his own knowledge. Too many people today believe their own concoctions. They speak vain words with no authorization. Who can speak for God today? Who has the Keys of the Kingdom, of binding both in Heaven and on Earth? Who has seen God in our day, communes with Him and has His authority? Who can authoritatively state, “Thus south the Lord!”

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses are a manmade religion who have answered a call when no one has called. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. It has always been so. Yet there are no witnesses when one calls himself. So as a watchman, point us in the right direction.

    • ewatchman

      The question of why blind guides exist is actually asked and answered by God http://jehovah-is-king.com/blind/

    • Brian

      Hi, it would seem that there is some latitude given to those that are trying to direct people to Jesus and teach them, I am sure that when Matthew was inspired to write/record what Jesus said about those that teach such after bending or breaking some of the words written such as; “Whoever, therefore, breaks one of these least commandments and teaches
      others to do so will be called least in relation to the Kingdom of the
      heavens. But whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in
      relation to the Kingdom of the heavens.” Mt 5:19
      Of course this is not making excuses for deliberate acts, given the fact that there has been a long period of time covered in the apostasy and this still has not been lifted, anyone that has the heart driven desire to teach and direct people to Jesus and the Kingdom would have to be seen to be doing something that was asked of them.

      • John Roberts

        Yes, but they must receive revelation and have authority in the ministry. And most importantly, they need the keys of the kingdom of God, that whatsoever they bind on Earth is bound in Heaven. Keep in mind, too, that the Bible is not a handbook. It lacks crucial information on how the church is to function and God determines that. Thus if one is to perform a holy ordinance, it must be done correctly, and those who conduct it and oversee it are tasked with ensuring that it’s done correctly and that people are taught the truth and have a full understanding of the chain of command.

        Jesus told the apostles, “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordained you.” Further, we’re told that no man taketh this honor to himself but he who is called of God as was Aaron. Recall that Aaron was called of God through a fully called and ordained emissary, Moses, and he was ordained, hands-on-head, before the congregation.

        Every church thinks it teaches the truth, but good intentions alone cannot create authority. When Saul became king of Israel and the prophet Samuel was delayed at an event, Saul took it upon himself to offer the sacrifices himself. And though he had been anointed king, he had not been ordained to the priesthood. When Samuel arrived and saw what had happened, he realized the implications immediately. “Thou has done foolishly,” he told the king. “Thou hast not kept the commandment of the Lord thy God, which he commanded thee: for now would the Lord have established thy kingdom upon Israel forever. Now thy kingdom shall not continue…because thou hast not kept that which the Lord commanded thee.” So he lost his kingdom in an instant because he presumed to have the authority to act in God’s name when, in fact, he didn’t.

        • Brian

          I am of the opinion that there is no absolute body of people that are exclusively considered “Gods people” on the earth. The authority comes form the scriptures and them alone. It is what people do with the scriptures and their personal behaviour and or conduct would determine their acceptance to God. The Revelation letters to the seven congregations just prior to revelation of Jesus sort of tells all, there is not one of them which is deemed perfect in what they are doing, some much better than others and the recommendation to them to get their houses in order before the arrival means non of them are fully acceptable in their current state.
          Yes, we do not choose, but something has drawn all that search the truth toward Jesus and ultimately Jehovah, I should imagine this to the calling and from that calling the sons will be chosen, it hasn’t changed since the formation of the new temple.
          As far as acting in Gods name, we are only commissioned to use the scriptures for guidance and in some instances reproof, as far as the Kingdom, all of those that are approved to be apart of it will have the Kingdom removed form them in the coming separation.

        • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

          Another Temple is no way connected to the coming of Christ. Even if it coincides may be Satan wants to mislead many including Jehovah’s witness. They may build a temple. Do you know what they want to keep inside the temple? It is not going to be dedicated either to Jehovah or Jesus, they want to keep the image of ancient Canaanite god Molech. It is official as I was told by a pastor and professor of history who had visited Israel for an archeological research.

    • Armageddon aint gunna happen in the middle east. it is a global and heavenly event

      • John Roberts

        Prophecy is literal. It has to be or every kook and pretender can come out of the woodwork and claim spiritual fulfillments. That’s why there are no prophecies in the past that were symbolic, nor are there any prophecies about the “Jehovah” movement, whether it be the WTBTS or any other Adventist religion. “For surely the Lord God will do nothing, save he will reveal his secrets to his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7) Not symbolically, not metaphorically, not mystically, but literally. Take Isaiah 53 for example. The Jews say the suffering servant is Israel and that it’s not actually a literal servant. But since there are no chapters or verses in the original text, we go back a few verses in Chapter 52 and we read: “Behold, my servant shall deal prudently, he shall be exalted and extolled, and be very high. As many were astonied at thee; his visage was so marred more than any man, and his form more than the sons of men: So shall he sprinkle many nations; the kings shall shut their mouths at him: for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider.”

        Then Chapter 53 begins and accurately, and literally, foretells the coming of the Son of Man, the Messiah, in the meridian of time. It was not symbolic, nor was the servant a representation of Israel. You say Amageddon is a global event, but the prophets don’t teach that. And what of the two prophets who will give their lives and whose bodies will lie on the streets of Jerusalem for a little more than three days?

        Note that though the prophecy is couched in symbolic terms, the fulfillment is literal: “And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.”

        Let’s look at the part about “the great city” for a moment. John tells us that the literal fulfillment is the city that is “spiritually called Sodom and Egypt” (there’s your symbolism) “where also our Lord was crucified” (and that’s the literal fulfillment). This is the apostle’s way of saying that in the days of this prophecy’s fulfillment, Jerusalem will be a wicked city. After it is on the brink of ruin, the Mount of Olives is split in twain by a horrendous earthquake and the Messiah descends, his feet touching the earth for the first time in more than two thousand years. The glory of his coming destroys the Beast and all but one-sixth of his forces. It’s all in prophecy and is easily stitched together if one doesn’t attempt to apply symbolism to it. The great battle of Armageddon is not Ragnarök and never was. It’s described in Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 12-14 and Revelation 11.

        • lit·er·al, adjective – https://www.google.com/search?q=definition%3Aliteral&oq=definition%3A+literal&aqs=mobile-gws-lite..

          the book of Revelation has always been renowned for its prophetic symbolism and will always be distinguished as such for the simple reason that is exactly what it is – a prophetic book that applies symbolic & figurative expression to define future events.

          usually the misguided or deceivers who refuse to understand biblical scripture would ever describe prophecy such as apostle John’s prophetical disclosure of events as literal. his letter of divine vision through symbolic & figurative expression will never be denoted as a literal depiction of the scene without necessary interpretation of the languages figurative & symbolic portrayal, ever, because literalism is not the books primary quality and outstanding character when revealing the prophecies therein, witch isnt always so obvious to even honest non-Bible readers.

          one example among many other metaphorical/figurative/symbolic prophecies of the PAST, is found in the book of Daniel where in the PAST Daniel received the interpretation of Jehovah’s artistic expression used when creating Nebuchadnezzar reoccurring dream of an image that is SYMBOLIC of PAST and future kingdoms.

          many pretenders can and as the scriptures in fact say WILL claim inspired expression (2-Thessalonians 2:2;9-12) not just out of some woodwork but out of Satan’s operation, as Jesus even forewarned “many false prophets will arise and mislead many”. so, that is a given and something to even be expected. despite any kook, just as Jehovah in the PAST had revealed his interpretation to Daniel, Peter has let us “know this first, that no prophecy of Scripture springs from any private interpretation.” (2-Peter 1:20) and as Joseph has asked, Do not interpretations belong to God? (Genesis 40:8)

          to be sure, not all language of prophecy has been so figurative/metaphoric/symbolic or personified in nature such as the 30 pieces of silver in return to betray righteous blood but leaving comments here labeling or categorizing prophecy as literal while yet giving a reference to Isaiah’s figurative representation of One who is like a “twig” and “root out of waterless land”, would be and should be looked at with suspicion whether or not they are either

          1 – confused,
          2 – trolling,
          3 – on heavy medication,
          4 – been watching to many sci-fi movies,
          5 – talking about some other non-biblical book,
          6 – have a sinister motive to misguide those living in reality.

          im am not questioning if Jehovah’s will can occur.
          of course Jehovah’s expressive word however his thoughts have been conveyed through scripture will come to pass as he has stated “the thoughts of YOU people are not my thoughts, nor are my ways YOUR ways, is the utterance of Jehovah. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than YOUR ways and my thoughts than YOUR thoughts. For just as the pouring rain descends and snow from the heavens does not return to that place unless it actually saturates the earth and makes it produce and sprout and seed is actually given to the sower and bread to the eater, so my word that goes forth from my mouth will prove to be. It will not return to me without results but it will certainly do that in which I have delighted and it will have certain success in that for which I have sent it. – Isaiah 55:8-11

          now as far as the concept of events told by the expression Har-Magedon, being something middle eastern, that is hogwash. the prophetic significance is associated with events that took place in the ancient city of Megiddo. hence the war of Armageddon during the the final day of Jehovah, is an epitomized phenomenon resulting effects over “all the inhabitants of the earth”, not some exclusive event happening yonder middle-east. – Zephaniah 1:14-18

          Robert hasnt failed to understand that through Jehovah’s spirit, God’s Word interprets itself. where youre getting your ideas is old and a case of been there heard that. i highly recommend reading a Bible with up to date English


        • Brian

          So you are saying that the physical Jerusalem, and by saying this the physical temple will be there also? What then of the temple that is the Christ’s body along with the apostles? Christ being the corner stone and the apostles are the foundation stones for the new temple, constructed with the remaining son’s of God and brothers of Jesus, if there is a need for a new physical temple it would make the spiritual one that Jesus created void, never will that happen but only in the minds of members of the apostasy.

          • John Roberts

            Of course I’m saying there will be a physical temple. John measured it in Revelation 11, and it was not Jesus’ body. The temple was the integral heart of the Jewish religion and was prominently found in metaphor and prophecy. Not only in Jesus’ body but in ours. Scholars used to believe that the temple in Jerusalem was the only temple recognized by the Jews, but then they began finding others outside Jerusalem, such as the Bar’an temple at Merib, in Yemen.

            I’m also not the one who caused these scriptures to be written. Concerning Jesus’ body, yes it was likened to a temple, but if I’m not mistaken that body is a throw-away to both the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Adventists. In other words, that body is not a permanent part of Jesus’ physical makeup, but something to be discarded.

            John himself writes that the bodies of the two prophets will lie on the streets of the city where Jesus was crucified, which is Jerusalem, which symbolically is called Sodom and Egypt because of its wickedness. Jerusalem is literal; Sodom and Egypt is symbolic. It couldn’t be simpler.

            In the scriptures, some of the Jews ask Jesus if he is Elijah, John the Baptist or “that prophet.” Many scholars now believe that the term “that prophet” refers to an expected latter-day prophet spoken of by Malachi: “Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the Lord of hosts.” (Mal. 3:1.) Even though Matthew quoted that passage as relating to John as a forerunner of Christ, it’s quite apparent that it referred to the last days, for the next verses go on to say: “Who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.” [Mal. 3:2–3]

            Clearly this could not have referred to John in the meridian of time, for he did not bring about the purification of the sons of Levi nor did he come as a refiner’s fire. This prophet has been linked to the Jewish expectation of Messiah ben Joseph by some.

            Prophecy is not guessing. It’s not weaving together scriptures. It’s knowledge that comes from the Holy Spirit as revealed to men of God through the power and spirit of revelation.


            • Bklyn Kevin

              We heard him say, ‘I will throw down this temple that was made with hands, and in three days I will build another
              “not made with hands”. Mark 14:58.

              From that time forward, Jesus began explaining to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed,
              “and on the third day be raised up” .Matthew 16:21.6

              He is not here, but has been raised up. Recall how he spoke to you while he was yet in Galʹi·lee, saying that the Son of man must be handed over to sinful men and be executed on the stake “and on the third day rise”.

              Then they remembered his words, Luke 24:6-822

              Revelation 21: 22 I did not see a temple in it,

              “for Jehovah God the Almighty is its temple, also the Lamb”

              23 And the city has no need of the sun nor of the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God illuminated it, and its lamp was the Lamb.

              24 And the nations will walk by means of its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it.

              25 Its gates will not be closed at all by day, for night will not exist there.

              26 And they will bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it.

              27 But anything defiled and anyone who does what is disgusting and deceitful will in no way enter into it; only those written in the Lamb’s scroll of life will enter.

              Excerpt from Babylon Versus Zion. read more>https://e-watchman.com/babylon-versus-zion/
              The apostle Paul stated in numerous places that anointed Christians comprise just such a spiritual temple. For instance, Ephesians 2:20-22 says: “You have been built up upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, while Christ Jesus himself is the foundation cornerstone. In union with him the whole building, being harmoniously joined together, is growing into a holy temple for Jehovah. In union with him you, too, are being built up together into a place for God to inhabit by spirit.”

            • John Roberts

              You’re taking many verses out of context and you are ignoring the verses that show that there will be a third temple. If you say there is but one temple and it’s Christ, you are wrong. And numerous books have been written on it. The vision which John saw in the Apocalypse speaks of the third temple, though John declares he saw no temple in the New Jerusalem, but you’re assuming the Old and New Jerusalem are the same, which is moot. And because he didn’t see a temple in New Jerusalem doesn’t mean that one was not subsequently built.

              I can see by the scriptures you’re using that you are making assumptions that the writers of those scriptures never make. There’s a lot of this in Christianity and in Judaism, and it requires revelation to know.

            • Brian

              The temple as with many other things depicted in Revelation are not necessarily a literal representation of what is actually taking place, as the visions of Revelation were given to John in “signs and portents”, (or whatever your bible says which mean the same thing) means that everything you read in Revelation requires you to take into account that theses are written in a code of signs if you like.
              When is this “new temple” going to be built and where is it going to be built?

            • Brian

              So what is your interpretation of this “new Jerusalem”?

            • Bklyn Kevin

              My friend it is you who are making too many assumptions due to your reading many apostate books. I only study and read one book is called the bible and it has the final authority concerning all matters and nowhere in this bible can not find support for your ideas that you had presented, In other words if I can find it in the bible then what you’re saying is mere speculation.
              PS if you cannot provide scripture proof to your arguments, then don’t bother writing the back as it is a waste of my time and everyone else’s.

  • Revv_zone@gmail.com Please8834

    Its pretty easy to see who the next president will be. Curly – Moe -or Larry

  • President Obama advises Americans to obtain emergency kits for upcoming disasters.

    Posted on June 2, 2016 by The Extinction Protocol

    Obama Disasters
    June 2016 – EARTHCHANGES – President Obama called for every American to put together a disaster supply kit and evacuation plan because climate change is bringing “more powerful and more devastating” hurricanes to the U.S. – even though the U.S. hasn’t been hit with a major hurricane in more than a decade. Announcing the June 1 start of hurricane season, Obama warned Americans to prepare for imminent climate change-caused hurricanes:
    “All of us have seen the heartbreak, the damage and, in some case, the loss of life that hurricanes can cause. And as climate continues to change, hurricanes are only going to become more powerful and more devastating. “One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster. And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit. If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, you have to do it. Don’t wait.”
    Obama chastised Americans for their “complacency,” and told them to be ready to evacuate when the climate-canes hit: “And what we’ve been seeing is some public complacency slipping in; a large portion of people not having preparedness kits, not having evacuation plans. We’ve been stagnant a little bit with respect to the number of people, the percentage of people who respond to an evacuation order. All that has to pick up, because we want to make sure that, although it’s hard to prevent property damage, that we are doing everything we can to prevent loss of life.”
    The president’s admonition is not just restricted to hurricanes. Major volcanoes have been recently rumbling in the U.S. Midwest, seismic unrest is growing in the Alaska region, Hawaii’s Mauna Loa (the largest volcano on the planet) appears to be awakening, the country’s major fault systems: The Cascadia Subduction Zone, San Andreas, and New Madrid appear overdue for quakes, and the Long Valley and Yellowstone supervolcanoes are still very much active.
    There’s even an app to help Americans prepare for the destruction to come, Obama said: “If you need information about how to put together an evacuation plan, how to put together a disaster preparedness kit, as Craig said, we’ve got an app for everything now. We have a FEMA app in English and in Spanish to help you prepare your family for a disaster.” Meanwhile, the U.S. has now gone a record 127 straight months without a major hurricane making landfall – and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting a “near normal” Atlantic hurricane season this year.
    For the past ten-plus years, “normal” has meant no major hurricanes – even with the effects (if any) of climate change – so “near normal” suggests the U.S. will remain safe from climate-caused hurricane devastation. But, be prepared, because it is coming, Pres. Obama warns. –MRC TV, TEP
    Show less

  • Ed(the other Ed)

    Well I’m somewhat of a prepper too! and one of the things I keep putting off is sheets of plywood on hand to cover broken windows with. I got to get going on this.

  • What’s really going on?
    Resistance is futile……………


    • Ed(the other Ed)

      He mentioned that some people went to jail over Hillary’s classified emails. What he didn’t mention were the number of people associated with the Clintons over the years who have been found dead under strange circumstances or whacked, many with a Bullitt in the head. Over at Greg Hunter’s latest guest interview, if you scroll down the comments someone had posted a list of these people, some of who sound familiar. Somewhat shocking if it’s true.

    • Burt Reynolds

      What is this jubilee I keep hearing about in America?

  • Hahaha

  • Burt Reynolds

    I’m pretty certain either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump will be president, or Obama will stay on, or that something totally unexpected will occur and that whoever does get office, will mess things up a bit. I am already drafting my ‘told you so’ letter.

  • queen freace in countenance?


  • LW

    Why do I get the feeling something big is going to happen after the election happens? I don’t know when and I don’t know how – but I sense it? Does anyone else ? Am I the only person that feels this way?

    • Nope, I feel it to………..
      Something BIG is about to go down.

    • e.v.g

      I remember feeling that back in 2004, I was drunk at that time (I was not a JW ) I had a crazy head…nevermind

      • LW


    • Beverly kenyon

      Civil War…that’s what’s gonna happen LW. Something sinister is bubbling in your country. When talking with people over here in England about your elections that’s what some have said will happen. Also, only yesterday someone said to me that Trumps slogan about make America Great Again and his policies really mean, Make America White Again! But on the plus side when talking about your elections it gives me the opportunity to point out…thanks to Brother King’s insight on the scriptures…that it was prophesied in the Bible about the downfall of America and how it will be “Egyptian against Egyptian.” All the major players are taking their place on the world stage that is being set to bring about God’s purposes.

      • LW

        Yes we will certainly see. Things are definitely going to be really interesting in this country…

        • e.v.g

          Probably the demons are making their moves, sometimes men have to do the job, the problem could be when Jehovah leaves the earth, that will be a serious problem!!!

          • LW

            The angels are holding back the four winds of destruction until all the anointed have been sealed. The demons know what’s coming and they can’t do a darn thing about it, except to prepare society for it in their own twisted and evil way.

            But the sun turning to blood and etc. is all brought on by Jehovah. The great tribulation is the doing of the Creator, not of the demons or men.

            • e.v.g


      • Burt Reynolds

        That certainly seems possible.

        • Beverly kenyon

          Joseph, I think the hate was already there just simmering but now it’s full on and in your face…upfront as its encouraged to hate. It’s okay now to vent your hatred on almost anything and no one flickers…it’s socially acceptable. I think hate is the new love in a twisted way! Now that our minds are brimming with hatred now that we’re being programmed that way then when the horror truly kick off then how much easier people will find it to turn on their neighbour and fellow man and unleash the hate! And of course hate and violence go hand in hand. I’m a strong minded person and it takes a lot to make me cry but just writing this post makes me want to blubber and the worst of it hasn’t even started yet!!

          • During the bleakest time in all human history, Jehovah’s salvation will be revealed to all those who call upon his name, even as was foretold in the prophecy of Joel: “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of Jehovah shall be delivered.” – American Standard Version

          • Burt Reynolds

            People are being encouraged to think blindly and without reason, or a basis in fact. When people are affected this way they act in an unrestrained manner, or thoughtless manner. You can stimulate like behaviours by surprising someone…leaping out from behind a bush with a Halloween mask on is very likely to result in you being attacked without thought, rather than the person run away. The reason for this is essentially that people will attack what they fear. This is different from hate. 2timothy 3 speaks about people being faint out of fear in this time and this reflects the condition of man far more than hate, though the result admittedly may be the same. However, it is better to think of the mental condition as fear, as this helps us to remain focused on the individual as a person. We saw a prime example of fear with hitler conditioning the German people to fear the Jews, the disabled, and those with learning difficulties, or mental illness. The first gassing took place on the learning disabled using carbon monoxide from a petrol engine. People in nazi Germany’s didn’t actually hate the Jews et al, they despised them, thought them worthless. ‘We do not notice you alive, we do not miss you dead’ was a common phrase.

            There are still so many people on this earth that still look for peace and kindness, after all, where did everyone on this site come from! If we look at people in terms of their hate, this makes us less able to treat them with love. A fearful person, or child, produces in fellow man, the desire to help. I’m not saying that hate is not abundant, only that in this case, it is better to look at it in a more humanitarian way if we are to remain effective in preaching and keep calm ourselves.

            Jesus said that if they hated him, they will hate you also as we are not greater than the master, and it is the loathing of Jehovah and his people that will actually unite these fearful ones in a real hate on Jehovah’s people in due time. That’s when it really will be hate, with no chance of reaching out to people anymore. Unfortunately.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Excellent point Burt. When you said”
              (People will attack what they fear this is different from hate.)

            • Beverly kenyon

              Burt, I’m watching Sky and they’re doing a segment on the American elections and they’ve just shown Trump making fun of a disabled person early on in his campaign so no change there because as you pointed out that Hitler started gassing the disabled first and that phrase they used about Jewish people is beyond hateful and wicked! Stuff like that makes my blood boil! I suppose that’s why Jesus Christ emphasised love for neighbour and God because he knew hate would be pulsating throughout the earth in the last days. But absolutely love that point you make about if we look at people in terms of THEIR hate, this makes us less able to treat them with love! Do we then become haters ourselves? I will remember that point.

            • Burt Reynolds

              There certainly is so much negativity. I hardly watch the commercial news channels anymore. For one thing I can’t hear what they are saying over all the drumming and beeping they use in their intro, but also because it’s so superficial. We had something the other night on the BBC about cleansing wipes blocking up the toilet! National news! Robert runs a better news channel than the BBC!

            • Beverly kenyon

              That made me smile because it’s so true Burt. Brother King does run a good News Channel but Newsnight is a bit okay. I liked that piece of news Brother King put up on his site…Something Big is Underway On All Fronts and it mentions about that Top General committing suicide having just being about to take over as the U.S Army Space and Missile Defense Command and was only 55yrs…reading the article you would think he had been bumped off! Yet who knows about that? Bet it didn’t make the mainstream news. So yeah, good point about Brother King’s news channel being better than even the Beeb!

            • Burt Reynolds

              Ive just read that article. You really can get the best news on Roberts site! Or should I say the most informed news. Hopefully an electro magnetic pulse will knock out the tv and we won’t have to endure family wanting to watch X factor or come dancing. I’ve always thought the best place for a tv is outside of a very high window.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Once again Burt your rapier like wit had me laughing out loud…the bit about the TV and high window. So funny! There’s some very funny people here on Ewatchman…we’re certainly not a miserable bunch! Da, Joseph, 1914, Annie, Daisy, one of the best was from Kevin b, Yuri, think Screko has said a couple of one liners, Sally has said a few, e.v.g has said a couple, Brother Basavaraj has been funny but not realising, LW even Brother King delivered a few and others I can’t remember…really lol.

            • LW

              Ouh haha. I can’t remember when I said something funny recently.

              Pray to Jehovah

              “how are you doing?”

              “and say hi to Jesus for us.” ????

            • Beverly kenyon

              Not belly laughs LW but funny little quips also you’re very easy to post to…feel at ease and you always reply to everyone which is so polite. I have never seen you take offence, very easy going and that’s nice as a person like that is approachable. Also very, very knowledgeable.

            • LW

              Right, right I see. I was trying to make you laugh a bit

              Things we don’t say in prayer to Jehovah

              1) how are you doing?

              2) say hi to Jesus for us.

            • Burt Reynolds

              I have not sinned today…..and…..please send me a car…….the latter I actually heard once when someone related an ‘experience’. I was wondering the other day about how ancient prophets and others experiencing instruction directly from the heavenly realm would fling themselves to the floor in expressing submission to the holiness of the event. Well, I just think it’s wise for me to carry a shovel with me to get a little lower still when the judgement angel comes knocking on my door and so in prayer I do ask for that shovel in spiritual terms……come to think of it, a digger might be of more use….

            • Beverly kenyon

              LW, it’s a bit cheeky that post but I can’t stop laughing at it. Really funny! Nothing to beat starting the day with a good laugh! Lol.

            • LW

              Glad I can make you laugh

        • Beverly kenyon

          Btw the Joseph, it’s good to see you’re still about and hope you and family are good. Couldn’t help but notice Annie has got rid of her posts…I hope she hasn’t gone but I noticed the other week she mentioned about being collared by her elders…she certainly don’t need that extra pressure but being the strong, funny, feisty lady she she can more than stand up for herself. It was also good to see Daisy posting too and I hope going strong in the recovery process after her ordeal. I’m still cringing about that spat we were involved in a while ago and I’m working on my quick temper and the fact I had a go at her…she obviously didn’t need that attitude at that time…I still feel bad about it but all the people involved in that carry on, I really cared about and still do. I would stick up for each and everyone of them no matter what! I’ve also noticed Sam has been missing for a while…hope he’s alright! Good to hear from you as usual Josep and please forgive my typing mistakes but I’m shattered as I’m still struggling getting up soooo early to get to my meeting. I am definitely not a morning person! Aargh! Lol.

  • Old lady brady

    I have a question about some people’s attitudes on this site. A while back an individual came onto ewatchman and alluded to the thought that they could be anointed and that individual was thought of as crazy. Yet months before him, another regular user claimed she thought she could be anointed and was encouraged to listen to that voice in her ear. How can there be two opposing opinions regarding ones who think they could be anointed. One is claimed as mentally unwell and another person is encouraged to listen to that inner voice. Does popularity on this website factor into thsee differing opinions.

    • Burt Reynolds

      No I don’t think popularity is an issue. Who is popular, who is not? In answer to your question, being annointed is not a matter of interest to anyone. That is a matter between the claimant and Jehovah, though some may make comment, but that’s up to them. As for thinking someone may be crazy, that was not what was said. What was said was that someone with an acute presentation showed symptoms akin to the disability stated by that person. This was something that would not have been promulgated were it not supported by allied practice and theory over many years. You can look up factors connected with gender and the personality on the Internet, along with transition issues. The psychiatric issues are numerous and extremely complex. You will note that the person concerned was referred to seek help and which is the best advice possible as to face the issues alone is exceptionally distressing and can indeed lead to mental health issues. That is a caring matter, not one of vilification.

      • LW

        Being recently anointed in this current time period is a unique thing I think. What say you burt?

        • Burt Reynolds

          I don’t know LW. I only know that I am not annointed and that I am unable to sense with any feeling that I would be familiar with, what annointed means to the soul. It must be unspeakably beautiful to be one of the annointed and to have the inner feeling of belonging in heaven. As for me, I just don’t have that sense of belonging there within me, wonderful though it must be. I feel a strong attachment to the physical beauty of the creation and to live and wander on the earth. Whether being annointed recently is unique…..I have no idea how many have already been chosen. It was not until the 1400s that the bible started to become available to the common man, and before then, there was little to base ones faith upon, and so it must have been for those without insight, a heart condition in the love of righteousness. Would that alone be what is required, or something more? Who knows. But that is just conjecture on my part.

          • Brian

            Burt, you would certainly be correct to say that it is just conjecture to what is required to end up being one of the anointed, of course one needs to be chosen first and that could bring in even more conjecture on the matter,
            “As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you
            do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about
            all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit–just as it
            has taught you, remain in him”.
            Of course for someone to even teach anyone about the plan that is in the scriptures it seems that some need to be directed by the spirit to conduct this…anointed in spirit but may still not be called to be a son of Jehovah.
            Peter seems to present himself as a fine example of not only a chosen one but a foundation stone with the exception of all of the human failings and we can still assume he will be a foundation stone of the kingdom, just as it was stated to him, anything is possible with God.

            • Burt Reynolds

              I don’t think Peter was or is the foundation stone, what ever that might be….I’m not conversant with any teaching that Peter is a foundation stone….I presume of the preaching. My understanding was that when Christ was speaking with Peter, he was referring to himself (Christ) as the foundation of the kingdom. Is this not correct?

            • 1914for100Alex

              Per the Insight Book:

              This translates the Greek word peʹtra (feminine gender), which designates a mass of rock (Mt 7:24, 25; 27:51, 60; Lu 6:48; 8:6, 13; Re 6:15, 16) and therefore differs from peʹtros (masculine gender and employed as a proper name, Peter), meaning “piece of rock.” This distinction makes it clear that, when saying to Peter, “You are Peter, and on this rock-mass I will build my congregation,” Jesus was not using synonymous terms. (Mt 16:18) Even in the Aramaic (Syriac) version the distinction is apparent from a difference in the gender of the particle preceding the word kiʼphaʼ, used for both “Peter” and “rock.” The masculine verbal pronoun (hu) precedes “Peter,” but “rock” is preceded by the feminine demonstrative adjective (hadeʼ).

              That the apostles did not understand Jesus’ statement to signify that Peter was the rock-mass is evident from the fact that they later disputed about who seemed to be the greatest among them. (Mr 9:33-35; Lu 22:24-26) There would have been no basis for such disputing had Peter been given the primacy as the rock-mass on which the congregation was to be built. The Scriptures clearly show that as foundation stones, all the apostles are equal. All of them, including Peter, rest upon Christ Jesus as the foundation cornerstone. (Eph 2:19-22; Re 21:2, 9-14) Peter himself identified the rock-mass (peʹtra) on which the congregation is built as being Christ Jesus. (1Pe 2:4-8) Similarly, the apostle Paul wrote: “For they [the Israelites] used to drink from the spiritual rock-mass that followed them, and that rock-mass meant the Christ.” (1Co 10:4) On at least two occasions and in two different locations the Israelites received a miraculous provision of water from a rock-mass. (Ex 17:5-7; Nu 20:1-11) Therefore, the rock-mass as a source of water, in effect, followed them. The rock-mass itself was evidently a pictorial, or symbolic, type of Christ Jesus, who said to the Jews: “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.”—Joh 7:37.

              It is also of interest that Augustine (354-430 C.E.), usually referred to as “Saint Augustine,” at one time believed that Peter was the rock-mass but later changed his view. Lange’s Commentary on the Holy Scriptures (Mt 16:18, ftn, p. 296) quotes Augustine as saying: “The rock is not so named from Peter, but Peter from the rock (non enim a Petro petra, sed Petrus a petra), even as Christ is not so called after the Christian, but the Christian after Christ. For the reason why the Lord says, ‘On this rock I will build my church,’ is that Peter had said: ‘Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.’ On this rock, which thou hast confessed, says he, I will build my church. For Christ was the rock (petra enim erat Christus), upon which also Peter himself was built; for other foundation can no man lay, than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”—Translated and edited by P. Schaff, 1976.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Well that certainly makes the point 1914! Excellent explanation.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Food for thought.

              Psalms 118:22.

              The stone that the builders rejected Has become the chief cornerstone.=Jesus.

              Ephesians 2:20

              and you have been built up on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, while Christ Jesus himself is the foundation

              Matthew 16:18.
              Also, I say to you: You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my congregation, and the gates of the Grave will not overpower it.

              Romans 9:33.
              as it is written: “Look! I am laying in Zion a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense, but the one who rests his faith on it will not be disappointed.

              1 Corinthians 3:11.
              For no one can lay any other foundation than what is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

              1 Corinthians 10:4
              and all drank the same spiritual drink. For they used to drink from the spiritual rock that followed them, and that rock meant the Christ.

              1 Peter 2:
              For it says in Scripture: “Look! I am laying in Zion a chosen stone, a precious foundation cornerstone, and no one exercising faith in it will ever be disappointed.”

              7 It is to you, therefore, that he is precious, because you are believers; but to those not believing, “the stone that the builders rejected, this has become the chief cornerstone”

              8 and “a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.” They are stumbling because they are disobedient to the word. To this very end they were appointed.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Hiya Bklyn Kevin, so this morning the elder who gave the talk mentioned elders being ‘Princes in the congregations’. I vaguely remember something about in the thousand year rule there will be Princes i.e like David, Moses John the Baptist and some of the major prophets and other prominent faithful bible characters. Also, Sister Pearl Doxsey wrote about elders basically just doing a job working in God’s House having being appointed based on their scriptural abilities. And I think it was also brought out that the Princes mentioned were the Anointed. Would appreciate some help with this as I can’t stop thinking about what he said. Sorry to be a nuisance!

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Who Are the Seven Shepherds and Eight Dukes of Mankind?

              But, it is noteworthy that in the NWT the word “princes” is more common than dukes. And more importantly, the word “princes” is used in prophecy to describe the anointed sons of the King. For example, at Daniel 8:25 the NWT uses the expression “Prince of princes.”

              The Watchtower, though, wrongly interprets the “Prince” as being Jehovah, whereas the series of prophecies in Daniel depict Christ conquering the last king in various ways, under varying guises; such as the Son of man, Prince of princes and Michael, the great prince. But, the princes – plural – in that prophecy are obviously the same as the holy ones who are brought to ruin by the king fierce in countenance.

              But the question is, are the princes or dukes referred to in Micah really congregation elders, as the Watchtower claims? And do they merely wield the metaphorical sword of the spirit, or something else? And if the symbolic dukes are actually Christian elders, in what way are they a “secret weapon”?. Read more.>

              Search results for: Princes. Read a lot more>.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Wow! Bklyn Kevin, that was fast! Knew Brother King had covered this subject but there is no way I would’ve remembered where to find it. Sister Pearl Doxsey wrote on her site an interesting piece on this subject but I prefer a second opinion from this site. Can’t wait to start reading this on a grim wet evening here in Manchester while all the fireworks are still goin off making a right racket like we’re living in Beirut…it was Bonfire Night last night…so annoying! Thank You so much Bklyn Kevin.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Glad I could help. However concerning Pearl Doxseys work Please by all means don’t take my word for it just compare her work to what the bible actually says as the Apostle Paul instructed us to do when he said “make sure all things.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Will do Bklyn Kevin. Thanks for always helping…it’s reassuring especially when you want a fast answer and tonight it was Ka-Pow! Done! I don’t know how you do it! But I’m glad you do!

            • Bklyn Kevin

              PS just to let you know concerning Pearl Doxsey work. I have read some of her work and to be quite frank a lot of what she wrote is contrary to what the bible teachings.

            • Cocheta

              agree with that statement, BK

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Hello Cocheta and welcome to the site, nice to have you visit and confirm my thoughts concerning Pearl Doxseys work.

              I was familiar with her work a couple of years back and had realized then that her work was erroneous however recently two sisters had gotten in touch with me and wanted my opinion concerning her work , so again I reviewed Pearl Doxsey work just recently and found that her work is still speculation as to be unbiblical.

            • Cocheta

              thank you BK, those sisters were pretty clued up by you I would imagine. I today read a blog from Obadiah (her ‘friend’) & found it to be very confusing – maybe you know it, title ‘Jacobs Ladder’

            • Beverly kenyon

              Hiya Cocheta, I’ve never read Obadiah’s blog but she does make mention of him a lot and also she mentioned how he is her husband when someone asked her a question. I also go on Baruq’s site…very informative. But as with everything I’m quite open minded and curious.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Hello again Cocheta.
              If you can send me a link I will gladly review Obadiahs Blog and let know what I think or found.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Yeah, even though nearly every other sentence in her writings she will show a scripture the few things I read of what she wrote I found baffling so I don’t kill myself to jump on her site…just checked it out read about 3 articles…a bit hard going…and haven’t been back since but remembered the piece about elders and women in the congregation which was interesting. My Main site is Ewatchman followed by Perimeno. Thanks for the advice Bklyn Kevin. I’m not very internet savvy so I appreciate your word of warning.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Thanks Kevin. Very helpful.

            • LW

              Yes that is correct.

              The apostle Paul explains in simple terms who God’s people are, and the basis for it. First of all, he points out that under the new covenant God is no longer worshiped in a physical temple, as was the case under the old covenant, because now his people are his temple, and there is where his spirit dwells. (John 4:19-24; 1 Cor. 3:16,17; Heb. 9:1-10, 24) His people are not scattered throughout other religions, for they are all built upon the one “real” and “solid” foundation, the builder and maker of which is God. (2 Cor. 6:14-18; 2 Tim. 2:19; Heb. 11:10) Jesus is the foundation cornerstone of God’s temple, and with him are 144,000 “holy ones” who make up the foundation. In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul explains this as God’s arrangement: “Certainly, therefore, you are no longer strangers and alien residents, but you are fellow citizens of the holy ones and are members of the household of God, and you have been built up upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, while Christ Jesus himself is the foundation cornerstone. In union with him the whole building, being harmoniously joined together, is growing into a holy temple for Jehovah. In union with him you, too, are being built up together into a place for God to inhabit by spirit.” (Eph. 2:19-22; 1 Peter 2:4-9; Isa. 28:16) All of God’s people constitute his temple—either as part of the foundation, or built upon that foundation. Thus they are all harmoniously joined together and built into a “holy temple” for God to inhabit by spirit.

              How exactly is a worshiper of Jehovah built upon the foundation? By accepting and acknowledging that this arrangement is from Jehovah; and that it includes not only Jesus, but also the “holy ones.” (Dan. 7:13,14, 27) Any person who desires to worship God must accept not only the foundation cornerstone, but the entire foundation upon which God’s temple is built. That is what Jesus meant in his parable of the sheep and the goats, for the sheep did good to Christ’s “brothers,” and he views it as having been done to him personally. The “sheep” are built upon the foundation of his brothers. (Matt. 25:31-46) There is no other people on earth who accept the 144,000 brothers of Christ as an essential part of worshiping God in his temple. To all others these foundation stones remain God’s mystery, his sacred secret. (Eph. 3:8-11, 17,18; Rev. 7:14,15)

            • Burt Reynolds

              That’s really helpful. Thanks LW. Very clear.

            • Brian

              Burt, Christ is the corner stone of the foundation of the Kingdom, the Apostles are the remaining stones that make up the foundation of the Kingdom as far as I am aware.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Yes that’s what I thought. Maybe I misunderstood your comment.

            • Brian

              Burt, I was thinking you may have thought I was promoting a Catholic version of that, no chance of that happening. What I was really pointing out is the character of Peter whilst being one of those, Jesus even referred to him as Satan for promulgating man’s thoughts instead of Gods, the “anointed” are just or can be just as flawed as everyone else, he seemed to “stub” his toe quite a bit!

            • Burt Reynolds

              Ah! Light dawns. Thanks for that Brian.

            • DA

              heavenly son

    • LW

      Only the individual can know whether or not he or she is anointed. It will not be until the revealing of the true chosen that it will be clear.

      • Beverly kenyon

        LW, the beast has been installed! That’s going to be Awkward when Obama meets Trump tomorrow….furniture will be flying all over the Oval Office!

        • ewatchman

          Or, Obama will circle the Oval office for hours and hours looking in vain for a corner to cry in.

          • Beverly kenyon

            I’m crying…crying laughing at that Brother King! So funny! Every time I see that man’s face now I will see that image!

          • Burt Reynolds

            Is this the first Trump-et?

        • LW

          Yeah I saw the results. It’s funny alot of people were predicting Trump to lose, but lo and behold, here we are!

          Things are about to get real interesting…

          • Beverly kenyon

            Yeah LW, things are about to get Real and interesting. My friend told me before how there have been a sharp peak in travel ticket sales to Canada and New Zealand of all places! People are jumping ship!

          • 1914for100Alex

            The Cubs won the World Series, Trump won the election…it’s almost like it’s the end of the world or something!

            • LW

              Indeed. We’re in uncharted waters.

  • Beverly kenyon

    Surely a reasonable discerning person can see through Trump? One of his slogan is the ‘Trump Effect’ whatever that mean, well sometime in the future people will feel the ‘Trump Effect’ when that man unleashes horror on them. He’s harping on about making America Great Again and Unity and let’s all sing Kumbaya..blah de blah, blah, but he won’t hesitate to bring Terror. The pause button on World War3 has only been pressed for now but nothing will derail Jehovah’s Divine Timetable to end this system. Habakkuk 2:3. It’s coming!! Brother King posted a news piece with a picture of Putin’s sly, smug face and that’s image sums him up to a tee! Scheming and up to no good..he has his own evil agenda and he’s gonna action it!

  • Rob

    If you take Trump at face value he does not seem to be the warmonger that Hillary or the establishment is. Trump quells war talk, Syria, Ukraine, the demonizing of Russia, etc. His acceptance speech demonstrated this too. Trump talks of renegotiating or eliminating NAFTA, etc. He is the “Populist” choice. Trump, along with Brexit and the whole BRICS situation may have been manufactured, as outlined on the http://www.thedailybell.com , very interesting read.

    Now, TPTB need only create chaos for Trump, Brexit and the like. War, financial collapse etc, will sufficiently discredit and squash the populist movement and allow TPTB to usher in the long sought after global governance solution. It’s the hegelian dialectic at work, problem, reaction, solution.

    Could the foretold pushing be manufactured by TPTB after all? What a topsy turvy world! I have no idea, this is a new one to me.. Do check out this website..

    On another note, I am attending meetings again (two months now) and really enjoying it. I know many here are burnt out by the meetings but to me they are sunshine on my shoulders. I revel in the brotherhood and good instruction, and spirit there. I hope to be reinstated soon but it matters not, I have a relationship with Jehovah again. This website has helped me immensely, thank you Brother King for your work here. The truth will set you free!


    • Bklyn Kevin

      That was very encouraging to hear about your meetings And especially the part about your relationship with Jehovah thank you for sharing.

      • Rob

        Thanks Kevin, it feels great.

        Did you happen to check out the site, http://www.thedailybell.com ?
        I suppose the minutiae doesn’t matter… I found it very interesting, would like to hear what you think.

        • Bklyn Kevin

          Yes I did think you, however they wanted me to sign up for their page in order to view their stuff, so the truth is I got annoyed and didn’t sign up. However in regards to what you said above I think you will find this article very fascinating .

          Could WWIII begin before they are saying ‘peace and security’?

          Search results for: Peace and security. Read a lot more>

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