Other than Israel and Judah no other nation is featured so prominently in the Bible as Egypt. Before God even founded Israel Egypt existed as a great nation.

The father of all those with faith, Abram, along with Sari his beautiful wife, once sought relief from the famine in Canaan by going down to Egypt. Abraham’s offspring did too. In fact, Abraham’s great-grandson, Joseph, was appointed by Jehovah to be food administrator for all of Egypt, which of course, ultimately led to the Israelites becoming a multitudinous people while in slavery in Egypt over the course of four centuries. Over the hundreds of years after the great exodus the Israelites at times faithlessly looked to Egypt for security. And even the infant Jesus was taken to Egypt after Jehovah’s angel ordered Joseph to hide the family there until the murderous Herod died, this in fulfillment of prophecy.

So, Egypt served both as a benefactor and a snare for God’s people.

Because Egypt is an integral part of the history of the development of God’s purpose in connection with the children of Abraham, for that reason Egypt is also a prominent piece of the prophetic puzzle as well.

However, those who are unacquainted with the symbolizations in Bible prophecy may assume that nations of prophecy are the same as the original nations. But that is not how it works. For example, as all of Jehovah’s Witnesses well know, the modern nuclear-armed nation of Israel that came into existence in 1948 is not the Israel of “end-times” prophecy. Fleshly Israel ceased to be God’s nation when Christianity came into existence, particularly when non-Jews were invited to become sharers with Christ, and eventually God demonstrated he had forever cast off Jerusalem when the Roman armies destroyed the city and temple, as Jesus had foretold. So too, the various nations of prophecy have relevance in connection to their relationship to the Christian Israel of God.

To illustrate that fact, Egypt is undoubtedly the original ruling head of the symbolic wild beast of Revelation, which Christ and the holy ones will slay at the world-ending battle of Armageddon. For that reason Ezekiel 32:2 appropriately depicts Egypt as “a maned young lion of nations.” Likewise, the verse following describes Egypt as “the marine monster in the seas.” Bible students will likely recall the similarity to the composite monstrosity of Revelation that comes up out of the sea having seven heads all with the mouth of a lion.

Significantly, “Egypt” also appears in the prophecy of the king of the north and south during the time of the end – long after the Land of the Nile ceased from being a dominant nation on the world stage. Egypt was the original king of the south following the breakup of Alexander’s sprawling empire three centuries before the Christian era, which is why it then comes to be a symbol for the king of the south later in the prophecy. Also, the two witnesses of Revelation are said to be killed during the Lord’s Day “in a spiritual sense” in “Egypt,” where Jesus is also said to have been impaled. Jesus, as everyone knows, was not literally killed in Egypt, neither was he killed by Egyptians. This helps to establish the fact that ancient nations have prophetic meaning, as Revelation states – “in a spiritual sense.”

So it is, the prophecy in the 19th chapter of Isaiah opens with these words: The pronouncement against Egypt: Look! Jehovah is riding on a swift cloud and coming into Egypt. And the valueless gods of Egypt will certainly quiver because of him, and the very heart of Egypt will melt in the midst of it.”

When the time came to liberate the Israelites from bondage in Egypt Jehovah is said to have entered into judgment with the many gods of Egypt. For example, the Egyptians worshipped Ra, the sun god. So, Jehovah blotted out the sun for three days – in effect, killing Ra. Hapi was the Egyptian god of the Nile; so Jehovah turned the river into blood for a few days. Kuk was a frog-headed god of darkness; so Jehovah caused Kuk to run amok, as the land became overrun with slimy frogs. Nefertem was the god of healing, but it was rendered impotent when Jehovah struck the Egyptians with loathsome boils. Isis, the goddess of magic, was proven to be a fraud when her magic-practicing priests were unable to duplicate Moses’ miracle of making the dust turn into swarms of gnats, as they were forced to concede that it was “the finger of God.”

egyptian gods, horus, Isis & osirisBut the demons – the invisible force behind Egypt’s gods and goddesses back then – are still misleading the nations at the present moment. (Interestingly, after Christendom became the official religion of the Roman Empire it gradually adopted the Babel’s trinity, which had also been central to Egyptian mythology and promoted in the form of numerous triads, the most prominent being Osiris, Isis and their son, Horus.)

So, Jehovah wheeling his war chariot into Egypt on the roiling clouds of heaven not only betokens the judgment upon the peoples of the nation, but ultimately the judgment of their demon gods as well. Indeed, as Jeremiah 10:11 states: “The gods that did not make the very heavens and the earth are the ones who will perish from the earth and from under these heavens.” No wonder the heart of Egypt will melt in terror!

According to Revelation, the coming of Christ in his kingdom initiates a war in Jehovah’s heaven, from where the demon gods of this world are ejected. Upon their confinement to this earthly sphere they orchestrate a conflagration that slays the ruling head of their own beastly political, financial system. In that respect, then, the judgment commences with the gods of this world themselves.

Just as Jesus indicated that the Law and the Prophets were until John (the Baptizer), secondarily, or rather – primarily – the Prophets are until the second coming of Jesus Christ. For a certainty, in actuality Jehovah’s judgment upon Egypt will find its fullest expression when Christ comes in glory to carry out God’s judicial decisions against all nations, beginning with Egypt. That is the prophetically encoded message contained in the 19th chapter of Isaiah.


The Jewish priest and prophet, Ezekiel, penned a much more extensive denunciation that also speaks to the downfall of “Egypt” during the bleak period of judgment designated in the Scriptures as the day of Jehovah. That is why Ezekiel was told to prophesy:Howl, you people, ‘Alas for the day!’ for a day is near, yes, a day belonging to Jehovah is near. A day of clouds, an appointed time of nations it will prove to be. And a sword will certainly come into Egypt, and severe pains must occur in Ethiopia when one falls slain in Egypt and they actually take its wealth and its foundations are actually torn down. Ethiopia and Put and Lud and all the mixed company and Chub and the sons of the land of the covenant—with them they will fall by the very sword.” – Ezekiel 30:1-5

So, the question now to be considered is this: Since it is indisputable that “Egypt” is used in a spiritual sense, what does “Egypt” symbolize? The Watchtower has long claimed that “Egypt” merely symbolizes the entire global political system made up of a hodge-podge of various types of national governments. But if that were true why does the prophecy in Ezekiel portray the nation of Egypt as being greater than all other nations? And how could it be that the sudden fall of the Egyptian cedar shocks all the nations of the world if “Egypt” represents all the nations of the world? And please note that the prophecies do not say that “Egypt” is destroyed, only that it is delivered up to a hard master. So, who is the hard master to whom Egypt is forced to submit? The Watchtower goes so far to say that Jesus Christ is the tyrant of the nations to whom modern “Egypt” will be forced to bow!

Contradictorily, the Watchtower simultaneously teaches that the “Egypt” that appears at Daniel 11:42-43 represents the United States, which supposedly was made subservient to the now-nonexistent USSR during the Cold War. But ought not interpretations of prophecy harmonize with other prophecy, not to mention with historical reality?

Ironically, the Watchtower’s interpretation of “Egypt” as the American king of the south is insightful. But like so many other of the Society’s interpretations – the timing is off. There are numerous articles on this site that present the facts to show that the “time of the end,” also known as the “conclusion of a system of things,” did not commence in 1914. That being the case, the king of the north has not subjugated his rival yet. (So far the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses have failed to discern that the king of the south does not exist when Michael stands up against the king of the north. See chapter: King of the North)

As for the take-down of “Egypt” symbolizing the downfall of America, in October 1996 I was irresistibly compelled to embark on an intense, years long, reading and re-reading of all the prophets – beginning, of all places, in the middle of Ezekiel. It was immediately, back then, that I came to the realization that the Egypt of prophecy symbolizes America. That became apparent, not only due to the fact the judgment of Egypt comes about during the day of Jehovah, as stated above, but primarily because of the prophets’ description of Egypt itself. For example, “Egypt” is depicted as a grand tree, which casts a protective shadow over the earth that peoples long to live under. For several centuries America has stood for freedom and opportunity, beckoning the poor, wretched, teeming masses to come to its welcoming shores. And just as the ancient Land of the Nile was a breadbasket for the surrounding nations, so is America.

(My original research was shared exclusively with the Watchtower Society, but when it became apparent they had no interest in reconsidering their stale and absurd interpretations of prophecy, in 2002 I began to publish on the World Wide Web. Eventually, numerous essays on the topic were reworked into the book Jehovah Himself Has Become King. The chapter entitled Downfall of America is a distillation of the Egypt/America connection.)

So, having already presented the case for Egypt foreshadowing America what must the following bode for the future of the greatest nations that has ever existed? – ‘“And I will goad Egyptians against Egyptians, and they will certainly war each one against his brother, and each one against his companion, city against city, kingdom against kingdom. And the spirit of Egypt must become bewildered in the midst of it, and I shall confuse its own counsel. And they will be certain to resort to the valueless gods and to the charmers and to the spirit mediums and to the professional foretellers of events. And I will deliver up Egypt into the hand of a hard master, and strong will be the king that will rule over them,’ is the utterance of the true Lord, Jehovah of armies.” 

occupy-wall-streetA few years ago it may have seemed out of the question that the United States of America could ever descend into civil war again. But since the 2007-08 collapse of the massive mortgage-backed securities swindle and the bailout of the Wall Street and City of London swindlers with taxpayer funds, leading to the embitterment and immiseration of millions of formerly middle-class families, a social upheaval is inevitable and it would appear is presently in the beginning stages. As politicians are confused, bewildered and paralyzed by their own stupidity and cowardice, people are beginning to take to the streets in greater numbers. The current Occupy Wall Street movement may well explode along the lines of the so-called Arab Spring mass uprisings.

Not to be overlooked, there has always been an underlying racial divide as well. More unsettling is the fact that there are a growing number of well-armed militia groups who are convinced that armed insurrection is necessary to save their country from tyranny. But, it has been decreed by the King of the heavens that “Egypt” will be delivered up “into the hand of a hard master.”

Who is that hard master in reality?

Since the 13 colonies broke away from the British Empire and established a sovereign nation independent of the European colonial masters the Crown has worked relentlessly to destroy, undermine and subvert the United States and any nation that has sought to emulate the American model. After Lincoln defeated the London-sponsored Confederacy of slave states in the Civil War the Lords of London came to realize that the United States had become too powerful to defeat militarily. A new strategy was devised.

Masonic conspiracy to subvert AmericaThe Empire concocted a scheme to take over the finances of America. The first stage was implemented in 1913 when the privately held Federal Reserve Bank was instituted in the dead of the night. (Interestingly, the Federal Reserve Note (dollar) is graced with the esoteric symbols borrowed from Egypt; namely, the all-seeing eye of Horus and the uncapped pyramid.)

Another development took place in 1973 when the Breton Woods fixed exchange rate system was scrapped. That allowed the value of a nation’s currency to come under control of speculators. Then the move to deregulate the world’s financial system in the late 90’s opened the door for massive fraud and financial plunder to become business as usual.

To get a better idea of who the hard master will be, take a look at what is happening in Europe right now. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union London was determined not to allow a reunified Germany to dominate Europe, so the Maastricht Treaty and the European Union was devised as a means of shackling unproductive nations to the German powerhouse. Numerous economic restrictions were imposed upon all nations. Now that that system is crumbling what do we see taking place? Formerly democratic, sovereign nations are now becoming nothing more than satrapies.

In Greece and Italy elected officials have been replaced by Goldman Sachs’ technocrats, in order to ensure that the bankers’ brutal austerity upon the people is carried out.

The new technocrat ruling Greece has promptly jailed powerful union leaders. It is a repeat of the takeover of Germany by the Nazis, who were similarly promoted by London’s bankers.

Is it not apparent that the “hard master” of prophecy is now manifesting himself as the financier oligarchy – the same oligarchic families and banking circles that have been aligned with the Crown and British Empire for centuries?

But the financier masters are faced with the reality that their money system has reached its terminal phase. The debtor nations and the banks themselves are bankrupt. But to scrap the system and begin a new and equitable system is unthinkable. Without doubt the only temporary, stopgap measure that will stave off immediate collapse is the printing of more money – lots of it – hundreds of trillions. Hyperinflation will be the order of the day, which will, of course, destroy the value of all money in a short while. Do not the prophets foretell that men will throw their worthless money into the street in the fire-filled day of Jehovah?

In the meanwhile the Empire is intent on setting the world aflame in order to topple the republic of the United States and prevent it from acting in the interests of its people and assuming a leadership role. In the aftermath of collapse a new system will inevitably emerge – a system of global communism. The hard master is determined to enslave the entire world!


water buffalo rice pattiesThe Nile is the longest river on earth. It was the lifeblood of Egypt – the basis for the civilization that thrived on its banks for centuries. In the judgment against Egypt God decreed that he would dry up the Nile River and its canals. This would be an unprecedented economic calamity. Isaiah 19:5-10 foretells: “And the water will certainly be dried up from the sea, and the river itself will become parched and actually run dry. And the rivers must stink; the Nile canals of Egypt must become low and parched. The reed and the rush themselves must molder. The bare places by the Nile River, at the mouth of the Nile River, and every seedland of the Nile River will dry up. It will certainly be driven away, and it will be no more. And the fishers will have to mourn, and all those casting fishhooks into the Nile River must express sorrow, and even those spreading fishing nets upon the surface of the water will actually fade away. And the workers in carded flax must become ashamed; also the loom workers on white fabrics. And her weavers must become crushed, all the wage workers grieved in soul.”

Whether God actually caused the river to run dry is questionable. Whatever the case, though, since the Egyptians were totally dependent upon the river for their livelihood the drying up of the Nile, even in an illustrative way, would betoken disaster. And since Egypt was a grain exporter a failure of their crop would impact the peoples who were dependent upon them.

But what might this portend for the greater Egypt?

In the United States adverse weather events this past year, combined with the restrictions imposed by market speculators, have set the stage for food shortages in 2012. Of course, an economic collapse will also lead to widespread food shortages and unemployment, as the prophecy foretells. (LPAC special video) America’s once vibrant industrial economy is in the process of being shuttered – its “Nile” drying up. (Famine is the Empire’s policy)

It is an astonishing thing to behold. Never before in the history of the world have the leaders of such a great nation been induced to destroy themselves. Although total destruction has not yet become a reality, certainly the process that has taken the USA from being the world’s greatest creditor to the world’s greatest debtor in one generation and turned a once thriving industrial powerhouse into a rusting hulk, has now reached the point where collapse is unavoidable.

Because the very men entrusted to secure the nation are responsible for its demise, Jehovah chides the national leaders, saying to them: “The princes of Zoan are indeed foolish. As regards the wise ones of Pharaoh’s counselors, their counsel is something unreasonable. How will you men say to Pharaoh: ‘I am the son of wise ones, the son of kings of ancient time’? Where, then, are they—the wise men of yours—that they may now tell you and that they may know what Jehovah of armies has counseled concerning Egypt? The princes of Zoan have acted foolishly, the princes of Noph have been deceived, the keymen of her tribes have caused Egypt to wander about. Jehovah himself has mingled in the midst of her the spirit of disconcertedness; and they have caused Egypt to wander about in all its work, just as someone drunk is made to wander about in his vomit. And Egypt will not come to have any work that the head or the tail, the shoot or the rush, can do.” 

‘Wandering about’ is an apt description of America. It has lost its vision. It has forgotten its historic mission to repudiate empire. Now, it is about to be enslaved by the very enemy it could have easily defeated. The nation has become disconcerted indeed.

2012 is a crucial presidential election year, and already the cavalcade of clownish candidates has begun. It is interesting to see the “keymen” of each political party touting their “solution” to the nation’s ills. All of them are mere fools who do not even know that they have been deceived into continuing the policies that will ensure the total destruction of the United States. Like drunken men, they propose more of the same toxic medicine that got them into their predicament. Not one has a credible solution. And none of them have any inkling that the counsel of Jehovah had irreversibly decreed their situation more than 2,500 years ago!

Ironically, Lloyd Blankfein, the arrogant Goldman Sachs boss who boasted that Goldman was doing “God’s work,” was apparently right. As a Wall Street extension of the London-centered, global money-controlling apparatus, Goldman is a key instrument in ruining nations around the world and will likely play a key rule in toppling the American republic in the near future, thus accomplishing God’s work in delivering up the greater Egypt to a hard master.



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