Guarded Secrets You Have not Known

//Guarded Secrets You Have not Known

QUESTION: Will you write an article for me and others to help with a response when talking to sisters and brothers?

I appreciate your zeal and willingness to try to reason with Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it is near impossible. It may help to understand the underlying mindset.

As you surely know the Watchtower is all-imposing upon the spiritual lives of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It controls all that passes for truth. Even when it is wrong it will disfellowship any JW who points out their error. Only when the Governing Body decides that something is true does it officially become truth for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

It is not at all uncommon for Jehovah’s Witnesses to speak of the Governing Body and the faithful and discreet slave in reverential tones. And that gets to the heart of the problem when it comes to reasoning with Jehovah’s Witnesses —the problem being, the Watchtower has transformed itself into an idol.

An idol may be defined as any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion. That certainly describes the relationship of Jehovah’s Witnesses to the Watchtower. And because of that blind devotion Jehovah’s Witnesses cannot imagine that the Watchtower could be wrong in any significant measure —much less that the leadership could ever betray God and become apostate. And for that reason JW’s do not feel the need to question anything they are taught. So thorough is the indoctrination, JW’s will quickly shut down anyone who tries to get them to reason upon the truthfulness of anything the WT teaches.

I experience this all the time —especially with elders. As an example, in the past month I have emailed elders regarding the Watchtower’s Silkeborg assembly hall laid out as the eye of Horus within the occultic pyramid, as well as a newsletter on the book of Joel pointing out the implications of the WT’s recent cartoon hinting at the fact that everything the WT has taught for the past 70 years in regards to the identity of the locusts is wrong.

Without exception the response has been 100% negative. A large percentage of elders simply unsubscribed to protect themselves from ever being challenged again to think. Others were compelled to contact me personally to denounce me as an apostate. Some even complained to the bulk emailer I was using —requiring me to explain to them why so many objected to being contacted by me. Fortunately, they accepted my explanation that I was contacting church leaders with an important message that they did not want to hear, and so that did not shut down my account.

Besides the obvious hypocrisy of any of JW’s objecting to receiving an unsolicited Bible-based message, the close-mindedness ensures that JW’s will be in the dark up until they are overtaken by Christ’s return. It is so written. 

A couple of years ago I happened to have a face-to-face encounter with an pioneering elder who sat on the judicial committee that disfellowshipped me. I reminded him that I told the committee back then (2005), that there was going to be another world war. And then I asked the elder if he was keeping up with world events and all the talk of a war with Russia and China? His one-word response —after a long interval of a blank stare —was: “So?”

In his mind another world war simply had no bearing on anything. He couldn’t get the sense of it. After all, the WT has said there cannot be another world war. So, that’s it. It was completely beyond his ability to process the ramifications of nation rising against nation and kingdom against kingdom at any point in the future. The implications of such a thing would call into question everything the Watchtower teaches. That is simply too much for most to bear. 

But that is the power of the idol. In the 48th chapter of Isaiah Jehovah explains the phenomenon and how he has purposed to deal with it, saying to his earthly organization: “I told you long ago. Before it came about, I caused you to hear it, so that you could not say, ‘My idol did this; my carved image and my metal image  commanded this.’ You have heard and seen all of this. Will you not declare it? From now on I am announcing new things to you, guarded secrets that you have not known. Only now are they being created, and not long ago, things that you never heard before today, so that you cannot say, ‘Look! I already know them.’ No, you have not heard, you have not known, and in the past your ears were not opened. For I know that you are very treacherous, and you have been called a transgressor from birth.”

Not even the ancient idolators attributed intelligence and speech to the images they worshipped. No, this is no ordinary carved image. It is apparent that Jehovah is speaking of the organization as the idol. Do not Jehovah’s Witnesses refer to the Watchtower as God’s own mouthpiece? As such, everything the organization utters is held to be God’s sacred truth —even though virtually everything the WT has ever published regarding the modern fulfillment of prophecy has been wrong. So, in order to discredit the organizational idol Jehovah has chosen not to open their ears —as the scripture states. And that is why Jehovah’s Witnesses are unable to reason upon what they are taught.

To illustrate, back during the Second World War the Society’s new president, Nathan H. Knorr, gave a public discourse entitled: Peace, Can It Last? The speaker boldly predicted that the defunct League of Nations would come back to life, thus fulfilling the prophecy in the 17th chapter of Revelation regarding the beast rising up from the abyss. And lo and behold, after the war ended the United Nations emerged as the reincarnation of the League —this time with the United States as a member. To this day the Watchtower boasts of their idol’s interpretive prowess.

But just for fun, let’s suppose that you happen upon a JW who is open to reason. You might ask them if they think it is reasonable that people of the world have already been marked with the 666 mark of the beast. (Remind them that the WT teaches that the marking commenced in 1922 and was renewed in 1945 when the UN came on the scene.) Tell them the reason you question it is because everyone who receives the mark is doomed to everlasting death. Their names are not in Jehovah’s book of life. The problem is, if masses of humanity have already been condemned to the second death, what is the point of preaching the good news to them?

No doubt some unreasoning JW’s will retort that God can pencil their names back into the book of life. But that is just silly, childish reasoning. The Scriptures quite plainly indicate that the 666 is an irrevocable sentence of permanent death.

Of course, once a person begins to reason and they come to the conclusion that it is illogical and frankly, absurd, that anyone has been marked yet —that opens up a whole new mess. The reason being, the oracle on the watch tower is well aware of the fact that the beast emerges from the abyss after the death-stroke upon the head of the beast, which coincides with the coming to power of the Kingdom of Christ and the ouster of the demons from heaven.

Because the leadership of the Watchtower is treacherous, even as Jehovah declares, they being manically compelled to attribute everything to 1914, thereby reducing the powerful parousia of Jesus Christ into sheer nothingness, they realize they have to locate the beast arising from the abyss and the fabrication of the image in the past too. It matters little how absurd or preposterous. The idol has spoken and Jehovah’s Witnesses are thankful to be so well informed.

Ironically, it is because the Watchtower is held high on a pedestal as the infallible mouthpiece of God that many are stumbled; because when it comes to their realization the WT is not what it is purported to be, they feel betrayed by their idol. And because they have no insight into the Scriptures –independent thinking not being allowed –they cannot reconcile the incongruity with God’s purpose.

But the fact is, it is Jehovah’s guarded secret that Christ did not come in 1914 —that the beast did not receive a fatal wound and revive. The all-knowing WT idol, is in fact, clueless. It has no inkling of what is to occur. That is why Jesus said he was coming at an hour you do not think to be it. There is an unveiling. That is what the revelation of Christ is. That is the guarded secret. 

I wish I could be more helpful. But the reason Jehovah’s Witnesses are not receptive to reason is because they have been deceived by their talking idol. Only the over-powering presence of Christ —accompanied by the world crashing down around them —will break the idol’s spell.

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  • The Raven

    One of the most difficult things I’ve had to do was try to even open up a dialogue on this matter. When I mentioned I could not see evidence for their 1914 parousia they would always steer back to whether or not I accepted their doctrinal views on Jehovah, Jesus, the kingdom etc, which I did. But there was always the issue of this matter being treated as doctrinal since you could not “progress” unless you accepted that as well. It placed them in a very uncomfortable situation and they’d rather end the talk than entertain the idea they could be wrong.

    • Cathii D’Anthonii

      Raven, praise JAH- that you stuck to the truth and Jehovah, and didn’t stumble over their reason ngs..I’m very Happy to call you my sister in the truth.
      We can pray for them to figure it out before it’s too late!!! Hebrews 13:13 “Let us, then, go forth to him outside the camp, bearing the reproach he bore.”

  • Nigel

    “Little children, guard yourselves from idols.” 1 John 5:21 NWT

  • trudy

    Yes it is almost impossible .You will be hated on the account of my name !!!!!
    .All books mag have been read from platform with holy spiritual guidance from Jehovah to understand this rubbish ..Can you belive what a smack in the mouth to Jehovah from the devil and the flock belive the lies .It is incredible and the Devil has one chance to deceive ..But the scripture says there were to many that no man could count .I knew something was not right when they had to ref to there own rules ..I thought we were following the bible .The Devil has the world and what power to take the chosen ones with him ,hey .The things is I am hearing from halls in hull UK not to listen to the man who was df for asking questions pointing out faults . TheJW can not belive they would be lies told to from thew GB even that they say they follow Jehovah … They do not ….These are just silly men who are now being exposed in the media and a MP is involved in Manchester looking into there rules ref child safe guarding. Its getting bigger and bigger .Yes the picture above reminds me when I went into a convention and it had these large Tvs it was like si fi ,,,mind control .
    .These men have taken the seat of Jehovah and Jesus 100 %.
    Also charity communion report the standard of care was not good at all by watchtower .Please look at the government website in this you tube displayed

    • Cathii D’Anthonii

      It breaks my heart that Satan has done this, infiltrated where Jehovah has put his name; the target here is the anointed..Jehovah has warned us..pray for the brothers…

      • trudy

        The truth will set you free ,I was never free in there KH paradise halls but a prison that took my breath away .
        I feel a lot better now but there is not a lot you can do for them ,Just remember when Moses went up to the mountain and came back and what they were worshiping a lump of Gold from the earth …and what they are doing is the same today ,dust from the earth man speaking in Gods name that’s he has not spoken RK is right on this and it is frustrating . And they will all pray towards the Warwick what has been made from mans hands .and Jesus will return from the mounting so to speak to bring it all to nothing …so interesting times my friends amen .

        • Mick Hewitt

          Hosea 4:8 bang on sister “They feed on the sin of my people.They are greedy for their error”

  • into the light

    Remind them that the WT teaches that the marking commenced in 1922 and was renewed in 1945 when the UN came on the scene.

    Bro @ewatchman:disqus could you point us to the publications where these claims are made? It would be very helpful if we were able to show it in discussions.

    • the climax book, if you didnt know already. you can search other articles that he has quoted the publacations. 30 questions for JW’s is another good part of the site to checkout

      • into the light

        Thanks Dr. I’ll look for it. I was asking because I assumed bro King would be able to point me to specific articles since he uses it in his writings, but this will also do.

    • The 1922 date is stated in the Grand Climax book. Here is a quote along with the citation: *** re chap. 32 p. 223 par. 4

      “The contents of this bowl strongly emphasize the choice that lies before humans. They must suffer either the world’s disapproval or Jehovah’s indignation. Mankind has been put under compulsion to accept the mark of the wild beast, with the intent that “nobody might be able to buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name.” But there is a price to pay for this! Jehovah regards those who accept the mark as being stricken with “a hurtful and malignant ulcer.” Since 1922 they have been marked in public as having rejected the living God. Their political schemes have no success, and they suffer anguish. Spiritually, they are unclean. Unless they repent, this “hurtful” illness will be terminal, for it is now Jehovah’s day of judgment.”

      The suggestion that persons with the mark can repent is nonsense. Virtually everyone who was alive in 1922 has already died anyway. Are we to believe they will not be resurrected because they may have thought the League of Nations was a good idea? This is sheer insanity! As for the 1945 date, that comes from the WT magazine, here is a quote:

      *** w83 10/1 p. 15 par. 6
      “That symbolic “wild beast” was known at first as the League of Nations. It descended into the abyss of inaction during World War II of the years 1939-45 and then ascended out of the abyss in the form of the United Nations after that war. So since 1945 a perilous situation prevails that might affect the seeker after life eternal on a Paradise earth. He may be deceived into taking a course that will disqualify him for having his name written on “the scroll of life.” Hence, we now need to exercise “the intelligence that has wisdom” in our attitude toward the symbolic “wild beast.””

      • into the light

        Thank you! Now that I think about it, I remember reading this exact chapter couple years ago but didn’t remember the 1922 part. The scripture supports the fact that mark is permanent and there is no repenting from it. There is a lot of contradiction in this book so no wonder it’s out of print.
        Thanks again for your reply!

  • Anderiega

    You really can’t reason with an indoctrinated JW (trust me….I’ve tried! Almost got myself DFed)
    Anyway, all you can do for now is live by example….the identifying mark of a true Christian…. LOVE. John 13:34,35.

    2 Corinthians 3:17 “Now the Lord is that Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty (freedom.)”

    Your JW friends and family will gradually begin to notice your “lightness”….the joy and ease it is to truly serve Jehovah and follow Jesus, and then PERHAPS tiny Bible conversations can begin to happen. Or not….but at least YOU have been graced with Christian freedom and we just keep showing our JW (law oriented/old covenant religion) family LOVE.


    • Nigel


      “In the same way, you wives, be in subjection to your husbands, so that if any are not obedient to the word, they may be won without a word through the conduct of their wives, because of having been eyewitnesses of your chaste conduct together with deep respect.” 1 Pet 3:1,2 NWT

      ” Maintain a good conscience, so that in whatever way you are spoken against, those who speak against you may be put to shame because of your good conduct as followers of Christ.” 1 Pet 3:16 NWT

      • Burt Reynolds

        That reminds me of my first mother in law, who battered and berated her husband into getting baptised. I never knew if it was a genuine sight of the light for him… I think perhaps more an inner plea for peace and quietude. He seemed totally beaten. His wife was a terminally ill, attention seeking hypochondriac all her adult life, and who eventually died from it….if that is possible, and thus justified to herself, her life-long claim to illness. It’s quite strange in that there are few recorded instances of hypochondria before recognised medication for illness became affordable. Still, I drift off point.

        • Nigel

          !!! 😮

    • 2-Corinthians 3:17
      have to think about that one

  • Island Breeze

    Here’s a good dose of WT Double speak…..

    • Incredible. There is simply no lie that won’t tell when there is money on the line.

      • Island Breeze

        So sad how they lost their way.
        Jesus said: “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13, NIV). Jesus told us the two greatest commandments we can keep are to love God and to love others. He says nothing about loving money. Loving money interferes with our ability to love God and love others.

        • Here is Jehovah’s message in a bottle to be unsealed at some point in the near future: “Whom did you dread and fear so that you started to lie? You did not remember me. You took nothing to heart. Have I not kept silent and withdrawn? So you showed no fear of me.
          Isaiah 57:11

        • Nigel

          “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Matt 6:24 NIV

        • i hate money

  • tortas

    I recently commented on someones Youtube posting regarding leaving the JW’s. He states he left due to the hypocrisy regarding the child cases and other issues. My comment described that Leadership is Masonic and deceitful and that only WW 3 would maybe open the eyes . His response was that i stock up on tin foil

    • I know. xJW’s are just as clueless as the rest.

  • trudy

    Please can someone have a look at these scriptures is my eyes seeing what I think it says ,which is correct? Is this a contradiction ..But like your reviews.
    2 Samuel 24:1
    And in 1 chronicles 21:

  • trudy
    I think this is about right on the freemason with in the Watchtower .This guy has a freemason book ..Flip its just horrible how we been in Babylon .Get out of HER my people do not take this sins of her ..

    • I usually bounce people that try to use the scriptures to get JW’s to leave the Watchtower. Consider this a warning.

      • trudy

        I am sorry that you feel this way ..I am on this site with you ..I brought you the horrible freemason stuff which ,you have stated that none of the Watchtower group belive you ,Maybe Jehovah is using me ,I am as passionate about all of this as like you .Is it the links you don’t like ?Please let me know because , I don’t want to upset anyone ,I feel you have punch me in the face .I am also a victim of the watchtower as so many one this site .My job is to wake people up which you are also finding frustrating .I have woken 1 and the second is awakening .

        • I don’t consider myself to be a victim. Nor do I share any common purpose with the vast apostate goon squad, or whatever. My purpose is to announce the coming of Christ and all that that entails. And as Jehovah’s Witnesses well know, judgment begins with the house of God. Since Christ has not come, there is no scriptural basis to “get out of her my people.”

          Maybe you are not as awake as you think.

          • tequila

            You have me puzzled with this one. You have just written what I consider a very good article. However what do you expect that JW’s would do if you convince them that they have been lied to, that they have been under masonic influence since the beginning, that elders serve the WT and not Jehovah, that individual Witnesses cannot exercise their own conscience, that the WT is their idol and that they should stay and much more? Under WT theology you are d/f’d and you are a dead man walking. Unless you “repent” according to their theology your heavenly hope is drop dead futile is it not?
            There are so many mixed messages. When Christ gave his warning to Jewish christians to get out of her, “Jerusalem,” wasn’t he telling them to get out of the physical city? They had already spiritually left Jerusalem hadn’t they by becoming christians? He was not telling them to leave spiritual Jerusalem was he? So when he says “get out of her my people” he was talking about a religious system not a physical place and hence isn’t it reasonable to assume that the two verses are speaking of different things?

            • trudy

              That’s is correct and I put a message above when I read about this
              The Watchtower has united in Canada in public in court with 12 lawyers from false religions from Catholic to Muslim to other faiths and political groups , that all do not belive in Jehovah or Jesus . They are using them to defend the private doctrine in ref to shunning and the secret Elders book . There is a 3 hour court on you tube .This is her ..Babylon is false religion not faithful to Jehovah and Jesus ….

            • trudy

              Oh sorry the way the Elders deal with DF and there elders secret book of spells !

            • tequila

              I was not referring to other christian groups (or as you’re suggesting BTG) when I referred to “getting out of her” Rev18, Trudy. I meant that in Rev 18, Jesus advised getting away from the WT did he not? Otherwise we end up with a problem of spiritual logic. Like most things with Jehovah and Jesus and their relationship with us, decisions that people make whether at the urgings of others is still personal choice.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Hello and welcome taquila I think you might enjoy this this article.
              Babylon the Great – What is it?.

              One of the most intriguing mysteries of Revelation has to do with the identity of the symbolic Babylon the Great. There are various interpretations of what “Babylon the Great” represents. For example, one of the latest interpretations is that Babylon the Great is America. Others think that it is the old Roman Empire or the Vatican. In fact, back in the 1850’s Alexander Hislop, in his book The Two Babylons, made a compelling case that the Catholic Church is the symbolic harlot. The Catholic Church, though, says that they are not the great harlot, but that apostate Jerusalem and pagan Rome fit the profile of the whore of Babylon.

              How can anyone know for sure what Babylon the Great represents? According to the angel that presented the Revelation to John, it is by using our intelligence with wisdom. After saying to John that he would tell him the mystery of the woman riding the seven-headed beast, the angel went on to say:“Here is where intelligence that has wisdom comes in: The seven heads mean seven mountains, where the woman sits on top. And there are seven kings; five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet arrived, but when he does arrive he must remain a short while.” (Revelation 17:9).Read more>

              Read a lot more>Search results for: Babylon the Great.

            • Jesus instructed his followers to drop everything and immediately leave the city when they saw the disgusting thing standing in a holy place. The apostles and disciples living in Jerusalem continued to preach and witness in the temple up until the Roman armies began to lay siege to the city. When they mysteriously withdrew then the Christians fled. Then they returned and destroyed the city.

              You are not receiving any mixed messages from me. Quite likely you simply do not understand the message presented. My message is that the Watchtower is going to go full blow apostate at the coming of Christ. That is because they are going to deny his presence. How can they do otherwise, having worked the parousia hoax since 1874? That is the deluding influence Paul foretold. But it is no credit to any Christian to abandon their faith because the leadership of the Watchtower have betrayed God and Christ. Anyone who claims the time has come to get out of her is working a fraud just as much as the Watchtower. More lawlessness doesn’t equal righteousness.

            • Nigel

              “Nevertheless, each person should live as a believer in whatever situation the Lord has assigned to them, just as God has called them. This is the rule I lay down in all the churches.” 1 Cor 7:17 NIV

              “For all who are led by God’s spirit are indeed God’s sons.” Rom 8:14 NWT

              If you are a JW, remain a JW until either the angel flies in midheaven announcing “Get out of her my people”, or until the Holy Spirit has personally led you out.

            • sally

              Paul was talking about all of the congregations he was visiting. Not all religions. It was also in connection with counsel about unbelieving spouses. Read the chapter properly.

            • Nigel

              Hi Sally!

              I reread the entire chapter and whilst the majority of the chapter is indeed dealing with marital issues, as far as I can tell, 1 Cor 7:17-24 is not – or is not limited to marital issues, at least. He seemed to be laying down a general principle to help guide Christians.

              Unfortunately I’m not sure I understand what you were getting at when you wrote “Paul was talking about all the congregations he was visiting. Not all religions.”

            • Nigel

              Read the chapter properly.

              Very well then.

              1 Corinthians 7 & 8

              1 Cor 7:1 begins thus:

              Now concerning the things about which you wrote

              The Corinthian congregation had obviously inquired of Paul regarding a number of issues. Paul’s response to these inquiries span 1 Cor 7 & 8.

              1 Cor 7:1-7 Paul addresses matters pertaining to sexual relations within a marriage.

              1 Cor 7:7 Paul states a biblical fact that each person has their own “gift” (χάρισμα chárisma).

              1 Cor 7:8-9 Paul offers advice to the unmarried concerning whether or not to marry.

              1 Cor 7:10-11 Paul gives instructions to married Christian couples concerning separation.

              1 Cor 7:12-13 Paul gives instructions to any Christian who has an unbelieving marriage partner concerning separation.

              1 Cor 7:14 Paul states a biblical fact concerning the status of an unbelieving marriage partner, and any children, in view of their relationship with a believing Christian.

              1 Cor 7:15 Paul offers further instructions to any Christian who has an unbelieving marriage partner who wishes to separate.

              1 Cor 7:16 Paul seems to inform Christians, via two rhetorical questions, that they could possibly aid in the salvation of their unbelieving marriage partner.

              Up until this point, I will readily agree that Paul has been responding to, and focussing on, matters concerning marriage.

              But Paul now offers a broad principle that can help guide Christians in matters of marriage AND in many other areas of life, which is confirmed by the use of illustrations which have nothing to do marriage: Circumcision (matters of worship) and Slavery (matters of vocation).

              I will now examine 1 Cor 7:17-24 in more detail.

              Nevertheless, just as Jehovah* has given each one a portion, let each one so walk as God has called him.+ And so I give this directive in all the congregations.“ 1 Cor 7:17

              What, exactly, is “a portion”? The words “a portion” are not found in the Greek; they’re inferred because there is no particular “gift” mentioned. It’s open-ended. It literally means “any gift given by God.” This is one of the reasons why we know this passage is a governing principle and not merely an instruction limited to the subject of marriage. If it were pertaining exclusively to matters of marriage, it could/would simply say so, but, as it is, the term “portion” is intentionally vague.

              For what it’s worth, the word translated “congregations” is from the Greek word “ekklēsia”, which literally means “church”, (or “churches” in this case, because of the word “all” before it).

              Was any man already circumcised when he was called? Let him not undo his circumcision. Has any man been called while uncircumcised? Let him not get circumcised. Circumcision means nothing, and uncircumcision means nothing; what means something is the observing of God’s commandments. In whatever state each one was called, let him remain in it.” 1 Cor 7:18-20

              Paul now gives the first of two examples that illustrate the principle of vs 17 in operation.

              This first illustration uses the example of worship. Notice that Paul uses the word “called”, not “married”, adding weight to the notion that this illustration is not referring to matters of marriage between a man & woman, but, rather, matters of worship.

              After giving the illustration, Paul then repeats the concept raised in vs 17: “In whatever state each one was called, let him remain in it.” (vs 20)

              Notice that Paul again uses an intentionally vague/broad term: “whatever state” – which again suggests that this is a principle and not a specific instruction concerning marriage – or worship – only.

              (If Paul wasn’t speaking of worship in this illustration, then please explain how his statement “Circumcision means nothing, and uncircumcision means nothing; what means something is the observing of God’s commandments” relates (exclusively) to matters of marriage.)

              Were you called when a slave? Do not let it concern you; but if you can become free, then seize the opportunity. For anyone who was called in the Lord when a slave is the Lord’s freedman; likewise anyone who was called when a freeman is a slave of Christ. You were bought with a price; stop becoming slaves of men. In whatever state each one was called, brothers, let him remain in it before God.” 1 Cor 7:21-24

              Paul now gives the second of two examples that illustrate the principle of vs 17 in operation.

              This illustration concerns matters of slavery and, by extension, vocation. After giving the illustration and accompanying explanation, Paul again repeats the concept raised in vs 17: “In whatever state each one was called, brothers, let him remain in it before God.” (vs 24).

              Notice, once again, the vagueness of the term: “whatever state”. We’re not given any specificity as to what, exactly, this “state” might be, which supports the notion that this is a guiding principle and does not relate exclusively to matters of marriage.

              (If Paul wasn’t speaking of slavery/vocation in this illustration, please explain what possible connection verses 21-24 might have with matters of marriage.)

              1 Cor 7:25-26 Paul resumes responding to the inquiries of the Corinthians. That Paul is resuming his response to the Corinthian’s inquiries is suggested by the word “now”, which is used throughout chapters 7 & 8 to introduce each point that he is responding to (except the first one in verse 1). This advice is directed to the unmarried and pertains to the subject of whether or not they should marry.

              1 Cor 7:27 Paul gives advice to both the married & the unmarried, which advice affirms the principle of vs 17.

              1 Cor 7:28 Paul qualifies his statements from vs 25-26 and gives his reason for doing so.

              1 Cor 7:29-31 Paul gives a warning to Christians and offers various examples of appropriate behaviour in view of the “reduced time left”. Notice that of the 5 examples of behaviour offered, only one relates to marriage.

              1 Cor 7:32-34 Paul now uses the understanding the reader has gained from vs 29-31 to give further insight concerning his instructions on marriage.

              1 Cor 7:35 Paul explains the reasons for giving his words in vs 32-34.

              1 Cor 7:36-38 Paul gives further advice to unmarried Christians concerning whether or not to be married.

              1 Cor 7:39 Paul confirms the binding nature of the marriage covenant as well as it’s dissolution upon the death of the partner.

              1 Cor 7:40 Paul gives his opinion/advice concerning a widow marrying again.

              1 Cor 8:1-13 Paul addresses the Corinthian’s inquiry about (eating) food offered to idols. Indeed, this entire chapter can also serve as a guiding principle in other areas of life where a believer may unwittingly stumble an unbeliever or someone weaker in faith concerning matters of conscience (compare Romans 14).

              So, yes, the majority of Paul’s response to the Corinthians in chapter 7 is relating to their inquiries about matters of marriage, whilst the entirety of chapter 8 is relating to their inquiries about (eating) foods offered to idols.

              But I believe, for the reasons stated above, that 1 Cor 7:21-24 is a parenthetical passage that conveys a principle that is introduced in 7:1-20 but that the Holy Spirit decided was worth expanding upon because of it’s universal nature that is applicable to many other areas of life, not just in matters of marriage. The Holy Spirit took time to explain this principle because it would greatly aid Christians in their decision making in a wide range of situations.

              Naturally, this principle must be tempered with the rest of the scriptures. For example, a prostitute or a hitman could not remain in that “state”, that vocation, once he/she became a Christian. This is why we must “led by the Spirit” (Romans 8:14).

              I hope this explains my understanding.

              All the best, sister Sally.


            • Daisy

              Thanks for taking the time out to explain your views on these scriptures Nigel.
              I learned something there…that the principles Paul spoke about apply to us, in whatever station of life we find ourselves in. ..and I don’t mean railway stations lol. Much appreciated. 🙂

            • Nigel

              Thank you sister Daisy. All glory goes to the Lord. Hallelujah!

            • Mick Hewitt

              That’l teach us….. I’ve got to go to bed…..and back to old work…’s been lovely this spiritual holiday……Oh! if only this was our jobs!!!!! I hope we are used in a more profound way in the future ……all this know how….it can’t must not go to waste……….i’ve got to go to bed!

            • Burt Reynolds

              That is the part I do not understand. The bible says, ‘When you see the disgusting thing……get out….’. Would you show me where the bible states that there are others who have been personally led out of the congregation by the Holy Spirit beforehand and for why this should be? What circumstances this would occur under? Jesus and Jehovah are in unity at all times. I have not found an instance where they have differing views. I’m not arguing, I simply want to know because it affects me as one as yet remaining on the outside so to speak, though not by choice I have to say. I read your synopsis below but I was not able to extrapolate this fact from it or reference it anywhere else. Thanks.

            • Mick Hewitt

              Burt, I havn’t got the answer…but as an aside. A personal point “Disgusting thing” What could be more disgusting than a organization who takes from us what belongs to Jehovah. Worship, conscience, love, time, devotion etc etc. Jerusalem the old and it’s daughter(modern day witnesses) have most reprehensibly done this and yet the term “disgusting thing” is reserved for a seperate entity?

            • Burt Reynolds

              I’m not sure what shape the disgusting thing will appear in. The watchtower is certainly working in opposition to the spirit from what we can see now, but I do feel that there will be things revealed that will be far more reprehensible to Jehovah than the common sins we see now. I mean, if it’s disgusting to Jehovah, how bad can it be when you consider the sins of ordinary man that he can forgive in his mercy? I just feel that there is some brooding malevolence in the watchtower that has yet to be revealed. I don’t let it concern me, because I have no proof and in the end analysis, it is not what the message is about. We need to get oil in our lamps!

            • Bklyn Kevin

              When You Catch Sight of the Disgusting Thing.
              In the first century the appearance of the disgusting thing proved to be the Roman army when it entered into Jerusalem in the year 66. Prior to that event the Jews had rebelled against Rome, forcing king Agrippa II to flee the city. But when soldiers under Cestus Gallus fought their way back into Jerusalem, bearing the imperial ensigns (comparable to modern day national flags) and began to undermine the temple wall, that was the signal – a disgusting thing was standing where it ought not, in a holy place. When the Romans inexplicably withdrew that was the window of opportunity for Christians to obey Christ’s words of warning.Read more>

              July (2013) Watchtower Review.
              “Let the reader use discernment”
              But in the grander fulfillment Daniel speaks of another disgusting thing that would come on the scene and bring desolation to a holy place.

              The Watchtower attributes all prophecy in Daniel to times past
              In the long-running prophecy of the kings of the north and south, we read in Daniel 11:31: “And there will be arms that will stand up, proceeding from him; and they will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant feature. And they will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing . Read more>

              Read a lot more> Search results for: disgusting thing.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Thanks Kevin. I read the article you suggested. Very helpful.

            • Nigel

              Jehovah works with His people very personally. He takes a very intimate & personal approach to teaching us, guiding us and making us grow. That is why He is called “the cultivator” (NWT) or “the vinedresser” (ESV). (John 15) Every branch on a vine is unique and requires careful thought about where to prune. It is not a blanket “one-size-fits-all” approach in the New Covenant.

              Just as each of us has a story of how we came to be in a relationship with Jah, so we can individually see His hand operating in our life – even if others can’t.

              The Lord directs us via His Holy Spirit and that direction can sometimes be very personal, pointed and tailored for the individual. Brother King is a good example; he has a rather unique office as a prophet sent to the WTS and the JWs. But not all of us here have that calling, right? You’re fulfilling your calling and I’m fulfilling mine. We’re all part of the same family but we are all individuals – and Jah treats us as individuals, as sons.

              That is why I can confidently say that “If you are a JW, remain a JW until either the angel flies in midheaven announcing “Get out of her my people”, or until the Holy Spirit has personally led you out” – because if someone is being lead out of the JWs by the Holy Spirit, who am I or you to tell them to disobey? We may actually find ourselves fighting against Jah.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Thank you for your thoughts Nigel.

            • Observing Quietly

              Robert King, I had to go away and think seriously about your response to Tequila here. Honestly, it made me very upset. The GB says that if you leave the Watchtower you have left Jehovah, we all know that is not true. Now you say anyone leaving the Watchtower is abandoning their faith (read leaving Jehovah) and a fraud. Again, that is just not true. You yourself are no longer a member of the Watchtower as are many of us who read your site. Yet is quite clear you have not “abandoned’ your faith any more than most of us here. The idea that only when the Romans came did the early Christians leave the city is not true. Many who believed Jesus words left early and Jehovah did not call them frauds or say they left him because they left that city early. He did not punish anyone for leaving early, but rather was happy they observed Jesus words. I have knocked heads with you on this before. You have no business telling people what they should do. People have free will and their own consciences to go by and what ever their reason for leaving “early” is good enough for Jehovah.

            • Mick Hewitt

              The trap i noticed with w/t is the deference given to those in authority…once we start that….lets say sucking up to R.K for doing what he ought and has. We will be back to square one…I believe the lesson we are learning is cooperation through understanding that we all have something to offer. I bet the whole problem in Heaven has been jealousy. Ooh! look how JAH made him a real sparkling son of God. BUT ALL things are for Him and thru Him I bet that made for some jealous angels. We know a third of the host are disaffected….dragged down they don’t go willingly. The earth and universe are Jesus’s baby all his and quite right he’s earned it now yeah? Those who don’t like it you are in for a rough end.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              More food for thought.
              Jehovah’s Counsel Against All The Earth.
              The 12th chapter of Revelation portrays the great dragon being hurled down from heaven with all his wicked angels in tow. The debased dragon then pulls down a third of the stars with his tail.

              Again, the stars represent the sons of the kingdom, the minority of whom (one-third) are on earth at that time. How then does he remove them from heaven? Satan’s going off to wage war upon the remaining ones results in his victoriously killing off all of the earthly sons of the kingdom, or as it says in the eighth chapter of Daniel, he tramples upon the stars. In that way the shining one, “the son of the dawn,” which appears to be a reference to the occultic Golden Dawn and their Illuminati, satanic new world order, exalts himself above the anointed stars of heaven – placing his own throne above God’s. The brothers of Christ will be forced from off the earth, making it appear as if the shining one is the master of the world. Read more>

            • #savekevin


            • You really have your wires crossed –bad. I am not telling people what to do. I am telling people what they CANNOT do. And that is my prerogative as the moderator and administrator of this website. In case you don’t get the sense of it I will repeat myself. I do not allow comments that are intended to give scriptural justification for leaving. In effect it is Trudy, in her ignorance, who is telling people what to do, using the scripture to tell others to “get out of her.” You are doing the same thing, trying to justify yourself by claiming to have gotten a jump on Jesus’ command to leave when you see the disgusting thing standing where it ought not. Frankly, such reasoning is stupid and I am not going to give you or others a platform to voice your stupidity. That’s why I am banning you from further commenting.

            • Eric


              You are in fact the owner/operator of this website, but by your own words, you’re also an anointed teacher of Jehovah’s Word. You analysis of the Scriptures is incredible! I can only conclude Jehovah’s Holy Spirit has given you the insight needed to clear up all the misinterpretations from the WTS. As a new comer here, I used my intelligence and God given discernment to help reason on the Scriptures based upon your analysis. You sir, have opened my eyes and helped me immensely. But, at times you have allowed your flesh to operate instead of your spirit. By flesh, I respectfully mean, your ego/defensiveness. I’m the first to admit my error in this regard. I won’t be able to rid myself of this scourge until Paradise, but I try to recognize it each and every day.

              You remind me of Paul… feisty in debate and intense in your love of truth. Trudy is dealing with deep emotional scars inflicted by insensitive brothers & sisters. Quiet Observer is just trying to “keep you honest”. He/she wasn’t attacking. You do send a slight mixed message, but I understand it, and it makes sense. I don’t feel you’re telling people to leave, but I don’t think you understand how people who can’t/won’t lie, feel about remains/joining the WTS, when they know there is an expectation to continue the “operation of error”. It weighs greatly on the conscience. How does one conduct an honest Bible study when the student is forced to learn lies or at least lie about believing the lies in order to progress?

              Anyway, I just wanted to let you know you have helped my return to Jehovah. Almost all the ex-JW sites were either atheist or trinity believing. How any JW could turn 180 degrees and believe the trinity is beyond my comprehension.


            • I simply ask people to be honest. I don’t allow the Watchtower to falsely use the scriptures to deceive and I don’t allow commenters to either. People act like it is their right to say whatever they want. It’s not. Not on my site. I also don’t allow any discussion about my moderation. But since you are new you didn’t know that. But now you do, right?

            • Eric

              Sorry Robert, I didn’t mean to step on any toes…

              Gotta love the internet… wouldn’t it have been interesting to see Paul and Barabas having an online debate? Lol

            • The Raven

              Hello Eric. We have all encouraged Trudy and understand what she’s been through. Many of us have given her plenty of information, articles and scripture to help her along as well. Apparently she seems to focus strictly on the negatives and winds up being drawn to numerous sites which well for a lack of a better way to describe it; are determined to destroy Jws. I don’t know if she has read any of those articles since I haven’t seen her comment on them. There are many folks out there who absolutely hate witnesses and attack them as well as the WT. Those who understand the truth of the matter know that only Christ’s return will expose and sort the matter out once and for all. Some folks ignore that scriptural fact all day long and insist people leave now. So ignorance will only get folks so far.
              IMO OQ was in fact attacking and has done this a number of times when discussing matters in which she disagreed with a number of us. Robert has never stated that this wasn’t a personal choice but he has made it clear there is NO scriptural basis for abandoning the WT. Those who can remain should.
              Many jws continue to preach the good news without even speaking of the prophecies concerning the false parousia etc. Some congregations are easier than others. In fact there are a number of folks here who continue also. There are also some who have left because their elders made it impossible for them. Others, still like me were never baptized because of our disagreement on prophetic matters a long time ago.
              Although I never bought into that “operation of error” I taught the basics for decades and recently even the whole truth without even touching the lies. It can be done.
              There are numerous accounts from folks here to look through. Hope that’s helped.

            • Eric

              Thanks Raven, that was very helpful. I tend to jump to the defense of people rather blindly at times. I concede I need to step back and gather the facts, but I hate to see people in pain. It’s sad when those hurting dwell on the negatives. I’ve found this site very helpful, and I appreciate what Robert has done here.

            • Daisy

              Hello Eric, I’m judging now lol but judging from the passion in Trudy’s “voice” when she writes I would guess that she’s feeling liberated and free and happy at last to discover that her higher self was correct all along …you know what i mean im sure…and do you know how proud of her I am, that she hasn’t been a mumpty her whole lifetime like me but listened to her inner voice unlike me who listened to my 1914-er husband, was in “subjection” according to the cold WT’s unloving interpretation and the hypocrites running the act inside the church/congregation/ecclesia/kingdom hall/ assembly. Doubt if much can be said about the WT in a positive way apart from the basic truths given to CTR way back.
              Many of us, even though we are ‘retired’ still have very busy lives, especially us beasts of burdens females, for e.g when I post here, something is put on hold or neglected to be done so we don’t get a lot of time to reply to all the help that is shown us. I myself usually up vote as a means of acknowledging a post directed my way as I’m so in demand by family members.
              Anyway dear brother, not to worry. … a healthy compassionate heart is what we need by all accounts which is good as nobody can ever really fully understand what each of us here individually has ACTUALLY been through…my deepest sincerest apologies to anyone I’ve hurt here. Much love…

            • Mick Hewitt

              We are all drawn here, why? we see people leaving an organisation that brought a Name to us. A hope to us.Now we see empty seats where before there was a healthy congregation. Why?..We want to know what’s goin on! I brought my family up in what I thought was the truth…Now they are
              still in it nearly 30yrs now. Until I read this scripture I used to get a
              little confused as to why they were still in it?..Jer 5:31 there it
              states that even Jehovah cannot understand it!

            • Daisy

              Ah yes Mick, the prophets prophecy lies, the priests rule by their own authority and my people love it this way….Robert has directed us to this scripture in the past. But WE don’t love it that way do we… So let’s hope our faith and loyalty to the One whom God loves , his beloved, the One who Jehovah requests us to “listen to” will prove us to be His people in the future when we are fully put to the test. ..much love from daisy…

            • The Raven

              People have always chosen their priorities regardless the facts. One can find all sorts of information out there on the many lies and errors with the WT from a huge amount of often terrible sources and worse liars than the WT it seems But perusing a few articles and scripture on this site is too daunting a task? Yes, we are all here for a reason and Robert has spelled it out like no others many of us have seen do. We all have some awful life stories to tell and many of us are still suffering though we don’t mention it. I know of a number here male and female. It changes nothing since we are all one in Christ. Exposing the lies is easy mind you. Telling the truth is a lot harder. What good does it do to pound away at this without offering explanation or hope? Many sites do that and that’s all they do. They give folks nothing in terms of understanding either. It’s all about hate. That’s not what Robert has done and if he had..I certainly wouldn’t be here. I don’t think most of us would. We need to be able to place this into some context and look at the bigger picture here, Mick. Not cherry pick the way some sites have done and they’re fooling only those who do not practice due diligence and search. Folks are often led by sensationalist stories and are given to presenting these matters without even looking themselves to see if they are correct or not. That has often been left up to folks here who have debunked much in a matter of a few minutes search. That’s why I am here. For decades I knew the WT was wrong about prophecy BUT…what WAS truth? I find that here. I read everything the fine folks here offered to me to help me understand these things and found myself in a much better place than ever before. Many of us have. BUT…we have to be willing to even look at what’s offered. Some aren’t. They will insist on their views and ignore everyone who does not agree or become combative when faced with contrary facts. How far can that go? Does it help that person to come to a better understanding or does it enable them to stay stuck in their track? Phrases like, ” the WT are evil they are Satan, get out of babylon! they are demons! they are all brainwashed and wicked and books of spells and on and on and on… are a good indicator that the person does not understand what’s at work here or why it is wrong to call witnesses these things. The leadership WILL pay for what they’ve done but it is NOT for us to tell them what to do. They are STILL doing what Jesus commanded them to do in spite of the deluding influence and the man of lawlessness and will continue to do so until it IS time to flee and not a moment sooner. We are under obligation to tell the truth but what they do with that is THEIR decision, not ours.

              “Shortly after the second time he judged the house of his Father Jesus pronounced woe upon Jerusalem and prophesied that not even a stone would be left upon a stone in the place where the temple then stood! As Jesus had previously revealed in connection with himself there was in their midst something greater than the temple. However, although Christ had told the Jews that their “house” had been abandoned to them the apostles and a growing number of reverent Jewish Christians continued to consider the temple as something holy to God. As an example, the 21st chapter of Acts records the occasion when Paul traveled to Jerusalem for the Festival of Pentecost and upon his arrival was instructed by the apostles to ceremonially cleanse himself and present himself in the temple in order to quell the rumors that he had been preaching an apostasy from the Law. This was extraordinary in view of the fact that Paul taught that the Law had been nailed to the torture stake. But it demonstrates the fact that even the apostles did not consider the doomed temple as something unholy.

              No doubt the apostle Paul was fully aware that the prophets and Jesus himself had prophesied the complete desolation of Jerusalem and the temple and that at some point in the future – when the “disgusting thing” stood in the holy place – the Judean Christians would have to flee for their lives and abandon what had been the birth place of the Christian congregation as well as the unofficial headquarters of the apostles and the historical nexus of Jehovah’s worship. Being aware of their strong attachment to earthly Jerusalem and the Jewish form of worship, leading up to the destruction of the earthly temple Paul explained to the Hebrew Christians that the various features of the tabernacle and temple were merely representations of greater heavenly realities centered on Christ. Paul also reminded the anointed Hebrews that they had “approached a Mount Zion and a city of the living God, heavenly Jerusalem,” and that they did not have in earthly Jerusalem a city that would remain. Even with that knowledge, Christians living in Jerusalem and Judah at the time when the “disgusting thing” began to stand where it ought not would face a severe test of their faith.”

            • Mick Hewitt

              Thankyou for that Raven….your thoughts and time are appreciated……Yes the visit of Paul to the Temple…good reasoning…

            • The Raven

              Many of us here have a great deal of interest in trying to help as many as possible understand what’s happening. None of us knows who’s paths we will cross when this all erupts and what Jehovah has planned for those of us who are awake but with so many out there who hate witnesses I’m sure we aren’t going to have an easy time of it. We and even Robert has spoken to this issue concerning why we are here and see the truth and others do not. If ever there was an indication that something divine may be at work here I would dare say this could be it. Jehovah draws people close for a reason. I try to keep that in mind when I discover something in these articles or discussions I did not know. I have faith that whatever He does with us out here at the gates will benefit us all in some way whether it be to do good to brothers and sisters or even Christ’s brothers if the chance arises. It will always be for good, no? As long as we keep our faith.

            • Mick Hewitt

              Raven I have been

              advocated in finding this site. But I’ve got to go back to work…..I’ll have to get a palm pilot …take with me keep in touch…..

            • Mick Hewitt

              Thankyou very much for that Raven….No one goes out there way like that to help and research to help another these day’s brother …….Bless Bless Bless. Oooh! I must say I do feel privileged to warrant such consideration and council. Raven my prayers all my life since a child have been looking for this……..This day this “He will raise up a signal for the natiions and gather the dispersed ones from the 4 corners of the earth” Is that signal fiber optic?

            • The Raven


              God then commissioned Isaiah, saying to him: “Go, and say to this people: ‘You will hear again and again, but you will not understand; You will see again and again, but you will not get any knowledge.’ Make the heart of this people unreceptive, make their ears unresponsive, and paste their eyes together, so that they may not see with their eyes and hear with their ears, so that their heart may not understand and they may not turn back and be healed.”

              Notice, please, Jehovah sent an individual to speak to a nation of people – God’s people.

              In the context of that exchange Isaiah then asked: “How long, O Jehovah?” In other words Isaiah wanted to know how long the people would be blind and deaf to God’s voice. The answer was: “Until the cities crash in ruins without an inhabitant and the houses are without people and the land is ruined and desolate; until Jehovah removes men far away and the deserted condition of the land becomes very extensive.”

              Only God’s strong hand can bring the needed correction. That, in fact, is what the entire prophecy of Isaiah is all about. That the blindness and deafness afflicts God’s people is made evident throughout the prophecy as well. For example, Isaiah 42:16 states: “I will lead the blind in a way that they do not know and cause them to tread on unfamiliar paths. I will turn the darkness before them into light and turn the rugged terrain into level land. This is what I will do for them, and I will not abandon them.”

              Isaiah 35:4-5 similarly says: “‘Be strong. Do not be afraid. Look! Your own God will come with vengeance, God will come with retribution. He will come and save you.’ At that time the eyes of the blind will be opened, and the ears of the deaf will be unstopped.”

              Note that the eyes of the blind are not opened until Jehovah comes with retribution. The retribution being warranted for the desolation that is to come upon God’s people.

              The 29th chapter of Isaiah makes plain that it is the leaders who are themselves blind and who impose their blindness upon those whom they teach: “Be stunned and amazed; blind yourselves and be blinded. They are drunk, but not with wine; they are staggering, but not from alcohol. For Jehovah has poured a spirit of deep sleep on you; He has closed your eyes, the prophets, and he has covered your heads, the visionaries.”

              Today the prophet-class and visionaries associated with the Watchtower are intoxicated with their own importance. They betray that it is they who are spoken of in prophecy who are blind and asleep by their inability to decipher the message of Isaiah or any other recorded vision. It is as though they are illiterate when handed a book containing God’s judgment message. That is why the next verse in the 29th chapter states: “Every vision becomes for you like the words of a sealed book. When they give it to someone who can read, saying: ‘Read this out loud, please,’ he will say: ‘I cannot, for it is sealed up.’ And when they give the book to someone who cannot read, saying: ‘Read this, please,’ he will say: ‘I cannot read at all.”’

              Only the coming of Christ and his brightness will remedy the pitiable condition, as verses 18-20 go on to say: “In that day the deaf will hear the words of the book, and out of the gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see. The meek will rejoice greatly in Jehovah, and the poor among men will be joyful in the Holy One of Israel. For the tyrant will be no more, the boaster will come to his finish, and all those keeping alert to do harm will be destroyed…”

              Returning to the 6th chapter the very last verse indicates that the desolation to come is with respects to God’s organization, Christ’s congregation—not Christendom. That is evident from the fact that the wreckage of the organizational oak leaves a holy stump. Or are we to expect something holy to arise from Christendom’s demise? Indeed, how long, O Jehovah?


            • Eric

              Thanks Daisy. I’m an example of the positive that comes from the WTS. I was able to learn a lot thanks to their world wide work. They’ve brought the Scriptures to hundreds of language groups, and helped many like me come to a point where we can learn enough truth to commit ours lives to Jehovah. Sadly, their hypocrisy and close mindedness also fails people who don’t follow blindly. I’m just thankful anointed brothers like Robert see fit to go beyond the Watchtower and help people like me see even further into the Scriptures.

            • Island Breeze
            • the problem is that all ya all keep saying join the WT. ive been one of Jehovah’s witnesses most my life and ive never been part of the WT club. its just a printing busness operated by other fellow witnesses. even Nigel says “if you’re a JW then stay one until”. untill what? untill you dont want to be his witnesses anymore? some of you guys need to rethink the difference of WT worship an being a servent of Jehovah.

              the scripture doesnt say you are my witnesses is the utterance of the Watchtower or GB members

            • Eric

              Believe me, I’ve thought long and hard about what Robert’s message is concerning the WT. I won’t be tricked or lied to, so I study everything. I’ve listened to most of his podcasts and watched most of his videos. I’m almost through his book and I’ve read most of his essays. I griped about his style of moderating, but he’s right… this is his site. All in all, I believe his message is correct about the WTS. I feel it is Jehovah’s organization, just as Israel was. If Jesus were here, I think he would be trying to wake people up inside the WTS, just as he took his Kingdom message to the tribes first.

              It’s a very fine line he’s walking and it makes him a target by both active JWs and those opposed. Why stay inside? So you can quietly prepare to help those who will listen when the time comes. Concerning people like me… those who’ve been stumbled? I don’t feel he’s encouraging me to lie to myself, and them, in order to become baptized… but if I could find elders who would allow me to have a difference of opinion about 1914, and I could preach the Kingdom message… then his advice is to get baptized. He’s leaving it up to you… as a personal conscience matter.

              My conscience won’t allow me to lie in order to get baptized, but if I was already in “the club”… I would stay. I don’t like the lies and myriads of extra biblical rules put forth by the WTS, but I do feel it’s modern day Israel fulfilling prophesy. I don’t need the WTS to keep me from serious sin… or to help me maintain my faith. I have always felt Jehovah’s presence in my life, even before I knew His name, but the WTS first and now Robert’s work have both given me the knowledge I lacked for so long. Time is short, and we who seek the truth need to maintain our focus on the tough road ahead. Robert has been given a gift… the ability to interpret prophesy and the financial means to disseminate it.

            • Burt Reynolds

              Hello Tequila, the expected result of exposing the lie to those remaining in the congregation, is simply to encourage them to question their beliefs. One cannot make a person change their beliefs, they have to do that for themselves. If we wish to challenge a faith, we need to show the evidence that we have, but more importantly, believe ourselves in the validity of our argument. The object lesson here though, is altruism. If you have something of value, and care about others, then share it. But sharing is not the end of it, along with it, the bible requires that the holders of truth, teach it.

              Neither is the message mixed. It is quite plain in that the watchtower is corrupt. So are (all) governments, yet people still vote for them because the need for government exists. Likewise, the watchtower, corrupt though it is, still has a prophetic place and meaning within the bible and, a use. There is contained within it, the truth, and the lie. The fact that they are co-extant is significant in prophesy, if not key to the issue. The witnesses, blinded by the lie, as I was, are not beyond realising this for themselves, but it is critical that on realising such, that they understand that Jehovah does not change, neither does his purpose for the watchtower as the ‘carrier’ of his will.

              This site points to truth, altruistically, nothing is asked back. The truth does not change, it is still there, but unless someone points out the wrongdoing and the corruption as well as the truth, who will? It’s not coming from the watchtower anymore is it? But is does from a multiplicity of people here and from many that still attend. This does not alleviate the witnesses from their own responsibility to keep searching for the word. So in answer to your question, that is what they must do. Whether after coming to a knowledge of the circumstances, they decide to leave or stay, will be a personal choice, based on their understanding, and quite a few here stay, others seek to help at the appointed time, but no one is forced to do either, in fact the advice that stumbles many is simply to understand the issue, but recognise that the watchtower remains Jehovah’s provision for as long as he wishes. Therefore we should not encourage people to leave because of the corruption, but stay because of the truth, and importantly, to understand why. The reasons why are eight million fold and world wide and that is why, either physically attending or mentally attending, people carry on just waiting for the day of Jehovah.

          • trudy

            Please can you tell me then why the Watchtower has united in Canada in public in court with 12 lawyers from false religions from Catholic to Muslim to other faiths and political groups , that all do not belive in Jehovah or Jesus . They are using them to defend the private doctrine in ref to shunning and the secret Elders book . There is a 3 hour court on you tube .

            • Isaac of Coimbatore

              The straight away answer is for Watchtower has united in Canada in public in court with 12 lawyers from false religions from Catholic to Muslim to other faiths and political groups is like marrying Jezebel. It becomes a precursor for the actual fulfillment of the Naboth, Vineyard, Ahab and Jezebel incident in grander scale, where the man of lawlessness (men who govern over the Christian congregation) will be like (Ahab=Judas Iscariot). The Christian congregation itself is the true vineyard and Genuine anointed Christians are like Naboth. Until unto that point these men (man of lawlessness = Ahab) will be like brothers, relative or like a friend with the Christian congregation, but since they are having an alliance with what you said (Jezebel) they will put the genuine anointed ones death just like Naboth. That is why Jesus said at Luke:221:16: even by parents and brothers and relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death,… Now you think why 12 lawyers from false religions from Catholic to Muslim to other faiths and political groups?This alliance should happen then only it will serve as a precursor for the fulfillment of the foreshadowed incident of 1st Kings 21st Chapter. I think this is one of the fruitful answer for you.

            • The Watchtower’s lawyers do all kinds of unseemly things. They will tell any lie and even deny God to save the WT’s treasury. Back about 10 years ago the Watchtower’s hired guns claimed in court that elders had no fiduciary duty to protect children from the crimes of congregants.

            • Anderiega

              Because the weeds are getting fat and tall….but the Angels will uproot them (Matthew 13)…just keep sitting tight while we wait for Jesus to come. Somedays it’s really hard….but patience is an aspect of the fruitage of the Holy Spirit. We can do this!

          • J.M.J.

            I agree completely Robert .I say what has happened to me was the rules of men .Little men applying and adding extra to puff themselves out .I will talk and greet every one of JEHOVAH`S witnesses I meet . I tell them that I do not court popularity just the truth . I also bear in mind that I have made a lot of mistakes ,so leave the judging to JEHOVAH .The memouries of and effects of what has happened to me are still with me as it happened all through growing up ,but I will talk to those who did this .It is said to do good to those who did bad to you as it will be as putting hot coals on their head .I will carry on mixing and encouraging until such time I am sure it is time not to .

            • Bklyn Kevin

              J.M.J :
              Jesus most certainly agrees with your wonderful thoughts thank you for sharing as we always need such loving reminders.

              “You heard that it was said: ‘You must love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ However, I say to you: Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you, so that you may prove yourselves sons of your Father who is in the heavens, since he makes his sun rise on both the wicked and the good and makes it rain on both the righteous and the unrighteous.For if you love those loving you, what reward do you have? Are not also the tax collectors doing the same thing? And if you greet your brothers only, what extraordinary thing are you doing? Are not also the people of the nations doing the same thing? 48 You must accordingly be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.Read more>

        • Island Breeze

          Trudy my dear sister, don’t spend so much time falling down the rabbit hole, it goes on forever and will eat you alive . These videos in a sense can be applied to all of us as we awaken……..

        • Anderiega

          Dear Trudy….I love your passionate spirit….you remind me of myself two years ago when I was first becoming aware of the WT sandcastle. I was so indignant!! I was in pain because I felt alone (my JW social network couldn’t understand my “new accent” and my non JW friends could care less) AND because of my WT upbringing I also felt it was MY job to save all my friends from the “burning KH.”
          Well….now it’s been 2 years. Sure…we smell the smoke and we see with eyes of faith that ALL organised religion will be judged and destroyed, leaving the meek inside as survivors.
          I finally understand it’s not my place to “wake people up”….sure if somebody comes to me with specific questions and doubts I’m more than happy to be if service….but ultimately it’s ONLY Jesus who will remove the scales from our eyes. It was Jesus who stormed the temple and threw out the money changers….not the apostles.
          Trudy, you are doing your best….and now now you can pull up a chair and relax a bit and focus on BUILDING UP FAITH IN GOD rather than tearing down misdirected loyalty to WT inc. Jesus will take care of that. 😊

        • Mick Hewitt

          I hope you stay. Your contribution is unfathomable.

        • Bklyn Kevin

          trudy where are you? we miss your presence.

          Robert was only trying to lovingly rebuke you and isn’t that what Jehovah and his son Jesus do in order to wake us up to see the more important things at hand in fact when Jesus had rebuked Peter for thinking like Satan did Peter just give up? no Peter obviously realized the error of his thinking due to Jesus’ loving discipline and moved ahead and I hope you will do the same.Read more about Peter>

          My son, do not reject the discipline of Jehovah,
          And do not loathe his reproof,
          For those whom Jehovah loves he reproves,
          Just as a father does a son in whom he delights.Proverbs 3:11-12

        • Craig Knight

          Trudy – Hi! Don’t get discouraged just take deep breath’s and as Anderiega said just be happy you have found out what is going on and start focusing on the Bible. All ex JWs have tons of anger but don’t let it get you down. Be happy that Jehovah provides a way out for his sheep. When you speak to current JW’s be cautious as a snake but innocent as a dove. Plant seeds in their minds so they might wake up slowly then let them decide from there. 🙂

    • Sadie-Kay

      I, too, see the connection between the JWs and freemasons — and I receive a lot of criticism for it. But I cannot stop talking about it, especially because of the subliminal images in their art. Recently two of my family members who are JWs marriages broke up. One JW was an elder and coincidentally one of the worst demonic symbols is found on the elder manual. He was a perfectionist, and now his wife took the kids, left him, and has a restraining order against him. I don’t know what he did because I’m being actively shunned, but I worry because his whole world just collapsed around him. I’m hoping he’ll wake up now.

      • trudy

        Yes i said before I knew it in 2008 but I know others spotted in the kh halls .A lot earlier as maybe some were Freemason maybe became jws and then exposed it .Its horrible and it changes everything when you know this and you think we have all been program by them with out knowing it . They have programmed the whole world ..That is why it is a mess and people are waking up and some not so it is so it is frustrating as you become as if you don’t even be,I’ve your self ..Cunning and demonic

      • Isaac of Coimbatore

        Later what happened to the elder?

        • Sadie-Kay

          Hi Isaac, I’m being actively shunned, so when and if I hear more, I’ll let everyone know.

          • Isaac of Coimbatore

            Oh please welcome. I am here to listen.

    • Isaac of Coimbatore

      Sister Trudy. Free masonic symbols appearing in the WTS magazines is no surprise. Satan always did that. have you not read from the Bibel about Ahab? He built that since from the ancient days. Even God’s people had crescent shaped ornaments at Isaiah:3:18. So can you call that as free masonic. Even before that other people eg Midianites had the crescent shaped ornaments read Judges:8:5. It should be noted that not all the images and sublime images can be of freemasonic origin. Some of the images and symbols that were used in Jehovah’s temple were also adopted by freemasons and begin used. Thus if such images appear in the magazines it cannot be accepted as freemasonic images. But certain images such as the crown inside the cross is freemasonic, the unfinished pyramid, the Eye of providence inside square and compass is freemasonic, the eye in the triangle of pyramid which is actually the eye of Horus is freemasonic, the goat shaped is freemasonic, but the two Boaz and Jachin pillars, the winged sun cannot be considered as freemasonic. If you consider everything to be freemasonic then the Hebrew Tetragrammaton of the name Jehovah itself should not be used because Freemasons use that Hebrew Tetragrammatons’ on the pyramid. Another method of using the name of Jehovah by Freemasons is by fusing the name of JEHOVAH with false gods BAAL and ON that gives rise to the word called as JAHBULON. So can you say that using the name Jehovah is freemasonic?

      • trudy

        So what do you think of the Watchtower using 12 religions and political lawyers in a court in Canada ..What is that ? Is that not Babylon .No one has reply to this ..I say that Jehovah is not Masonic .But I am not going to sit in the halls and listen to anymore lies .And the elders having a secret elders book and I am sick of having to belive it as the TRUTH when it is a lie

        • Isaac of Coimbatore

          Sister I said you no please wait for a month, I will surely give my article first to you said Watchtower using 12 religions and political lawyers in a court in Canada ..What is that ? Is that not Babylon.
          It is not Babylon. Why because Ahab ruled on Jehovah’s people but he practiced Baalism. Where will you place Baalism? Babylon the great. So you mean the say just because the head of state practiced Baalism, then whole nation of Israel became BTG? What about Ahaz 2nd chronicle 28:3. Did he not practice Child sacrifice? Did Jehovah not sent Elijah to warn Ahab? So similarly we have e-watchman to warn WTS. So because the kings of Israel were doing badly, did Jehovah select other nation’s people (e.g. Buddha family) to send Messiah? No!! Why? Because, they were the only ones who were bearing the name of Jehovah still practiced Baalism. Similarly WTS bears the name Jehovah, but still have the influence of freemasonry as free masons infiltrate into all religions well even into Hinduism also through Swami Vivekananda. Now they want to infiltrate into Islam that is why they are killing Sunnis those who do not support them, but allows Wahhabism because they support the crown and NOW indirectly freemasonry. So it is no surprise that infiltration of freemasonry into WTS were already completed long before in the days of Russell. That is why you see freemasonry images in the WTS.
          When Jesus came and saw that Jewish system was corrupt so did he choose jump to Buddhism because it was practicing non-violence and sage life? Are you ready to jump to Buddhism? It is even worst!! Therefore I encourage you to stick to the congregation and do as Jesus said. “The scribes and the Pharisees (Governing body and elders) have seated themselves in the seat of Moses. Therefore, all the things they tell you, do and observe, but do not do according to their deeds, for they say but they do not practice what they say.
          The presence of freemasonry, and what you said 12 religions and political lawyers is actually the fulfilment of the Naboth, Vineyad, Ahab and Jezebel incident in grander scale. Just think there were so many incidents that happened in Israel at that time, but why, only this incident of particular interest is recorded in the Bible? Jehovah will never record anything unless until it is of utmost important which will be the actual fulfilment in the grander scale.So can you please wait for a month?

        • we’r all sick of it sister

      • Nigel

        I’m looking forward to reading your article on Ahab, Jezebel, Elijah, etc.

        • Isaac of Coimbatore

          It will be published in

    • Isaac of Coimbatore

      Wait for a month I am compiling an article on How Naboth, Vineyard, Ahab, and Jezebel are applicable to our days what we can learn form that example. Jehovah will never record anything unless until it is of utmost important which will be the actual fulfillment in the grander scale.
      Vineyard represents: Christian congregation.

      Naboth represents: Genuine Anointed ones who has the legal right to preside over the congregation of Christ.

      Ahab represents: Person or a group of persons those who serve at the highest level in Christ’s congregation such as governing body, board of directors who have the authority to rule over Jehovah’s people but still tolerate and induce spiritual idolatry, such as equating originations sayings as if Jehovah’s word and knowingly allowing Jezebel influence such as false prophesy of 1914 or 1975, child abuse (= child sacrifice ) and freemasonic sublime images and building the structures in the shape of freemasonic images such as the eye of Horus used for Christian meetings (such as Silkeborg convention hall of Jehovah’s witnesses in Denmark) and afflation with the organizations like OSCE are like that of Ahab.

      Jezebel represents foreign woman: In Bible woman, virgin and harlot are mentioned. Whether it is just a woman, virgin and harlot they all are women. According to Bible woman represents covenant and virgin represents bride of Christ and harlot represents world empire of false religion. That means woman indirectly represents religion. In bible Jezebel is mentioned. She is also a woman, but a foreign woman because she was from Sidon. So Jezebel means foreign religion. So, foreign woman means, a religion foreign to Jehovah’s people. Jezebel married king Ahab of Israel thus she had the authority over the people of Israel and ruled over them. Similarly, a person or a group of persons those who are serving at the highest level in the Christ’s congregation within the governing body members, board of directors, writing and publishing committee but deliberately introduce foreign religious influence such as freemasonic sublime images in the literatures that carry Jehovah’s and Christ kingdom’s message itself along with false prophecies (such as 1914, 1975) misleading teachings and Christian congregation having affiliation (sexual immorality) with satanic organizations such as OSCE is Jezebel. Thus the group within the highest level of the congregation that practices Freemasonry, false prophecy and affiliated to outside religious oriented organization such as OSCE together represents Jezebel.

      • Nigel

        I’m intrigued by the ideas you’ve presented here brother Isaac. Looking forward to reading your completed article. All the best.

        • Isaac of Coimbatore

          It will be published in, I will intimate you.

  • Eric

    Hello everyone… this is my first post here. Love the site and discussions. I’m not a JW, but I almost got baptized. I was turned down, and I believe the main reason was the mindset discussed in this article… close mindedness. One elder made me feel like a criminal being interrogated. It was a very negative experience. He asked the questions and then followed up with more, not covered in the book. Once I’d had enough, I honestly said I felt uncomfortable… and that his questions were like the Pharisees complaining about gleaning on the Sabbath. So that was it for me.

    Ex. One question that got him upset was about telling the elders if you have a communicable disease. I said if a person had something that could be transferred by touching… the yes, everyone should know. He said what about HIV. I said it’s only transfered by sex or blood. He disagreed and said kissing someone could transfer it. I’m a doctor… kissing can’t transfer it, unless both have open cuts in their mouth. I said a perspective spouse should know… not the elders or anyone else. (Looking back I should have said shouldn’t the congregation be warned who the pedophiles are!!!).

    Anyway, thanks to Robert and many of you… I’ve been able to get past my stumbling. I’m gaining such a wonderful insight into the prophesies thanks to Robert. I’m sooo glad I left, I hated being told how to think. I think outside the box, so my views and thoughts on the Bible were not well received when they conflicted with WTS doctrine. I’ve always felt the economy was going to collapse and even though I trust in Jehovah completely… I also felt He was warning me to prepare.

    I believe my roll will be to help receptive brothers & sisters once this system collapses. I believe in natural remedies over pills… but when I tried to help people at the hall… it was frowned upon. Doesn’t Satan run this system? Yes. So… then doesn’t he also run the medical system? It’s more about profit than helping people.

    Anyway, that’s my story.

    • Isaac of Coimbatore

      Welcome Dr.Eric I am Isaac of Coimbatore, Kovaipudur, Tamilnadu, South India. Even though you are not a JW, still we love you because we are all humans. if a JW loves a JW then it is Pharisees. As you said of your experience, yes I confirm that nowadays JW has almost attained the status of Pharisees leaving behind Jesus’ love. In the first coming of Christ he condemned Pharisees, but in the second coming he is going to totally obliterate the Pharisees who rule over the christian congregation. I am very happy to know that you have arrived at the right place. Though I am a born JW back in 2010 I lost all my interest in Jehovah and Jesus and finally I was thinking of becoming an atheist. I gave a last chance and searched in interment finally I got this website as if Oasis in a desert. No one suggested me this website. I got on my own. First I thought it is an another fake, but as I gone through this website it took me from 2010 to 2012 to grasp all the points. Yes, this website is unique of all what is there in the internet especially the prophecies. I was putting less time in field service and my preaching to the people was not effective and my answers in the congregation was just reading from the paragraph. But now in the field service I am bold, effective and put more time and the WT magazine and Book study and Thursday meetings study conductors are bit afraid to ask any question with me because it is different from WTS but Biblicaly it is correct and it makes sense. Now I can boldly say that I am more than my elder, MS and CO why even a GB members. It is all because of Jehovah and Jesus who helped me through Br Robert King. I am sure that your faith will be strengthened from now onward. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. May Jehovah bless your search for truth.

      • Eric

        Thanks for your reply Isaac.

        My journey to the truth has been a long one. I’ve been to many churches and I even read the Koran. I studied most religions, but it was actually a patient who caused me give the JWs a good look. He wasn’t a JW, but believed they were the “closest religion to the truth”. A wonderful elder was my instructor and we had great conversations, but when I tried to help him with his many physical illnesses… he was very close minded. His trust in Satan’s medical system was almost cult like… second only to his trust in the WTS. This was very strange to me.

        Being in the medical field, I know the human body and I also know the biochemistry of medications. I used to trust in medicine, but after giving my life to Jehovah… I realized I needed a clear head to worship correctly. So many medications alter the mind & body, and open the door to demonic influence. If nothing else, I believe a healthy JW could spread the Kingdom message more effectively. Here in the US, medicine has become a for profit industry that puts the actual health of the patient last… don’t get me started on mental health. I make a lot less than I used to because my Bible trained conscience directs me to look out for the patient first and my bottom line last.

        My Bible instructor paid me a great compliment when he said I have one of the strongest faiths in Jehovah he has ever seen, and I do. My faith is absolute thanks to his help and now Robert’s work filling all the gaps in my knowledge. I’ve always felt protected and watched over, even when I was a “prodigal son” to Him. Knowing the truth and practicing it has given me great peace and happiness. I wish I had been baptized and then learned what I now know, but I can’t go back and lie in order to be baptized. I’ve spent the last couple months reading most of Robert’s articles and watching his videos. I believe he’s truly a modern day watchman and definitely anointed. He probably dislikes the labels, as any humble servant of Jehovah would, but they apply in his case.

        • Isaac of Coimbatore

          You are another interesting person for me. Well you said that: but after giving my life to Jehovah… I realized I needed a clear head to worship correctly. So many medications alter the mind & body, and open the door to demonic influence. How so? This is something that I never heard even in internet. I need an elaborated explanation. I kindly request you to contact me in

          • Eric


            The human body is an incredible creation. To believe in evolution after learning the complexity of just the basic human biochemistry, is to believe the incredible lie. Since our bodies are basically chemicals and electrical impulses, medications and even EMFr (electro-magnetic radiation) in the form of microwaves and all the wi-fi signals… effect the way we think and act. Medications can excite or depress the organs, cells and nerves. Painkillers will cause brief euphoria followed by a high chance of physical and emotional dependence. “Uppers” cause a different kind of euphoria. Anti-depressants effect the production and or breakdown of serotonin… which is a normalizing neurotransmitter. Finally, anti-anxiety drugs cause a calming, “what-ever” effect.

            When used infrequently, mind altering medications don’t pose a great risk… but most people use and abuse them long term. Many of these medications alter the brain physically and cause a reduction in the user’s ability to truly connect with others on an emotional level. Some “calcify” the pineal gland, which is our “3rd brain”… an area of the brain which allows humans to connect with one another. Some even believe it’s an extra-sensory antenna of sorts, that connects us with Jehovah? Maybe by dulling our ability to connect to God, these drugs allow Satan to influence our thoughts and actions more, thus opening the door to demonic influence? Also, all drugs have by-product impurities due to the way in which they’re manufactured. These impurities are often toxic to the body, and cause a whole host of side effects.

            I believe Jehovah provided us a way out; by giving a myriad of plants which contain thousands of substances that heal our bodies. The world we live in is being poisoned. The air we breath is laden with chemicals (aluminum, strontium, barium…) designed to reduce “global warming”. Many water supplies are full of lead and hydrofluorosilicic acid, as well as other contaminants. Our food is a chock full of untested GMOs, glyphosate (Round-up), MSG ( a neurotoxin), Aspartame (a neurotoxin), estrogen mimickers like Bisphenol-A, Trisodium phosphate (an industrial floor cleaner found in children’s cereal)… the list is too long to include.

            I use supplements that bind and pull these chemicals from the body. I use organic supplements to provide my cells with the nutrients they need to manufacture the chemicals necessary for healthy emotional & physical living. ALL drugs mimic natural processes. I never sold anything, nor do I plan to. I give away my knowledge in order to help others. I hope this helps. I’ll email you later, but I wanted to respond here so others may learn as well.


          • Eric

            I responded to you in depth earlier, but it disappeared/didn’t post.

            The earth is polluted with various chemicals… in the air, water and food. The human body is overwhelmed by these, which leads to accelerated illness and death. Many medications help in some way, but have side effects. Medications for pain, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, attention deficit… all have the possibility of clouding our judgment, and in my profession/spiritual opinion, rendering us open to demonic influence. How so?

            When one drinks too much, they open the door to demonic influence. I’m not saying demonic possession, just influence. People become less attentive to their conscience and more apt to follow the flesh. My belief is, if a demon is near and you’re brain is under the influence of mind altering substances… you’re more likely to be attacked, tempted, played with. By keeping the body as healthy as possible, avoiding fornication, pornography, idolatry… basically by following Jesus’ example… we are less susceptible to demons. I could be wrong, but this is what I believe.

            The closer we stay to the center of the “narrow path”, by following Jesus’ example… the less likely we’ll be stumbled. BUT, this doesn’t mean Satan won’t try. As for medications and demonic influence… psychotropic medications alter the brain by design. Some conditions require them and I wouldn’t advocate discontinuing them… but one must look at why they’re needed. For example… if you want to eat fast food every day, then don’t be surprised when you need high blood pressure medications as well as a whole host of other prescriptions. The same is true for most mental illnesses. Studies have shown how the proper diet and exercise regimen can reduce the need for medications for depression, anxiety… even pain meds. But, here in the US… patients want the quick fix without the work… “just give me a pill Doc”.

            • Isaac of Coimbatore

              I understand what you posted, there is lot stuff behind the Pharmaceuticals, my brother is a pharmacologist, he said that it is pharmaceutical companies that avoid killing of dogs in India even though our Chief minister of state passed an order to kill all dogs. Dogs in India are not killed so that pharmaceutical companies make money by selling their anti rabbis vaccination. How to avoid omeprozole like capsules over the counter medicines, if we have trivial disease like gastritis? Please contact me in

        • Burt Reynolds

          Allow me to ‘get you started’ on mental health Eric! I’m not arguing from a prescriptive point of view. You are correct in everything you say. I am sure you have read ‘The Feeling of what Happens’ by Damasio and his argument on the making of counciousness, and it rather persuades me to take the view that life is not an integral part of the human being, but a force lent to us by Jehovah; thus making the brain a receptor rather than a processor of life via the blood. If that were the case, it would not require the influence of alcohol or other influences to allow infiltration of demonic resources. Jehovah ‘breathed into Adam, the breath of life’ having already formed him as a human being….’and he became a living being… ‘ In the same way, such would provide for demonic possession; the evidence being the demonic construction of a body prior to the flood. Those bodies did not drown at the flood did they, they were abandoned by the life force within them and which the demons themselves ‘took the form of’. Thus the bodies were animated.

          The bible says that we are drawn out by our desires, but desire in these days of pollution both physical and ethereal is not necessarily a choice but a result of such influences along with social nature/ nurture. Influences such as bacterial through to education and from marijuana through to pornography. It is no longer possible to say what the norm is, only what is accepted as the norm by our current society. In England at least, the treatment for perceived mental health problems has come down to simply assessing the persons’ intention as to suicide. The rest is approached ( I was going to say treated) by free talking head groups and medication, neither of which present a cure. The primary constant appears to be a desire to serve Jehovah, a love of what he represents. It seems almost the last pure intent we can recognise. In short, I have to say I don’t know. It’s only a hypotheses. I may be talking out of my backside, but in the end analysis, I think all of this coming down on us is going to be far larger than we think it may be, especially in human terms! (Interesting thought that HIV might be a bio-weapon. I simply assumed that it was just deserts).

          • Eric

            I have a soft spot for mental “disease”. I was medicated off and on from age 13 for depression/anxiety. When I was depressed, I felt alone and my faith was tested. But, my lows drew me closer to Jehovah. When I was feeling great, I drifted from God because times were good. I would say I was mildly bi-polar. I had suicidal thoughts every day, all day until a few years ago when I detoxed from all chemicals and began taking natural supplements. This all occurred as I learned more and more about Jehovah. I studied the biochemistry of depression/anxiety and designed a regimen that “fixed” it. I prayed a lot for help and He delivered. I’m no longer depressed or anxious and my connection to Jehovah is incredible. I believe it’s because my body is as healthy as it can be.

            Many chemicals cloud the brain and alter our ability to “connect” to God. I studied new age religion discussing the ego and our consciousness, and all the far out stuff about “being one with God”… I found some information useful, and other info demonic. I equate the ego with the flesh and our consciousness/conscience with being filled with or paying attention to the Holy Spirit. When I was in college and dating women, some would say no to my advances while intimate… then when I stopped, they would ask why I stopped. I then said, no means no and I was done. Looking back, their consciousness (conscience), that in some are barely connected to Jehovah said no, but their flesh or ego over rode their conscience. Only by studying the Bible have I come to know the difference and the inner compass is more refined and tuned to Jehovah’s Law.

            I recently told a woman I used to work with, whose Muslim, that Satan will use 99% good and 1% evil in order to trick super nice people like her. Jehovah and Jesus are 100% good, and only by knowing the scriptures can we navigate the evil of this world. I’m a doctor, but I don’t trust my field. I was extremely bothered by how many friends at the Hall seemed to place their doctors on pedestals. Americans have been indoctrinated to worship modern medicine in my opinion. Just one look at the snake wrapped around the pole symbolizing the medical field should give one pause to not completely trust doctors. Medicine is more about money now than it is curing. That’s just my professional opinion.

        • Burt Reynolds

          Faith is not faith until it is tested. Before that, it is a mere hope. The elder who complimented you was simply jealous of your belief, ( I said, judgementally!).

          • Eric

            I agree. I know my faith will be tested by “fire” soon enough. It’s been tested ever since I left the hall. Luckily, it’s only grown stronger since. But, I feel the ultimate test will be during the GT.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Hello and welcome Eric.
              When reading your dialogue I thought you might enjoy these articles.

              Whatever happened to 666?.
              As Jehovah’s Witnesses know, in Revelation Jesus spoke to the symbolic Philadelphian congregation about the hour of test that is coming upon the entire world — “to put to the test those dwelling on the earth.” In his very next statement Jesus also said: “I am coming quickly. Keep holding fast to what you have, so that no one may take your crown. The one who conquers—I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and he will by no means go out from it anymore, and I will write upon him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the New Jerusalem that descends out of heaven from my God, and my own new name. Let the one who has an ear hear what the spirit says to the congregations.’”
              Read more>

              Read a lot more> Search results for: test.

              Moving Ahead With Jehovah’s Organization – Until When?.
              Seeing that the Jewish Christians did not abandon Jerusalem or the holy temple until the disgusting thing appeared, requiring them to exercise faith in Jesus’ words, there is no legitimacy in the Watchtower’s claim that Jerusalem foreshadows Babylon the Great. Instead, it aptly prefigures Jehovah’s earthly organization now, which as Daniel reveals (let the reader use discernment) is due to suffer desolation when the last king comes on the scene.

              Sadly, Bethel’s blindness finds a parallel with the Jews who did not discern the time of their being inspected. Read more>


            • Eric

              Thanks Kevin… I really hope I’m around to help those willing to listen when the time comes! I already have a mental list of who I believe will listen… but I’m sure some will surprise me.

          • Nigel

            Hello brother Burt!

            Sorry to interject in your conversation with brother Eric, but I just had to say that faith is not, nor ever begins as, hope. Faith & hope are connected but they are never, at any time, the same.

            Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration (or “convincing evidence”) of realities that are not seen.” Heb 11:1 NWT

            Hope comes before faith.

            We hope for something, then faith provides the evidence required to convince us that what we hope for will certainly come to pass, even though it is “not [yet] seen”. Our job is to “believe”. (Compare Rom 4:3, James 1:6,7)

            Faith comes from Jehovah and from hearing the good news of Christ. It springs from hope, but it is never actually begins as hope in itself.

            “For through the undeserved kindness given to me, I tell everyone there among you not to think more of himself than it is necessary to think, but to think so as to have a sound mind, each one as God has given to him a measure of faith.” Rom 12:3 NWT

            “So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.” Rom 10:17 NLT

            “Now, however, these three remain: faith, hope, love; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Cor 13:13 NWT

            The testing you spoke of, produces endurance, not faith in itself. Tests give us an opportunity to “exercise” faith which, like physical exercise of muscles, strengthens faith, but doesn’t actually produce faith. (You don’t go to the gym to “get” muscles, you go to the gym to “strengthen” muscles.)

            “Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you meet with various trials, knowing as you do that this tested quality of your faith produces endurance.” James 1:3

            If you want more faith, read more of God’s Word (Rom 10:17), believe God’s Word, not doubting (Rom 4:3, James 1:6-8), obey God’s Word (Luke 17:5-10) and be patient (Heb 6:12).


            • Burt Reynolds

              Thanks, but I think we are making the same point. Perhaps I could have worded it better.

            • Nigel

              Ah! Well, that was for free…. 🙂

      • Craig Knight

        Eric hello and welcome! – It’s a good thing you didn’t get baptized into the GB. You have saved yourself a lot of pain. I agree with you that the medical system is wicked corrupt system. I have a friend who was a heart surgeon and He left that environment because of the horrible things He saw Doctor’s doing. I f I ever get sick with cancer or any horrible disease that is terminal. I choose to die at home and be left alone. I would not take chemotherapy or anything else from them. I’ve been poked and prodded by Dr’s for too long. I’m done with them. There are many natural healing approached that are much more effective. I am glad you found Robert’s site. Welcome aboard!

    • Burt Reynolds

      Lovely to hear from you Eric. I hope you find the peace here amongst the storm of life. The mindset that the watchtower appears to be forming at this late stage of things is one of control, not reasoning, so don’t take it too hard over your treatment by the elder. In fact it’s not only elders, but all committed witnesses who are afraid of questions and just as you point out, many of us agree with your opinion of being there for receptive people when needed, myself included. You must have a great deal of insight into the ethos of the scripture if you can see through the paradox of the watchtower, when so many others are stumbled over it. Welcome.

    • HIV is a hoax

      • Eric

        I believe it’s a designed bioweapon as is ebola, zika and the new manifestation of the “plague”. Satan’s been busy introducing demented humans to the bioweapons lab. I believe the near future will usher in a limited nuclear war in the ME and Asia, followed by global economic collapse, plagues and mass starvation. I believe many in this US will die due to lack of food and medicine in the 1-3 months our economy is down. Then, the US/UK give authority to the UN and it’s game on. Most of the laws and treaties have been passed allowing the UN to take over in case of a collapse. Enjoy each day and be thankful, knowing the 3 & 1/2 years we will soon face won’t be as good as today. I’m still planning on having pizza with my sons tomorrow night, so I hope it doesn’t happen for a few day! lol

  • Please8834

    My question is, why have we..the people who have been looking for answers opened our eyes, and other witnesses have Not? Why have we responded?

    • Dz5007

      I think it’s because we truly have a love of the truth. I guess the opposite can be said for a large portion of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    • Bklyn Kevin

      O Jehovah, who may be a guest in your tent?
      Who may reside in your holy mountain?
      The one who is walking faultlessly,
      Practicing what is right
      And speaking the truth in his heart.
      He does not slander with his tongue,
      He does nothing bad to his neighbor,
      And he does not defame his friends.
      He rejects anyone who is contemptible,
      But he honors those fearing Jehovah.
      He does not go back on his promise, even when it is bad for him.
      He does not lend his money on interest,
      And he does not accept a bribe against the innocent.
      Whoever does these things will never be shaken.
      Psalm 15:1-5.

  • Isaac of Coimbatore

    Well How many of You are going to tell highlights in Digging for spiritual Gems on MICAH:5:5-7 for this week?

    Well if I get a chance I am going to tell on MICAH:5:5:We will raise up against him seven shepherds, yes, eight princes of mankind.

    I will tell that 7 shepherds are the anointed ones of 144000 and when they die and go to heaven they join with another already Princes Jesus Christ and there 7+1 becomes 8 princes. It is they that is Jesus Christ and anointed 144000 will shepherd the land of As·syrʹi·a (NWO) with the sword, And the land of Nimʹrod (Type of ruler ship = true worship under the BTG) at its entrances. And he will rescue us from the As·syrʹi·an (= SATAN), When he invades our land and treads on our territory.

  • Isaac of Coimbatore

    To Brother Robert King and Every one in this website
    WTS interpreted on Zechariah 5th & 6th chapter in the October 2017 WT study article issue for the month of November 27th 2017. Is that interpretation right? Your insights are much awaited.

  • Marisa Gomez

    Siento tanta tristeza por los hermanos de buen corazón,, pero tan testarudo que no a están otro razonamiento que no provenga de la atalaya

  • Searcher

    The idol renforces its position to its worshippers

  • i look at whats been accomplished through the publacations and congragation and feel bad thinking maybe im a too pessimistic and critical because if the good i see but then i speak to a witness out in the field and they are rude jerks who dont care for the truth.
    they just dress up like idiots and get their quota

    • The Raven

      I’ve met a few like that too but for the most part witnesses down here are best described as benign. Lol. They don’t seem to want to engage on a deeper level than basic truths and I usually leave it alone after one or two attempts. It’s still strange IMO.

  • Marisa Gomez

    Si es Jehova quien habla a su organizaion a traves de su santo espíritu, ,,,,,,,,entonces significa que Jehova se ha equivocado miles de veces,,,,,,Una muestra de ello es el libro que finalizamos hace dos semanas ” El Reino d e Dios ya está gobernando” Es el libro mas estupido que ha sacado el cuerpo gobernante. ….solo habla de ANTES PENSABAMOS ASI,,AHORA YA NO… En verdad Dios habla al cuerpo gobernante?

  • Yuri Fisher

    WT organization did many good things. Like pointing attention to what happening in this world. Without WT I would never new Bible as I know it now. I was born in USSR and there Bible was forbidden. So if not WTS I would never study Bible. So this is a good thing. But together with it WTS also took away freedom of speech and freedom of decisions. They decide for you how and what you should believe. Jesus would never do such things to his apostles. WTS became like cruel master over minds and lives of good people who loved Jehovah and Jesus. But the same thing do other religions. They also take your freedom and money and lives. WTS is not exception. But the difference is that WTS teach basic truth about Jehovah and other “Christians” teach basic lies about Jehovah. WTS became like jewish leaders of the first century. Jehovah used them until 70 CE. And the discarded them. So today Jehovah will discard WTS also when the day will come. Meantime He allows them to exist. When Jesus comes he will wipe out all so called Christians and will remain also the true worship. Today we must live with what going on in WTS. I also hate what they did to many people inside the organization. But all of the people who influenced by WTS lies will be destroyed. Just like Jews in Jerusalem that did not believe Jesus were destroyed. They chose not to believe. Today also JW choose believe or not believe WTS. You cannot do nothing. Even Jesus could not do much to save all Jews. Sow were saved many were not. I want to be saved so I do not allow WTS lies to influence me. I participate in meetings but never repeat lies about last days now and 1914 and others lies. I wish Jehovah will clean up WTS now. Meantime I do what I can resist Satan inside WTS. So we all must do.

    • Bklyn Kevin

      More food for thought…

      Practical Lessons or the Judgments of Jehovah?.
      While the Governing Body may boast of being wise and discreet it is not wise to conceal Jehovah’s judgments. They cannot possibly succeed. That is why in the 29th chapter of Isaiah Jehovah goes on to say: “Therefore, I am the One who will again do wonderful things with this people, with wonder upon wonder; and the wisdom of their wise men will perish, and the understanding of their discreet men will be hidden. Woe to those who go to great lengths to conceal their plans from Jehovah.”

      The wisdom of their wise and discreet men will surely become insignificant with the coming of Christ. What could the Watchtower possibly have to say during the revelation of Christ after having promoted a phony parousia since its inception? Read more>
      Read a lot more>Search results for: command on command.

    • Lev

      Юра, дорогой мой человек! Я потерял твою почту из за вируса.Случайно увидел здесь твой коммент.Ты мне очень ,очень нужен и не только мне .но и многим братьям и сёстрам здесь в России.столько произошло за полгода- жуть напиши мне, по возможности , побыстрее Заранее спасибо, брат!

      • Yuri Fisher

        Привет дорогой Лев. Прости что не мог тебе написать раньше. Как я могу тебе помочь? Как у вас там? Я вижу что не всё в порядке после полного уничтожения СБ в России. Жаль что пострадало много в общем то хороших людей.

        Мой адресс :

        Пиши обо всём что происходит. Если смогу помочь буду рад.

        С любовью

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