QUESTION: If, as some say, the third world war has already started, when will they be saying “peace and security”?

ANSWER: According to the Watchtower the nations of the world, including religious leaders, will be saying “peace and security” immediately before the great tribulation begins. The “sudden destruction” that comes upon them pertains to Babylon the Great. (How This World Will Come to an End)

However, the Watchtower’s understanding of Bible prophecy is badly skewed. As I have pointed out numerous times, the mortal wound inflicted upon the seventh head of the beast could not possibly have occurred during the First World War, as Jehovah’s Witnesses are required to believe. 

Besides the obvious fact that France, Great Britain and the United States (the Anglo-American dual world power did not exist in 1914) were victorious in the Great War, the death and revival of the beast and the subsequent rise of the 8th king marks the beginning of judgment day. And the book of Revelation is quite explicit regarding those who admire or support the resurrected beast or its image, that they do not have their names written in the book of life. In other words, they receive the immutable sentence of everlasting death. 

Obviously, that judgment does not span generations of persons; otherwise, why preach a message of salvation to a world of people who have already been condemned to the second death? The judgment of the second death can only come after the preaching work is finished. 

The point is, since the eighth king will be the instrument God will use to eliminate Babylon the Great, and contrary to what the Watchtower teaches the head of the beast has not received a mortal blow, nor has eighth king arrived yet, the end of Babylon the great is not the next big thing to occur. 

First the Anglo-American kingdom must crash. That being the case, their saying “peace and security” most likely precedes the death blow upon the head of the beast. That will be the “sudden destruction” Paul foretold. And because it will initiate judgment day, even though the beast will recover they will not escape God’s eventual judgment. That is in keeping with the illustration Paul used, likening the “sudden destruction” to the distress of child birth pangs. Although birth does not come immediately, it is inevitable. 

Now as regards Paul’s writing at 1st Thessalonians 5:3, we do not know if Paul originally referred to “Jehovah’s day coming exactly as a thief in the night,” or if he said “the Lord’s day…” Certainly, there are no Greek manuscripts in existence that use YHWH there or anywhere else. 

However, on two occasions and also in Revelation, Jesus likened his unexpected coming to a thief breaking into a home in the night, each reference in relation to the judgment of his disciples; specifically, those who are anointed. That being the case, “whenever they are saying ‘peace and security’” must evidently precede the coming of Christ to initiate the judgment of the house of God, which occurs against the backdrop of war and societal collapse. 

It is worth noting that Ezekiel 30:3 connects the day of Jehovah to the sudden downfall of Egypt. This harmonizes with the death-stroke upon the head of the beast and the takedown of America. 

But as regards world war three having already begun, obviously that is not the case in the strictest sense. Most people are going on about their lives, oblivious to what is really going on in the world. In that respect we are living “during a time of security,” immediately prior to the ruin of many.

It is only from the standpoint of the intentions of certain powerful people associated with the Anglo-American system that it can be said the war has already begun. At the same time, though, other persons within the establishment, and certainly most world leaders, are working to avoid war.

I expect that before the big bombs start popping there will be an all-out diplomatic push to avert what appears to be inevitable; at which point they will be saying “peace and security” — followed by war and the big crash. 

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