Why no Christian presence in the East?

//Why no Christian presence in the East?

QUESTION: Why do you think Jehovah didn’t want much done in the East? Does it involve today?



ANSWER: Christianity was originally established throughout the Mediterranean region and as far east as Babylon. The original converts to Christianity were, of course, predominantly Jewish and Jewish proselytes. Because Israel and Judah had been conquered by Assyria and Babylon and only a remnant of the Jews were repatriated to Israel, the Jews came to be scattered among many nations and it served to facilitate the establishment of Christianity, because the Jews were receptive to the concept of the prophesied Messiah. For example, the apostle Paul preached among the nations, but wherever he went he always found the local synagogue and preached Jesus to the Jews first.

It is interesting that in the 16th chapter of the book of the Acts of the Apostles, it mentions that the spirit of Jesus forbade the apostle from speaking the word in the district of Asia. To be clear, the district of Asia did not mean the continent of Asia, but a region in the area of modern-day Turkey. But the point is, that, Jesus did not permit the preaching of the good news in a certain region and that may be what is involved today and the fact that vast areas of the Middle East and South Asia are not receptive to Christianity and never have been.

As we know, in the first century the entire area in which Christianity flourished was dominated by the Roman Empire and after the apostles died off apostates gradually came to the fore and handed over complete control to the Emperor of Rome. Ironically, Rome became the preserver of a very corrupted form of Christianity. This is why Europe is the heart of Christendom. And during the era of colonialism “Christianity” was spread abroad to the Americas, Africa and the islands of the South Pacific. But the Middle East and most of Asia were never converted. No doubt the great slaughters that took place during the Roman Catholic crusades had a lot to do with it.

At any rate, it is a curious fact that those nations that never accepted the religion of Christendom are now the focal point, Ground Zero if you will, for what is shaping up to be World War III.

As I’ve pointed out in several articles, the opening of the seals of Revelation, which unleashes the four horsemen, brings death to approximately one-quarter of mankind. The First World War and the Spanish influenza, as horrific as they were, only laid low a tiny percentage of the human population. (See article: A Closer Look at 1914)

For the past 2 1/2 centuries the world is been dominated by the British Empire, which is now primarily expressed in the financial and monetary system headquartered in the city of London. Genocide has always been an underlying policy of the Empire. As is well-known, London promoted the great Irish famine and famines in India as well, in order to cull the herd. For the past 150 years the Lords of London have promoted the propaganda that the world is dangerously overpopulated and that the population must be reduced. And now, at this particular point in time, the mechanism which the Empire has used to control the nations is breaking down. That is to say, the financial system is collapsing. Apparently, the decision has already been made at the highest level of the London oligarchy to begin to implement a planet-wide, rapid population reduction.

The budget cuts associated with austerity are intended to target the most vulnerable of the population, the elderly, the young and the sick. The insanity of using food for fuel is nothing but a policy of genocide, since it actually requires more fuel to produce ethanol from corn than is produced from burning the so-called renewable fuel. Without massive government subsidies it would not be considered a viable business model.

Along with this, the global financial system has imposed rules through the World Trade Organization that disallow storing food. Again, the clear intent of the Empire is to kill off a large percentage of the population. Apparently, though, the imperialists realize that austerity and food shortage is not enough. War is what has been decided upon. And for the past 10 years a vast military force has been moving into position in the Middle East and South Asia. Some analysts say that World War III has already begun. Call it a war by stealth.

At any rate, the projected theater of war is obviously the Middle East and Asia, with the focus on Iran, Russia and China; with other Islamic, “stan” nations of the former Soviet Union and sub-Sahara Africa also being coveted because of their vast, undeveloped resources.

It is noteworthy that Christianity is not prominent in any of these targeted nations and Jehovah’s Witnesses have little if any presence in them. (Russia is the exception) Who knows, but it may well be that the spirit of Jesus has forbidden Jehovah’s Witnesses to preach in these nations that are manifestly Ground Zero for World War III. Time will tell.

It is worth noting too, the one-quarter of the world which is destined to be killed are said to be harvested into Hades. In other words, they will receive a resurrection. It is the survivors who will then come under the tyranny of the eighth king and who will face the judgment of the second death.  And it is in these nations, the assumed survivors of the initial phase of the Holocaust that is about to be unleashed, where Jehovah’s Witnesses are most prominent and have preached to a very large percentage of the population. It is appropriate and just that Jehovah hold them more accountable.


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  • LW

    There is an ancient legend about two great dragons: The Dragon of the north wind and the dragon of the south wind, and together they upheld balance and harmony in the heavens.
    The two brothers had a disagreement over who could better rule their world. Their quarrel turned to rage and their violent struggle darkened the skies. The Dragon of the south wind struck down his brother, shattering the land. The Dragon of the south wind had triumphed, but as time passed and he realized his solitude, the sweetness of his victory turned to ash…
    For years, the bereft dragon wailed and the world was thrown into discord…and he knew only bitterness and sorrow. One day, a stranger walked up to the dragon and asked. “O dragon lord, why are you so distraught?” The dragon told him, “Seeking power, I killed my brother, but without him, I am lost.”
    The stranger replied, “You have inflicted wounds upon yourself, but now you must heal. Walk the earth on two feet as I do. Find value in humility. Then, you will find peace.”
    Eventually, the stranger revealed himself as his long lost brother. The dragon knelt upon the ground, for now he could finally see the world around him. Reunited, the two set out to rebuild what they had once destroyed.

    “I have accepted who I am and I have forgiven you. Now you must forgive yourself. The world is changing once again and it’s time to pick a side.”

    “Real life is not like the stories that Father told us. You were a fool for believing it so.”

    “Perhaps I am a fool, to think that this is still hope for you. But I do. Think on that brother.”

  • Beverly kenyon

    It’s fantastic revisiting this article as Brother King brings out some fantastic facts regarding the preaching of the Kingdom especially the last paragraph. Saw a documentary about the first Emperor of China and saw how vast and advanced the empire was yet Christianity did not reach or was preached there. Don’t know how long ago this article was written but it’s interesting to see how the major players have upped the stakes by moving even more of their hardware and military in that region so this article is still very much up to date with world events.

    • Jamie Mac

      Hi Beverly. Interesting article as you stated. If what Robert stated is true and I quote

      ‘Who knows, but it may well be that the spirit of Jesus has forbidden Jehovah’s Witnesses to preach in these nations that are manifestly Ground Zero for World War III.’

      What are we to make of Matt 24:14

      And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

      My brother-in-law who is an elder once said to me that the the preaching work done in these countries is performed out of sight so to speak. I wonder how many people in china for example, have heard the name Jehovah. When the end does come there may possibly be a lot of ignorant people and I think that is what Robert alluded to in his last sentence.

      • Beverly kenyon

        Hi Jamie, maybe a lot of these ‘ground zero, ignorant’ ones will be sent to Hades and yes, maybe there is a secret preaching work being done and I don’t doubt that Jehovah does know who belong to him and will find that one person whose inclined towards him wherever they are! Strong’s Greek-3625, is the land that’s is inhabited, the land in a state of habitation, the inhabited, that is Roman world, (orbis terrarum), for all outside it was regarded as of no account. So according to Strong’s Greek, the inhabited world was a Roman world, so when Jesus said, ‘inhabited world, is that what he meant, the ‘inhabited world’ of that time? And didn’t the Roman world cover a massive expanse of the world back then, even to our shores here in England? Just throwing a thought out there!

  • Francis Bencharles

    Hi Robert:

    In Acts 16:6 whose spirit is it Jehovah’s Holy Spirit or Jesus’?

    • Since his resurrection Jesus has immortality and all power and authority. Presumably that means he has the full measure of God’s spirit to use as he sees fit.

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