QUESTION: You call yourself a “watchman,” and on several occasions have (rightly) rejected the title of “prophet..” Why is it, that (at least as of yet) there have been no prophets raised up in modern times to prophesy against the modern-day Jerusalem (i.e., Bethel). The pattern Jehovah set up in the past was to raise up prophets even up to the point of the collapse of his own nation. For example, even though warnings were laid out by prophets centuries before the destruction of Jerusalem, Jehovah still kept raising up prophets all the way to the point of Jerusalem’s collapse, as evidenced by Jeremiah’s account of living through the collapse. Do you believe Jehovah will yet raise up prophets in modern times prior to the watchtower’s collapse, and if not, then why is that pattern not to be repeated in modern times?


ANSWER: There is no need, whatsoever, for God to inspire any modern day prophet. The reason that is so, is because God has already said what he has to say through the biblical prophets of old – punctuated with an emphatic period with the book of Revelation. Does not the book of Revelation say that its intended purpose is to reveal to Christ’s slaves the things that must shortly take place? The burden Jehovah’s Witnesses are saddled with is that the Watchtower claims to have already revealed all. This has always been the case going back to the embarrassingly ridiculous Finished Mystery of God in 1917.

But, the books of the prophets are essentially Jehovah’s prerecorded judgments, to be unveiled at the coming of Christ. My work as a watchman is simply to publish this fact – particularly among the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which I have done over the years as my resources and wherewithal have permitted.

In that respect, though, I have followed the pattern of the ancient prophets who exposed the error and hypocrisy of those who bore the name of Jehovah. I can particularly relate to the prophecy of Hosea, who wrote the following concerning the watchman of Ephraim: “The days of being given attention must come; the days of the due payment must come. Those of Israel will know it. The prophet will be foolish, the man of inspired expression will be maddened on account of the abundance of your error, even animosity being abundant. The watchman of Ephraim was with my God. As regards a prophet, there is the trap of a birdcatcher on all his ways; there is an animosity in the house of his God. They have gone down deep in bringing ruin, as in the days of Gibeah. He will remember their error; he will give attention to their sins.”

First, it should be noted that the judgments contained in the ancient prophecy of Hosea (3:5) are really earmarked for their ultimate fulfillment during “the final part of the days,” and the ruination “as in the days of Gibeah” corresponds to the Watchtower’s callous disregard for justice in connection with the thousands of cases of child rape that have taken place within the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses. (See the chapter: Hosea

So, prior to Jehovah’s judgments being brought to bear  against “Israel” –  also known as Ephraim –  there is a prophet on hand,  also called the watchman of Ephraim.  But being a “man of inspired expression” does not mean he is the source of or the originator of prophecy. I understand the term “man of inspired expression” to mean that he  concerns himself with and understands the inspired expressions of the original prophets contained in the Bible.  And that is exactly what I have done. For approximately 5 years before publishing the first article on the Internet I immersed myself in the inspired expressions contained in the Hebrew prophecies, reading them over and over again like a man possessed. So, the watchman of Ephraim is a “prophet”  in the sense that he publishes God’s judicial decisions – as did the original prophets. 

However, he is considered to be foolish from the standpoint of those who consider themselves to be above God’s judgment, as, obviously, the Governing Body and their helpers do. Over the years I have received countless emails from Jehovah’s Witnesses denouncing my foolish behavior. As the prophecy says, though, the “prophet” will be maddened on account of the abundance of error on the part of those who comprise the “house of his God.”

True to the prophecy, I have been moved by a slow-roiling outrage prompted by the hypocrisy and deceit on the part of the Governing Body and leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses, especially in connection with their lies and cover-up of their NGO partnership with the United Nations and their disgusting lawyering connected to the thousands of cases of child abuse within the organization. And then there is the matter of the 1914 hoax, the ongoing operation of error the Society undyingly promotes.

My madness has been displayed most prominently over the years through various mailing campaigns – the first in 2004, in which I mailed an 8-page letter to virtually every kingdom hall in the English-speaking world. (See: An Open Letter to Jehovah’s Witnesses) As a result of that original campaign subsequent campaigns have been less effective due to the fact that many kingdom halls have since then removed their mailboxes. That, apparently, has been the Society’s subtle strategy to hinder me from contacting the elders again via mail.

As a result of the original mailing the Society set in motion the judicial apparatus to marginalize my influence; hence, “the trap of the birdcatcher.” And or course, the Watchtower continues to issue dire warnings, urging  Jehovah’s Witnesses to reject as untrue all information on the Internet that may be critical of the Watchtower. And they have cast persons like myself as abject enemies of the truth and mentally-diseased apostates in order to dissuade Jehovah’s Witnesses from considering my actual message, which is entirely based upon God’s prophetic Word. In that respect “there is animosity in the house of his God” against me for daring to turn Jehovah’s word against them in the effective manner that I have.

But according to Hosea the days of the due payment must come and “those of Israel will know it.” Similarly, as God said in connection with Ezekiel – and they will have to know that a prophet was in their midst. (Ezekiel, who, not coincidentally, was also appointed as a watchman and picked up by Jehovah by the scruff of his neck and made to see all the horrible things the leaders of Jehovah’s people were doing, subsequently, went forth impelled in the bitterness and rage of his spirit to announce God’s coming wrath.)

Again, it is not a prophet in the sense of being inspired to utter original sayings of God, but nonetheless, one who announces Jehovah’s coming judgments in a public forum. Once the judgment begins with the outbreak of global war Jehovah’s Witnesses will be forced to accept that I have served such a function and have not done so of my own initiative.



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