Since the WT has, it seems, become the mouthpiece of the scarlet colored wild beast, the disgusting thing that causes desolation, and the constant feature (the public ministry) has essentially been removed, are we not then actually seeing the fulfillment of Daniel 12:11. Are we not in the last days? Is not the disgusting thing standing in a holy place? Matt. 24:15. Jesus said when you catch sight of the disgusting thing standing in a holy place. Really, are we not catching sight of the disgusting thing standing in God’s organization, it is quite perceptible, public, isn’t it? Like you said, in lockstep together.

It is good that a few people are at least asking the right questions. Ironically, the majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses are not. And that is because of the Watchtower’s deluding influence, or as the older version of the NWT worded it—an operation of error. 

For example, the Watchtower has deluded Jehovah’s Witnesses into believing that the constant feature was removed during World War Two; yet, the holy place that is destined to be trampled by a disgusting thing is said to be Christendom. I have written about these many discrepancies in numerous essays. 

It is tempting to believe that the disgusting thing is now standing where it ought not. A couple of years ago who would have ever imagined the Watchtower would shut down the public ministry and shutter every Kingdom Hall in the world? And then vigorously promote such a controversial thing as the UN’s vaccination scheme? Still, though, it is self-induced. It is not as though the governments ordered the Watchtower to close down. The UN doesn’t have the authority to do such a thing anyway. And even if national governments had imposed restraints Bethel has always prided itself on defending and legally establishing the good news. Even now most churches, synagogues, and mosques are open, but not Kingdom Halls. Something is very, very wrong with that. The Governing Body has warned that it is too dangerous and foolhardy to venture outside. Crazy! 

All the while the Watchtower is pretending that nothing has changed. Zoom meetings are the same as the real thing. Sitting at home writing letters is just as effective as going out and making face-to-face contact with people and teaching them in their homes. In fact, the Governing Body regularly boasts about how successful the virtual ministry is. That being the case, it does not appear as if the Christian sanctuary has been thrown down and the constant feature removed. 

Jehovah’s Witnesses certainly ought to be concerned that the Governing Body has essentially mandated vaccinations. In this, they are, as you say, in lockstep with the UN’s World Health Organization. The WT has stipulated that all full-time servants must take the injections. And now circuit overseers are making the rounds exhorting the flock to follow the example of the worldwide Bethel family. This is rank apostasy—attaching arbitrary conditions to a Christian’s service to God. 

The propaganda machine declares mRNA injections to be “safe and effective.” It is repeated over and over— “safe and effective.” The vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Hundreds of thousands of people have been gravely injured and many thousands have died as a direct result of the experimental injections. And of the millions who have taken the shots, a large percentage have fallen ill with Covid anyway. Not only that, hundreds of millions of vaccinated persons are incubators for Covid variants. Maybe in that sense, the injections are “effective” as a tool of depopulation. 

The Watchtower is echoing this lie that the vaccines are safe and effective. It would have Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that the reports of death and injury are wild conspiracy theories. Instead of allowing individuals to make their own choice in this matter, the Governing Body is threatening to disfellowship elders who may voice strong opinions about taking an injection that might cripple or even kill the recipient. No one is coercing the Watchtower to take this extreme position. Claiming we must obey Caesar is a lie. There is no law that requires every citizen to submit themselves to a potentially lethal medical procedure. And even if there were, Caesar does not own our souls. Jehovah does. The point is, the Watchtower is under no compulsion to commit millions of trusting JW’s to this global vaccination scheme. They have willingly sold the sheep to the buyers. 

Jesus connected the disgusting thing standing in a holy place with the great tribulation. And immediately prior to the great tribulation Jesus said that nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom; there will be food shortages and earthquakes here and there and that these things are the beginning of pangs of distress. 

The Watchtower, of course, has deluded Jehovah’s Witnesses into imagining that the beginning pangs of distress began over a century ago. Supposedly we are living in the last days of the last days and soon will come the last day of the last days. Meanwhile, all of the nuclear powers are preparing for war. There are numerous hotspots around the globe that may become flashpoints for setting off a global conflagration.

And after years of central banks churning out trillions and trillions, now inflation is ripping through the economies of the world making food shortages inevitable in the near future. A fuse has been lit. 

Another aspect of the Watchtower’s far-reaching deluding influence has to do with the appearance of the scarlet-colored wild beast. Back during the Second World War Nathan Knorr gave a public address entitled: Peace—Can it Last? The new president of the Watchtower back then predicted that the League of Nations would reappear after the war in fulfillment of Revelation regarding the scarlet-colored beast emerging from the abyss in the form of the eighth king. 

Low and behold! As soon as the war ended the victors set up the United Nations, and unlike with the League, this time the leading nation of the world—the United States of America—became a member. 

Even though it has been 80 years since Knorr predicted the one-hour reign of the eighth king would be very short-lived, the Watchtower still touts its prophetic prowess. In reality, the League of Nations was a powerless institution. So is the United Nations—although that is changing. Even so, the beast has not emerged from the abyss. That is because it has not plunged into the abyss. The Watchtower’s predictive adroitness is, in reality, a reflection of the powerful lying signs and wonders and unrighteous deceptions that make up the operation of Satan aimed at Christians to deceive them into believing Christ has already come. 

At some point in the not-to-distant future civilization is going to come crashing down. From the wreckage will emerge the eighth king and then the trampling will begin. 

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