QUESTION: I  like your website and find it really interesting . I agree with many points you make, as it explains loads of the Watchtower’s contradictions regarding their explanation of Bible prophecies. I agree that Jehovah Witnesses do the preaching work and proclaim good news as described in Bible, and generally JW’s have the truth. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, however, I disagree with their  past and recent  explanations of Bible prophecy. And the history of the Watchtower only proves that they never been right. My question to you is, what is your opinion ( or general advice to JW) on staying in an organization that teaches such untrue and puzzling things, but at the same time  is right about many other things? It is really confusing and difficult being a JW and knowing that so many have been stumbled over these issues. I’d like to hear your opinion on WT disfellowshipping and shunning policy from Bible perspective as well .  Your reply in any form would by much appreciated.   (Edited for spelling and clarity)


ANSWER: It is not that difficult to point out the many contradictions inherent in the Watchtower’s explanation of prophecy. Actually, let me restate that. It is rather difficult to get it all straight, in that, it is like trying to untie a very tight and twisted knot. They have made such a mess of things that it is beyond the ability of most of Jehovah’s Witnesses to sort out. But all things considered, my primary purpose is not merely to expose the Watchtower’s error, but to place it in the context of Jehovah’s judgments.

It is paradoxical, to be sure, that the organization teaches the truth on one level and at the same time is the promoter of a massive falsehood. But that is exactly what the prophecies indicate that we would have to deal with. To illustrate the point, I’ve written a fair bit about the falsity of 1914 as the beginning of the time of the end. There is simply no justification to suppose that Jesus intended his disciples to understand that his reference to Jerusalem being trampled upon by the nations for an appointed time began centuries earlier when Babylon destroyed the city. It defies all logic. That being the case, that completely undoes the whole 7-times = 2520 days/years counting from 607, thing.

So, why do Jehovah’s Witnesses unquestioningly believe it? Because it is the foretold “operation of error” that God allows to go forth to those who know the truth in order to test their love of the truth when the hour arrives. The time of testing will be when Jesus actually returns. Then Jehovah’s Witnesses will be forced to either accept the truth or go down with the Watchtower. And that is the setting in which “many will be stumbled,” as Jesus foretold.

When I first started publishing on the Internet my website used to be subtitled: Announcing Jehovah’s Judgments. Obviously, that was intended as an ironical version of the Watchtower Magazine subtitle: Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom. Perhaps I should go back to that, as it might clear up some ambiguity and help new readers to better understand my mission.

As far as the Watchtower’s disfellowshipping policy, so-called; shunning was a practice originally established by Jesus Christ in his famous sermon on the Mount. (‘let him become to you as a tax collector and man of the nations.’) And the apostle Paul listed the numerous practices that warranted removing the practicers of such things from the congregations. However, the Watchtower Society has added to the list. (Smoking, blood transfusions, military service, etc.) And there is no question that disfellowshipping and has been used to intimidate and punish dissent.

But, again, this is why Jehovah’s judgment is coming. These are the very things that Jehovah has already addressed in his pre-recorded judgments. I suppose I need to get back to the Isaiah series and leave off critiquing the July 2013, Watchtower.

Ironically, my advice to Jehovah’s Witnesses is pretty much the same as the Watchtower’s exhortation: Wait on Jehovah.



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