Should Jehovah’s Witnesses prepare for financial collapse?

//Should Jehovah’s Witnesses prepare for financial collapse?

QUESTION: With the upcoming financial collapse, what are we really supposed to do? I have a wife and a 8 week old son at home, so I’m obviously concerned with their well being. Of course, ultimately it is Jehovah who will save and protect those that call upon his name and do his will, but is there anything we can do in order to sustain our family? Should I withdraw all my savings and keep cash on hand? I assume money will soon be worthless, so is there a point to that? Will Jehovah let me and my family starve and die? I’m not sure if you have children, but I’m sure you understand my concerns.



Paul wrote in his letter to Timothy the following: Certainly if anyone does not provide for those who are his own, and especially for those who are members of his household, he has disowned the faith and is worse than a person without faith.”

Obviously, you take your responsibility in that regard seriously. But most responsible family heads also recognize that providing for our own involves more than merely providing for immediate needs. As an example, family breadwinners may purchase a life insurance policy, so that in the event of their untimely death their families will be provided for and not have any unnecessary hardship placed upon them. It is merely the responsible thing to do.Hopefully, the policy will never be needed. But it is there just in case.

In times past, when there wasn’t a convenience store around the corner and people were more self-sufficient, it was not uncommon for a household to have a pantry stocked with food that could last for months. It was absolutely essential for families on the farm to preserve food harvested in the summer and autumn in order to survive the winter. Now, though, that is not necessary. And as a result we have been conditioned to expect food and other essentials will always be readily available in a nearby market. And people just assume that the complex system in place that facilitates the whole process will always function – like the banking system, for example. But the truth is, it is not always going to function.


There is, in fact, a growing number of people who are becoming aware of this fact. It is called the “prepper” movement, because they are preparing for the collapse of the system. But Jehovah’s Witnesses have been assured by the leadership of the organization that no such practical preparations are necessary.

But the proverb says that the shrewd one sees the calamity coming and he conceals himself. So, practical preparations, within reason, are wise.

As regards taking money out of the bank, that might be one practical step to take. Even though money will ultimately become worthless, it will probably not happen overnight. Look at the situation in Greece. The entire banking system was shut down for about two weeks, while they tried to sort out the mess. In the meanwhile depositors were only allowed to withdraw limited amounts of the money they had placed with their banking institution for safekeeping. It created all kinds of hardships for individuals and businesses. It was not that money was worthless. On the contrary. It was that people could not access their accounts. But if a person had money they were protected.

Although no one can say for certain how the system is going to go down, whether through hyperinflation or a sudden crash, having something on the side, whether cash or metals or something for barter, would be prudent. Especially if you have children, having basic foodstuffs to last more than a few days is important.

Even the US government advises having a “go- bag” for each member of the family, which is just basic stuff that one can grab and go in the event of a natural disaster or some terrorist event like the detonation of a “dirty bomb” that might pose the risk of radiation exposure. And in that regard even the Watchtower has stated that making minimal preparations for disasters is wise.

In the 16th chapter of I Corinthians Paul advised the brothers to set something aside on the 1st of each week, as they were prospering, in order that a relief gift might be collected and sent to the families in Jerusalem who were suffering in famine conditions. That method might be something to consider – setting something aside on a regular basis for a future day, not just for yourself, but for others.




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  • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has warned its clients that 2016 could be a “cataclysmic year”, going as far as predicting stock values could fall by a fifth and oil prices could plunge to $16 (£11, €15) a barrel, even though crude has not dropped below the $30 threshold for 12 years.

    The doomsday scenario, described in a note the bank sent to its clients on 8 January, was somewhat echoed by two other major lenders, with Morgan Stanley saying the price of oil could fall below $20 a barrel, while UBS warned of a “significant change” in the markets.

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    Citing the chaos that has gripped Chinese markets in the first trading days of 2016, the bank reduced its rating on exposure to equities from “overweight” to “neutral” on a “six-month tactical horizon”, while it downgraded the prospects of emerging markets to “underweight”.

    UBS added the global credit cycle had not yet reached its peak and lower oil prices would ultimately translate into higher consumer spending, which would in turn boost global economic growth.

    Meanwhile, RBS said in its note that the current stress levels in the markets were comparable to to those registered in the months immediately prior the 2008 crisis. “Sell everything except high quality bonds,” the bank’s credit team said. “This is about return of capital, not return on capital. In a crowded hall, exit doors are small.”

    With global debt ratios at previously unseen levels and global trade and loans on a downward curve, there was little for equity markets to be optimistic about over the next 12 months, the bank added.More about global markets

    FTSE 100 posts heaviest loss in first week of the year since 2000

    Wall Street gains amid strong jobs report as calm returns in China

    European stocks jump as global markets end week on calmer note

    Market turmoil: FTSE 100 dragged down by mining and energy shares

    Asian markets: China slides again triggering more concerns

    “China has set off a major correction and it is going to snowball,” said Andrew Roberts, RBS research chief for European economics and rates. “Equities and credit have become very dangerous, and we have hardly even begun to retrace the ‘Goldlocks love-in’ of the last two years.”

    Roberts added European stocks and Wall Street could face a drop between 10% and 20%, while things could get even worse for the FTSE, given the index’s exposure to commodities-related stocks and energy companies.

    “London is vulnerable to a negative shock,” he said. “All these people who are ‘long’ oil and mining companies thinking that the dividends are safe are going to discover that they’re not at all safe.”

    A sharp slowdown in Asia, now the key region in terms of global oil demand, and OPEC’s inability to take drastic actions to halt the current trend will conjure in dragging the oil prices through the floor, the bank said.

    RBS identified China as the epicentre of the global crisis, highlighting the world’s second-largest economy was in desperate need of a “dramatically lower” currency, in a bid to stem to ongoing capital flight.

    “We are deeply sceptical of the consensus that the authorities can ‘buy time’ by their heavy intervention in cutting reserve ratio requirements (RRR), rate cuts and easing in fiscal policy,” the note said.

    Across the Pacific, the US Federal Reserve has been guilty of “playing with fire”, according to the bank, which added the US central bank could be force to take the almost unprecedented step ofcutting interest rates only a few months after raising them for the first time in almost a decade.

    RBS, which estimates the world’s largest economy slowed down to grow only 0.5% in the fourth quarter, said it was very unusual for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates even though the country’s GDP has been on a downward trend since 2014. “There has already been severe monetary tightening in the US from the rising dollar,” the bank said.

    RBS said the forecast might still turn to be inaccurate but warned investors of the predictions it made in November 2015, which it first issued over the outlook of the global markets during that month.

    “There is a difference between forecasting something and it actually crystallising,” the bank said. “We think investors should be afraid that the ominous outlook for the world in our Year Ahead has been borne out [ex-ECB cuts] over the past six weeks. This hardens our ‘anti-goldilocks’ and deflationist views.”

    IBTimes UK has contacted RBS for a comment and is awaiting a reply.

  • sunset

    I am so poor that any thing i try to hsve extra like water, a few dollars, may be gone when caught broke due to illness or just at near the end of the month. I can’t really eat most packaged or can foods. I don’t have the best shoes, and i live in a climate that doesn’t require heavy clothes. So even though i have a prepping mind….i am like the homeless girl at the corner of my block.

    • Rose Castro

      Do you have any family help?

    • Sam

      How are you feeling lately sister? Hope you’re battling through your treatment…you’re in our prayers!

      • sunset

        Hi Br. Sam, I am in distress. Being on a disability income doesn’t help….but fighting hard by walking and breathing. Have more fatigue, pain and constriction. I barely can eat. So today bought Chia seeds at Winco. …told the checker i need an extra $1000 month to live, medical needs for alternative and supplements. He said with great sincerety and care, our KING is coming soon. It warmed my heart he said that. I said I beleive that too. I had run into a warm brother entering Winco come to think of it. Later when I walked I saw Wolfy an inspirational friend encouraged me to sing….but as I kept walking 2 homeless people or at least near homeless stopped me. The woman recognized me. So i stopped to talk…the toothless older man ended up saying how a new system is coming, not the end of the world. He was having lots of problems too.
        In the past week met 3 musicians. One a young man who partook at the Memorial. He was very spiritual and encouraged me in a way that was meaningful to me and by no means conventional. A close friend with Lupus has been in a health crisis just as I am. Thank you Sam for asking about me. I ment to post on other comments, started to, didn’t finish and lost what I wrote. Also need to stay as calm and positive as i can. Bless you brother.

        • Sam

          I’m glad to see Jehovah is blessing you with meeting some sincere people… it totally lifts your spirits! Take it all a day at a time, and keep savoring every good thing! It’s been a year since i finished my treatment but i still remember what it was like… you’re doing amazing!

          • sunset

            I am worse today. I did main juicing the day before, and did really well yesterday but its the oats that have been worsening me. Its in the bladder spine area….i had trouble walking last night. It also stressed me physically. So i dont feel like i am doing so amazing….my life is going to be like eating manna. My doctor never beleives anything i tell her about my body.

            • Sam

              Doctors are terrible.. me and the other guy my age diagnosed with lymphoma was brushed off time and again by doctors giving us pills left right and center with no clue what they were doing. If we didn’t take the initiative and go beyond them and get actual tests done we would likely not be around now! Hang in there.. the hebrew word for what Daniel and his companions ate when in the king’s court is literally seeds. So if they could do it 😉

            • Sam

              I remember when i was on several pills a day to fight infection and sickness… then i had to take others because the anti sickness slowed down your bowels. It all made me dehydrated, nauseous, fatigued etc. Showed me just how complex our body is that when it goes wrong you need to do all this just to keep it working. Soon it will be working as Jehovah intended

  • Leonard k

    radio shack just went bankrupt the two store located by me will only be open another 7 days. now take a look at this as if it could not get any worse but we all knew it was coming.

  • Keisha Green

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  • Bklyn Kevin

    The proverb says that the shrewd one sees the calamity coming and he conceals himself. So, practical preparations, within reason, are wise.

    • e.v.g

      We do not know the day or the hour, I talked with some folks in my job, supervisor and technicians, including some operators, I think they are like Jesus said, “anxious”. Probably I have the same problem, I am not ready, but I am tired of this system, I am tired of me, this unfair world is killing me. I know Jesus knew the yoke upon some individuals but he condems the ungodly rich one, some of them will have to pay the consequences, Jesus knew about the unsuccesful of this system of things (although he is using the technology of this world, it is for a good reason) ultimately he will remove all these vanities.

      • The Raven

        I can certainly understand that feeling. It’s wearisome and I’m also sick of seeing bad folks steamroll fine folks. Most everyone I know, believers or not has some idea we’re headed for bad times and they are prepping a little more than we do for hurricanes down here. Granted most of us are poor and still working but I have set back a few things. I know those who cannot because of bad situations beyond their control will be helped along by Jehovah but those of us who can should try to do what we can. I’m like you…like most people who wish this mess was all over with not just for our own sake but for all of creation’s. We all wait and suffer together and pray we make it.

        • e.v.g

          Bad times will come even if we are having enough supplies. But I see the indifference of this generation, only God knows the horrors that this same generation will have to face in the near future, but according to Jesus it is better to keep praying for the kingdom of God to come with all its consequences.

          • The Raven

            That’s true. This generation is well described too. Right now we’re still just a rat in a cage. But soon, we will be free. I’m working on my faith. It occupies most of my thoughts as we near the beginning of the end. I don’t know what I will do or say when this happens but I’m counting on Jehovah to give me a clue and help me along. It’s the best I can do.

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  • Katelyn Garrett

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