QUESTION: Should we now move away from the ‘Society,’ i.e. meetings, ‘Get out of her my people…. ?’ But doesn’t the Bible say not forsake the gathering of yourselves together and all the more so as you behold the day drawing near, etc.? And what do we do about the memorial of Christ’s Death? I can see that you are speaking the truth when you say about the Man of Lawlessness, surely standing in a place where they ought not, I.E. in place of the Christ, saying: ‘No one comes to the father except through us’ has put them in line for punishment, but how do we handle this after 30years?


ANSWER: This is a common, reoccurring question. Let me be clear: I do not now, nor have I ever, advocated leaving the Watchtower Society. The submerged presence of evil men within the leadership and an ongoing “operation of error” were foretold in prophecy and are in fact the reason that Jesus is coming with the fire of a refiner and the lye of a laundryman. But voluntarily leaving the very organization Christ is coming to judge does not accomplish anything or necessarily put one in a better place.

Jehovah reminded Jeremiah that the human heart is desperate and treacherous and asked : “Who can know it?” Paul also sternly warned Christians not to develop a wicked heart and draw away from God. I think a good number of Jehovah’s Witnesses are desperately looking for something that they can seize on to excuse them from the rigors of the life of an active Witness. They may not even be aware of their own heart’s secret motivation. They are just seeking for something to justify their defection. I do not intend to provide any sort of rationale for the desperate seekers of error. Obviously, there is a growing number of ex JW’s whose sacred mission is to rescue Jehovah’s Witnesses from the Watchtower cult, but I am not one of them. Such persons know nothing of Jehovah’s judgments.

I advocate going forward in full faith, but as Jesus advised: Be cautious as serpents, yet innocent as a dove.




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