QUESTION: In a recent Tweet of yours you linked to an article on LaRouche PAC talking about “fake news.” Towards the end of that article they wrote: “The world is turning to China’s New Silk Road process, marking the end of zero-sum “geopolitics” under the British Empire…” but I have no idea what they’re talking about re: “China’s New Silk Road process” and “the end of zero-sum ‘geo-politics,’” so am hoping you can enlighten me.

The New Silk Road, also known as One Belt-One Road (OBOR), is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in history. That being the case, one would think it would be reported on widely by the mainstream media in a positive way. 

The original Silk Road began to be developed before the time of Christ. It consisted of a series of roads that stretched across the vast land mass of Central and South Asia, linking China with the Middle East and Europe, over which trade was conducted, not the least of which was transported China’s highly prized spun silk; hence, the name.

The New Silk Road is a series of developmental corridors of rail, high speed rail, roads, gas and oil pipes, fiber optics, power generation facilities, as well as sea ports and canals. When (if) completed the One Belt-One Road would make it possible to travel the globe by rail, even under the Bearing Strait. Along these corridors will come new industries and cities. 

China has been working on the OBOR initiative for several years, having already developed critical infrastructure in Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, as well as countries in Africa and Brazil in South America. (In actuality, the New Silk Road is the brainchild of Lyndon LaRouche going back 30 years, which has only recently been adopted by China.)

The end of “zero-sum geopolitics” has to do with the longstanding policy of the British Empire of preventing nations from developing. China’s One Belt program presents a “win-win” scenario, whereby nations mutually benefit from collaborating.

Most people, even highly educated people, do not know that the British Empire is still very much a going concern in 2017. According to textbook versions of history the British Empire is a relic of yesteryear, having sort of unofficially dissolved after the last world war. But the British Empire really just morphed into another form.

When we consider the fact that the British Empire developed the free trade policy and globalism back during the heyday of the formal Victorian era, and promotes the destruction of national banking in favor of the Venetian model of private usury, then it becomes apparent that the British Empire exists in the form of the central bank-dominated, parasitical Wall Street financial system today. Although it may be thought of as American dominance, it is really the successful British subversion of the American system, becoming most noticeable when Nixon broke up the post-WWII Bretton Woods agreement, which began the floating exchange system, where money becomes the main product. Instead of using money as a means to create things for the benefit of society, the role of money in the British System is to create more money. And money represents debt.

In order to perpetuate their system of plundering, nations have been prevented from developing —some even completely destroyed, like Iraq, and Libya. Third World nations are deliberately kept in a backward condition so that they can be exploited for cheap labor and raw materials.

To that end developing nations are suckered into borrowing huge sums of money from the World Bank and IMF, which, not coincidently, both institutions came into existence along with the United Nations. The borrowed funds are then funneled to big Anglo-American corporations. But once indebted the borrowing nations then see the value of their domestic currency manipulated on the floating exchange market so that the debt can never be repaid in the currency in which the loan originated. (See: Confessions of an Economic Hitman) Then the bankers gain control of the government’s finances and impose austerity and prevent money from being directed towards development.

China’s One Belt-One Road program represents a very real challenge to the continuation of the zero-sum scenario. Not only are nations offered an opportunity to develop, they are being invited to share in the wealth effect. And the OBOR does not depend on World Bank or IMF funding. China has set up their own financing arrangement from their vast reserve currency pool. To demonstrate the zero sum/win-win contrast, take Afghanistan as an example. After the 9-11-2001 terror attacks the US and UK immediately invaded Afghanistan. (Supposedly the mastermind of the greatest terrorist operation ever was holed up in a cave in a remote area.) Prior to the US invasion the Taliban had actually outlawed the production of poppies for opium. After the American-British occupation heroin production has soared. Coincidence? Not a chance.

After 16 years of the war on terror the end result is terrorism has flourished. And the war on drugs was lost long ago. Now heroin addiction is no longer a big city problem in America. Because the narcotic is so cheap and plentiful and because the population is so demoralized by the ongoing economic collapse, heroin addiction has become a plague in small towns and even rural America. (I assume Europe and Russia have been similarly targeted.)

And, of course, much of the annual trillion dollar drug money turnover is funneled through London’s offshore banking empire. Keep in mind that London invented the opium business back in the mid 19th century, ironically by forcing opium upon the Chinese. The iconic HSBC was established as the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation to process the proceeds. And it is still very much involved in drug money laundering operations to this day. As a demonstration of that fact, although caught red-handed in the illegal business back in 2012, British authorities pleaded with American law enforcement for HSBC not to be punished on the grounds that doing so would create a massive global financial collapse. Indeed, clearly money laundering is a foundational pillar of the London-based financial system.

China, on the other hand, is investing billions into Afghanistan, building things. It is a key piece in the OBOR. What’s in it for China? Afghanistan is a mineral-rich land. So, China is interested in developing their mineral wealth in mutual cooperation. But the perpetually backward Afghanis stand to benefit greatly. Instead of being forced to grow narcotic producing flowers for the Anglo, criminal banking syndicate, they have the opportunity to attain well-paying jobs and much needed infrastructure. That is what is meant by a “win-win.”

As it stands, the newly-elected president of the United States may be inclined to accept the Chinese offer to join in the OBOR project. It would be a game changer for sure. And the British Crown and the City of London and their assets embedded in the America intelligence community, and their myriad of political drones are determined to prevent any sort of alliance between America, Russia and China. That is why London has deployed their “get Trump” task force and are conducting an all-out propaganda campaign (fake news) through their media minions, pushing for Trump’s impeachment or an outright coup. As a last resort NATO is preparing for global war. 

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