How do you explain the increase in “partakers”?

//How do you explain the increase in “partakers”?

QUESTION: I am writing to you again in relation to a trend that has been developing for quite a few years among Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s about the ever increasing number of partakers. How do you explain this phenomenon? This question comes in the context of the appearance of websites run by Jehovah’s Witnesses who teach that all Christians are in fact sons of God and should partake at Memorial and entertain the hope of the heavenly life.

ANSWER: Anyone who teaches such a lie ought not call themselves one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. God’s purpose is to create a new world using the nucleus of people who survive the end of this present world. Anyone who denies that that is God’s clearly stated purpose is blind and has no business trying to teach anyone anything.

The “phenomenon” is that Satan has always pushed the teaching that everyone goes to heaven. It is his way of diminishing God’s grand gift to a chosen few. But if we have fixed firmly in mind what God’s purpose really is then we will not be deceived.

Going back to Eden the Devil implied that God did not trust his creation and that he was selfishly holding something back that they were entitled to. To prove that Satan is a liar Jehovah purposed to bring into existence a new creation, fashioned from the corrupt and dying offspring of Adam and Eve and molded into the image of Jesus. And like Jesus those who become part of the new creation are bequeathed, not just with everlasting life, as God originally intended for all creatures made in his image – both spirit and flesh – but with immortality and incorruptibility. That is a big deal – A really, really big deal. Immortality means having life in oneself. Having life in oneself means they no longer need anything from God.

Before Christ was anointed, and hence, born again as “the firstborn of many brothers” to follow, as Paul referred to Jesus, no creature had possessed immortality – only the ever-living Creator. (True, Jesus spoke in the past tense of God having given him life in himself, but that is to be understood as the promise of such contingent upon his faithfulness into death. After all, how could an immortal die? That is why the scripture says that Jesus is subject to death no more, because since his resurrection he acquired the promised immortality.)

So, the fact that God was willing to impart immortality to 144,000 lowly earthlings, elevating them far above the angels, was/is a huge humiliation for the proud spirit who thought he could make a fool out of Jehovah.

But since Satan is still very much the god of this world, for the time being anyway, he is able to use his wicked, truth-twisting power, to diminish and obscure the wonderful purpose of God. Obviously, as the continually-transforming angel of light, he is able to over-reach people and use them to promote his deceptions – one of which is the lie that all Christians are part of the new creation.

And as Jesus related in his parable of the wheat and the weeds, we should not be naïve to the fact that the wicked one is intent on producing a crop of imitation sons of the kingdom.

That is not to imply that the increasing numbers of partakers are all “weeds.” There are the 11th hour workers. But apparently, Satan is producing his own 11th hour phonies too.

It will not get sorted out until the harvest. That is when the angels will remove the agents of Satan and the true sons of the kingdom will be revealed.  


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  • In surfing this topic i noted that one criticism against JWs mentioned the 7000 killed in Revelation. News to me, never read it, and i read everything in the bible and about it too. BUT it certainly seems true when the partakers who have gone UP are double the 7000 they were for 30 years. As for judgement in partaking. The criticism on the net is how dare the WT intimidate JWs not to partake. Well true, for elders to have meetings with partakers is an abuse of Christ’s smallest brother. BUT it is not WT that condemns partakers. It is scripture written by ONE man that does this. Of that one writer, everyone seems to ignore that this refers to ALL partakers. Condemned are all the Catholic Pope partakers when they wake up in the future as human instead of in heaven. if the Sheba queen will have bad to say about Jews that Jesus spoke to and rejected him, what will billions of past dead Catholics say to all their Popes who come back. Anything written becomes a curse when you awake and it was false. Rachel discovers Joseph was alive and the other 10 sold him.
    So it isn’t just JW partakers condemned with criticism for 1000 years as if hellfire forever or mere eternal death. It is ALL who get condemned, Catholic partakers, Baptist, Adventist, all find out they are not in heaven even though they have partook. Especially those who gather when the last saints are killed, those who flee are not true partakers, and those who get killed with them but do not awake in heaven are also judged (criticzed) when awaken on earth.

    • ewatchman

      Thanks for your comment.

      • can you post graphs, i took a graph from a JWwatcher site and re-edited the graphics to show what is happening

      • care to translate?

  • Heather Fricker

    1st Corinthians chapter 11v17-33 has been misquoted by JW’s to fit their teachings that only a certain number should partake and it has been taken out of context as usual. If you actual read through the whole chapter you will read the people were doing this in an UNWORTHY MANNER. (verse 27) but JW’s have said “if they take it and are not worthy to take it they profane the body of the Christ. Their bible says that only partake if you are worthy. meaning anointed. But Paul says, I received from the lord what I also delivered to you, on the night when he was betrayed he took bread—DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME. So this memorial to Jesus is done in memory of him on the night he was betrayed. Meaning it is a command to everyone to remember his on this night by taking the bread and the wine. JW’s pass the emblems and in doing so, they are in effect resusing to remember Jesus and are in fact insaulting his memory.

    • ewatchman

      Jehovah’s Witnesses have not misquoted or mistranslated the scripture in 1 Corinthians 11. It is simply that you do not understand what you read. While Paul did not mention in that context that only anointed persons should partake, he did say that the one who eats and drinks without discerning the body, that is to say the body of Christ, which are those who are in union with Christ by means of their being anointed the same as Christ was, eat and drink judgment to themselves.

      Obviously, if a person is not part of the body of Christ they are not worthy.

      Paul went onto say, “That is why many among you are weak and sick, and quite a few are sleeping in death.” In other words, a person may assume they are worthy of eating and drinking the emblems of Christ’s evening meal, but in God’s eyes they maybe spiritually weak, sick or even spiritually dead.

      • i guess that means im am. bummer :’/


      • Heather Fricker


        John chapter 6v1-70 shows the need to listen and to share in this wonderful remembrance celebration of the “living bread” that came down to the earth, Jesus Christ.

        Jesus spoke of the manna which his father provided for the Israelite’s when they left Egypt and he pointed out that everyone was provided with the manna to eat including the many Egyptians who travelled with them and without the manna they would have died.

        Showing how important it is to understand the difference between the manna in the wilderness and the manna that came down from the father today, the “living bread” through our lord Jesus.

        Again, Jesus tells them from v32, “my father gives you the true bread from heaven. For the bread of God is that which comes down from heaven, and gives life to the world”. “For this is the will of my father, that everyone who sees the son and believes in him should have eternal life”.

        Jesus says, he is the “living bread” sent down by his father and everyone must eat if they want eternal life and a resurrection on the last day. This bread is for the life of the world and unless you eat the flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you, so Jesus instructions are for everyone. (6v 52) “This is the bread which came down from heaven not like the bread their father’s ate but this bread they will live forever.

        Jesus is telling them that the bread, the manna, their fathers ate in the wilderness was food for the day only and they had to gather it up everyday whereas the “living bread” that has come down now from heaven will give eternal life to everyone that eats of it.

        This chapter in John also gives us a greater insight as to the meaning of the bread and what the bread stands for. We need to look at this logically.

        It is not the physical body of our lord that is the living bread but the spiritual qualities his body has as verse 63 shows, “it is the spirit that gives life, the flesh is of no avail, the words I have spoken to you are spirit and life”. Again, as Peter answered our lord, “you have the words of eternal life and we have believed and have come to know that you are the holy one of God”.

        Remember we are a new creation under the Christ and not under the law of Moses to eat unleavened bread. This law was given to Israel and not to the Gentiles so everyone that insist on eating unleavened bread to remember our lord Jesus will do well to examine whether this is correct, or is it really from the antichrist’s teachings today.

        We know the Israelites were instructed to celebrate the “Passover” every year as a reminder of the saving of the first-born when the angel passed over their homes. They were instructed how to celebrate this special meal with only “unleavened bread”.

        Again, only the Israelites were instructed to eat of this meal and no foreigners were allowed to eat of it unless they had been circumcised to show they were under the Law of Moses.

        The old covenant under Moses and the new covenant under the Christ are two separate covenants.

        The old covenant the “Unleavened bread” is made up of dead dough (no signs of living dough)

        Whereas under the new covenant which represents our lord Jesus is the living bread and is made up of live dough, fermented dough. which is better represented by our lord.

        Which brings us now to the gathering of the Gentiles and Jews in the new covenant under our lord Jesus as mediator instead of Moses. Under the old covenant through Moses, Gentiles were forbidden to celebrate the Passover by eating of that meal. But, not being under the old covenant means we are not instructed to use “unleavened bread” to remember our lord Jesus.

        Paul tells is in 1st Cor 11v17-34 “I received from the lord what I also delivered to you, that the lord Jesus on the night he was betrayed took bread and when he had given thanks he broke it and said, this is my body which is for you do this in remembrance of me. In the same way also the cup, after supper saying this cup is the new covenant in my blood do this as often as you drink it in remembrance of me. For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup you proclaim the lord’s death until he comes”.

        “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the body and the blood of the lord”. When you meet together to remember me wait for everyone. Unworthy manner means not waiting for everyone to join in but eating it is a haphazard way. Everyone should partake of the living bread from Jesus if they want eternal life.(11 v 33,34)

        What is interesting here is: ~ Paul does not specify any particular bread to use because he is talking to the Gentiles so logically speaking, it would not be needed to specify what bread. If it were, Paul would certainly have specified this but the fact that he does not, means no restrictions on what bread to use.

        Paul shows the cup represents the new covenant under the Christ not the old covenant under Moses.

        Firstly Paul has addressed this letter to “the saints together with all those who call upon Jesus name. Instructions are for everyone. (1v2)

        Paul is not pleased with the church in Corinth, he speaks of divisions, (11v18) and v20 Paul shows they are missing the point of the celebration to remember Jesus. He tells them ~ they are not doing it correctly; they were in actual fact belittling the whole event. (11v27-29)

        Many had met together and had taken their own food to eat as to the old covenant of the Passover and they ended with the emblems, but Paul shows they were being distracted from the holiness of it and they should eat their food at home instead. They were doing it in an unworthy manner.(11v33, 50) By not waiting for each other they were doing it in a disrespectful way. Once again the point of interest is: – these words are addressed to everyone.

        Also 11v23-26 shows both the bread and the wine are to be partaken of by all “in remembrance of me”. Again everyone is instructed to share and it is to be done in remembrance of Jesus, what he has done for us by giving his life, shed blood, for the forgiveness of sins.

        Not once do the apostle Paul instruct us as to what bread is used so logic would dictate to us that as we are not Jews under law we do not need to follow their customs and use “unleavened bread” but good wholesome bread with nothing removed the full living bread to represent our lord. Not just a little of our lord as to the unleavened bread but the full bodied living bread of our lord

        What about Judas was he present at this very important time? Yes! He was according to all the evidence from the bible. John chapter 13v1-30 v1 shows it was before the Passover and it is interesting here in this account because John makes the difference between the “feast” and the supper they were eating. During supper as Matt, Luke and even Mark showed ~ this supper was not the “feast of the Passover” meal. (v2) The events of that supper shows the apostles thought Jesus was telling Judas to buy food for the “feast” proving it was still future. (v21-31 and v26-29) As the account shows this supper took place a few days prior to the Passover feast and this was when Judas went to the chief priests in order to betray Jesus.

        Mark 14v1-13 says the same except v 17 where it confirms Jesus with the 12 and v 20 also confirms there were 12 present. The blood poured out for many was the promise one would have eternal life through faith in him.

        Luke 22v1-7 again shows the Passover was near ~ Judas went to the chief priests in order to betray him (v 3, 7) and v 19 says it should be done in “remembrance” of him ~ it is a reminder of what Jesus did for us that is why we partake in the eating of the bread, which symbolises Jesus Christ.

        So in all these accounts Judas was present when Jesus passed the bread proving everyone should eat of this living bread if they have faith in Jesus and for the forgiveness of their sins on the basis of sacrifice.

        When should this memorial take place? When we lose someone very dear to us we remember the anniversary of their death so it would be right to remember our lord’s death in the same way.

        Although we have not been given a specific date as the old covenant had under Moses to celebrate the Passover, the apostle Paul does say it was the night Jesus was betrayed.

        We also know he was the sacrificial lamb of God to take away our sins and he was put to death on “the day of preparation” the day before the Passover and his body had to be removed and placed in the tomb before the Passover started. John chapter 18v28, 19v31-38.

        The day of preparation was the day the lambs were chosen and slaughtered ready for the Passover feast and as the lamb that takes away the sins of the world, Jesus, had to die on this day too.

        Let us all remember our lord Jesus and what he has done for us and as we wait for him to return as our king let us remember him in this way just as he has instructed us.


        • ewatchman

          A person can remember and appreciate the sacrifice of Christ without presuming to be anointed.

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