QUESTION: I am writing to you again in relation to a trend that has been developing for quite a few years among Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s about the ever increasing number of partakers. How do you explain this phenomenon? This question comes in the context of the appearance of websites run by Jehovah’s Witnesses who teach that all Christians are in fact sons of God and should partake at Memorial and entertain the hope of the heavenly life.

ANSWER: Anyone who teaches such a lie ought not call themselves one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. God’s purpose is to create a new world using the nucleus of people who survive the end of this present world. Anyone who denies that that is God’s clearly stated purpose is blind and has no business trying to teach anyone anything.

The “phenomenon” is that Satan has always pushed the teaching that everyone goes to heaven. It is his way of diminishing God’s grand gift to a chosen few. But if we have fixed firmly in mind what God’s purpose really is then we will not be deceived.

Going back to Eden the Devil implied that God did not trust his creation and that he was selfishly holding something back that they were entitled to. To prove that Satan is a liar Jehovah purposed to bring into existence a new creation, fashioned from the corrupt and dying offspring of Adam and Eve and molded into the image of Jesus. And like Jesus those who become part of the new creation are bequeathed, not just with everlasting life, as God originally intended for all creatures made in his image – both spirit and flesh – but with immortality and incorruptibility. That is a big deal – A really, really big deal. Immortality means having life in oneself. Having life in oneself means they no longer need anything from God.

Before Christ was anointed, and hence, born again as “the firstborn of many brothers” to follow, as Paul referred to Jesus, no creature had possessed immortality – only the ever-living Creator. (True, Jesus spoke in the past tense of God having given him life in himself, but that is to be understood as the promise of such contingent upon his faithfulness into death. After all, how could an immortal die? That is why the scripture says that Jesus is subject to death no more, because since his resurrection he acquired the promised immortality.)

So, the fact that God was willing to impart immortality to 144,000 lowly earthlings, elevating them far above the angels, was/is a huge humiliation for the proud spirit who thought he could make a fool out of Jehovah.

But since Satan is still very much the god of this world, for the time being anyway, he is able to use his wicked, truth-twisting power, to diminish and obscure the wonderful purpose of God. Obviously, as the continually-transforming angel of light, he is able to over-reach people and use them to promote his deceptions – one of which is the lie that all Christians are part of the new creation.

And as Jesus related in his parable of the wheat and the weeds, we should not be naïve to the fact that the wicked one is intent on producing a crop of imitation sons of the kingdom.

That is not to imply that the increasing numbers of partakers are all “weeds.” There are the 11th hour workers. But apparently, Satan is producing his own 11th hour phonies too.

It will not get sorted out until the harvest. That is when the angels will remove the agents of Satan and the true sons of the kingdom will be revealed.  


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