Question: Where do you feel the growing nation of Islam fits in to Bible prophecy?

First, there is no such thing as “the nation of Islam” – at least not in the sense that the question apparently implies. (The Nation of Islam is the name of a black, muslim organization in America currently headed by Louis Farrakhan)

Islam is a name similar to Christianity that encompasses denominations and sub-sects. The two main branches are Shia and Sunni. Numerous nations and ethnic groups, from Arabs and Persians, Kurds, Pakis, peoples of the Balkans, Chinese, Nigerians, Indonesians, and many more, practice varying forms of Islam.

Under Islam the Arabic society attained a high level of civilization during the time that the peoples of Christendom wallowed in the Dark Ages, reaching its zenith during the period of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, which ended up on the losing side of the First World War.

As for the “growing nation of Islam” aspect of the question, the presently ruling Anglo empire doesn’t like competitors. Appropriately, the ruling system is symbolized in prophecy as a wild beast with iron teeth that is crushing and treading down the world. That pretty much describes the longstanding policy of the British Empire.

For the unfamiliar, the British Empire has had a presence in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia for over 150 years. Most of the boundaries of the nations were drawn up by British. This was done so that at a later point in time neighboring nations could be pitted against each other when it was deemed necessary. This geo-political strategy was demonstrated back during the Iraq-Iran war. The U.S. supported Iraq and supplied it with weapons, including poison gas, only to later turn on the Iraqis under the pretext of their having weapons of mass destruction! 

The House of Saud is basically a subsidiary of the British monarchy and is the primary fountainhead of terrorists and funding for terror operations around the world. Even London’s Guardian peeled a layer of the conspiracy onion off as regards the source of terrorism. 

 The underlying religious fanaticism is Wahhabism – long ago considered a heretical sect by Islamic scholars – which, not surprisingly, was nurtured by the British, dating as far back as the mid 1800’s. It is the religion of the fanatics who are being exploited as mercenaries. Most Muslims have nothing in common with Wahhabi Islamism. The latest synthetic terror group called ISIS is actually being used to destroy Islamic nations such as Iraq, Libya and Syria. Those nations were slated for destruction because they would not fully submit to the Empire. (It is simply absurd to imagine that the mighty Anglo-American military force cannot quickly destroy a ragtag gang of criminals driving around in pickup trucks.)

Sadly, most people, Jehovah’s Witnesses included, simply have no idea of the extent to which the world is shaped and manipulated by London, the terrestrial capitol of Satan himself. 

So, in answer to the question: The Islamic nations do not factor into prophecy, only to the extent that they are the first front in the developing war for global domination. Ultimately the leaders of Islamic nations will be among the symbolic ten kings that are forced to give their power to the 8th king.


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