QUESTION: Is it possible that the UN is not actually the wild beast? Is it possible that Anonymous could fulfill its role? If not, is Anonymous to play any significant role in the time of the end?


ANSWER: I do not believe the United Nations is the scarlet-colored wild beast of Revelation – not yet anyway. That is what the Watchtower teaches. They teach that the League of Nations was originally the beast, but that it went into the symbolic abyss when the League was dissolved at the outbreak of WWII.  It supposedly fulfilled the prophecy of Revelation when it crawled out of the abyss in 1945 in the form of the United Nations.

But, as I have demonstrated the Watchtower’s interpretation cannot possibly be true, because the emergence of the beast from the abyss initiates the judgment of the nations. Inexplicably, the Watchtower actually claims that God has condemned mankind to eternal death already because past generations accepted the impotent League and its successor. Bethel claims that people have already received the mark of the beast. It is nutty, for sure. If more people knew what the Watchtower actually taught in this regard the Society would be even more of a laughingstock.

Another piece of idiocy pushed on Jehovah’s Witnesses by Bethel is the ridiculous notion that there are two separate wild beasts that come out of an abyss. Supposedly the beast that comes from the abyss in the 13th chapter of Revelation is different. That beast supposedly was slaughtered and revived back during the First World War.

We may anticipate that Bethel’s folly will be swept away at the outbreak of world war and global financial and political collapse. Then Jehovah’s Witnesses will have their eyes blasted open to the truth and the Watchtower will become irrelevant.

But as regards the United Nations, it is possible that another institution may serve as the eighth king, but it is highly unlikely. For one thing, the prophecy of Daniel indicates that the king of the north and south set up the disgusting thing in advance of the war that will subjugate the king of the south during the time of the end. And the disgusting thing will serve a role similar to ancient Babylon and Assyria – functioning as Jehovah’s executioner. And since the last king springs from the seven the eighth king will be the disgusting thing that brings desolation upon Christ’s congregation.

It ought to be realized that it is not such an easy thing to set up a world government. So, in that respect that United Nations, with its plethora of established institutions around the world, is already in place. In the aftermath of the coming crash of the present system the United Nations will be brought to the fore as the only viable savior of the world. It is highly doubtful that men could cobble together any sort of credible government from scratch during the world’s bleakest time.

But power and authority could be transferred to an already existing institution like the United Nations relatively easily – especially if the citizens of the world are terrified out of their minds and desperate for help.

In that sense, then, the United Nations will ascend from the abyss by assuming all authority in the aftermath of the crash of the present Anglo-American system.

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