QUESTION: Do you think comet ISON anagram sion = Zion = Antichrist rule is Pagan celestial event marking the eighth kings rule and the great tribulation with a blood moon and dark sun?



ANSWER: No. You ought not listen to empty-headed talkers who pretend to know Bible prophecy. This kind of stuff comes from the same clueless wanna-be preachers and con men that don’t know a father from a son and depict God as Molech on steroids, who roasts people alive for eternity for a few measly misspent years of sin. They actually don’t know anything that is true, and that is the truth.

Bible prophecy is expressed in metaphor. The sun is not literally going to go dark – except due to vast amounts of vaporized debris that will be blown into the atmosphere by nuclear explosions, perhaps causing a limited nuclear winter.

But when the prophets spoke of the stars falling from heaven and the moon turning to blood and the sun going black, they were referring to the collapse of civilization as we know it. It will be as though the heavenly luminaries go into eclipse. For example, a single EMP attack has the potential to fry every electrical appliance and communication device in America. Just think how people would react if suddenly there was no electricity. They will act as if the sun had not risen.

Think about it.

Sadly, it is necessary for Jehovah to go to this extreme so as to get peoples’ attention and jolt them out of their foolish fantasy world.



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