QUESTION: Robert, How can active Jehovah’s Witnesses who read and agree with your conclusion on 1914, and all the other truths you bring to light, go and preach 1914, or how could you preach this to a new Bible study?  It seems that active JW’s would have great difficulty pretending to go along with direction from the Watchtower, if they believed in their heart that it was false. So, what do you do now as a active JW, if you stay your faith in the system has been compromised, and if you leave where do you go? If you speak out, your kicked out. This seems like a very depressing situation to be in.

ANSWER: By faith. It requires faith in God to go forward despite difficulties and obstacles. (Not faith in a “system.”)

Keep in perspective that the 1914 hoax exists for a reason; namely, to test each one’s love of the truth. Although the so-called “operation or error” (Now termed a “deluding influence) originates with Satan the Devil and an earthly man of lawlessness who exists within Christ’s spiritual “system”, it only exists because God allows it to exist. Isn’t that what the apostle wrote? – “So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie…”

If God makes an allowance for a lie to predominate for a specific purpose then we who are aware of the lie cannot be held responsible for the fact that the lie exists. True, the organization may persecute those who do not believe the lie, but so what? Were not Christ and his apostles persecuted by the Jews, who were at the time God’s people?

Eventually they will have to answer to God, the same as us. Again, isn’t that what Paul stated: “That they may all be judged”?

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