QUESTION: Do we need to be re-baptized if we were immersed under the Watchtower’s rules and the outright idolatry we engaged in by answering those two baptism questions?



ANSWER: I do not think so. The Society’s revision of the baptismal vows back in the mid-80’s does not nullify an individual’s dedication to God. After all, it is true. Anyone who is baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses is in association with God’s spirit-directed organization. The fact that the Governing Body presumptuously inserted the “organization” – spirit-directed or not – into the sacred vows of those wishing to publicly dedicate themselves exclusively to God and Christ is not something that rank and file Jehovah’s Witnesses ought to answer for. Ultimately, the master will call his appointed slaves to account for their actions.

Keep in mind that even although Jehovah considered Moses to be the meekest of all men on earth in his day, God debarred Moses from entering the Promised Land because Moses rashly declared that he would miraculously give water to the rebel Israelites. Moses’ presumption is not at all dissimilar to the attitude of the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses in glorifying their position as the leaders of “God’s spirit-directed organization.”

Ultimately, the Society has presumed to own Jehovah’s people, especially the chosen ones. To this situation the prophecy of Isaiah speaks, where it says: “O Jehovah our God, other masters besides you have acted as owners of us. By you only shall we make mention of your name. They are dead; they will not live. Impotent in death, they will not rise up. Therefore you have turned your attention that you might annihilate them and destroy all mention of them.” 

Those whom the prophecy describes as “impotent in death” are those same worthless shepherds described in Jude, who lurk among Christians like rocks below the water. Jude describes them as “having died twice,” meaning they have already received the judgment of the second death. The scripture says the blackness of darkness is reserved for them forever. Once Christ imposes Jehovah’s judgments during the conclusion those would-be owners of us will weep and gnash their teeth in the outer darkness. Never again will any Bible society be glorified to the extent Jehovah’s Witnesses have been induced to glorify the Watchtower Society.



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