The Devil’s Disguise

//The Devil’s Disguise

QUESTION: Robert, What does the Devil gain, what advantage does he acquire by implementing and promoting a fake parousia of Christ? If one was to ask why is it such a big deal? Why would he go through such an elaborate reach to cause a war in 1914 to convince the masses Christ parousia has begun? Even if the Watchtower changes their position on 1914, don’t you think the masses of Witnesses would fit in line and accept it as new light? I guess I’m trying to understand what the operation of error that God allows, a fake parousia and what significance it really has?

As all of Jehovah’s Witnesses well know, the Watchtower claims to be Jehovah’s visible organization. JW’s boast of being “in the truth” by virtue of their being active members of the officially named Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Going back to the teachings of J.F. Rutherford, there are only two organizations on earth — Jehovah’s organization and Satan’s. All of the various and sundry institutions, be they political, religious, educational or commercial, whatever, are part of the Devil’s apparatus for controlling and misleading mankind away from God.

It has been inculcated into Jehovah’s Witnesses that the Watchtower’s Governing Body —who have only recently declared themselves to be the faithful and discreet slave of Christ —are the sole conduit for channeling truth to the flock of God. There is no other source of truth, since it is also the unofficial doctrine of the Watchtower that nobody outside of Bethel’s inner circle of anointed initiates can understand the Scriptures on their own. Any such claimants are automatically branded as imposters and mentally diseased apostates. It is the Governing Body that determines what is true and what is false. And all of Jehovah’s Witnesses are expected —yes, required —to accept what comes from “the slave” as Jehovah’s truth without questioning. Showing loyalty to the arrangement is considered the primary obligation of all of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Surely, none of Jehovah’s Witnesses would dispute the veracity of the above statements. But that is not all.

Essentially, the Watchtower claims to be the very Kingdom of God. That is because it has placed itself in the place of the Kingdom. To demonstrate the point, the prophecies in Isaiah and Micah foretelling how people from the nations will stream up to the mountain of the house of Jehovah in the final part of the days is interpreted to apply to the numerical increase among the formerly-called New World Society; which, effectively makes the Watchtower the mountain of Jehovah —at least in the minds of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

As Jehovah’s visible organization, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been compelled to believe they are living in a holy spiritual paradise —devoid of all the evils prevalent in Satan’s wicked system. Indeed, Jehovah’s organization is believed to be a protective bubble that Satan cannot penetrate.

It is often said that one of the Devil’s most clever schemes is convincing the unwary that he does not exist, or that he is some folkloric creature reigning over the damned in a subterranean inferno.

Although well aware that the Devil is the god of this world and that he is misleading the entire inhabited earth, Jehovah’s Witnesses are nonetheless under his subtle, deluding influence in that Witnesses are required to believe that Christ has come, that the Kingdom is ruling and the visible organization is the only sanctuary for salvation. That is “the lie” that Jehovah allows as part of the “operation of Satan” that Paul foretold. Thus, Satan, the mimic god, ever disguising himself as an angel of light, has insinuated himself into the very circle of leadership over Jehovah’s Witnesses in order to perpetuate his falsehood. And his odious presence has thus far gone undetected.

This should not be considered some unusual feat. It happened in the first century. How?

Take note that the anointed brothers and sisters in the Corinthian congregation were apparently presided over and greatly influenced by prominent men whom Paul dubbed “the superfine apostles.” That is why Paul expressed his grave concern that the virgin-like congregation that he formed and promised to Christ might be deceived and have their minds corrupted and be drawn away from Christ, like Eve had been seduced by the serpent, which was Satan’s original disguise.

The fact that Paul described them as apostles means that they were men of stature —held in high regard by the brothers and no doubt they wielded considerable authority over the congregation as older men. Most likely they were Greek orators —accomplished public speakers and debaters, which is why they denigrated Paul, deriding him as having a weak personal presence and being a contemptible public speaker.

But the inspired apostle was not taken in by their ruse. He pulled the mask off of the superfine apostles —revealing that they were actually agents of the Devil who had only disguised themselves as ministers of righteousness. As such, no doubt the disguise was very effective. Those phony apostles and false brothers evidently preached and did all the things that the brothers did, making their presence as agents of Satan within Christ’s congregation undetectable.

The situation in ancient Corinth was no anomaly. In his symbolic letters to the seven congregations in Revelation, Jesus spoke of false apostles within the Ephesian congregation. But, as we know, those seven congregations of Revelation are really a projection of Christ’s congregation in the lead-up to his return —the beginning of the Lord’s day.  That being so, that means true Christians now will be menaced by false apostles within.

Presently the demonic influence is relatively benign. However, what will happen when Christ comes —when the Kingdom actually begins to rule in the midst of God’s enemies? That is when the lie and the truth will come into sharp contrast, because then all the things the Watchtower claims have already been fulfilled and cannot be duplicated, will come about; namely, international wars, food shortages and global pandemics.

Will the Watchtower make one final, massive adjustment and repudiate 1914 entirely? Perhaps. But only for the purpose of further deceiving. At that point the false apostles within will come to the fore as full-blown opposers of Christ —otherwise known as antichrists. That is why Jesus strongly forewarned his followers about the powerful deception that will go into operation then. Jesus said the deception would be so powerful that if it were possible even the chosen ones would be deceived. Obviously, the chosen ones would not be vulnerable to being deceived by any source other than that which they have accepted as Jehovah’s channel.

It is not possible now to determine exactly how the deception will play out during the parousia, but the fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses have put up with the 1914 falsehood for so long is an indication of the effectiveness of the Deceiver.

But, to put things in perspective, it is only by God’s allowance, because Jehovah wants to determine whether we have genuine faith or if we are merely following men. By allowing that which is believed to be “Jehovah’s visible organization” to go into apostasy the stage will be set for those claiming to be Christians to demonstrate their faith apart from the organization. And when the Kingdom comes it most assuredly will be apart from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. 

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  • Joe Dman

    Thank you for that Robert. Do you think that those of us who frequent your site may be receiving our test of our love of the truth prematurely? Or could the apostasy and or other events such as if the WT receiving “new light” concerning 1914 deceive us as well?
    It goes to reason that if it was our love for Jehovah, Jesus and the truth that brought us here, that it is indeed our hearts that he read and we can have the hope that nothing “will be able to separate us from God’s love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord”


      If I may chime in with my personal thoughts, I do not believe that its a “group test”…each individual will be tested as to the fine or impure quality of their faith….I ponder all the time why I have come to a clearer understanding of truth via this site, but it wasn’t by accident,in my case, I wholeheartedly prayed for it and by aid of Brother Kings work I had my eyes wide opened compared to my prior blind ignorance..I cannot accept anything prophetic now that would come out of New York to convince me that the leadership has turned over a new leaf, so to speak….Im sure that I’m not alone…I will not accept anything but the real truth that I have found and love, Jehovah is truth…But, what about endurance in faith? That surely is a test, for all who love the truth must endure for the sake of the truth, to prove our love for Jehovah will require endurance…I hope we all finish the race! Jehovah willing!

      • Joe Dman

        I understand what you are saying. I have a habit of writing mini novels so I tried to keep it short. I realize we all have different circumstances that resulted in our coming to this site. We all have different struggles and weaknesses and our faith is a result of a combination of factors that are unique to each of us individually.
        The first time I visited Robert’s site, around a decade ago, I got the wrong impression. I was searching for Jehovah but I didn’t expect to be told that it was where I had come from, the organization. I didn’t get the message….yet. I continued searching. I was looking everywhere. I decided to read the Bible again, but without the influence of an organized religion and their beliefs. Of course the basic truths were no doubt obvious, the seed of truth had already been planted. It was all of the other things I had learned about the organization that made it difficult to look there again. Sometimes I think Jehovah was sending me back out to the wilderness so I could see for myself that there is no other place that even came close to the truth taught by the organization. Why else did I not understand Robert’s message? Actually the reason is probably a low IQ and C’s and D’s in high school and college. More probably a lack of faith at the time.
        While reading an article or listening to a podcast, Robert explained 2 Thes 2:1-12. It all came in to focus. So when I ask about the possibility of our undergoing a premature test, I have in mind verses 11 & 12: “That is why God let’s a deluding influence mislead them so that they may come to believe the lie, in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness”. And when I brought up the possibility that some “New Light” may yet deceive us, it is because I realize that this truth that we have come to learn may not be all that is involved in our “test”.
        There may be other obstacles that we as of yet may be unaware of. However, I sort of answered my own question by saying that it was the condition of our heart that Jehovah seen that he threw up this safety net (Robert’s site). To have gotten this far, and to see what the truth really is, is in large part because of our faith. Without faith Jehovah probably would not have opened these things up to us. Now we just have to maintain and build our faith. So believing the truth is having faith. We can have faith and yet fail Jehovah. Are we now immune to the warning given at 1 Tim 4:1, can we still be mislead by inspired statements? I suppose a better question would be: According to 2 Thes 2:11,12, Is our understanding that the deluding influence is the 1914 Parousia and all the mis-applied prophecies and is our rejection of it what we will all be judged by?
        So it stands to reason that by Jehovah revealing this identity of the deluding influence to us and our believing the truth, that we have chosen the love of the truth already. Something that everyone else will have to do during the Parousia.. Unless something or someone wrongly influences us.
        Of course Robert is not going to say we’ve passed the test already, but I’d like his thoughts on the matter.

        • LW

          Well said. This isn’t completely accurate but hopefully you get the point: 🙂

        • Burt Reynolds

          That’s really made me think. Thanks joe.

        • Joel

          Rationally thought out; and indeed, very thought provoking.

        • Lisa

          I like how you think Joe! I love the last paragraph……we have chosen the love of the truth already. Something that everyone else will have to do….. We are truly blessed to have this knowledge and faith strengthening information by brother King. This makes me so happy to have finally found the real truth and some contentment.

        • 1914for100Alex

          I think we obviously have a slight advantage at this point, but eventually this particular knowledge won’t matter as much. What I mean by that is there’s going to come a time when many that are currently in the dark realize the same things we already know. They will recognize “the disgusting thing”, listen to the people helping them, and leave the WTS but that’s going to be early into the GT. There will be many challenges ahead after that. This information might get us through that first test, but surely many more will follow.

          • LW

            “Out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

      • Basavaraj Of North Karnataka

        Your Comment is up building and encouraging and I like it.

        • RLALLEN

          We should work hard at building one another up…thank you dear brother!

      • Burt Reynolds

        It seems to be a whole conglomeration of these things mentioned here that comprise the test. I suppose maybe the definitive part of the test will be personal to us.

    • Burt Reynolds

      This is a question that often comes to my mind too Joe, mainly because I don’t want to contemplate the alternatives. But I recall advice from my driving instructor years and years ago, which oddly has stood the ‘test’ of time…excuse the pun…and that was, ‘always decide before hand what your decision will be when something unexpected occurs on the road…if a dog or cat runs out, if a child runs out, if a person falls into the road, or you have a high speed puncture.’ Also, as in chess, always expect your opponent to make the worst move for you. Thus I have always found that by prediction is the best and safest way to drive and that by deciding beforehand my reactions to events, I have not swerved to avoid animals and thus made things worse in human terms, and have avoided many accidents just by predicting that child or older person or youth is going to launch themselves under my car, slowing down before it happens. I have saved many a life through this lesson and never run over an animal! The point being, that no matter what comes our way, be our test of faith be now or later, we will more likely make make the right move if we make our minds up now that nothing will separate us from the love of Jehovah.

      • Joel

        Excellent analogous reasoning Burt. I totally agree.

  • LW

    May we all be witness to the finale. This isn’t completely accurate but hopefully you get the point: 🙂

  • Brian

    “Thus, Satan, the mimic god,
    ever disguising himself as an angel of light, has insinuated himself
    into the very circle of leadership over Jehovah-s Witnesses”
    One would have to ask what was Satan’s influence over Russell in the 19th and early 20th century as he was as it turns out way off track. It would seem that Satan has influenced everything from the very beginning of the JW’s.

    • Satan has influenced everything from the very beginning of time, including JW’s.

      • Joel

        I think you hit the nail right on the head, Joe!

        I think that’s the whole point. . . that old original serpent, Satan, has influenced EVERY HUMAN AFFAIR since the very beginning of Adam and Eve.

        I think we sometimes forget that the Bible calls Satan “the God of this world.” As a “mimic god, with the planat Earth as his domain, he certainly would have his hand DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY in ALL human endeavors throughout history; and one of those endeavors would be world religion—including the Watchtower Society.

        • LW

          He and his principalities and demons who run this town, so to speak. He has peddled the lie that the elites believe, namely that they are descended from the gods (really fallen angels). Or might makes right.

          the rabbit hole goes deep…

          • Peter Zuccerberg


            I marvel at the possible or most likely, links to Samson’s life, the Nazarite, (i.e. long hair) and their supernatural judging and judgments through supernatural physical power, as a foregleam to the revealed brothers/bride of Christ and long hair and crowns of the Locusts in Revelation, and, his death, a foregleam as well (i.e. he dies and immediately subsequently they are executed almost simultaneously). It glorifies Jehovah in that we know Jehovah can do anything!

            Sampson grapples with his own sins on this journeys leading upto his, and their death, this could signify the current state of affairs and its adhearants, including the anointed as they stand now being decieved by the watchtower.

            But, from Sampson going through the fire (i.e. blinded, imprisoned, servitude etc.) he became “contrite” i.e. similar to what we are going to go through passing through the great tribulation, like we and the anointed, we must go through the fire, but he is chosen or anointed, and nothing can change that. Yes brothers and sisters, Jehovah is going to test us like gold… Can you imagine him letting you go through a mini-nightmare, then holding you up and inspecting you, then putting you back in, and then re-inspecting you? No more phony Christain’s are going to get past Him!

            One can compare his anointing and sealing being done through his parents, one a one time, then both together (the sealing) at which they both have a life-changing supernatural conversation with an angel “revealing” their son.

            So we can trust this is going to be a supernatural event, this revealing of the Sons of God on earth.

            Something that is going to “disturb” the king of the North to the point of devoting “many to destruction”.

            • LW

              That was one epic comment Peter! You know something, I had this gut feeling that alot of these end of the world movies were showing those fierce circumstances the main characters undergo, and I kept wondering if we aren’t going to deal with something similar in the GT. Based on the info here, the answer seems to be a definite Yes.

            • LW

              It’s going to be one wild roller coaster ride.

        • 1914for100Alex

          You’re exactly right. One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that “the church” can’t be touched by Satan. This includes the Witnesses. Yet, what does each church do? They point out why their interpretation is right, and that the others are wrong. The fact that there are so many religions should alone be proof that Satan has the capability of corrupting all religion!

          What most refuse to do though is question the foundings of their particular religion and see how Satan has influenced it. They just roll with it, and figure that the people above them know what they need to hear. Oh, and Jesus died for you so you’re good to go. Or, in the Witnesses case, just listen to the WTS and you’re good to go.

          • Joel

            Excellent point LW!

            In truth, when it comes to checking the “doctrinal history” of their own religions roots, Jehovah’s Witnesses are no different than other so-called “Christian” religions. Satan has DECEIVED them just as he has false religion.

            • LW

              There is a big story waiting to be fact, not waiting, it is being told…and we will all be amazed

            • Joel

              . . . looking forward to how it all plays out . . . and NOT! Scared shitless!!!

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              I have even read part of an artical that stated in 1914-18 there were other religious sects that were keeping closer to the scriptures than the Witnesses were back then, much more, including but not limited to blood issues, which the JW’s had no policy back then on that.

              Gentlemen, we should all stop worrying. Jehovah has guided wicked the most twisted fiendish governments on earth to do exactly what he wants without them even knowing it.

              We are witnessing an obviously satan/freemason spawned and controlled

              organization do Jehovah’s will, and we are going to witness 2/3 get thrown out to the dogs, so to speak, and we are going to witness the remaining 1/3 go through something unimaginable right now, but wonderful!

            • LW

              *slow clap

            • Thinking

              Mmmmmmm well were the Israelites a people spawned by Satan???. Was the Jewish system and Moses law spawned by Satan as well……after all they became shockingly corrupt….
              Now you are saying Jehovahs people were spawned by the Mason’s …why? ..because they have become corrupt..just as his people have become corrupt in ancient days…
              So Jehovah had no hand in raising up a people for his name in modern times to do his will??.
              No Peter you have it the wrong way around…..Satan infiltrated HIS people…just like the bible says.
              Jehovah’s witnesses were not spawned by the Mason’s
              or Satan.

              Mathew 13: 25…while men were sleeping ( jehovahs men ) his enemy (Satan) came and over sowed weeds among the wheat and left.

              So Gods people started of as wheat …raise up by him….our Almighty God Jehovah…
              Jehovah God has allowed the weeds….

              Jehovah God would NEVER use a filthy satanic organization like the Mason’s …
              He has no need to….he is the Almighty God….

            • Burt Reynolds

              Absolutely as they say. I thought thinking would be thinking and giving thought to this think tank. I think thinking thought it through.

            • Beverly kenyon

              Wow, Sister Thinking, loved your post. Excuse the pun, but it left me thinking about what you wrote all day…just couldn’t stop thinking about the amazing things you brought out. I know you’re an advocate for lost and missing sheep to make their way back to Jehovah’s house and you’re so right about that….now that we’re teetering on the edge it is the right and only place to be…once again Thanks! X

            • Beverly kenyon

              Sorry Sister Thinking, even though your post above is brilliant and brings out really good points regarding Jehovah’s people I meant to reply to the post you posted to Joyce. Sorry about that. That’s what happens when I post when I’m dog tired!! Aaargh! I bet you thought…what is she on about! Lol! X

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              I considered your comment.

              Your right, Satan got to Russell early on (Wheat and weeds), possibly flipped him at the get go in 1879 as history seems to indicate, and had him serving him too, as a freemason.

              Would you like me to send you one of the letters between a Rothchild and him discussing religious theory?

              I will, just in case you do not have it, and some Rothchild’s history, current to present day. Interesting reading! But ugly. And, some freemason data they do not like published.

              Boy, Satan never sleeps! Cunning little creature. You have to be ever alert regarding this biblically identified creature, indeed.

              We are about 95 to 99% in agreement by now.

            • Thinking

              There is probably nothing you have read on this that I have not…Beleive me..I have done my homework…
              I personally do not beleive Russell was a Freemason…ever…so don’t put those words in my mouth because I do not believe it….nor said it.
              HIs house is just that HIS house.
              IPeter 1:17… For it is the appointed time for Judgement with the HOUSE OF GOD…

              He had connections that influenced him as the connections of all faith influenced him to some degree..AT THAT TIME.
              He was coming out of Babylon the great..which has most certainly been infiltrated with Freemason …..he had a lot of old beliefs and thoughts he had to learn to identify and shed.
              Did not the apostles also have to shed many wrong thoughts and beliefs …so why not Russell.?

              It really doesn’t matter who Satan used to infiltrate his people….KGB? Mason’s , illuminati , warlocks…they all belong to Satan.
              On a personal level..I have acknowledged it…educated myself on it…and will not be seduced by it….

              2Cor2:11… So that we may not be overreached by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his designs

              I now concentrate on the wheat ….and leave the rest to Jehovah..

              I just now try to concentrate on what Jesus and his father has told us to do.

              To build each other comfort..and to preach the good news ..

              What the weeds wish to do…they can do..and WILL DO…as Jehovah is allowing them to.

              Yet we must remain loyal to him..and his sheep…as it is not our buisness to be uncovering these things with the intention of showing it to our brothers and sisters…just to wake them up.
              In this we are very different…Jehovah will direct ones to us…
              Jehovah God is in charge of his house…so I’m afraid we differ very very much Peter.

              You have educated yourself Peter…but you are letting this devour you.
              All you can see are the weeds…so Satan has won..because you find no peace in the wheat…work with the wheat Peter ….
              Someone once felt the need to remind me that ….the faithfull and discreet slave…
              Was DISCREET….you need to learn this as I had to …

              Sis thinking

            • rajan

              Well said as Jehovah God would never use a freemason to do his holy work. As you said he had baggage which he had to shed i.e. Influence of freemasonry.
              We are constantly bombarded by wordly sights, experiences, feelings and actions as apostle Paul explained we are fighting things from the spirit world.
              So we must make supplications daily to Jehovah for his help to remain faithful and true to him through the Lord Jesus Christ.

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              Fair enough sis Thinking.

            • Thinking

              Peace brother

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Yes Jesus sowed find seeds as thinking rightfully pointed out. And “scripturally”.

              Showing that the Jehovah’s people / organization had not spawned from
              Satan / Freemason’s as you said.

              Matthew 13:
              24 He presented another illustration to them, saying:
              “The Kingdom of the heavens may be likened to a man who sowed fine seed in his field.
              25 While men were sleeping, his enemy came and over sowed weeds in among the wheat and left..

              36-B “Explain to us the illustration of the weeds in the field.”
              37 In response he said: “The sower of the fine seed is the Son of man;
              38 the field is the world. As for the fine seed, these are the sons of the Kingdom, but the weeds are the sons of the wicked one,
              39 and the enemy who sowed them is the Devil.

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              How many times has Jehovah as recorded in the bible punished and then rescued his people using satans own system?

              Jehovah is the king of turning evil into good, an example we all can learn from obviously. I thought it was obvious.

              It does not matter if it is deluded freemasons. I know some people dont like that word, or to look at intently the Watchtowers past. But the truth is the truth is the truth.

              Since all things are possible with Jehovah, as we know, it is obvious he guided the Russell, inspite of Russell, who was into some pretty heavy ritualistic stuff and associating with zionist. People that think all other people besides themselves are dumb cattle you can do anything you want with. Literally.

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              Yes, Jehovah sowed fine seed, but the point was that he has obviously did this inspite of satan the ruler of this worlds influence. i.e. freemasonry and Russell. So why should I explain my obviated point? It is obvious!

              My comment was simply another way of agreeing with the wheat and the weeds!

              Everytime I mention freemasons, I strangely get an emotional response…in the negative. I wonder a bit about that. Because if I were not telling the truth, my comment could instantly be dismissed.

              Some people want to hear a fairy tale begining of the Watchtower, when it was factually very much the reverse of a fairytale perfect.

              I cannot help but hurt peoples feeling when I go against the Watchtowers official version.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Look Peter it’s obvious you’re making this a personal issue because thinking corrected you and she did it “scripturally” and like I said before she did it rightfully, I suggest you put a band-aid on your ego. I’m not going to take your side or her side however I’m going to support Thinking’s side on this matter because she took the side of Jehovah and clearly verified her statements scripturally thus proving her point.

              Now regarding the watchtower or Russell, for that matter.
              It is no big secret that Russell dabbled In the Occult of freemasonry and we know it’s due to the man of lawlessness as put out in the scriptures, in fact Brother Robert has written many wonderful articles concerning that topic perhaps you should get familiar with them seeing that you have a bit of an obsession and need answers.

              The Secret Society of Lucifer. Read more>

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              I did not read her comment. So I cannot really comment on your comment, correctly, so I will guess a little here.

              No ego when I comment that Jehovah has can and does use satans organizations to turn the bad into good, if someone wishes to take it and twist that with use of scriptures, there is nothing I can do. Its your opinion. But getting creative with scriptures like the Watchtower does to support its wacky beliefs, does not make it right.

              You can believe that Jehovah hand picked him directly because he was righteous (which is what some want to believe and push to everyone, willing or unwilling to listen),


              you can believe that Jehovah can use anyone and anything he chooses to fulfill his purpose good or bad (which is what the the bible supports) and is a more truthful way, because this man had two religions, do your own research on freemasony if you are brave enough, you will come up with firstly:

              1. satanism,

              2. racism, i.e. Jewish supremacy

              3. pedophilia (this should be second)

              4. mental disease i.e. obcessions, secrets, numberology, grossly enlarged ego’s i.e. master race theories, generally fooling the masses to follow, trust you, and devote your life (waste your life) to their fake false cause (called” dupers delight”) which is a mental disease as well, and you name it.

              I am sorry, Jehovah did not hand pick Russell for his “rightousness”, (which is one of my key points) he picked him because he is the almighty, and he causes to become, as his name represents. Russell may have had some good in him, but like so many of us, he served two masters. And, Jehovah hates that more than a person that is evil but ignorant of the truth. As we all know. I know 12 year olds that can put 1914 as fake. Do not try to agrue that the GB is just ignorant! They know exactly what they are doing…carrying on the fraud for and with Russell.

              One of the biggest cosmic jokes is that Russell, but certainly his billionaire zionist associates he kept hidden that dispise Christianity and people in general, have been made to actually further Jehovah’s purpose. And generally, there is compelling biblical precedent that Jehovah has done this in the
              past. And…amazingly, I repeat…amazingly, that is an ear marker that
              Jehovah’s hand is indeed, there! Only he can do that!

              This is why they hope to silence brother Robert and really anyone that exposes them and is load about it in particular. This seems to bother them!

              And I am load… yes I am guilty of that… and I will be more and more guilty of that in the future. And no doubt, I will get the same immediate premature knee/jerk responses. Bring it on. And I will break-it-down again (what my comment really meant) for people as many times is needed. Until it gets through to them.

              Here now, you have just compelled me to break down “exactly” what my horrible horrible horrible and misguided egotistical original comment meant.

              Getting creative with scriptures like the Watchtower does to support its wacky beliefs and ruin lives (as millions can attest to) i.e. mixing many profound truths with just a few key lies and intentional self/serving misinterpretations, is an old Watchtower trick we all know. Even laymen know some of these JW tricks. The proof is in that statement is that the above paragraphs is actually what I meant…! So, if I leave out a word by accident, or, “assume” people have the knowledge to read between the lines, is my real mistake. Sorry for that. I am surprised and disappointed at the same time at the immediate reactionary response. Is anyone going to say, my mistake? I wonder?

              Real live real-time discussions digging into all, and I mean all, the ugly details as regular as possible is obviously (not referring people to online articals… all the time) is what some, do-not-want.

              Because these are zionist. These people are practically evil personified, and trust me, they need constant exposure until it sinks in to the masses (if possible) just how profoundly and utterly evil they are because most people cannot get their head around that type of evil! It must be explained to them.

            • LW

              And here’s something else to consider: During the Dark Ages, when the truth was all but smothered, what was the state of affairs like for truth seekers, who had to do their best, despite the threat of execution by the Church?

              Evil has always surrounded good, and threatens to corrupt the good.

              So solid points made.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              More interesting reads on that subject.

              Search results for: Dark Ages.

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              Indeed my brother, the rescuers and punishers of Gods people in the bible were pretty close to being spawned directly by satan, that is why he is called the ruler of this world.

              So everything is natually tainted by him to varying degree’s. Understand my point better now? I mean this in a respectful way, as I know people are out there seeking to find a way to discredit comments of others on this site…which makes me wonder my brother. Does it not make you wonder too?

              I would suggest those people to why not try to read into my real point I was making, not someone elses opinion of what my point was, use your own spiritual eyes first, not theirs…before you jump on a bandwaggon against another brother or sister, do not let someone think for you or put words in your or my mouth…and my point was, again…

              “All things are possible with Jehovah…” Did not Jesus say that about his father?

              I guess I should start limiting and editing my comments in the future as I am begining to see that some people are further along spiritually than others, and perhaps instinctively grasp only certain aspects of certain comments by others.

              Some have had trauma, Watchtower trauma… so it is understandable.

            • LW

              I believe what you say 100% sir. It’s only when we are willing to look beyond the veil and see things as they are, and not as we would like them to be.

              In fact, around 2012 was when I began doing my own research as to what was really going on behind the scenes…and I was blown away. I kept going and going thinking what crazy revelation is coming next, and then, it was while I was reading a secular or “worldly” article about the evil behind this system, that the light bulb suddenly went DING in my head and it was like everything just fell into place…and that’s when I said to myself, “the truth was right after all.”

              And then, I came here and my journey continues…

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              Maybe, just maybe, it is wisdom for all of us in the future, to contact the brother or sister in whom we have concerns about regarding their comments, and ask for some clarification first… before making a sometimes long or critical rebuttal.

              Many, work jobs with odd hours, and are in various stages of distractions with family, children with needs and so forth…

              It would prove love, if one would contact that brother or sister first, before condemning his or her comments, would you not agree?

              It states in Proverbs: “To speak… before having… all the facts… on a matter is foolishness…

              I am highly paraphrasing here, but I will cite the exact scripture, if needed.

              Some food for thought.

            • Joe Dman

              You ain’t the first to get spanked by (I know who your talking about). We all have different personalities. I’ve said a couple things on here I wish I hadn’t. It takes humility, to just consider it a lesson in humility. You know you’re developing humility if you can just drop it and let it be and not try to get some of us to take sides. Several of us know this person’s personality and although some may have been put off at first, we expect her to speak her mind without pulling punches. The important thing is to learn. Just roll with it. I just noticed another comment you made to BK…..Yeah, it looks like something you need to work on.
              And don’t worry about speaking out, how else will you know if you have it wrong. There will be someone one here to adjust your thinking.
              You don’t know this person on a personal level like some of us do. If I had to have someone on my side who I thought I could trust to be faithful, she’d be at the top of the list. (and to correct me if I am wrong)
              So please don’t think poorly of her, after all, didn’t she adjust your thinking, Thanks to your comment, she may have adjusted someone else’s thinking in the process.
              Now say : “Thank You sister for helping me to learn”. (Note to self: Do I have to type out all of my thoughts?) Sorry, just trying to make light of it?
              Oops, just noticed this is a 3 day old post. Oh well, haven’t commented in a while. At least y’all will know I’m still alive.

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              I have just now today had the chance to reply to your reply.

              Thank you.

              You confirmed something you probably don’t even know right now, that you have confirmed, in other words, you confirmed something I suspected my brother.

              I do not think that it was all innocent correction, indeed, it looks like at present the Watchtower may well be indeed be “all over” this Disqus website regarding e-watchman, as has many others in within the Watchtower have repeatedly declared online on the internet.

              I will keep you posted.

            • Annie

              Please don’t continue this, Peter, we don’t need trouble between the family here, I would like it if you would e-mail me through this site if you would.

            • Bklyn Kevin

              Peter A day ago you gave me some good advice, you had told me that I should ask for some clarification first BEFORE making a sometimes (long or critical rebuttal)

              Then three days later – Peter said
              “I did not read her “comment”. So I cannot really comment on your “comment”, correctly, so I will “guess” a little here.

              So on the one hand you told me I should get the facts as to clarify BEFORE making a sometimes “long or critical rebuttal” but yet on the other hand you gave me a long “rebuttal” without reading the comments / facts as to clarify, and you readily admitted it through your own statement below.

              Peter said “I did not read her “comment”. So I cannot really “comment” on your “comment”, correctly, so I will “guess” a little here.

              Then you went on further give me more good advice by paraphrasing Proverbs and said “It states in Proverbs:
              “To speak… before having… all the facts… on a matter is foolishness.
              Yet Peter that’s what you did, you spoke without reading the comments and getting the facts as to clarify before you made your statements.

              Peter would you like me to do as you say or as you do? , which is it?
              because what you say is one thing and what you do is another and your own statements surely verify what I have said is the truth concerning you.

              Peter It’s apparent to me that you need to take your own advice.
              better yet why don’t you take the advice that Jesus gave.

              Matthew 7:
              1 Stop judging that you may not be judged;
              2 for with the judgment you are judging, you will be judged, and with the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you.
              3 Why, then, do you look at the straw in your brother’s eye but do not notice the rafter in your own eye?
              4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Allow me to remove the straw from your eye,’ when look! a rafter is in your own eye?
              Hypocrite! First remove the rafter from your own eye, and then you will see clearly how to remove the straw from your brother’s eye.
              Peter Zuccerberg Bklyn Kevin • a day ago
              Maybe, just maybe, it is wisdom for all of us in the future, to contact the brother or sister in whom we have concerns about regarding their comments, and
              ask for some clarification first…

              before making a sometimes long or (critical rebuttal.)

              It would prove love, if one would.
              contact that brother or sister first, before condemning his or her comments, would you not agree?

              It states in Proverbs: “To speak… before having… all the facts… on a matter is foolishness…
              Peter Zuccerberg Bklyn Kevin • 3 days ago
              I did not read her comment. So I cannot really comment on your comment, correctly, so I will guess a little here.

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              I could have said much much much more… and can now… now that I have finally read her comments…

              I will not call a brother or a sister names however, until I get enough facts, because that looks on slander…

              Nor, will I not leave enough space for me to adjust my opinions, or be overly specific, branding them in a disposition or overly critical way.

              After I have read a few comments of a person, and, see where their head is at, I can make a limited comment, some people go too far.

              I am a very busy man, I don’t know how many hours you can dedicate to Discus through e-watchman, but if I had to explain every single comment, and justify any deviations, nothing would ever get done.

              Was I overly critical in the recent past comments, or did I leave space?

              Do you understand?

          • Bklyn Kevin

            One might ask if the governing body is impervious to the influence of Satan the devil then why does Jesus tell the congregation In Sardis to repent?.

            Revelation 3:3. Therefore, continue mindful of how you have received and how you heard, and go on keeping it, and “Repent”. Certainly unless you wake up, I will come as a thief, and you will not know at all at what hour I will come upon you.

            One might ask:
            And why does Jesus also tell the congregation In Philadelphia to Keep holding fast to what you have, so that no one may take your crown?. Because Jesus is well aware that the influence of Satan the devil can overtake them if they do not keep on the watch.
            Revelation 3:11.

            Why did Jesus advise the Laodicea to buy eye salve?.
            Because Jesus is well aware that the influence of Satan the devil had influenced them .

            I advise you to buy from me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, and white garments so that you may become dressed and that the shame of your nakedness may not be exposed, and eye salve to rub in your eyes so that you may see.

            All those for whom I have affection, I reprove and discipline.+ So be zealous and repent.
            Revelation 3:18-19.

            • Peter Zuccerberg

              The taking of your crown reminds me of how the Watchtower (and the Pharisees) block the 144,000 influx with:

              …he blasphamies!! Etc.

              and, currently

              The cut/off was 1935…

              You had to have been born at such and such date…

              You had to have been able to understand…


              And on and on and on… We know the rest,,,It is like gentlemen “here we go again…and again!”

              You can see Satans hand right there if you use your spritual eyes so to speak. Subtlty is the demons/satans keys.

              They really do not like Christ’s true Brothers to know who they are, apparently, satan knows something when someone speaks of the hope.

              Truth is, its open to all. The opposite of what they are pushing for, which is the suppression of it. The Watchtower for decades, really a century or so, did not really want one to even consider it! Amazing! Hindering Jehovah’s sacred secret! How dare they!

              If someone starts having a hope, do not let the Watchtower take your Crown. It is between you and Jehovah and Jesus. No one else.

            • LW
      • Brian

        True, but when you want to hold the mantle of being “Gods people” you would at least think that you would definitely refine your understanding of the scriptures and not “race ahead” with trying to implement prophecy.

        • 1914for100Alex

          I’m not sure how familiar you are with this site, but the following link will give you an as to why this has happened:

          There are many other articles here discussing the deluding influence, but this one sums it up pretty nicely.

    • Peter Zuccerberg

      Excellent observation.

      Your comment reminds me of a rather large number of recent descenting still active in the congregations JW elders and, Bethel itself, still in their positions with the Watchtower, speaking to some very industrious hosts on the internet.

      They are speaking anonymously of course, some try to change their voice I suspect, etc.

      They are trying to avoid getting disfellowshipped & shunned for exposing what is really going on.

      One of the many things they have exposed is that there is a massive ongoing secrete JW program to monitoring all websites and discussion groups.

      This is a fact. I was surprised too.

      I intentionally picked this “devil in disquise” topic for this.

      I began to wonder, just what could they think they could gain from this?

      I randomly wondered about this for months on and off. Finally, I let it go.

      Like the rest of us, I came up with nothing…nothing…

      “as I somewhat envisioned these GB members sweating and eyes gittering around a table in Bethel/headquarters as they read and view these people expose them being caught in things from pedophile cover-ups to their lawyers covering/up for them in their United Nations lies, and as they watch themselves in those recordings look like the corrupt dupers of millions of honest people…

      I wondered what were they upto monitoring websites and discussion groups of all things, dont they anything else bettter to do I thought? Monitoring groups like Disqus and others? as these GB members proved over and over, they are one of the most cunning-of-the-cunning of groups, for example:

      they have managed to completely dupe millions upon millions of people into a invisible 1914 presence of Christ, and they will hang onto it to to the end despite… logic and common sense (amazing mass control…amazing, like robots), to donating houses, property, giving/up good jobs, educations, you name it, because they trusted these wolves, only for that money to go to payoff pedophile lawsuits! And, pay their lawyers to lie for them.

      Like I said, I came up with nothing but them just in panic, which they are indeed.

      Finally, I came on Disqus about a month or more ago.

      Now, I am the type of person that name names and get into details of the GB crimes, I have just really begun on this quest so-to-speak, and I repeat them over and over and over, and you know, getting down to as they say, the nitty-gritty, and loadly. And I mean, really loadly!

      Well, that ticked some people-off, and a few say, “came-out-of-the-closet” and say had this sort of vendettta attitude it appeared.

      Now, I started wondering… now I have no proof of this, so I cannot really justify myself naming names here yet. That would be biblical slander.

      To continue:

      As I said, I started wondering as

      1.) I knew for a fact from the GB is deparately monitoring the internet

      So I started to monitor, randomly, various discussions in Disqus under the E-Watchman website, and I generally got the impression people may, and I repeat, may, be subtly encouraged, as a “group”, to tone-down the sharpness of their comments, as a group thing, if you will.

      Let me be more more precise, specifically, e.g. don’t talk about Russell to sharply…do not get into the sick details of freemasonry… you know, kind of being kind to his memory, after all, he started the JW movement… you know, the nasty details that would make him and others look like some sort of serial pervert, which they are.

      I could be wrong, because I still am monitoring this site, but its coming-up so far, p-r-e-t-t-y interesting.

      So, all this woke me up and I started putting 1 and 1 together, as their strange and rather odd and sudden indignation,

      like in a Shakespere’s play, the phrase: …The woman (or man) protesteth “too” loadly…

      It was way way “Over the top” so to speak. One would initially think, boy, they must really love Jehovah… So I asked myself:

      ( in the example of Jehovah and Jesus in always trying to turn evil situation, into good one)

      Could there be a small group of people that are shilling for the Watchtower, pretending to have woke-up, guiding conversations by attacking sharp comments, more particularly, e.g. making a perverted man (Russell) actually look perverted, and, exposing his connections to zionist, e.g. naming names of a Rothchild he wrote to and that Rothchild writing him back, and planning meetings, etc. then exposing exposing Rothchilds as your hardcore zionist and attacking those who would “dare” proliferate this dirty and other laundry out in live discussion groups for millions to see (not in online articals, but in live discussion groups, like they should)?

      Could they also be also advised to go on attack to discredit the ones that start on a methodical and most importantly detailed connecting-of-the-dots of those who would expose as pedophile protectors and facilitators the GB members themselves and, then to directly athe nd repeatedly link Russell to freemasonry and, expose exactly the names of sick people who are and were freemasons and, exactly cataloge what they do… (pretty sick things) and, how they are bound by pledges and so forth to further the causes of freemasonry to the death and, how they are sworn to degrade and pollute, believe it or not, “Christianity”, and names and dates what and when the Rothchilds and others actually started it in the United States, finally link freemasonry to the present day Governing body and link that to the Governing Body’s clinging (to the death apparently, our deaths…) to Russell’s 1914 invisible presence of Christ and that to the Governing Body intentionally perpetuating false doctrines such as the 1975 end of the world and a long list of constantly changing new light form not getting an education (a list too long for this comment so I will continue it in other comments) ect. in order to discourage people from believing in Christianity and thus manufacture, as it were, false Christians and thus, get them in the general frame of mind to accept (when it is offered to them) a one world government (e.g. ill-prepare them for Christ true presence at the obvious outbreak of a likely WWIII and have them knocking others down to get in the line so to speak, to pledge alligence to this so called 1 world government (in order to get back to the normal day to day eating and drinking buying and selling as depicted in Revelation (the chapter I cannot recall right now) etc.?


      Could they also be advised to see if they can lead people to talk in circles and, the same things over and over, and above all, talk in generalities and above all, about more non/crutial topics (if they have, they must be laughing at us)?

      Put enough of say, some fake woke/up comments from non exisistent people, then you may have innundated and or rather “colored” the whole perception of commentaries, then perhaps most others will just habitually copy/cat.

      Thus if this desparate Watchtower just say flood a discussion and use multiple parties or fake persons, they could guide you like puppets and sheep.

      Then, the say target someone if that one does not conform…interesting theory. Trying to mess with your head so-to-speak.

      They know that many of the awoke are emotionally scared, some very badly, by the WT, and are vulnerable and want to go back to the Kingdom Halls secretly, and, now want to be accepted, conform to this new groups norms, so if they can set those norms, the do’s and the don’ts, they are now got you back under their control.

      “Control freaks” is an apt description.

      If they can push your buttons, say, they put some smart sociologists and/or psychologist to work on this… who is to say these things are positively not being done?

      I do not know.

      They are too smart to know they cannot put you back to sleep, but, perhaps they can pacify one to not to speak negatively and abusively of the Watchtower and experiment and see how far they can go.

      These are just some of the possibilities, because I wonder why they are monitoring Disqus and other groups? They must want a return on their investment of thousands of hours of monitoring, would’nt one think?

      I am a pretty vocal guy… and I hate being manipulated, particularly by these nut cases in Bethel who are career pedophile protectors, and I have a brainwashed JW relative that is in another-world…and thinks the GB walk on water…(completely blinded) unbelievable! Thus I know first hand how cunning and dangerous the Governing Body is. So I put this out there to the community, and I ask all,

      1. What do you think? Is this possible or probable, as I have no direct evidence yet?

      2. And, has anyone had their antenna up on this at the back of their mind?

      3. And, would you put this past the Governing Body, as JW leakers admit they are watching all anti JW sites, and are they doing more than just watching?

      4.I am personally monitoring this site, you can say I am conducting somewhat of an investigation to see if it is possible that one can be shunned on Disqus, for speaking abusively, but truthfully, and justifiably, about the dirt of many key people in and that have ever been associated with the Watchtower and all the coverups, in extreme detail, with video clips, names, dates, you name it.

      If I can get shunned for telling the 100% truth, then brother, we are back in the Watchtower.

  • Burt Reynolds

    This is really good. I had not properly understood the issues about ‘even the chosen ones being deceived’ and that the deception was their belief in the watchtower and how the machinations of the watchtower would be so subtle as to deceive them. I had always thought it to be the signs that they would see…and us…during the tribulation that would decieve. It makes sense now. It does leave a peculiar thought though that these chosen ones could still be deceived by the watchtower, because for me, the watchtower is now the last place I would place my trust. I learn something new every day here.

  • Joe Dman

    Concerning our discussion on facing tests, I just wanted to bring out that during our final test, we can expect that we will feel as though Jehovah has left us. But only for a moment. Ps 30:5 “Because being under his anger is only for a moment, But being in his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may come in the evening, but in the morning there is a joyful cry”‘
    Jehovah will not leave us unpunished, and during that punishment, we may feel as though he has left us, but we can be assured now, and after, that he will never abandon his “loyal” ones.
    There is another scrip concerning Jehovah seeming as though he will have left us but the only ones I can locate are concerning Jesus. During his final test when apparently Jehovah took his protective powers from him to have him completely tested. Mt 27:46. That although was not a punishment for Jesus. He had done nothing to be punished for. Us on the other hand may relate that punishment to an abandonment because it will be difficult at the time with what is going on to the entire world as judgment to them, to think of it as punishment to us.
    Pray for humility brothers and sisters. We don’t want this knowledge we’ve gained from Jehovah through Robert going to our heads. Always give Jehovah the glory for what you know and how you relate these truths. And be ready to admit when you are wrong. I’ve still yet to find an apology from the WT for any wrong they may have been involved in.
    As 1914for100Alex pointed out, there will be a time when many will understand what we do. We have no special standing before Jehovah above what anyone else will have. Nor special protection beyond what others have. Just according to our faith.

    • Burt Reynolds

      Excellent. Very thought provoking. Very comforting.

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